I have Phineas Brains

The classic true story of Phineas Gage is an interesting one. Phineas Gage worked in railroad construction and remarkably survived an accident in which a rod was driven through his head.

The past few days I’ve been complaining about Java. I hate it so much. I’ve had problems with the university’s server, and it doesn’t load my pages properly. We have no option but to put our work on the university server; we’re not allowed to put it anywhere else. It’s just been driving me insane. I almost feel like my brains have been mushed out and they dropped in my cereal one morning when I wasn’t looking.

It’s really cold; the weather has been getting colder, though it’s pretty warm in the mornings after I move around outside. Even walking to the bus stop gets me very warm. The weather hasn’t hit its cold peak yet. I’ve been wearing layers at times – sometimes two long sleeved shirts, then a shorter shirt or a vest, then a jacket or a coat. Winter is one of my favourite seasons. I certainly prefer it to summer. I know I like wearing skirts and summer is a great time for that, but sometimes it gets far too hot that the heat is unbearable and makes you exhausted. I don’t feel like the cold winter does that. It makes more sense that moving around doesn’t bother you when it’s colder, it keeps you warm and you don’t get that feeling of dripping with sweat. I guess it’s the view that most people have when they prefer winter – easier to keep warm than stay cool – but I understand when people love summer; they love the beach and the warmth and the comfort. I am used to rather hot summers in Australia and it does get really hot.

A couple of weeks ago I tried my goal to not wear a skirt or dress for a whole month. I really love skirts and dresses, and as a matter of fact, I hate pants and jeans. I don’t find them as comfortable and I don’t feel like myself in them. However, now that I’ve reached 15 out of 30 days of wearing jeans… it’s sort of tolerable.

A few days ago I wore these peach-coloured jeans which fit when I bought them, but now are too big. That entire day I was continually getting annoyed at my jeans. I don’t always like wearing a belt, and I kept pulling the jeans up. I also hated the fact that they were so long. When I folded them up, because I was wearing short boots, it looked ridiculous and it kept pissing me off. Probably not the best jeans to wear, eh… two weeks to go. Two weeks to go.

I wore shorts one day, and they were kind of comfortable, but I’ll be honest – shorts with pantyhose in the winter and… eh, I think I preferred jeans to shorts that day. I don’t usually mind shorts in the summer, but I’d rather wear a skirt. I’ve been seeing a lot of shorts in the stores recently, and I don’t see many skirts. I want to buy more skirts – the denim mini should make a comeback! – but I just see denim cutoffs everywhere, and shorts that practically look like underpants. It’s pretty gross; it’s trashy; it’s ugly. I’ll be completely honest – the older you get, the more inappropriate wearing short shorts seems to get.

Last week two obnoxious couples (two boys and two girls) were talking loudly on the train. They were cussing a lot and having a conversation about where they were going that night. It seemed that they were going to sleep over at someone’s house. I have to admit, it was rather amusing hearing their conversation. It was keeping me entertained.

One of the girls was talking to her boyfriend and commented that I was eating sushi. They seemed to both like sushi. The two boys had a bit of an argument about train tickets and swore at each other, but there was no physical violence. I listened to their conversation, and I heard one of the boys say, “You don’t fucking put short shorts on your eight-year-old. She was asking for it. Like, you just don’t fucking do it. You don’t put short shorts, like this fucking short, on your little girl. That’s paedophilia man. Seriously.”

As he said that he glanced around.

“You agree with me, don’t you mate?” he asked a man just ahead of him who happened to be facing him. The man didn’t respond. “Just fucking agree with me, aw.”

He quickly looked at me then and I glanced back. I nodded. “Yeah, I agree.”

“Yeah! See! I told you so.”

I thought I’d have my whole train ride covered. They seemed to be talking about a town further out west, so I figured they were getting off there, which meant I’d be getting off before them.

A few stops before mine, two transit officers tapped him on the shoulder and told the four of them to get out. Darn. I was actually disappointed. People on public transport can be amusing.

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Oh my gosh, the Phineas Gage drawing as the thumbnail for this post… perfect. ♥

I hate wearing a belt too, but I do it because I hate pulling my pants up more. The jeans I’m wearing today are too big and I hate how they look; I don’t know why I didn’t wear different ones. These are the jeans I gave away to my mom, but I had to borrow them a couple weeks ago when I forgot to bring pants home. -_- Now I have them back at my place because I had to wear them back to my apartment when she dropped me off, obviously.

I don’t see why those people were made to get off the train without a warning first. It doesn’t sound like they were even being that obnoxious, just amusing and actually pretty sociable. Silly train man.

Wearing jeans is ok but I agree with you, dresses and skirts are prettier! ;) It’s hard to find a good pair of jeans.

Those conversations in the trains these days are always random, annoying, or funny. xD But I do agree that people on the train are amusing. :)

Aw I love jeans! They’re great! Skinny fit, comfortable, great for my figure. I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with jeans or shorts, but then again, I’m not a fan of skirts and dresses. I used to be, but now I prefer the boyish style. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I also want a pair of creepers at the moment, but I’m still undecided.

HAHAHAHAHA /hehe That public transport story was hillarious, although I hate people who talk loudly. I always have my headphones blaring anyway, but when I get the bus with my boyfirend and theres babies and people on phones, it’s all so irritating.

We’re having a mini heatwave in my area of England at the moment, it’s really weird and it’s too sweaty for school uniform. Sigh /hmph

ah i heard of that guy! there was a recent article circulating that mentioned that that case may have new discoveries with it so that’s exciting.

haha oh man i’m the exact opposite of you! i love wearing pants / jeans / etc! and it’s funny how you blog about it getting colder! i live on the other hemisphere and it’s getting HOTTER! too hot T_T

hahha convos on the train are always entertaining and oh so amusing :P

Ah I didn’t know his name was Phineas Gage. I always know people based on what happens to them instead of by name. I hate names like you hate jeans, haha!

Your apparel sounds like too many layers for autumn. I really hate the cold and snow, but I’m sure I wouldn’t mind your winters in Australia so much. If it’s possible to be “warm” in winter then it sounds good! Even though it’s cold here for the greater half of the year, I love the heat because it’s exciting, and unfortunately we don’t get it often. I used to always wear jeans, even in the summer, but now I do anything to be in shorts, and more recently dresses. Still can’t stand skirts. I also hate pantyhose but I’d wear them to get out of jeans.

I have never heard amusing conversations on public transports apart from arguments between strangers who bumped into each other. I’ve had a few myself. I also knew a guy who would purposely fight with this older woman who took the same train as us.

Woah, I’ve never heard about Phineas Gage before! It’s really a miracle how he survived such an accident… :O
At first when I read your post, I thought you were talking about the show “Phineas and Ferb” :P Hehe. ‘Cause you know, the character Phineas is all inventive and stuff ^_^

I really like wearing jeans. I don’t really wear anything else besides jeans… I like shorts too, but skirts bother me :( I guess it’s because I have to be careful of how I sit at all times when I’m wearing skirts! I also lose self-confidence when I’m wearing skirts because I always feel like I’m showing too much skin even if I’m not. D:

I bought my first sundress a week or two ago, and while it’s comfortable and girly and cute, I won’t be trading my jeans in for dresses any time soon. :)

I wonder what it feels like to experience winter. It’s really really really hot in my country, no matter what time of the year. /pow

Lol. I hate shorts that look like underpants as well. It looks trashy.

I love your little Phineas drawing. XD

I’ll take winter over summer any day. Even though summer has beaches and awesome vacation, winter is more comfortable. I feel more snuggly and at peace when it’s winter. I also hate sweat.

I don’t wear skirts, shorts, or dresses, period. Last time I wore a dress was for a wedding, which was years ago. I just love pants too much. I’m a pants girl.

I love eavesdropping on random people’s conversations, especially when I’m in a line. They really can be amusing. People-watching is fun, too. Too creepy?

Is it sad that I (probably) hadn’t heard of Phineas Gage before until you mentioned him in this blog post?

Ahhh the joys of wearing pants >.> To be honest, I’m not a big fan of jeans either although my general preference is with sweatpants, but XD I think it’s cool that you prefer skirts and dresses over pants, though, because everyone else wears pants so it’s something ~different~ :D Haha, I bet you’ll be so relieved at the end of the month from wearing all those pants XD

Is it winter/fall in Australia now? :O I’m total crap at knowing seasons on the Southern Hemisphere (considering I’m from the North) so I don’t know D:

I’ll be completely honest – the older you get, the more inappropriate wearing short shorts seems to get.
HAH oh I feel like this’ll be too true when I grow up…

And omg at those people on the train o.o And the fact that they got kicked off, ha.

It is probably possible to install the same version of Java on your computer as the version of Java on the school server. Then you can write your code on your own computer and then recompile it to run on the school’s server. But that will only work if you’re working on something relatively simple. If you’re working on something that requires specific libraries and settings, then doing it remote is unfortunately the easiest way.

I don’t think that I will ever understand why you decided to try not wearing skirts for a whole month, except possibly to say that you did, which is entirely worth it sometimes. :P If you enjoy wearing skirts, then you enjoy wearing skirts – it’s your style and the only time to not wear skirts is when they specifically inappropriate, like when you’re working in a wood shop. Girls who hate pants are rare, but you’re certainly not the first girl I’ve heard of who hate pants and live in skirts! And personally, I see nothing wrong with that at all. Imagine the pressure on a girl who hates skirts, but tried to wear skirts for 30 days straight to stop her goal!

Well, I hope that after you’re done with this goal, that you’ll go back to doing whatever you like best. :D I like a happy Georgie.

Hello again! Haha it’s funny because it’s sunny now from where I live and yet I still wear pants. I really wanna find cute dresses here, but it seems that I can’t find one that isn’t too revealing / short. :))

Btw this is still me, Gail. New domain again. When would I stop? -_____-