Thumbnails, Toenails

It has come to my attention that (dundundunnnn, yes, I do believe we need a drum roll here) you can actually stop WordPress from creating ridiculous thumbnails when you upload an image, thanks to a handy little setting. Of course, I didn’t think at all to Google this hatred I have for WordPress generating thumbnails, and now I realise that from numerous posts on the forums, you can actually just go to Settings > Media and clear the width and height fields for the thumbnails. And… apparently, it works a treat. I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually tried it since I changed my settings.

I don’t particularly think River Song is the right person to be quoting here, but regardless:

This changes everything.

This means I have an altered view of my project to create a WordPress plugin. What’ll it be now? Perhaps it won’t be a WordPress plugin. Perhaps it will be, but it’ll be really damn simple. Perhaps it’ll be an advanced non-WordPress feature. All I know is that now I’ve got a bitchin’ (excuse my language) uploader that can definitely be expanded.

I can’t say I’ve ditched the idea of a WordPress plugin ever so completely, but… now I have to get my brain thinking in a slightly different manner.

Definitely not too late to change my project now.

I didn’t quite hit 5,000 words for my assignment but after putting it together with Kirti’s (the other girl in my group; we’re working in pairs), we went at it and realised we had written as much as we could. After writing an executive summary, introduction and conclusion, we were at 9,500 words. I think we’ve done pretty well. I just have to finish proofreading it and write a table of contents. Following that, I’ll have to add the last of my references to the reference list and we’ll pretty much be ready for Thursday. Did I mention there’s a presentation? ๐Ÿ˜›

And I don’t know what I’m really going to say in my presentation, but I could do that thing I seem to do where I prepare my presentation fifteen minutes before class…! We’ll see. Maybe I ought to do some practicing this time.

I wanted to share a couple of WordPress plugins I’ve been using recently. One is Broken Link Checker. Normally a lot of services ask you to pay to have them crawl your website and check for links. However, if you have a WordPress website you’re in luck, because this plugin looks at all the URLs in your website and can even change the styling on dead links so that people know it’s a 404. I find this useful for a large website like mine that has a lot of external links.

The second plugin was recommended to me by Ruben. It’s called TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter. Normally, Akismet should do a good job, but if you’re like me and have a relatively popular blog with a lot of traffic, chances are you’re bordering on 1000 spam comments a day. This plugin really does a terrific job stopping the bulk of it. You can select which words are spammy, and if any of them are used, you can let the user have a second chance to enter a captcha and prove they’re not spamming.

Finally, I use WP Optimize. I feel like I may have mentioned this to someone or already blogged about it, but it’s worth a mention again, even if I have. As we know, WordPress databases can end up very large, especially due to annoying post revisions and drafts. While you can use Revision Control to take care of that, WP Optimize also optimises your database tables and reduces the size of your table by quite a lot.

Anyway, that’s it for my post… guess we’ll see how my little project goes, eh?

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