The world in sepia

My first photography assignment is due in two days and unlike every other assignment: I’ve finished! This is probably the first time I’ve finished an assignment so early. No all-nighters for me, considering the photography labs aren’t even open past 5:00pm, so this really keeps me on the ball. Not only that, but I enjoy this subject so much, it’s like I’m not even in class but just having fun. This is what I love doing. A subject that is creative, unbiased (ahem stupid database subject, cough), maybe slightly subjective but something that I, overall, love doing.

For my first assignment I had to expose and develop two rolls of film, print a copy of all the photos on a page or two, and enlarge one photograph at different exposures.

That meant I had to shoot two entire rolls, and process them. The developing process was extremely tedious and took a long time. Well, I’m happy I got that out of the way last week. :D The photos had to include a person, an object, and a place. Because I took lots of photos of James (the person! ♥️) and several of my guitar in the first roll – which were quite good – I used up my second roll on a few “place” photos (the beach and the rocks). They didn’t turn out very well, and were a bit dark and dull. I still took a few random photos that would be useful for my final assignment though.

When I asked my tutor for some guidance today, he looked at the second roll I had printed. Among the random photos was a picture of me that James took, a bunch of photos of our bags, some of stairs and the pavement, and… dun dun dun… a photo of a bagel. All you can see in the shot is James’s hand holding a bagel. Because of the narrow depth of field, the background is blurred, giving focus to the… the bagel. /drool

Obviously my tutor was just as distracted by the bagel! as I am. I told him that my pictures of the rocks and the sea weren’t that great and he said “mmm, yeah… oh, what’s this? A bagel!”

“Yeah, these don’t look too good. This one’s good. Maybe because I like bagels. But this one has a point of interest…”

Yep. The bagel.

I wanted to go home as soon as possible, but I figured it didn’t matter. I printed a bunch of pictures of my guitar. They were pretty small and turned out kind of dark. Regardless, I think I’ll enjoy printing some pictures for fun, once I’ve finished all my assignment pieces later on. I want to stick more on my wall. Or just keep them. /eee

I wanted to save paper so I printed on half a piece of photo paper. I decided to print on the other half by rotating the paper, but stupid me, I forgot to rotate it when I printed it the second time, so the photo ended up being really dark. /bash Oh well, it wasn’t as black as some of my test strips of paper… so I’m going to keep it. Sepia James can just be high-contrast-shadow James. ;)

Oh man. I’m feeling overwhelmed. It’s nearly mid-year. Rachel and I are having a fanlisting revamp marathon. We’re revamping one fanlisting a day for a week. I know we’re both busy and other tasks will get in the way but what is more important is effort. I encourage everyone to do a little something this week, have a goal and just try. I think we all need to end the first half of the year with a sense of accomplishment.

I’m pretty sure everyone has after all their exams and whatnot…

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Wow, sounds like fun! :D I would love to do a photography class like that. Learning how to develop photos and such would be awesome to know how to do. With machines that do it now days, I wonder how many people actually know to how develop photos on their own.

I would love to see that bagel photo! That is super cool however how you did that. I really need to get out there and work on my photography! I was into flower photography like I told you before, but instead of human, I really want to do abstract photography. That would be fun. :P

I believe when you have to do something you love it doesn’t really make it work, rather fun. For me Math is a chore and I hate it. Other people love it and do it for fun, so you know there are different ways of looking at it. :)

Your fanlisting idea sounds good. I should do something like that this week. Maybe get two articles on my portfolio each day. Sounds good to me. I better get typing and editing then! /type

Haha that’s awesome! I was like that too when I was in school…I would love doing the assignments of subjects that were fun for me as opposed to ones that seemed dull. I also feel that it is also the professor’s job to make their subjects more interesting…a lot of times an enjoyable subject would turn into a drag because my instructors sucked >_<

LOL @the bagel! I have experienced that instructors for art-related subjects can be eccentric and quite fun XD. I was taking an art course as an elective and my teacher seemed to like my sketches of weird things like shells, stones whatnot! But it was a lot of fun…I am glad he liked the bagel hehe.

Yup I can't believe it's mid-year either….time flies by fast when you don't want it to. Hmm my goal for this week would be to survive this week at work without two of my supervisors who are on vacation as a result of which I am swamped with all sorts of things ^_^;

creative studies are fun. especially stuff like experiments in science (chemistry. not physics or biology lol) :P
now,why am I laughing about you and your tutor that you guys focus 100% at.. A BAGEL. /bounce
and I thought my online friends are enjoying holidays like I do..but apparently,mid year eh. hm..good luck for it. (gooddddd thing I graduated) :P
oh and btw, the smiley plugin link you gave me didn’t worked. D: ….sadly.

P.S: the title’s of this post is really cool. sepia effect is LOVE.

Yay for fun subjects! Time flies when you’re doing something you’re enjoying and woosh suddenly everything is done. <3

I don't think you should mention what's not good about your photos to the tutor. Mostly they don't notice it until you say so, that's what I learned after the art school interviews. People always see their own mistakes which most others don't think a lot about. :) I'm sure all your pictures were great.

You should've put up the bagel photo ;) Oooh, now I'm hungry.

I decided to get back on my medications because I really was significantly happier on them. It’ll take a few days for them to get back into my system but I’m sure I’ll manage until then. I just feel like my classes are two expensive considering I’m taking them in-state, at a local college, both of which should make the prices cheaper. But it’s not like I can tell them what to charge me because all they’ll say is to go somewhere else for school d:

It’s good that your in a class that you love doing because if not you feel miserable going everyday or whenever your classes are & it seems so pointless to pay for it. I’m sure your photos turned out great; well at least better than mine would. A camera is far from my best friend, haha.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and yes I totally feel in debt to you for your awesome tutorials! XD I had a ton of old posts from when I switched to WordPress in elate 2008, and all the ones from when I was even still on Blogger back in 2007, it made the whole blog cluttered so I figured I should just delete them all. XD

I’ve actually taken quite a liking to driving, although I have yet to take my next driver’s test I feel pretty comfortable driving just about anywhere… though I’m still waiting to practice on the big freeways. I know how driving can be intimidating at first… I was really reluctant just to practice, lol. It’s too bad your license expired but I guess if you dislike driving it’s not a big priority to keep one. Plus you can always get a new one in the future if you feel like learning again. :D

Lol, shoes are actually one thing I have a lot of. I have mostly converse all stars… I don’t know why but they seem to be my favorite type of shoe. I have to agree sometimes I feel like I take advantage of my parents when they buy me so many clothes, but I imagine soon enough I’ll have to buy just about everything for myself. My sister sometimes will come home on break and go on a shopping spree for groceries and clothes with my parents money because she’s such a tightwad with her own money at school, ha ha.

Oh so you’re taking a film photography class? That’s awesome I just took one last year! I adore darkroom photography and working with SLRs. I totally know how the whole developing and printing process can be tedious, I think the more you do it the more you get used to it though. Your first projects sounds like it was a lot of fun to shoot. I think we did something similar in my class, we did one roll of portraits and another of still life shots with objects. Lol, the bagel photo sounds funny, I love playing with depth of field! <3 I don't think you should worry too much if some of your prints came out dark at first, you just need to get used to the different exposure times on the enlargers, I know making test strips is a pain in the ass, that was probably my least favorite thing in photography. XD

Wow, the fanlisting revamp marathon sounds like a good idea, I can see how that would take up a lot of time though. I'm actually going to work on a new fanlisting tomorrow when I get the time to… I'm definitely trying to keep myself busy with my sites instead of spending the summer laying around (which I have done during past summers, lol). Anyway, good luck with everything Georgina and thanks again for your lovely tutorial, it was so helpful! <3

I did photography when I was in Year 10. I was absolutely woeful at it! My photos always came out grainy, and I used to get so frustrated!!!

I wish I could feel accomplishment after my exams, I totally bombed! :(

I want to see this epic bagel picture! :D

Good to know that you’re enjoying your photography classes. And congratulations for finishing your assignment so early! Yay for you! =)

I always wanted to study photography because most of the bloggers I visit are into it. Though most of them are not photographers by profession, their works are really, really good! Maybe I’ll invest on a DSLR so I could start my own photography portfolio or Project 365, and when I’m already good enough, I’ll try the old school, where I have to use a film camera. I also wanna learn how to develop pictures in a dark room.

The Bagel. LOL. 🤤 Maybe you should take photos with bagels in it for your next assignments. If I was your professor, I’d give you an A right away.:D

Good job on finishing early, it’d be so cool if you would show us them! How long did it take you to do the whole thing? It sounds like it took a while to do them all.

I love bagels, you need to show us that picture, bagels…I need to take more photos, I was taking a ton earlier in the year, but my time and interesting subjects have waned a lot.

Your fanlisting idea sounds fun, if I maintained them, I’d join you in the idea too. Maybe I should try to write a tutorial or an article each day for my site. And maybe finish a page or two as well. Thanks for the inspiration!

Its great that you’re doing something that you’re really interested in! That’s a great feeling! It seems like you’re really happy with yourself and what you’re doing. :) That’s wonderful. I would love to take some photography classes in college or otherwise. You make it sound like so much fun! I’ve always had quite a bit of interest in photography and you just make it sound like so much more fun! :D

I love the random bagel picture! xD BAGEL! Sounds like it was a very special bagel. lol xD I love bagels. So yummy! :3

Good luck with the fanlistings revamp marathon with Rachel! :D I’m sure it’ll go great! It sounds like a lot of fun! ♥

PS. I love the /eee smilie. :3 So cute!

I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the class! :) I think it’s the best think when you can do something work-related, and even though you are working feel as though you’re not because it’s that good.

Lmao that’s so funny that he was distracted by the bagel. Don’t we all get distracted by tasty foods. xP You should post that bagel photo on your blog. :P

The fanlisting idea sounds good. :) I really need to get more into fanlistings. Jeeez I don’t even know what I’m doing, I’m attempting to get a new layout up but I’ve barely worked on it. D: oteah I need to get a move on.

I’m going to start referring to you as the bagel lady … Seriously :D I don’t know how you keep up with all the sites and fanlistings you have going on.

Wuggs! :B

Huhu, Paul likes bage. Maybe I’ll get him some if he lets me in, tahee!

Good depth of field, eh. ::
whatever that is.. /um . Sounds fancy, but it’s probably just range of focii? ngeo

Next blog will be easier to comment on /eee