Our family is one that likes the word “togetherness”. Because Christmas isn’t so big with us anymore, we like spending time together even if it’s just to watch a movie on the couch, or chat over dinner, or laugh and joke in the car about the happenings during our week.

Today is Christmas Eve and even though I’m not in the best of moods, I’ve decided to try and keep this blog positive. 🙂

(Edit I posted this post right on 00:00 on Christmas day. Bong.)

My family is great. My mum makes me laugh sometimes so I’ve decided to share a few things that my brother and I reflected on this week. I forgot how we got around to talking about it but I believe we were talking about getting mixed up with things.

A few years ago my mum had been using eye cream for a month or so, and was looking in the bathroom cupboard for a new tube as she was sure she had one. She found a tube that looked the same as the one she’d been using. As she compared the two, she said, “Oh shit! I’ve been using lip cream on my eyes!”

Unfortunately, the company who had created the products had chosen to use very similar packaging for both the lip cream and eye cream.

Another time, she had been using body lotion after showering each day. She’d tried a new bottle for about a week. I did the same, but I had my own bottle of body lotion. My brother and I were walking past the bathroom basin one day (it’s separate from our toilet/shower) and my mum said, “This is so strange. When I put this on my legs it’s so thick and weird.”

I picked up the bottle to read it; perhaps she’d been applying it wrong or something. My brother, Brandon, was looking over my shoulder and reading it too.

“Mum,” I laughed, “This is shower gel.”

The thing I love about my mum is that she is funny. We don’t share the same kind of humour (sadly) but I like her ability to make light of any situation, and in these two cases, laugh at her own mistake. 😆 I am not ashamed to say that my mum has good taste in fashion and she knows how to make herself look stunning. 😄 I’ll admit, I have to take some of her tips. /um

Now, my dad. There’s not much I can say about him. It’s a bit sad that we don’t spend as much time together because he works night shift. But we have common interests especially in music, and I like that he takes notice of what my hobbies are and what I like. He sometimes spots something I like at the shops and asks if I like it, so he can buy it for me. He knows what I’m good at so that he can ask me for help on such topics – like technology! It’s not a good thing that he likes to eat a lot of food but I admire his ability to try anything and everything… and like it nearly all of the time. 😕

My brother, last. We used to fight a lot. I mean… a lot. That was when we were much younger. I recall a time when he scratched my back, and I did the same, but I did it so much harder that he was left with deep red marks for a few days. I felt so bad, but I didn’t know how to apologise. 😞 To this day I still regret that so, so much.

I’m glad we get along now, though. We are very different but we share interests in things related to technology – like YouTube, and some music. We’re always sharing new news with each other. I don’t talk to him a lot but I find that on the weekends we get to have a good chat over lunch.

He’s still in high school and I’m also not ashamed to say that I’m proud of him. He is lazy and has terrible sleeping patterns (worse than mine), but he does so well in his studies. Maybe he isn’t so great at science, but his maths is exceptional. I am most proud of him for choosing to join the accelerated class in geography in 2011. 😄

I hope you guys have a beautiful Christmas with your families, and be sure to tell me why you love Christmas and why you love your family. 😄 ♥️

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