written 16th April 2013

tell me that you miss me
i dare you.
come back and tell me what you remember
see if i care.
tell me what you saw in your dreams
    in your fantasies
    and in your nightmares
    and tell me what we were in your mares.
tell me everything that you heard
    when you weren’t listening to me,
tell me what you felt
    when I wasn’t there,
tell me the time and place where we first met,
tell me the very first thing you said to me.
what did you see in the moonlight,
    under the grass and beneath the sunlight,
    atop the skylight in your
    worst dreamscape?
where did you see us and how did we look,
how did you know and how did you hate the taste
    of bitter surrender
    of teary goodbyes
    and the vision through bloodshot eyes
    and the eerie echoes that separates us and how did you feel?
how did you escape from the
withered dimensions of forceful
compressions between each of your heartbeats,
    how did I fare
    through it all?
    now tell me you miss me
    i dare

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