written 18th April 2013

It’s too easy to fall,
It’s far too hard to watch
and while I listen I hold on
to the only thing I know I’ll be able to catch in return
    and I’m watching,
    watching you,
far from falling,
far from dealing with pain
and if I could breathe your name
in my sleep, I would,
and if I could feel the music in my veins
or far beyond your ears, I would,
    because it’s too easy,
    it’s so difficult to see you
    and so excruciating to reach for you,
It’s so hurtful to reach out and touch your hand,
and it pains me more than it does to
look in your eyes,
so while I feel a little less further away
I don’t feel like there will be a day
when I turn around and leave you,
    as much as I want to,
    as much as I can let go,
    as easy as it is to look away from your eyes,
and don’t tell me you tried to save me,
It’s so hard to know you’re here
when it’s just too easy
        so easy,
        to fall,
        to fall
        for you.

Comments on this post

Like your last poem, this is beautifully written! It sounds like lyrics to a song.

Nicely done. :)
Sometimes I try to write poems for scholarships I come upon once in awhile that require them but I don’t think I’m a poet. I probably could never do as well as this. :)

Great poem!

I thought it was a song at first. :) ✌️ /love /eee