The Detour

Today I went out with James to the beach and the rocks (by the beach). I figured I could get quite a bit of my photography assignment done today as well, but I had to allow enough time to buy film (which I idiotically forgot to do the other day, so we had to make extra trips today) and process it as well as travel time.

We decided to walk to the beach from the station, to save waiting for a bus or using money. It was still early morning so it was rather cold. It was freezing when I left the house and the bus to the train station was a little late so I was out there shivering my hands and feet off in my pumpkin coat. I call it my pumpkin coat because it’s nipped in at the waist and big and boofy at the bottom. So it really does look like a pumpkin.

Taking a different way was not the smartest idea because we got a little lost. It was alright though, I really love adventure and I was sure we’d find our way onto a familiar road. We walked past an old man at a bus stop and finally decided to ask him for directions. He said, “past the oval and turn left”. He was really a nice man and seemed like he didn’t mind helping us at all. Eventually we found the oval but just to make sure, we walked past a lady with a dog (for the second time!) and she told us where the main road was.

We got bagels down near the beach as well, because there aren’t really many bagel places around here. Rachel suggested I get pumpernickel or egg but they didn’t have any today. :( Oh well. We got four bagels each with different flavours but the one that stood out the most was the salmon, ricotta cheese and egg one. It was really delicious. We ate it first but ate it all in a random order. I kind of regret that the others weren’t as good as that one (Mediterranean, Greek, and a tuna melt). It was really nice just sitting by the rocks near the ocean and enjoying the sun, too.

I wanted to go closer to the ocean and onto the rocks that the ocean seemed to wash over completely. It wasn’t dangerous but it looked slippery as hell and I didn’t want to risk getting wet. It was funny though, because James asked if I wanted to go on the rocks and if I decided, we would not be going back.

I was worried we’d get stuck. But it was amusing nonetheless, and being the adventurous person I am, I decided we should climb the rocks. Having two cameras with me (my film one and my digital one) and my bag kind of weighed me down, but it was really fun climbing them. And I felt pretty successful, like some weirdo superhero. XD

We went back to university later on after buying a bag of bagels to take home. At university I let James into the lab and darkrooms and this time I got the roll of film on the reel! Without dropping it. James helped me out and told me to stop talking because I was distracting myself. :P I failed the first time but after that it was alright. :)

My print didn’t turn out so nice (probably because I tossed the thing in the dryer twice, oops) but the negatives were fine. If I need to print them again I’ll just do so… but yeah, just goes to show how much patience I need to gain. xP

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walking without shoes and in the sand, and hearing the sound of the ocean is just lovely! :D it must have been a nice trip! you even dared to climb in the rocks, that’s cool! i’m scared og heights, so i keep a distance from those kind of adventures haha!!

it sounds cool using an old film! we had one of those when i was little, but now it’s all digital. we didn’t do all of that stuff in the darkrooms though, we just sent the film roll and got back the photos. it sounds fun doing in the old way!! :D i’ll have to try that one day.

haha yeah i know, some of the girls in my class even started to cry. i didn’t have any tears to cry, so i kept a smile on my face. the happiness of being finished was just too big, and the fact that it was going ot be summer vacation was even better!! :D still i miss some of the people!!

ohh i didn’t know the difference before. thanks!! it must be cool working like the photographers did before!! :D it must be an experience itself to be in the darkrooms etc.

Going to the beach in the cold. Fun? Hehe, you’re just like a tourist. Getting lost. (H) Climbing the rocks sounds like fun. I’m glad your cameras didn’t fall and break. Darkrooms? That’s sooo cool. Congrats on got the roll of film on the reel 👏 Dryer? What? Ahahaha.

OMG I love The Book Thief!!! I loved how Liesel brought Max a cloud :’) I cried when Rudy died. I like how it’s narrated by death. Super awesome. At first I thought it was a horror xD

Sounds like you had a great time. I just came back from the beach, but it was the type where you see a bunch of tourists and hotels. I’ve always wanted to go to a beach in its natural setting, without those looming expensive towers full of suites and people.

My dad still has a camera that uses film somewhere in the house. Ever since he got a digital camera, no one in my family has touched the old one. Whenever someone talks about a darkroom, I think about that scene from The Grudge when the spirit’s head is popping out of the water. XD

Hey Georgina. /wave
I really appreciate the comment, no matter how late, so thank you very much for the good luck wishes. ♥ The exam didn’t even have an argument related question in it. Typical.
It’s been a while since I ventured to your area of the web, and I’ve missed reading blogs. I just get distracted the minute I open my browser. /bash

You sound like you had a good day. Most of my days have been spent doing nothing, but I’m not as adventurous as you are. The minute I get lost, I freak out. /type But I do love climbing on rocks. I used to do so with my dad down at the local beach, and strangely enough, it does make you feel superior. /hehe

Reading about the bagels has made my mouth water. So hungry now. 🤤

The beach in the winter sounds like a lovely idea. I’m sure it’s quite beautiful even if it is cold.

I’ve never really eaten a bagel before. I’ve tried a couple of times, but the first time it didn’t come out right and was really hard and the second was soft enough to eat but I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out and still couldn’t really eat it. But at least you had some delicious ones!!!

Climbing rocks sounds like a lot of fun. I used to do that a lot when I was a kid and would play in the woods. Haven’t done it since. Heh. Oh, well.

I hope the next time you have to make your photos they come out better. That sucks they didn’t turn out well this time. =(

Oh that is really cool! I went to the beach in winter once, was March 5th, and was FREEZING. About 16 degrees off the beach and 0 on the beach, literally. I was wearing my hugest winter jacket and it was still freezing until I got off the sand. I guess for assignments we have to make sacrifices.

I’ve seen all sorts of bagels but I prefer the plain old kind … I always like original flavors. ^/_^

Aww that day at the beach sounds cutesys! and bagels sound so good right now. we have one in the next town over that Jake will take me too (or get one for me if i dont go) but they are really expensive.

its been a while since Ive done print work. since i started college, Ive done mostly digital, tho 1st and 2nd year i did do a print for a project. what was your print of?

Sorry for the late response! I printed a photo of my boyfriend for one task, and for another, I did a series of photographs of my brother, one of him looking out a train window, one of him doing taekwondo, one of him playing games and one of him just chilling in his room. :)

Oh, yeah! I forgot that it is winter in Australia… Cold weather would be amazing right now, I think. Texas’ summer weather is so hot and humid and exhausting. :(

D: I’m guessing you weren’t cold toward an old man this time? :O I don’t remember which entry it was, but you once blogged about how you didn’t want to sit by an old person on the train because you didn’t like them…? Or maybe I misunderstood.

Your parents trust you a lot. I know this is off-topic, but I’m just putting it out there. Then again, I’m guessing that it is because you and James have been together for quite some time now? :P

Hahha oh that. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to sit next to the man, but I was already sitting and I really didn’t want the old man (who was walking by) to sit next to me because I had so many bags and stuff. XD But I have not have good experience with old people; they want us to respect them (or expect us to) when they just seem to get angry or pissed off at teenagers.

To be honest I don’t think my mum trusts me as much! But I’ve been with James for a while and known him for at least six years, so… perhaps that is why they trust him to sort of take care of me a lot of the time. :P

Anywhere near the beach is always cold in the morning :X! I blame the.. “fresh” breeze from the ocean XD! Taking an alternative – like walking to some destination can be good and bad :O! You just gotta know your roads :P! I remembered once, my friend and I tried to take a cheaper bus to downtown, but it left us on the other side of downtown :X! I gave the directions to go west, hoping to get to where we wanted to be. it turned out that we needed to go south D:!

I haven’t heard of bagels with anything other that some sort of cream cheese :O! But those bagels that you had sounds too delicious :P! Now I am craving for some bagels :O!

Sounds like you had fun climbing rocks and taking pictures at the beach :P. I hate stepping on… Sand- especially on a hot summer day :I! At least you had experience to make the rolls of film into something :O!

Thank you for the votes (:! Wow :O! You can write a long post because.. You’re just natural at it xD! You can make it interesting and easy to read without it getting boring :O! At least we all started somewhere :P From chatspeak to.. What we do now :O!

Wow :X! Photography IS expensive then! D:! At least the girl didn’t bug you the next time XD! I cannot imagine what would have happened if she didn’t have her camera :X!

Take care (:!

Since you ended up in the dark room, I am assuming you got your shots by the end of the day :) I love bagels, I often make bacon bagels at home … tasty. I never buy bagels when I am out, because I hate anything covering the hole in my bagel and feel kinda irrational to ask them not to do that at a bakery etc. It isn’t as though it is a regular dislike such as onions etc.

Omg, the beach in the winter?! I can’t even go to the beach during the summer mainly because I hate cold water. However many people crowd up the beaches … the other day the beach was so crowded that people only had standing room. I’m rambling though. Haha you sound like you had a lot of fun while on this assignment-trip (?) superhero Georgie. ^^

You don’t have many bagels … WAH! They are among my favorite foods. Four bagels each though … I’m going to assume they aren’t normal bagel sized because there’s no way a human being can’t eat that many especially since you’re a skinny girl I think.

Photography sounds amazing. I really wish I signed up for it but I’d better not pursue the artistic since some parents like mine are so against it.

You need to tell me what kinds of places you can possibly get something nice and cheap. I’m not all about brands like some fob but I only watch them because the specific brands usually suit my style. Not like I think having Nike’s is really cool. Ew Nike’s. I wish I had cheaper alternatives but nothing American seems to suit me much. Sigh, my Asian brain. D=

Oh gawd I love bagels with cream cheese omnomnomn Keep working on the photo developing, I know you will get the hang of it! I develop photos for a living but we have machines that do it all for us instead of messing with the chemicals and dark rooms, etc. :) It makes it easy-peasy.

Wow that sounds like a lot of fun! Seriously! I wish I had a decent camera of my own, but alas, I’m using my dad’s girlfriend’s camera.

Those bagels sounds so delicious though. But very fattening! Sounds like another blog that you once posted before haha.

But hey at least you got the roll of film to work this time around :) . That’s always a plus.

What kind of film do you have to use for your new camera?

LOVE the beach in winter. Love it. I need to get down to the coast and run on the sand in the fog. Ahhh, love it.

Tuna melt sounds odd to me. I love bagels, all I eat when I am in America. One thing I miss because there isn’t any bagel shops around near me.

It seems like you had fun even though you got lost but that’s a good thing ;) I’m glad that you didn’t fall from the rocks with your camera’s because that would have been baaaaddd D: What kind of camera’s did you used? :)

It sounds like you guys had so much fun!
I forget that it’s winter in your country because it’s summer in mine :D

I love bagels too! I love it with strawberry cream cheese.

I absolutely love going to the beach, but the problem with Nevada is that the nearest “beach,” which doesn’t include the rocky terrain down at Lake Mead, is over 8 hours away from where we live. I wish I could consider it an adventure like you did, but driving for 8 hours to only spend a few hours at the ocean, and then driving 8 hours back just sounds tiring. 😰 I do enjoy spending weekends/extended periods of time at the beach though. I always come back really roasted, though. O_O

I actually have a place right down the street (about a 5 minute walk) that has bagels. They’re mostly plain, cheese, and a few other kinds, but they’re all really good. They make them right there, too. Fresh! I’ve never branched out of my plain bagel with plain cream cheese, though, and I don’t plan on it. I don’t really want to ruin the experience of devouring my bagel by eating something that tastes close to…blegh. /eee Glad you enjoyed them, though. I guess the next time I go eat a bagel, I’ll try something new. Nothing with salmon, but something much different. :P

I wish they offered photography classes to my age group. :X Even in 9th grade, which is the year I’m starting soon, we can’t participate in any artsy classes. Not until 10th grade, anyways. I’m sure it’d be fun, since it sounds like fun just from what you’re doing, but oh well. I’m actually doing dance. :P Anyways! I hope your photos turned out nice, even though you believe your patience to be lacking. I’m sure they were lovely. ^_^

OOh! You climbed the rocks? Good thing you were not hurt and your cameras didn’t get wet. It must be pretty hard carrying 2 cameras at the same time.

I wonder what the beach is like in the winter (because we don’t have winter season here).

Bagels! I suddenly got hungry. I’d probably get some after this.

I’ve never been to a darkroom. Sorry to hear about your photos. I guess you better not toss them in the dryer again. =) I’m sure they’d come out better next time!

what a fun day for you XD haha
ohh bagels… I want to cry! LOL I miss the bagels from my school! They had this pesto cream that was so delicious!!! /faw I should buy bagels… even though its hard for me to finish before they all expire for some reason…

I want to climb rocks…but I’m sure I would have fallen or scrape my skin one way or the other lol But I want to do outdoorsey adventures 🙄 (So I’ll be prepared if there’s a zombie invasion)

I looked at your photo blog and it’s soooo cool that you’re developing photos! I didn’t know negatives would have words on it like Delta 400 XDD