The Day My Toilet Went Psycho

It has been a rather eventful week. Rachel had a shower door fall on her toe, which resulted in her losing a toenail in a traumatic experience, and our discussion earlier today about the importance of protecting the nail bed to allow the nail to grow back properly. Now I have a problem. I didn’t experience something so traumatic, but about two years ago I had accidentally split the toenail of my small right toe in half – vertically – while I was cutting it, and I just cut the rest as usual. Little did I know that despite the pain, it would cause me some annoyance later on. Now I realise that I should have cut it more neatly as if the split wasn’t there – instead of pretty much ripping half of it out. It didn’t hurt very much at all. I just thought it was an accident and I’d cut it too short, but even though it looks like a normal shape now, there are practically two toenails growing out of my toe.

What a way to be a freak of nature. :(

Thankfully it’s not that noticeable – not that I really go to the beach, wear open-toed shoes or paint my nails bright yellow too often. Apparently it could grow back to normal, but since it’s been a couple of years, it might not be any time soon. The good thing is, the vertical split was near the side of the nail so it’s just like a tiny toenail growing next to the big one. Apparently I can get it filled in with some product they sell at nail salons.

Earlier this week I missed the bus to the train station, and my mum kindly offered to drive me there. Of course, she also had to go to work afterwards, and she told me that she regretted offering me a ride because she realised she wouldn’t have enough time to go to work. I apologised. She drove me regardless, and we took a detour because we knew the main road would be crowded. We got stuck in the middle of a large road, and my mum asked, “Should we keep going ahead as normal or turn right?”

I said, “Hmm… I don’t mind, let’s go right?”

We had to wait for a few cars to pass before turning, and someone honked us. My mum said, “What’s wrong? It’s my turn to go.”

She turned, and there were a couple of police cars ahead so she slowed down. A policeman standing outside his vehicle pointed at us and signalled for us to pull over. There were a lot of cars in the street, which was less busy than the one we had just turned out of, and I was beginning to think we’d have to turn around. My mum wound down the window.

“Ma’am, you’ve been pulled over for turning right in a no-right-turn street.”

“Oh…” my mum said with a slight hint of despair.

“I take it you didn’t see the sign?”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

“That’s fine, could I have your driver’s licence please – I won’t keep you long,” he held his hand out. My mum handed it over and we just sat there. What is he going to do? I thought. Not keeping us long? We’ve been waiting, and I’m going to be even later for work…

He finally returned with a slip of paper and said, “This is a notice of infringement; you will have 21 days to pay, after which time you will be warned and have a further 21 days to pay. That’s all for today, ma’am, thank you.”


Two hundred and six dollars? You have got to be kidding me. I turned into a street. I turned into a street. Well, my mum did, not me. If you hadn’t spotted us, you would have in no way fined us. Well, my mum, not me. Maybe it was breaking a rule, but you couldn’t have let us off? How many people did that guy fine that day, I wonder. We caused no one harm. Compare this incident to another time during the nighttime when my dad forgot to turn the headlights on. A police car behind us turned their lights on us and spoke through their speakers, “Please turn your headlights on”.

I had to tell my dad because he was so confused as to where the voice was coming from. Having your headlights off could cause an accident and harm to others (not to mention yourself). My dad wasn’t fined or issued a notice for that. He legitimately forgot to turn his headlights on. And similarly, my mum had not noticed the sign. There are obviously other things to take notice of on the road, such as the speed limit, the fact that there were other cars on the road – and it is normal that one would miss a sign. /hmph

Needless to say, my mum was not very pleased. Ugh, well I didn’t think it was fair either.

Earlier this week I managed to finish the big 10,000 word assignment with Kirti. We had finished well ahead of time, actually, which meant that I didn’t have to panic at all. However, my idea to ignore the presentation and wing it didn’t work. I thought I was good at this, damn it. /bash I didn’t do a good job because I only had my iPad with notes, and I am horrible at explaining things in person sometimes, and with older people staring at me, I didn’t feel too flash. I am one of the youngest in the class, considering some of the people in my class are possibly married and seem to have more work experience (or maybe I just have more of a creative work experience background), and I felt a little dumb standing up there especially when I couldn’t stop stuttering.

The good thing is, it’s over, and I’m sure our written component was a greater success. On the note of successes, I got 37/40 for my Interactive Arts essay, which I’m very happy about. I find it strange that I am receiving even higher marks in my graduate studies compared to my Bachelors, now that I’m also working full time. O_O One thing I am sure I won’t do all that well in is my Internet Programming subject, which has hit the wall of Java.

Let me put it in one sentence: I hate Java. It bears no use in my current position at work, and nor in my future endeavours. James has been trying to help me with it, which I am so grateful for. ♥️ Our teacher has not done a very good job of explaining the syntax and how to go about putting it into practice. We were supplied with several hundred lines of code and were then asked to edit it. This is what I hate. I do not like editing at picking at work that I have never looked at before and never understood. I just hope I’ll be alright in the end.

I was using the toilet today (as you do), and when I pressed the flush to flush the toilet (as you do), the piping at the back burst and the water went everywhere. I’m not joking. Here I was standing in horror as the water just leaked all over the floor and made its way to the basin and started running down the white tiles into the hallway. I was too shocked to shout a single expletive as I watched the clear water picking up all the remnants of dust on the floor. Instead I called for my dad.

“Daddy1! The toilet just burst and there’s water everywhere. Come here. I just flushed the toilet and it’s flooded.”

We spent some time mopping up the mess, which had hit the cupboards in the hall just before we managed to use a large mat to block it off. There was quite a lot of water and we used thick rugs to absorb the water, though it wasn’t very pleasant. I washed out a mop and mopped the floor nicely (like how relevant my featured image of this post is? Doctor and mop, woohoo). At least the toilet didn’t flood at the top, because fecal matter all over our floor would not have been cool. /poo

  1. I call my mum “Mum” and my dad “Daddy” – no idea why I never made the change from Daddy to Dad as I did from Mummy to Mum.

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i had that with my finger nail, i dont know how it happened though and i kept cutting it away. it eventually grows out but it takes a year or so depending on the damage.
that policeman would of made me so mad i would have said and how many accidents happen in a day because of exceeding the speed limit and i dont see you fining people like that. that is so stupid /angry
well done in your essay i was never good with essays in school or college.
i didnt like java either but we had a good teacher who explained the basics to us, what project are you editing? is it a form, what is the final result when you run it?
my dad would have hit the roof if that happened with our toilet, were you able to find what happened to make it explode like that?

My pinky toe’s nails are so tiny that I don’t even know if it would be noticeable if the same thing happened to me. It actually amuses me how tiny they are; the few times I’ve painted them, it’s been like one dab of polish and already it’s all over my skin. I hate painting my toenails.

Editing other people’s code is what I have to do at work. :/ It’s not too bad when it’s CSS, but sometimes we have to figure out why some Javascript isn’t working, and then it’s a pain because I don’t even know how to test if a change is working. On the bright side, I spent a while trying to understand this one Javascript document on Monday (yes I know it’s different from Java :X ) and now I don’t think it looks as scary as I thought it was. :)

Good luck on your project. I’m sure James will continue to be a great help.

*winces and faints at toenail talk* /ehh @_@

I’m sorry, but I think that fine was bloody ridiculous! 😰 *bashes Policeman on head* /bash FINE ME FOR THAT, DAWG. 👏

“At least the toilet didn’t flood at the top, because fecal matter all over our floor would not have been cool. ” – And it always seems to happen when it’s a number 2 and not a number 1, doesn’t it? O_O XD

Java’s the best! Look at the bright side, what you learn in java will help with javascript which will help with web design :)

I almost never write any new code, most of my stuff is editing what’s already there. Most of the code isn’t so bad, some of it is horrendous.

one of my toenails is weird too and i’ve tried everything to get it to normal but nothing works, i think it’s cos i always stub my toes on things tbh, i never look where i’m going.
it sucks that you got fined so much, but it might have been dangerous had another car been there. :(

I can’t believe that the policeman couldn’t just offer up a warning instead of giving a ticket. It would of been so much easier and since you guys were honest..I don’t understand. Probably another reason why I keep off of driving or have no reason to drive besides the usual I don’t have a car and it’s too expensive for me.

I’ve never had a accident with my fingers or toes but I did get hurt very badly with my foot. I did cut that sucker up top so bad it had to get stitches.

Yeah, I know a lot of people that had problems with their toes and fingers. My grandfather (may he r.i.p) actually bent his finger almost all the way. After it was fixed, it wasn’t ever the same again.

Wow that was a eventful week. Sounded horrible!! @_@
Sorry to hear about your toenail…it’s one of those, “if only” things, lol learning from experience the hard way.

That policeman is a jerk. He said it was fine, but proceeded to ticket you guys anyways? Was your mother’s background clean? If it was, you should’ve been left of with just a warning… I know the feeling of being pulled over and the dread that comes. I thought I almost got pulled over for DUI one time…I felt my life was over…thinking about 15k….but got pulled over because my signal light was left on for too long, LOL. But since it wasn’t major and I was being calm, I was let go after my license was checked. :X

Congrats in getting a good grade on your essay! At least one good thing happened this week huh? :)

If I has just finished a # 2…and water just started overflowing….I would’ve died on the spot. It actually happened to my little brother, and thankfully my mom is a toughie! And nothing major happened. Just cleaning up.

Hope this coming week is a better one for you! /wave

When I was young I smashed my thumb between a couple books. My nail turned black and blue but never fell off – a few years ago my younger brother smashed his finger and his nail did fall off. So I guess I’m lucky mine didn’t fall off. Though last week having my foot smashed by a table was enough for me – I wish it would have just been my toe but it was right in the middle of my foot.

Holy crap, $206 just for missing a sign?! The police in a town near where I live during the weekend get ticket happy in an area where there’s about five bars on one street – they hit people for Jaywalking and these people get tickets for nearly the same amount! I’m sure I would get tickets for missing signs all the time – mainly because some times they put them in odd spots you honestly don’t think a sign for a driver would be.

Last week my mom plugged the toilet up because she had a bucket of water or something where she had been cleaning – It was so close to going over but never did. Which I’m glad for since my bedroom is right beside the bathroom.

Wow. What a couple of days for both of you. Hahaha. I’ve never had something this exciting happen since High School. It is disheartening but oh well! :P

Great job on your essay!

Ew. That would have been gross. /poo Crap all over the floor. Good thing that didn’t happen. How did your dad fix the back of the toilet?

Lol. I call my dad, daddy and my mom mommy. XD So, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. At least you were able to clean up the mess with rugs and such. If that happened to us, it would soak into the carpet outside the bathroom and we would have to put towels all over the floor. It would be awful!

& That policeman is a jerk STUPID PO PO. Just this one time, he could not let a person off? REALLY? I bet he would have if your mom looked more appealing to him. XD Stupid fines. & btw, that is ridiculous for a fine. Especially for missing ONE STUPID SIGN.
I agree. I want to settle down too. I guess I just like talking about it. :P Idky but he doesn’t think about the future that much. He doesn’t even know where he will live in the next few years when I know what I want to do, where I want to do it and how long it will take to accomplish my dream of owning my own business.

Oh, thank you!
& I have added you to if you don’t see yourself it is probably because you joined before I moved back to my server, so you will probably have to rejoin again. XD

I guess not, but idk I like the idea of a splash page. Lol Always have, just never actually put it in practice.

Oh! THAT IS AWESOME! I should send him an email and be like “hey i’m georgie’s friend from the webbie world and you have the same bday as me! coolieo!” XD

Yeah, I hope she either works with me on my forum in the future or opens another forum in the future. I miss pop.

Oh, wow! Congrats! You already have your lifetime job. <3

You could always transfer to another uni that has them, it would be nice because you could study while you have off time at work, like during lunch or something. :P & You can finish your classes a week after they start if you work hard enough XD I finished all of my classes 2-3 months after they started this past semester. It's a game for me to see how fast I can finish and get a break and how long of a break I can get myself. XD lol

yikes, i hope her toe is feeling better now.. i remember wearing these uncomfortable heels a few weeks ago and my nail turned a very dark color..kind of tramatic as well so i know how she must be feeling. hope she ices that thing!

sorry to hear about the ticket. i hate it when things like that happen. the ticket always comes out to be so expensive! blahh.

congrats on finishing the 10,000 word assignment. i also have to write a final paper that is quite lengthy. still not finish editing it but at least i got a good portion of it written already. the feeling of being finished is so rewarding!


I have never learned how to write in Java, but of the many people I know who can write in Java, only one of them actually likes the language. I think that except for mobile applications, people are abandoning Java for the most part. And since your position focuses on the front-end part of websites, I don’t think that you’ll ever need to know it.

Also, I think that the toilet counts as a traumatic experience. Just the possibility of sewage leaking out of it sounds terrifying! :P

Aww I hope your toe get better! I’ve had a few mishaps when clipping my toe nails x.x

Good job on getting your essay done though! I procrastinate and just wait until the last minute to get any type of major assignments done xD

Yeah, that’s pretty ridiculous with the cop, considering her could have easily of let you guys go. i would have understood if there had almost been an accident or something like that but wow.

We’ve had our toilet go insane a few times. It’s overflowed and we had to go and fix the plumbing. I screamed when it first happened xD I was also a little kid =P

I don’t understand Java, but once I get to know certain scripts, I can pick and edit at PHP. ^^ Especially MyTCG and a TCG Card Manager script and a randomizer script for TCG cards (that doesn’t contact the database). …And some JavaScript games. Hm, I guess I can do a lot more than I thought I could, but that doesn’t mean I’m a pro. P:

It’s cute how you still call your dad “Daddy”. I found that completely adorable. :P

I think that cop just wanted to be an ass. (Excuse my language). Could he not have just given you a warning? Were they having some secretive meeting or something? You know what? I bet they were setting up some kind of obstacle course for people who just so happened to turn down that street — just to make their quota for the month! Sadistic humans. Geez.

Sunday I saw someone who looked exactly like you at church with someone who looked exactly like James, but you don’t wear jeans, do you? Haha. It was so weird. P:

I have problems with my fingernails especially my toe. So it’s making me hide in horror if my mom leads me to the nail salon. O_O

I agree, that cop is ridiculous.

Bleh! Java. I’m sure we’re going to learn about it this coming school year now that we are learning about web designing. And now that you ranted about how Java is hard, this moment I’m getting my fingers crossed, even at typing.

I’ve almost experienced that toilet madness one time…and it was at a mall: I just snapped its flush. But thank god it didn’t splashed at me. Instead, it flooded the cubicle then the room. What rude of me to just get out of the restroom without informing anyone about it! Haha!

Aww, you broke your nail? Must have hurt a lot, right? I had only one nail problem till now (touch wood!) and was when my left hand pinkie got caught between a door… it had turned completely black and blue and the nail was dead… I had to sit and remove it all along with the clotted black blood beneath the nail… It was a horrible time!

You hate JAVA? ME TOO!!! (as of now). 3 yrs back, I hated C++ prog language just as much as I hate JAVA at the moment… now I love C++ cuz I have made it my best prog language… I hope things turn out better for me with JAVA too… I have it in my comp prog syllabus for the first time in my upcoming semester.

Georgie, that whole toilet experience… was it laughable after some moments?? I mean if I had happened with me, after the initial shock is down…we would all have a great hearty laugh!

Btw, I’ve been trying to comment on many of your blogs for quite some time now… but when ever I try to, halfway down the comment, my computer shuts off!!! it’s really irritaing me!

And hey I haven’t seen you around on my site since many days!! where are you??

p.s. I call my mother “Aai” and my father “Baba” (traditional marathi names for parents)

Ouch, that sounds nasty! I’ve had a few friends who’ve gotten blood under their fingernail, sometimes without the nail breaking… so they just waited for it to grow out. D:

I think that if you learn C, you will improve with Java. I did some very, very basic C about seven years ago but there’s not really much chance I’ll remember it now. I really do hate Java. :P

Sorry I’ve been so busy! That’s why I haven’t commented in a while. I’m sloooowly returning my comments. :)

Ugh, driving rules. They always tell you to be attentive when driving, but sometimes, you can’t always be on the lookout for everything under the sun. So, I don’t blame your mom for missing the sign. Mistakes happen and sometimes, it comes with a cost. :T

Your toilet fiasco reminds me of my own toilet fiascoes. One time, I flushed and the water started rising and finally spilled all over the bathroom floor. I panicked and I, too, yelled for my dad. xD We just got a bunch of rags and tried to soak up the water as best as we could, which just kept on coming out! It finally stopped at one point, but man, it scared me during that time.

Then another time was in the girl’s locker room bathroom at my high school. The darn toilet I used was faulty because I flushed and the water came rising up much to my complete horror. I didn’t know what to do, so I just walked out, washed my hands casually, and got out of there as fast as I could. Thankfully, the girls waiting in line were to busy chatting to notice me rushing out of the stall. >__<

Owwwwwwww, tonenails kill when cut to close or when you hit them on the corners of the bed and such. I had a toenail infection and lived through the pain for 12 months because I refuse to let anyone touch my feet. I kick people in the face if they even attempt. I’ll never do that again.

OMG I hated Java too, still hate it. I had an exam on Java and even now it gives me the shivers thinking about it. Ewwww, Java.

Eugh, split nails D: Well, hopefully your right toenail will grow back all well and in time ;; I don’t think toenails are such a big deal regarding people’s appearances, anyways… I think people are more inclined to look at your face than at your feet XD

DUDE THAT IS SO RIDICULOUS. You have to pay two hundred dollars just because you made a wrong turn and didn’t see the sign? I don’t know what that translates to in American dollars but that’s still a lot, holy crap :| Complain or something. That’s seriously ridiculous, though, for something so small.

Also, exploding toilets oh my god ahaha. Yes, luckily you didn’t up with poop on the floor. Because that’s never a fun experience. Trust me >.>

Lol. I’m backreading your entries right now and I’m quite amused by how you say you call your parents; I can actually relate since I call my mom “Mommy” and my dad just “Dad.” :D

And wow, that freak-of-nature experience just whisked me back to reality. :D At times when I’m feeling unstable I tend to think so many things are wrong with me and that I may be abnormal for several reasons — lol, one time I noticed this dark streak running down the whole of my thumb (from top to bottom); it wasn’t very noticeable, off to the doctor’s! Whenever I do that the medical folks save for under bright light, but boy did it send me running over to the doctor’s! Whenever I do that the medical folks over at the clinic(s) I visit merely laugh at me.

I’ve never had the (anti-) pleasure of getting my toenail ripped off, though. :)