The “Add to cart” button

The “add to cart” button will be the death of me, I swear. A couple of days ago I decided to look on eBay for… something. I don’t remember what it was exactly – because when you go online shopping, one thing always leads to another – but I just thought about something I needed (read: needed, not wanted) and thought, “Let’s see if it’s on eBay.”

Alas, it was, for a much cheaper price than I had expected.

Oh. now I remember what it was. I was looking for earrings. I have been thinking about getting a cartilage piercing recently, like an outer conch piercing. I wanted to originally have the tip of my ear done but now I would prefer something subtle and not just on the edge but on a flatter part of my ear. I have three piercings in each ear already, and they’re in my earlobes. I remember having two pairs of piercings done at the same time. It didn’t hurt that much and I could deal with it – the healing process also wasn’t so bad. I was about twelve years old. I know a cartilage piercing might be a bit more painful and I haven’t had experience of a needle going through my ear (as far as I remember, all my piercings were done with the piercing gun, now a tool that is not recommended because of the damage it can cause). This got me looking at photographs of people with cartilage piercings and ears adorned with jewellery, which made me want some new earrings. I have rather sensitive ears so if I wear earrings that aren’t real silver or gold, I can only wear them for a day otherwise my ears react badly. That’s why they call those pieces fashion jewellery, I guess.

Regardless, I couldn’t stop myself from buying a few simple ball/bead stud earrings from eBay. I am a bit bored of my gold earrings. They’re very lovely, but they’re not as simple as studs and I would actually like to have some very simple earrings. This search for earrings, which took place a couple of nights ago, resulted in me sleeping at 3:30am this morning looking for other jewellery on eBay. I was just amazed at some of the prices, and I know it’s just fashion jewellery and it’s not real, but I really couldn’t help myself. I had so many tabs open in my browser, trying to decide what to get. I had so many tabs that I couldn’t see what was in each tab; all I could see of the tab was a bit of grey. /um

Finally, through looking through all those tabs, I chose carefully and had a good long think about everything. I put about 30 items in my cart. I was spamming that “Add to cart” button like crazy. After looking at the stuff in my cart, I started sorting it out. Since I was using James’s eBay account, I kept telling him what I was up to. I took about three hours sorting out everything in my cart. He told me to take my time.

I decided against a few rings and earrings, knowing that I wouldn’t wear them all at once. It’s a bit like my mum telling me I didn’t need a bigger iPod than 8GB because I wouldn’t listen to 8GB of music in one day. I did tell her that sometimes I feel like listening to a song and it might not be on my iPod… I guess that doesn’t happen often, but when you think about it, spending a few hundred bucks on something that only dissipates a bit of disappointment that you might only experience once a week… is probably not worth it. So I thought that buying an incredulous amount of rings and earrings was silly. I’ll let the $20 worth of jewellery arrive in the mail, and I’ll enjoy each piece without being overwhelmed.

The good thing is that with everything I was buying – shipping was free of charge. I usually absolutely despise shipping and check shipping every time I buy something over the internet. Shipping fees are usually rather expensive to Australia. I can’t count the times I’ve chosen so many items and discovered that shipping cost more than the items themselves. 😞 Just a few days ago I wanted to buy a shirt for $12, but the shipping was $16. Oh, come on.

Today my mum and I went shopping. She had a weekend off work and being the loving mother she is, took me clothes shopping. I wore my Avenged Sevenfold band shirt and my mum commented on me looking like a tomboy. I said it was easy to take off to change clothes. I didn’t want to get into an argument like “I love this band and there is nothing you can do about it”.

Later, she pointed out that there was a biker smoking a cigarette who kept on staring at me. I just shrugged it off and didn’t make eye contact. My mum thought it was very strange and once the coast was clear, she told me he was actually looking at my shirt.

“What’s wrong with your shirt? Why is he looking at your shirt?”
“Oh…” I realised. “He probably recognises the band on my shirt.”
“I can’t believe a guy like that was looking at your shirt.”
“I like metal music.”

Anyway, we ended up buying me about 17 dresses. 😚 I am so happy with all of them. It’s so hard to find me dresses because of my tiny frame, and I was really after some casual tops and skirts… but I ended up with a range of casual and semi-formal dresses (mostly semi-formal). We were in a rush at the end as we sorted out all the dresses we were holding, choosing only what was best. The stall was soon to close and the owner was getting annoying pestering us to hurry up.

I can imagine now if I had been sorting through the items in my eBay cart in the real world, someone would have yelled at me many times. Especially for removing things from my cart and going back to look for them and re-add them, only to remove them again and come out with less than half of what I put in.

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