The world in sepia

My first photography assignment is due in two days and unlike every other assignment: I’ve finished! This is probably the first time I’ve finished an assignment so early. No all-nighters for me, considering the photography labs aren’t even open past 5:00pm, so this really keeps me on the ball. Not only that, but I enjoy this subject so much, it’s like I’m not even in class but just having fun. This is what I love doing. A subject that is creative, unbiased (ahem stupid database subject, cough), maybe slightly subjective but something that I, overall, love doing.

For my first assignment I had to expose and develop two rolls of film, print a copy of all the photos on a page or two, and enlarge one photograph at different exposures.

That meant I had to shoot two entire rolls, and process them. The developing process was extremely tedious and took a long time. Well, I’m happy I got that out of the way last week. 😄 The photos had to include a person, an object, and a place. Because I took lots of photos of James (the person! ♥️) and several of my guitar in the first roll – which were quite good – I used up my second roll on a few “place” photos (the beach and the rocks). They didn’t turn out very well, and were a bit dark and dull. I still took a few random photos that would be useful for my final assignment though.

When I asked my tutor for some guidance today, he looked at the second roll I had printed. Among the random photos was a picture of me that James took, a bunch of photos of our bags, some of stairs and the pavement, and… dun dun dun… a photo of a bagel. All you can see in the shot is James’s hand holding a bagel. Because of the narrow depth of field, the background is blurred, giving focus to the… the bagel. 😋

Obviously my tutor was just as distracted by the bagel! as I am. I told him that my pictures of the rocks and the sea weren’t that great and he said “mmm, yeah… oh, what’s this? A bagel!”

“Yeah, these don’t look too good. This one’s good. Maybe because I like bagels. But this one has a point of interest…”

Yep. The bagel.

I wanted to go home as soon as possible, but I figured it didn’t matter. I printed a bunch of pictures of my guitar. They were pretty small and turned out kind of dark. Regardless, I think I’ll enjoy printing some pictures for fun, once I’ve finished all my assignment pieces later on. I want to stick more on my wall. Or just keep them. ☺️

I wanted to save paper so I printed on half a piece of photo paper. I decided to print on the other half by rotating the paper, but stupid me, I forgot to rotate it when I printed it the second time, so the photo ended up being really dark. 🙁 Oh well, it wasn’t as black as some of my test strips of paper… so I’m going to keep it. Sepia James can just be high-contrast-shadow James. 😉

Oh man. I’m feeling overwhelmed. It’s nearly mid-year. Rachel and I are having a fanlisting revamp marathon. We’re revamping one fanlisting a day for a week. I know we’re both busy and other tasks will get in the way but what is more important is effort. I encourage everyone to do a little something this week, have a goal and just try. I think we all need to end the first half of the year with a sense of accomplishment.

I’m pretty sure everyone has after all their exams and whatnot…

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