Our family is one that likes the word “togetherness”. Because Christmas isn’t so big with us anymore, we like spending time together even if it’s just to watch a movie on the couch, or chat over dinner, or laugh and joke in the car about the happenings during our week.

Today is Christmas Eve and even though I’m not in the best of moods, I’ve decided to try and keep this blog positive. :)

(Edit I posted this post right on 00:00 on Christmas day. Bong.)

My family is great. My mum makes me laugh sometimes so I’ve decided to share a few things that my brother and I reflected on this week. I forgot how we got around to talking about it but I believe we were talking about getting mixed up with things.

A few years ago my mum had been using eye cream for a month or so, and was looking in the bathroom cupboard for a new tube as she was sure she had one. She found a tube that looked the same as the one she’d been using. As she compared the two, she said, “Oh shit! I’ve been using lip cream on my eyes!”

Unfortunately, the company who had created the products had chosen to use very similar packaging for both the lip cream and eye cream.

Another time, she had been using body lotion after showering each day. She’d tried a new bottle for about a week. I did the same, but I had my own bottle of body lotion. My brother and I were walking past the bathroom basin one day (it’s separate from our toilet/shower) and my mum said, “This is so strange. When I put this on my legs it’s so thick and weird.”

I picked up the bottle to read it; perhaps she’d been applying it wrong or something. My brother, Brandon, was looking over my shoulder and reading it too.

“Mum,” I laughed, “This is shower gel.”

The thing I love about my mum is that she is funny. We don’t share the same kind of humour (sadly) but I like her ability to make light of any situation, and in these two cases, laugh at her own mistake. XD I am not ashamed to say that my mum has good taste in fashion and she knows how to make herself look stunning. :D I’ll admit, I have to take some of her tips. /um

Now, my dad. There’s not much I can say about him. It’s a bit sad that we don’t spend as much time together because he works night shift. But we have common interests especially in music, and I like that he takes notice of what my hobbies are and what I like. He sometimes spots something I like at the shops and asks if I like it, so he can buy it for me. He knows what I’m good at so that he can ask me for help on such topics – like technology! It’s not a good thing that he likes to eat a lot of food but I admire his ability to try anything and everything… and like it nearly all of the time. @_@

My brother, last. We used to fight a lot. I mean… a lot. That was when we were much younger. I recall a time when he scratched my back, and I did the same, but I did it so much harder that he was left with deep red marks for a few days. I felt so bad, but I didn’t know how to apologise. :( To this day I still regret that so, so much.

I’m glad we get along now, though. We are very different but we share interests in things related to technology – like YouTube, and some music. We’re always sharing new news with each other. I don’t talk to him a lot but I find that on the weekends we get to have a good chat over lunch.

He’s still in high school and I’m also not ashamed to say that I’m proud of him. He is lazy and has terrible sleeping patterns (worse than mine), but he does so well in his studies. Maybe he isn’t so great at science, but his maths is exceptional. I am most proud of him for choosing to join the accelerated class in geography in 2011. :D

I hope you guys have a beautiful Christmas with your families, and be sure to tell me why you love Christmas and why you love your family. :D ♥️

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I love my family because we all have really similar humour, and can sit for ages laughing at something that wouldn’t be funny to anyone else. Okay, I get really annoyed at my Dad sometimes because he has a habit of starting DIY projects and then leaving them(3 years ago he tore up the carpet in the hall to put down floorboards, and the floorboards are still in their packs in the corner of the dining room), and he can just be generally irritating, but in terms of interests and strengths we’re very similar: it’s because of him that I’m fascinated by things like Formula 1 and physics and history, and because I inherited his logical brain that I’m good at the subjects he got me interested in. :’)

As for Christmas, I don’t love it really. Apart from the better food(Christmas pudding is my favourite food in the entire world), and presents, and the TV being even more rubbish than usual, it’s just an ordinary day. We’ve not been close, either geographically or emotionally, to any family since Mum’s dad died when I was 6(right after spending Christmas at ours, actually), so since then we’ve not seen family on Christmas or any of those other things everyone else seems to do.

But I don’t want to end on a depressing note.

It’s going to be a white Christmas :D

Now I can end. xD

Aw this made me smile as I read it! :) When I was younger my family used to be together all the time but since we’ve all found mates and started moving on we don’t really do it much anymore. Our Game Nights we hold at my moms house but it’s usually just my older brother and I (& our mates) my mom doesn’t play with us but she enjoys us being there. We still do have family birthday dinners, and sometimes just a dinner so everyone can get together. This year our Christmas dinner is on Sunday. I used to fight with both of my brothers a lot when I was younger, I just think it’s the ‘brother-sister’ thing. lol. I did make my younger brother eat worms once. Now since we’re older though, my older brother and I have grown a lot closer (He’s about 5 years older then I am). My younger brother and I though still don’t get along that well. We have our moments where we can, but once a dirty joke is said or someone starts having fun he gets grumpy…we blame his wife she has no sense of humor at all. My mother and I mainly have the same interest in music (as far as playing it goes) and crafts. That’s about it. My step dad and I – don’t really get along. I stay out of his way he stays out of mine. My other brother and I enjoy playing games, going on road trips and telling dirty jokes. :P My older brother and I are kind of like my step dad and I – we just try to stay away from each other. Normally I’m all ‘Woo it’s Christmas!’ this year I’m not. I’m not sure why though. Maybe it’s because we don’t have a tree or even a little ‘merry Christmas’ sign. I know Christmas is celebrated truly within your heart, but maybe I just have too much going on. *sigh* But tonight (Christmas Eve) is a family gathering (Ryan’s family) so I’ll get to have some fun. Tomorrow morning I’ll get to kill someone – okay not really – my younger brother still wants to get up when it’s still dark on Christmas morning. Ugh. Not me! 😝
Have a merry Christmas! :)

Aw Georgina, this was an adorable post. I never knew you felt that way about your mom. I mean, I know that you do love her, I just didn’t know you admired her so. I can’t even comprehend how difficult your current situation is with her & how much it hurts you when you fight, but when you grow older, I think it might be easier to patch things up.

With time, dear, time heals almost all wounds. Perhaps one day your mother will see that she was too harsh on you or that you will see that she was just worried about you & didn’t know any other way to express it. Or perhaps both? Who knows right? But if you can’t write that letter to her, it’s just time you try to really sit down with her & talk.

Your dad is adorable. I love that he is so caring about you & that you two have that “daddy’s little girl” relationship. :) My dad sometimes asks me how to do things, but he’s super stubborn so he doesn’t like to admit that he needs help. haha.

Ahh & lastly your brother. :) I remember you telling me about how he was fussing over this one math problem & you said you wish you knew how you could help him. But it’s great to hear that he’s such a smart kid (except for in science, eh?)! Lazy = no bueno! Hopefully your relationship with him improves with time. :D

I really hope that one day your family will cherish the holidays of “togetherness” again because when the both of you grow up, it’ll get increasingly hard to share this time together you know? It was very admirable that you decided to stay positive for this blog. :) I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas & New Year’s as well. You probably might not go somewhere, but hopefully you’ll get to see James..somehow..haha. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! TELL HIM TO PICK YOU UP OR SOMETHING!! AHH BIKE TO HIS HOUSEEE.

Merry Christmas honey.
Thank you. I’m excited as I’m spending it with Currar’s family.

I’m short too, like really short so I know what you mean!

I’m going to come back later to read your blog properly as I just wanted to come on to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I’m at Currar’s so I don’t want to be on the computer for ages. :) I hope you’re ok with that.

Dang, that’s a great post time. Merry Christmas! I still have ten hours. Ah, Central Standard Time…

I almost felt like you were talking about my family as I was reading this…except for a few minor differences, of course. I don’t spend much time with my dad either, but he doesn’t exactly try to get to know me better. That’s a whole soap opera there, so I’m not going to get into it. My relationship with my brother is pretty similar as well. We HATED each other when we were younger. We would get violent with each other too, and I actually gave him a scar on his wrist that he still has…fourteen years later! Except now we’re actually very close. I think he’s lazy too, but we spend as much time together as we possible can. I love the kid.

My mom…she’s just a saint. Seriously, I don’t even know what to say about her. If I get into why she’s amazing, I’ll end up writing a whole book.

I hope you’re having a fabulous Christmas! ;)

Your parents and brother seem to be wonderful people, dear Georgie. :) I’m so happy to hear that you’re spending a great Christmas with them. Oh my, some cosmetics boxes really are confusing! I think that happened to me once too, I confused a bath gel for a shampoo. Nothing too serious, I guess.

Lots of hugs to you, James, and family! ♥ *mwah*

– Luana S.

Aw what a sweet post. Made me feel all mushy inside /hehe I think we all take our family for granted. My family are close but in a weird way. We are always fighting, a house with three sisters and one extremely girlish brother – drama! And my poor mum, I actually feel sorry for the hassle we put her through. But one moments we’re at each other’s throat and the next we’re laughing about something stupid.
Your mum sounds just like my mum. Bless her!

My family used to have the “togetherness”, but not anymore. We’ve really fallen apart in the past 3 years, and Christmas is just… Another holiday. Sure, we could pin the reasons down to lack of money, my psychotic mother, and my dad’s blood pressure, but we’ve all just stopped caring now.
Mind you, I have four siblings, meaning five children, and then my two parents. We’re all EXTREMELY different, and there are definite clashes between members–especially with my mother.
(You’ve probably seen some of my angry tweets about her on Twitter.)

I’m going to be honest and tell you that I can’t remember the last time my mom and I got along well without there being a fake attitude in the air from her. It’s not like she has two personalities, but rather that she’s all negative with a mask of positive. My dad is really the only parent I can go to and talk to about anything, and that’s very rare. It’s been months since I’ve told him anything… but he just knows what’s going on anyway.

I get along with my oldest brother the best, but he has been living out of the house the longest. He’s the positive and laid-back in the family. My older brother is the middle child and the high-maintenance, drug-abused one. It’s a shame, really. :\ My little brother is the hyperactive and spoiled one. My sister has been through the worst, since she has a different father, suffered through depression and bulimia, and never got along with my mother.
My dad told me I’m the “low-maintenance” child. I’m also a daddy’s girl, since I’m my father’s only daughter, so I guess I do get what I want most of the time. xD

Well get me some contact info with Ryan! Goodness!
I’ll probably visit Australia when I make the next Harry Potter or Twilight franchise. I mean, this will be after I’ve moved to Scotland and studied English in Edinburgh for 4 years. Heh. If only ~

Aye, that’s the exact reason I hate girls. They’re bitchy and moody and can’t control it or let go of things. All of the male friends I’ve had have ended up as crushes, hence why they never stick around. -facepalm-

Awww what a lovely post. I hope your spirits are lifted soon and you be in a good mood. Love the humor within your family. It sounds somewhat like our family even though most of the times it consists of my mother, sister, and I. On Christmas we usually exchange gifts, eat some yummy food, and watch a few movies on the tube snuggled up under a warm blanket. Hope you have a wonderful Holidays!!!!

Thank you so much for your kind comment. :) Yeah, hope I can fight this cold off before it gets worse, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

And wow, you’re jealous of my homework? Do you maybe want to do it for me? I could send it by email. ;)

Another job, huh? Wow, I think you do way too much as it is. -_-

The story about your mum made me laugh. Sounds like something my mum would do too. Today she actually said “nessacelery” instead of “necessarily.” :P I was mocking her all evening for it. Haha.

I love Christmas because of the giving and recieving (and I know I should not say that but I do love getting presents). It’s also a great time to spend time with the ones you love an getting excited in the early morning. :D

Wishing you too a happy Christmas with your family. :3

its great that your family talks about togetherness coz others dont anymore.. and OMG, she’s mistaken a lip cream for an eyecream? and also the shower gel for lotion? LOL my mom had the same thing too but hers is, she’s been using a lip liner for an eyeliner.. its not like this 2-in-1.. where eyeliner and lipliner is combined.. haha shes wondering the whole time why it smudges.. Your mom seems soooo coool esp when you said that shes got a great taste in fashion.. LOL wish my mom could be like your mom.. Glad too that you and your brother get along well :))))

PS: its been a long time since i last visited your site.. haha I had a new one thats why and I use dollprincess as a money-making site now.. hahaha is my personal blog now.. LOL

Christmas has yet to come for me! It’s 9PM, the twenty fourth for me at the moment.

Family bonding’s always.. interesting, but great nevertheless. XD XD

The only downer is that it’s going to be a brownish yellowish Christmas.

My family is very similar to yours, we could sit with each and laugh or sometimes cuddle up and watch a movie. 👏 Although, I really hate my Dad sometimes because he spends to much money! /angry Not on gambling or something like that, but on electronics. It seems weird saying it, but he likes to buy second-hand ‘toys’ or computers and fix them up then use them. D:

Oh wow, I did the exact same thing to my sister! She scratched me, then I scratched her back,hard, on her arm. It left a mark for days. /bash

About Christmas, I don’t see much about it. Usually, on Christmas my family and me are out snowboarding so there’s no ‘Christmas’ dinner and all that jazz. I know I said this already, but, Merry Christmas!

Haha, it seems to me you do have a great family there. :D

I have an awesome family. ♥

My mum is (sort of) alike to yours, I guess. She has done a lot of silly things that made us laugh and they never get old. Once, my mum took a bunch of folded clothes and walked towards the refrigerator … Yes, she actually wanted to place them into the fridge! My elder sister stopped her and we all laughed. There was also a time when she told me to get her spectacles from the fridge. 😰 She must have loved the fridge a lot. /hmph But no matter how clumsy my mum is, she is still awesome. She is like a robot mum – she knows how to do (almost) everything. She knows how to make tables, shoes rack etc from wood; she knows how to cook well – sushi, chicken soup etc; she knows how to mend clothes… my mum is awesome. :P

My dad is a funny person. He loves children and jokes a lot. He is usually the one who buys sweets and stuff while my mum is the one who buys clothes. My dad taught me how to play a lot of sports, like badminton and table tennis. We used to play together before we register Astro (TV channel). Both of us got addicted to watching the various programs offered by Astro. It was a great pity, I honestly wished that we did not register Astro. However, without Astro, I wouldn’t get the chance to improve my English (because I used to watch a lot of English cartoons and movies, without subtitles, there). Now that my dad is sick.. I sort of … dislike him :( because I am usually the one who get scolded by my mum (I am the only one who stays at home now). I really hope that he’d be okay as soon as possible. Then my mum would be happy, and we could all go on a trip like old times! /eee

Despite my dad’s sickness, I consider myself as a lucky child. My mum and my sisters are always trying to fulfill my needs. I was 13 years old when that happens (which is considered as a little kid here). And this is why, I know that I should love my family more.

I have three sisters. I will only be close to my sister when there is only two of us, like my elder sis and I or my 2nd sis and I or my 3rd sis and I. If there are three or four of us together, I .. sort of feel left out, haha. But still, I love them a lot. :D I know that my sisters love me too. They are willing to spend money for what I want (most of the time). Although we used to argue a lot (we still do, but rarely), but I think that is what makes us even closer together. Through arguments, we know how we feel. I sometimes talk to my sisters and realise a lot of things. :)

In short, I love my family. Although sometimes I may dislike what they do and get really angry at them, I still love them. I wish the best for them. ♥

AH GEORGINA ~ HI :D It’s been a while, haha. I did read all your entries … but I was really lazy to comment. -_- I struggled a lot to comment on this entry too (because I am certain that it will be really long). I don’t know why… commenter’s block, perhaps?

Anyway, Merry Christmas! :D

Haha no worries, Rin. :) I’m glad you read all my entries though!

I love my mum’s cooking too! If I were to write about why my mum’s awesome, it would be really long. I know I’ve had bad times with my mum but she’s fantastic, and I believe that everyone loves their mum. :)

I hope your dad will be okay! :( I’m sorry to hear that. Sometimes I wish my dad would speak up when my mum and I are arguing, because I know he doesn’t like her getting angry at me. But I guess no one’s perfect. My dad is also ill and has heart diseases, and now he has anaemia too. But I love my dad and I have faith in him. :)



Awww, this is such a sweet blog. Haha, even if you don’t actively celebrate Christmas, it looks like you guys have the whole Christmas Spirit thing going :). Isn’t spending time with your family part of it? :P It’s sweeeeeeet :D.

HAHAHAHA, the stuff your mum’s done is HILARIOUS. Shower gel as lotion? HAHAHA. Well at least she can laugh at herself. If you can’t laugh at yourself, that’s definitely not good D:. And the lip cream on her eyes thing reminded me of Mean Girls where Regina George was tricked into using foot cream for her face. LOL XD.

Hey! Your dad is like my dad :D. If he sees something I might like, he’d totally get it for me :). I LOVE my dad. And lol, both our dad’s have TERRIBLE eating habits D:. *sigh*. Oh well, what can we do. It’s nice how your dad makes an effort to know what you’re interested in :). Not all dads do that :(.

It’s good that you and Brandon get along now. If Brandon turned out anything like my arse brother, my heart would totally break for you. Brandon sounds SUPER-SMART :D. Maybe he can help me with MY maths next time? :P

I had a GREAT Christmas with my extended family :D. It was so fun watching all my second cousins ripping open the wrapping paper on their presents. And all four of them ended up chasing their grandpa (my uncle) with the water pistols that HE bought for them. It was EPIC. But we ALL over-ate. SO MUCH. FOOD D:. It’ll be digesting until midday TOMORROW! Trust me. But this was totally one of those Christmases where it wasn’t possible to be unhappy. Although after seeing all the little children, I REALLY wish I were old enough to be married with children XD.

Merry Christmas! :D

Oh well, it’s not a serious mistake, at least it’s not like mistaking mouthwash for soft drink. No harm done, a very funny incident in the end. :P Foot cream on the face is not good but it could be worse. :P

I guess it’s because my dad and I have similar interests, so it’s not much more to know! ;) I get concerned about my dad’s health but I think in a way my dad thinks he should live life while he has the time. Indeed… but don’t eat it away! :(

I wish I was married! Children… much later on. Families are wonderful things, especially around Christmastime when you should spend time with them. Just take it easy on the food and have lots of water. Feel the bloat. LOL. Nah, but really… you should be fine after a big sleep! :D ♥

Have on the togetherness with your family, we’re something similar even though half the family isn’t even in the state. You mom has amazing humor lol. How did she not notice that though? I think siblings fighting is normal, it’s just something that has to be done. All my siblings have moved out so I have no one to fight with over here. 😏
Merry Christmas Georgina, I hope you have a wonderful one. :D

Ngaww D:
your poor mum! /hehe But she’s still hot. Tehee! /um

I like your dad’s open-mindedness when it comes to food :) It really opens up the world to you; I’ve rarely said no to things that I’m unfamiliar with; except any pineapple in savoury dishes. Eww.

Go maths! /bounce Probably one of the most important fields of study in human history, on a par with science. :3

I must teeth! D:

Pineapple is only nice in fruit salad. NGEGE. Wouldn’t you say pizza is savoury? I think pineapples on pizza is okay. :3

Science and maths are equals for me, I think they go hand in hand like spoon and fork. /bounce

Oh it’s alright! xD I bought and almost together back on 2006/2007, so I always update a little here, a little there. Sweet-Loves is dedicated to my ‘loves’: family, friends, Simone, ‘children’, momhood, my little robots, etc. Honey-Babe is more about myself and my studies. When I comment on your entries, I will put the link to my newest updated site then. ;)

My parents and Simone’s parents are strict about Christmas days (24 and 25) but they aren’t about the following days, so our Christmas days as a couple are going to be the 26 and 27 instead. ^_^ It’s our very first Christmas, and I’m excited about it! I hope you and James can spend the next days together too, to celebrate your Christmas as a couple. :) After all, isn’t a couple a new family at its very beginning? I like to think so.

Oh, how silly! I forgot to tell you that I registered one of those domain in your “site names” list: ^^ I like it very much, I just couldn’t resist. :P Hehe. I wanted to tell you weeks ago, but I kept forgetting, eek!

Merry Christmas to you too, dear Georgie! Hope it’s being a wonderful one. *hugs*

~ Luana S.

Merry Christmas, Goergina!

I love this post so much, I have a close relationship with my parents too and Christmas is super special mostly because we’re all home. I wish I had a brother/sister though. And GO MATHS! I have never been good at sciences, but I excelled at maths and thus I became a law student ( it doesn’t make sense, I know!) /wave

I’m glad that you have nice things to say about your family. :) Having good memories as well as bad ones is what life is about.

I hope you have a happy holidays for as long as you can! :D

They are still sucky, I can’t create account right. Whenever I do this happens, it’s so frustrating. I had to close secretkiss so people won’t apply for hosting till I can get it fixed.
Maybe he is, but it was definitely a shocker to be. Christmas do have miracles. :)

The one I did was $15 and a random lady gave me a coupon that she wasn’t going to use. That was nice a present from a stranger. :D We have to make birth certificates like it was an actual person. /ehh

Glad I got some laughter out of you. :D Thank you. :) My family isn’t big on presents either, I just feel like giving stuff out. :D

Yes, he has not lost hope at all. He is keeping a positive attitude despite his delicate health. I know.

Thank you Georgina! I know. But January is just around the corner, but I’m trying to take calm, and I try to can enjoy time with my grandfather. You’re totally right. Christmas is a time to spend with family.

I still have not seen the movie, but in just a few days may go see it. It was great for my classmate. Haha I agree with you. It was his chance to see it in person. And it’s a lucky person for it. It’s so true.

Actually, this boy is wonderful, despite the little time we know, he’s always been there when needed. I also hope the friendship to him will last long 👏

Sometimes it’s good that you write about what is happening at the moment, is a way to let go of things. I’m glad you do it. You’re right /type

I’m glad that things go better at home. I am sure that with time the relationship with your mother will better. Give it time :)

Your friends seem great. It was a nice touch that they will be looking for home. I hope you’ve had fun with them in the park.

Your parents and your brother seem amazing people. I’m glad you spent your Christmas time with them. I think part of the spirit of Christmas is spending time with family :)

The things your mother have done very funny. Haha, confuse shower gel bottle with lotion, that horror. At least she took it in good humor, and laughed at the situation /hehe

I’m glad you get along with your brother. It’s great.

I also get along really well with my father, because we have many things in common, and that I always learn interesting things, so I enjoy spending time with him. So I fully understand that you get along so well with your father.

Merry Christmas to you! My best wishes to you and your family. *hugs* /eee

Ahahahaha, your mum sounds hillarious! XD
I wish my mum was funnier, I really do. She has her moments where she makes me giggle but thats about it.

I’m not that keen on christmas, seen as I’m buddhist I don’t feel right celebrating it, but I don’t complain at the presents I get, tehehe 👏

My family can be a pain in the backside sometimes, especially because they can’t make up their minds whether it’s ‘Your only 14, no’ or ‘Your 14 now, grow up’ Gah they’re really confusing!

By the way, your blog smilies are adorable!

Merry Christmas, Georgina!

It looks like even though you may not have the best relationship with your family, you still love them all a lot, and that your relationship has improved with time. And you know what? Keep going, and someday, all the family problems will die away. I suppose everybody learns to love everyone else’s quirks and enjoy them.

Awww this is so sweet. I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family then. This entry sort of inspires me to write something like this … maybe I will. <3

That's so funny, something similar happened with my grandparents actually. My mom told me when she went back to Korea she brought facial cleanser, and forgot to bring it back home so grandparents had no idea what it is. They thought it was shampoo and used it. Aha, you can imagine.

Ah that's great your dad takes interest … my dad likes to stay shut in his room and watch TV. He doesn't know anything about my interests really. We haven't talked much lately either since he's on the other side of the country half the time. But I know that we like watching some of the same TV shows though! Like The Big Bang Theory.

Yay for smart brothers! LOL. That's great you get along then, otherwise I think he would've told on you about your sneaky friends haha. I understand you regret doing something like that but honestly … this is from my point of view, I think your brother would forgive you. I forgive Jason for … um well he used to hit me a lot, and I really mean a lot.

I think Daniel's a common name haha. Lol karaoke day was amazing. It was so warm too! Like 40 degrees Fahrenheit, I don't have a converter at the moment I'm sorry =(. There are the downsides, Daniel told me he's been so homesick lately. I think it's reasonable to go to a school about 3-4 hours away so you can go home now and then, and you don't have to if you don't want to.

Lol I always find it amusing when kids ask their parents for more brothers & sisters … I've definitely asked for a little sister before. But my mom said no because 4 is a bad number. Means death in Chinese Korean and Japanese. I don't see how it really connects to a number like that though. Right now I just consider Euna my little sister haha. She's my boss's daughter, I help with her homework all the time.

Hmm going to different high schools isn't common here, more so in the city when there's a lot of high schools. There is no way I'm ending up in my brother's university, I'm not that smart so I didn't apply. I don't think the year off helps me very much either. =( But when he graduates he's considering doing master's here, so maybe I'll be seeing him more again.

Really only one present?! That's horrible! It would anger me too! I've been told that another reason it's bad is that everyone forgets your birthday because they think of the holiday instead. =(

I don't need that extra time to get to know everyone. They call all jump off a cliff! I'm sorry, it's Christmas, but I really hated high school. I didn't bother going into visit my teachers or anything, my brother did though he's like a top student, bleh.

I don't read it much now ever since my lack of internet and I couldn't keep up with it, but I remember a lot of old stories. They really do exaggerate! Lol I don't think shortness really has much to do with it once you're past a certain age. But some people their faces don't seem to ages either! Not until they get the wrinkles.

Lol that day I was trying not to sleep too late so I can be on time for karaoke! Same with last night, I did oversleep this morning though and my brother likes to wake me up by scaring me … very mature yes. I think that's because it wouldn't work out if you were the one up late instead. I believe Australia is only a few hours ahead of Korea? It doesn't seem to work out if my cousin stays up till midnight to talk to me, where it's 10 in the morning here and I'm not even up yet.

Epic crowd in Australia is so hard to imagine though! I bet if you come over here the crowd will be SHOCKING. Or go up to Beijing Seoul and Tokyo, even more SHOCKING! Haha.

Haha yeah I think sometimes I have too much Asian pride. But that is so rude! One of my friends was mistaken for international student because she doesn't talk. Wow, does that mean we can mistake quiet Caucasians for being international too? Pfft!

I think I did write something, anyways I've added you again, I'm Maybe you can add me too? That worked for one of my friends, we both had to add each other, like send an invite.

Haha wow, a lump in your pants. That's basically the whole argument about living with that your entire life … honestly I think girls have it worse too. But you know guys won't give up their argument. They'll just say getting kicked in the nuts is childbirth x 10.

Oh wow, that's a scary joke, lmao. Maybe he sings in there and enjoys it so much he loses track of time? I don't know, just trying to get rid of the image you gave me.

Lol I try to type out your comment in one shot but now that everyone's home it's so much more distracting! I'm usually not in my room these days and now and then people try to read over my shoulder!

Merry Christmas again to you too. <3