Hit and Miss

I have learned that the internet doesn’t have everything. There are numerous times I’ve been searching for something and can’t find it. Archive.org does a lovely job of archiving old webpages; you could see Google or Yahoo from years and years ago if you wanted. People think they can find everything, but if a website wasn’t up for long enough, it may not have been collected. It might have been cached elsewhere, and you might find it elsewhere, but I think it would be pretty difficult.

They say that once you publish something on the internet it’s there forever. Yes, it is, but sometimes it can be hard to find those things. You can publish a photo of yourself, perhaps an embarrassing photo, but unless people have seen it and know what it is they’re looking for, they aren’t going to get their hands on it. There is so much out there on the internet but there are nooks and crannies we don’t even know, because we might not have delved there or have any knowledge of what’s there.

Know Your Meme is a fantastic place to look for memes and their history, like LOL guy, or Rage Guy, or Chocolate Rain or what have you. Things that crawl the internet and have become hugely popular and funny to some people, yet often I will talk to someone or ask if they’ve heard of one and they won’t know. The same goes for a lot of things – for example, YouTube celebrities. I’ve chatted with a few people about some of the most subscribed YouTube users, and these people have no clue what I’m talking about.

What I find funny is Wikipedia; it is collaborative and people add to articles when they find new pieces of information, and the source of this information is cited. That would explain why we sometimes get random facts about famous people from reading Wikipedia. People have done a bit of a-stalkin’ and shared these random little facts. Do people really care that someone used to work as a toilet cleaner before starring in Lord of the Rings? Probably not, but our natural voyeurism causes us to be instantly interested by such little things when it comes to the life of famous people.

Perhaps I do care that Arthur Darvill used to be in a band called Edmund. Why that interests me so much is perhaps because I am used to knowing him simply as an actor playing a character in Doctor Who, but knowing he had a musical past was enthralling. I knew what I was looking for. That’s when I type “Edmund Arthur Darvill” into Google and try to find these old pieces of music which were a little difficult to scrounge for. Some things become rare to the world, but like treasure to others. I always have trouble finding good records/vinyls in second-hand stores. I know what I’m looking for, I’m looking for ELO and the Beatles, but not everything is there. Nothing lasts forever.

I do like Edmund’s music, though, and perhaps I like too much music for my liking. It doesn’t matter, I’m tired and exhausted from doing chores and I’ve done a fair bit of next week’s homework.

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