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I have learned that the internet doesn’t have everything. There are numerous times I’ve been searching for something and can’t find it. Archive.org does a lovely job of archiving old webpages; you could see Google or Yahoo from years and years ago if you wanted. People think they can find everything, but if a website wasn’t up for long enough, it may not have been collected. It might have been cached elsewhere, and you might find it elsewhere, but I think it would be pretty difficult.

They say that once you publish something on the internet it’s there forever. Yes, it is, but sometimes it can be hard to find those things. You can publish a photo of yourself, perhaps an embarrassing photo, but unless people have seen it and know what it is they’re looking for, they aren’t going to get their hands on it. There is so much out there on the internet but there are nooks and crannies we don’t even know, because we might not have delved there or have any knowledge of what’s there.

Know Your Meme is a fantastic place to look for memes and their history, like LOL guy, or Rage Guy, or Chocolate Rain or what have you. Things that crawl the internet and have become hugely popular and funny to some people, yet often I will talk to someone or ask if they’ve heard of one and they won’t know. The same goes for a lot of things – for example, YouTube celebrities. I’ve chatted with a few people about some of the most subscribed YouTube users, and these people have no clue what I’m talking about.

What I find funny is Wikipedia; it is collaborative and people add to articles when they find new pieces of information, and the source of this information is cited. That would explain why we sometimes get random facts about famous people from reading Wikipedia. People have done a bit of a-stalkin’ and shared these random little facts. Do people really care that someone used to work as a toilet cleaner before starring in Lord of the Rings? Probably not, but our natural voyeurism causes us to be instantly interested by such little things when it comes to the life of famous people.

Perhaps I do care that Arthur Darvill used to be in a band called Edmund. Why that interests me so much is perhaps because I am used to knowing him simply as an actor playing a character in Doctor Who, but knowing he had a musical past was enthralling. I knew what I was looking for. That’s when I type “Edmund Arthur Darvill” into Google and try to find these old pieces of music which were a little difficult to scrounge for. Some things become rare to the world, but like treasure to others. I always have trouble finding good records/vinyls in second-hand stores. I know what I’m looking for, I’m looking for ELO and the Beatles, but not everything is there. Nothing lasts forever.

I do like Edmund’s music, though, and perhaps I like too much music for my liking. It doesn’t matter, I’m tired and exhausted from doing chores and I’ve done a fair bit of next week’s homework.

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A problem I sometimes face when looking something for the Internet is that since the Internet has become this huge place with lots of information, even if you know what you’re looking for, it may be hard to find exactly the one thing you want to find!

For example, the other day I was looking in Youtube for a Street Fighter IV trailer. I wanted a particular trailer that had a track I liked. Problem was, there were so many SFIV videos I couldn’t find the one I wanted by using the search function (I eventually found it deep in my favourites folder).

What’s worse is, and this is something that you’ve mentioned, the Internet really doesn’t have everything on it. And you look for something and it just isn’t on the Internet. It’s quite disheartening.

I hate it when I’m looking for something online and can’t find it, specially when I’ve found it before and KNOW it’s there. If only I could remember the search terms I’ve used, etc. etc. I would be able to find it again… sometimes you just can’t. Things can definitely get lost on the internet =P

Internet is a huge playground and it can be really hard if you are searching for something specific or just really simple. @_@ Sometimes I just can’t find the most simple thing and that can be really annoying. ;) Oh well, we can’t always count on the internet :P

I have been moderating comments, but I was accepting them all at once. I started moderating comments because I was tired of people taking advantage or whatever and putting links to people’s sites for “advice” and “tutorials” on how to do things – links to websites that are listed on my “Links” page! It was agravating, and became “free advertising” for them. Plus, peoplle started manually spamming. </3 // I just finished writing a 300 to 500 word essay for my writing class. I'; pretty sure I'll fail it. Dx // I'd love to be able to work my pAyPal & have money it in so I can buy a custom-made theme. Then I could have it how I waned it, and it would fit me more! :) // That's so true! Ahahh. Things really are hard to find online. And even though you have it n MySpace, or some other social network, it's still hard to find (unless you're friends with that person…) . I think it is because people will save it. I don't know. ._. // We talked about Wiki in speech. Someone had suggested WikiPedia for research for a speech. I tried not to laugh. I didn't laugh, but I did want to. But then I remembered that not many ppeople know nuch about the Internet. // Blahh. I have to finish my homework that is due in 25 minutes! Have a nice rest of the day! g…or night. Whichever it is. :P

Not necessarily everything you publish on the Internet will be here forever…but a person should always take responsibility for what they publish or upload onto the Internet because no one knows where things can end up. Or unfortunately, become lost.

And it is interesting, how we become so individually fascinated with information that others may regard as useless garbage or a waste of mental space. But it’s my brain and if learning about Matt’s (from Muse) incredibly stinky feet makes me laugh and giggle with delight, I say go for it.

As for YouTube, I do a fair amount of video surfing myself but I’m not attracted to the most popular subscribers or most viewed videos (I mainly use YouTube for specific searches, not just to watch videos, any videos), so yes, if you were to talk to me about them, I probably wouldn’t have a clue. In fact, I really only started catching on to some of the biggest memes through Skeletons. :P I don’t pass a lot of using-the-Internet-to-amuse-myself time. Actually, I’m not quite sure what I do on the computer that keeps me glued to the screen for hours and hours and hours.

Oh, a part of my brain just lifted a visor. I think I do a lot of Wikipedia-hopping. Yes, I do. Because most of my memories pertain to reading and reading and reading pages. hahaha

And props to you, for doing next week’s homework! I don’t believe I’ve ever done that in my whole life. Maybe a few times. hehe


P.S. I couldn’t remember if we had ever decided to put each other’s links up, but I just checked, and I guess not. :) It’s okay, I know you don’t believe in affies or link exchanges (I haven’t done those), but I’m going to put your button up on my page so it’s easier for me to visit your site when I make rounds. By the way, I love the grey layout. I love the color grey, if you didn’t know. A lot of people have been incorporating grey into their layouts, I notice! Including me.

Even so, I always treat Internet as the holy grail of information. If the Internet doesn’t have it, as far as I’m concerned it hasn’t been “discovered” or “invented” yet. I’m a bit of an Internet freak, I know. 😳

“They say that once you publish something on the internet it’s there forever.” This sentence reminded me of those countless people that are school hires to talk to us about “cyber-safety”. Every time they say something like that, I automatically think “you don’t know enough about the Internet, do you?” Because you’re right, the Internet is huge and so full of great hiding places that the chance of a single, embarrassing but irrelevant picture of you resurfacing is highly unlikely.

I do like how it’s human nature to catalogue everything and want to know every insignificant detail about celebrities. Wikipedia thrives on this.

P.S. Is there an easy way that I can widgetize the bottom footer into a sidebar on your “Sky” layout?

I hate when I’m looking for a specific thing, that I’ve found before but not favourited and since the last time I looked at it, there have been a million new things with the same name, like Youtube videos or a picture on Google.

It creeps me out to think that pictures I deleted from Facebook or even Bebo a few years ago are probably still lurking on the internet somewhere. I remember a few years ago, in an IT lesson everyone was freaking out because when they Googled their name their Facebook profile picture came up…I thought, you have to be joking? It’s obvious why it’s there!

When I have a new favourite celebrity/band I research their history on Wikipedia, however that’s quite silly of me knowing that only about 60% of what’s on there are actual facts. I remember when a McFly fan found a video of Dougie Poynter’s old band on Youtube, suddenly it was posted on everyone’s MySpace and it had been reuploaded hundreds of times. When something like that happens in a fanbase, it’s never really hard to find any more. I feel sorry for the people in that old band because thousands of McFly fangirls know who they are and repost their videos from like, 2003.

WayBackMachine.org is another good one. I used that to see if they still had my website back in 1998. Hahaha.

One of my friends considers herself as Wikipedia police. Hahaha. When she’s bored, she often looks up articles and cleans them up.

I suppose that’s a good thing, I’ve always been worried one that one of my bad photos would be used against me in the future by some random haha. I’m a little paranoid about the internet. I love looking for things online, especially youtube. Have an obsession with watch DIY videos on youtube. When someone asks me a question and I don’t know the answer personally my response will be ‘google it!’.

Soooo. I’ve decided to return your comment first before commenting on your blog. Just to change things up a little bit. ;)

Any who, I have decided to put IBE on MM because I want to make a layout I am proud of. This layout I have currently has a few flaws and I was proud when I made it but it never grew on me like your last layout did on you. I want to be able to make a layout and keep it up no matter what season, month, day, year it is. I want it to be one that could last a year without my eyes getting tired of seeing it.

I can’t wait until I make that layout. It’s all I’ve been thinking about besides my new upcoming wardrobe. I’m heading up to ohio with my family and when we go to the mall I’m going to try to find my “style” up there and find some bargains online with Kelsey. She said she’d be my shopping buddy and help me find good bargains on stuff. (: I can’t wait to get a new wardrobe. My old one is so out of date and just lame. I’ll actually be dressing girly! Or what I call girly. Hahahaha. I’ve dressed like a dude for too long! XD

I know, dropped calls are so nasty. :( I hate them.

I know what you mean. I have to tell myself to turn off the computer Thursday nights before bed because I work Friday Nights so I don’t touch the computer until Saturday after work. I’ve been doing really well so far. I just have to go to sleep as soon as I get home Fridays after work otherwise I will be exhausted when I wake up the next morning. I will be anyway because I wake up before the sun does but hey, I’m getting paid. That’s all I can ask for.

A picnic does sound nice but I really want the DJ. I really wish my mom wouldn’t have told me about the DJ. :( That’s all I can think about now. How cool my sister’s party will be compared to mine… :'(

True. I guess it is just the way you look at life. :)

Yeah, that would be really cool!!!
Oh, great! now I have to reread the blog. XD /type

I love Archive.org because you can see the old myspace! Hahahahaha

What is a “meme”? I had no idea about anything you were talking about in that paragraph. Hahaha

I like finding out about that stuff to. Like I used to like “Aly and AJ” as a band but now they split up (they are sisters still though. hahaha) and are actors. Aly still sings on her TV show Hellcats and so does AJ but the only thing I have seen AJ in is that horse movie…Forgot the name of it…Secretariat. That’s it.

I absolutely LOVE Wikipedia. I find it so interesting and funny. Somedays I could get really immersed in finding things out about celebrities in movies or TV shows or anything.

I know what you mean about the Internet doesn’t have everything, or it’s just really hard to find it.

Makes you wonder what people did before the internet doesn’t it? :P

Hey! My teachers hate Wikipedia. Well of course for the obvious reasons, such as it’s not entirely accurate or created by people with the write education necessarily, but for small things, like looking up bios for celebrities, it’s very useful. And I find that most of the time it’s pretty on. I think it’s a great concept (as long as no one is really mischievous). I know people who have gone on there just to fool around with information. 😒

I have never heard of Archive.org, but I recall a while back, I was just fooling around and was Googling old names, and I put in my totally ancient (first!) website, which was on Webs.com and it came up! Even after I had totally deleted that page/layout. O_o Like the cached page was still there from 2005. Um, wah? Pretty neat. And also scary realization too. That NOTHING goes away on the internet. lol. D:

Response to: http://www.everimagine.net/kafkaesque/comment-page-1/#comment-513
Well, Deluka isn’t my music idol. I just met them because my school was hosting them and had them play at my school (which was entirely unexpected). I never heard of them until that point. o.O

Yea, it is pretty bad sometimes when you walk into the wrong class. Didn’t exactly get LOST, but yea. It’s especially bad when you’re a second semester senior. People expect that you would know what your classes are by now, right? lol.Though it was just all stress and fatigue that messed a little with my head. :S I had been running on only a few hours of sleep. Bleh.

There’s so much on the internet that we can’t keep track of it anymore. It is really difficult to find things especially to people that aren’t really internet wizzies and don’t have a clue about searching on the internet.

I always meet people that don’t know a clue about these famous internet videos, quotes, webpages or Youtube celebs. It all depends if they’re into the whole internet thing or if they use it enough. One of my university house mate only used the internet for work, facebook (rarely) and msn. She hardly randomly serves the internet or go on youtube and watch random videos.

never heard of Know Your Meme, but apparently my company has because the site’s blocked :(

I’m glad I have 90% of my old blogs, but there’s some cute stuff, old layouts, pictures, general 90s websitey goodness that I’m pretty sure was lost forever when my Windows ME crashed many moons ago.

Yeah, the internet is a vast and weird place to be.
Most people will only see a tiny amount of it even if they spend the best part of their days, weeks, years glued to their computer screens.

I hang out on Wikipedia, and laugh at some of the info they have under some things you search for. If I were a celebrity I would be checking out Wikipedia to see if there was anything too embarrassing – I would be editing my own page! haha.

the internet is a huge time capsule! lol It is very fascinating that the internet stores EVERYTHING… it should be some sort of eerie movie based on this…or is there one already? :) Wait..I just remember there’s an anime based on this.. wow now I’m all awed /faw

*hugs back* :3 I have a ladybug as a favicon for spring, too! Now I just need to find flower emoticons. But they need to have at least the ones I always use… I don’t know how to explain clearly. :/ // It’s okay; I kind of like the way the footer is set up at the moment. :) // How much would you charge for a custom theme? (: Have a happy … Friday? If it’snot Friday night there. :)

Hi Georgina! Wow, a new layout! Very nice! ♥ ♥

Oh I found about Archive.org some time ago and the great thing about is I can find the old webpages from websites that no longer exist (like some of the old ‘cute’ websites I used to frequent /hehe ).

One of the actors in the Lord of the Rings used to be a toilet cleaner?? I mean, really? Wow. Didn’t expect that.

The internet is indeed a vault of information so it is not always easy to find. Sometimes it’s not that they’re not there, it’s just they’re probably 100 levels deep inside some websites. :/


I think that’s the reason why I wanted to get a printed copy of my blog; so that I have something to put on my bookshelf. LOL!
Yeah I heard about you working on a novel. I’m anticipating the day it gets published. I’ll definitely want to secure a copy of it. ;)

Indeed it’s hard to save money when you’re used to buying things here and there. :( I have a very bad financial management.

I think I have every vinyl released under the Beatles. /faw It’s one of my few collectors items that I will never part with. Perhaps because it seems a part of me, but I think it mostly because it would be incredibly hard to get my hands on replacements.

I love searching the internet for things that might not be so easy to find. It’s incredibly interesting what you might find if you look in some not-so-popular places @_@

I kinda like the fact that things about yourself would be hard to find unless you really really know what you are looking for. I would like to keep it that way LOL

I honestly think (at least for me because it happens all the time to me) that for things that really matter that you are trying to look for … you can never find it. It really pisses me off because I am one of those people that think I can find ANYTHING on the internet but time and time again … when the moment comes where it REALLY is a HUGE DEAL … I can’t find shit. It’s frustrating.

Oh yeah, I’ve come across that before. I was like /angry I can’t find this online. The other alternative is searching for it in a – in a, what were those things called? Oh yeah a book. /ehh
I think we like to know that celebrities started where we are and we could be like them if we really wanted too.
I do think it is fun looking for a treasure and then finding it and treasuring it forever. ♥

I find that to find what I want on the Internet, I often need to search long and hard, and make sure that I’m using the correct keywords. And often time I give up even though I know that the information must be out there… somewhere.

Internet Memes = WTF. :P Some of them are cool, others I’m sure that I will never understand.