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Achievement unlocked: Perfect sunny-side-up eggs. I did it! /bounce

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Recently I started logging time for my daily activities. I suppose the idea originally came from Andrew, who reminded me that he keeps a log of things in Excel. I set about looking for an application for my iPhone that would do the same thing, because I’m lazy as hell and it’s just more convenient to log everything on my phone. I found aTimeLogger (it costs $0.99), which lets me create activity types — for example, I’ve put housework, university, relaxing, gigs, blogging, work — for each type of activity. It produces pie graphs and log lists for each day, and you can even export the data. I’ve found it interesting that I actually spend an hour each day just walking. Walking to the bus stop, between train/bus services and to/from work, or between university and work.

I did this primarily to see how much time I was wasting just doing nothing. I log most of that under my “relaxing” category, which is when I’m literally doing unplanned things, just lying on my bed or playing on my phone. I guess it isn’t really relaxing. I notice that half my comments under these logs include “playing on phone”. Here’s a bit of an insight into my day so far…


Strangely enough, I have found that the app makes me unconsciously want to be more productive. I log all my activities, and it seems that as soon as I finish one thing, I jump straight onto the next, or I’m planning the rest of my day in my head. It’s a bit encouraging.

Another thing I’ve discovered, just on the side… is that I’ve been giving my various blogs, websites and social media profiles much less attention. While I adore my photoblog, I’m considering moving it elsewhere, or somehow merging it with my blog here. I don’t blog as much there anymore, and most of my photos just get reposted here — for example, my concert/gig photos. I feel like it’s time for a change, and my blog will be updated more often if I were to post photos here too. Of course, I’ll dearly miss that domain name,, if I let it go for good. It just suits my fickle nature so well.

I also gave my web design portfolio a new design a couple of weeks ago. It needs fixing in Internet Explorer (not that I care much, and fixing it isn’t a priority). I’ve been moving my fanlistings from — that domain will be expiring in a week, and I still have a bunch of fanlistings to move. I’m not really feeling as much love for fanlistings as I did before. I remember the days I had 120, and now I’m well under 25. Something else that needs a bit of attention soon is my photography portfolio, which is a bit of a mess.

The content on this website is also a bit of a mess — my WordPress themes need a huge clean as they’re far from clean HTML and responsiveness. There is always room for improvement, and technology is changing as well. There’s a good chance the resources and tutorials will be removed until I get around to fixing them and cleaning them up.

It’s been raining lately, so I haven’t been running for a while, and I’m fighting an infection and I’ve been prescribed antibiotics. I stupidly left my antibiotics in my work fridge, and didn’t realise until I was halfway home. Therefore I missed a dose tonight, but there’s not much I can do. I’ll continue taking it as per usual. Needless to say, I’ve been pretty groggy lately. My only pick-me-ups have been mugs of tea and writing poetry in my notebook. And perhaps the 92% our group earned in our group assignment.

I have been valuing sleep more than ever, and I think that despite the grogginess, I’m loving the autumn weather.

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I am buying that application as soon as I post this comment :-D I need one of these to see what I actually do with my day.
Sorry you’re sick. Hopefully the antibiotic miss won’t stuff the recovery or the time up! ♥ I have to much time with blogging now i am not changing the layout this month. I am antsy I must admit …

I wish that app did not cost money, because I really want to see how much time I spend doing things. I suppose I could try to keep track by myself. Travel will probably be a big chunk of it.

I have not paid attention on social media or websites other than my blog for ages, although I should as someone with a future career dependent on it. I keep trying to do something on Tumblr but I just don’t know what to post, unlike my friend Tina. I hope you don’t give up It’s a great domain name. I’m never going to give up my favorite names! 

In my opinion autumn is the best season in terms of comfortable weather. It’s warm and sunny with a nice breeze. Australia is probably warmer and nicer. I can’t stand summer sometimes because I’m the weird girl buying hot tea in 35 degrees Celsius because it’s that cold indoors.

It’s only 99 cents! Also, it’s well worth the money and you don’t have to pay any more than that (there are some icon packs you can purchase in-app but they’re not necessary — you get a lot of icons as it is). There is a free version (aTimeLogger) that is basically the same, but gives you less opportunities to customise. It hasn’t been updated since the new one was released, though. The least you could do is try that one out and if you’re convinced, get the paid version. I would highly recommend it if you’re keen on logging time. :)

I tried to use Tumblr more, but my Tumblr is just full of my blog posts and photoblog posts because I do a lot of crossposting.

Impressed by your sunny side up egg-making skills :)
I will hopefully be getting an iphone in May and I definitely want to get this app. I like that you said it makes you want to be more productive –i need that! XD

I like the simplicity of your web design portfolio. We’re actually designing our personal portfolio/websites in my web design class right now so I’m excited to create something that makes an impact but is very very minimal.

I log my time at work, but this is an app I need for my life! I can see where I waste my time the most, ha ha. Probably watching random YouTube videos and such :p

I just voted for you! hope you win :D <3

Um, I can't make perfect eggs, which I guess is something I need to learn to do otherwise future breakfasts in my later adult life are going to be depressing ;(

Just saying: I love your designs – you are such a talented person!

It was raining here for one week straight and now it's all sunny… maybe our rain moved over to your side haha.


Yum, your eggs look good!

I’m kind of interested in logging my activities on the weekend, since I feel like I waste my day away, heh. On weekdays, I’m pretty sure my day is taken up by work, and then my “relaxing” period is video games, TV, and surfing the net. I’ve been trying to make a schedule for my hobbies, so that I can spend some time in each. Right now, a couple are being neglected =/

I need to give some of my other sites and blogs more attention too. I think combining sites is a good idea. I feel like I opened too many sites, so I’m trying to combine a few too. I’ve also closed all of my fanlistings, since I’m not interested in maintaining them anymore. I like the new design on your web design portfolio!

I hope you get better soon!

I used aTimeLogger a long time ago, back when it was still really ugly looking and had just been released, haha. I recently redownloaded it to try again, but I’ve learned that logging time makes me really stressed. I also oftentimes forget to change tasks, so I’ll look at my phone at the end of the day and realize that I let the timer run for 7 hours on “Travel to work”, haha!

I don’t like to buy apps because I tend to download random apps and remove them if I don’t like them. It would be horrible if they cost! I checked out the free version and it said my iPhone is too old to download it (it’s on the 3G software, with the black background, if you remember that long ago). It’s not available for Android yet so I can’t get it on my phone either. Maybe I should switch back to iPhone judging by the development of the market in general, but $200 is too much.

Sorry for the reposting the comment. I forgot to hit reply. Please delete my other one.

I don’t like to buy apps because I tend to download random apps and remove them if I don’t like them. It would be horrible if they cost! I checked out the free version and it said my iPhone is too old to download it (it’s on the 3G software, with the black background, if you remember that long ago). It’s not available for Android yet so I can’t get it on my phone either. Maybe I should switch back to iPhone judging by the development of the market in general, but $200 is too much.


You don’t seem to spend too much time relaxing. Well, neither do I. I don’t see university on here. You are still taking classes?

Your photos are so good we wouldn’t mind seeing them on this blog! But what if you have a separate category for it? I think I’ve seen people do that.


Aw I’m sorry to hear you have an infection. I think you’ll be alright if you miss a dose. Sleeeep!


I think you went to Indonesia when I got back from Korea so I didn’t get a chance to talk to you! When we have more time I can tell you what happened between us, but I’d rather think of that as history. I am happily in my relationship right now. :)

Judging by that graph, you are quite productive! I haven’t been doing that well lately, and probably would start using that app if it were available for Android. I’m glad to see that you’re sleeping more, though! :D Sleep is tasty.

Also, your sunny-side up eggs look awesome. I feel hungry now.


I’m developer of aTimeLogger 2 and just found mention about my app here. It costs $2.99 now but I can share promo codes so you can try it for free