The “Add to cart” button

The “add to cart” button will be the death of me, I swear. A couple of days ago I decided to look on eBay for… something. I don’t remember what it was exactly – because when you go online shopping, one thing always leads to another – but I just thought about something I needed (read: needed, not wanted) and thought, “Let’s see if it’s on eBay.”

Alas, it was, for a much cheaper price than I had expected.

Oh. now I remember what it was. I was looking for earrings. I have been thinking about getting a cartilage piercing recently, like an outer conch piercing. I wanted to originally have the tip of my ear done but now I would prefer something subtle and not just on the edge but on a flatter part of my ear. I have three piercings in each ear already, and they’re in my earlobes. I remember having two pairs of piercings done at the same time. It didn’t hurt that much and I could deal with it – the healing process also wasn’t so bad. I was about twelve years old. I know a cartilage piercing might be a bit more painful and I haven’t had experience of a needle going through my ear (as far as I remember, all my piercings were done with the piercing gun, now a tool that is not recommended because of the damage it can cause). This got me looking at photographs of people with cartilage piercings and ears adorned with jewellery, which made me want some new earrings. I have rather sensitive ears so if I wear earrings that aren’t real silver or gold, I can only wear them for a day otherwise my ears react badly. That’s why they call those pieces fashion jewellery, I guess.

Regardless, I couldn’t stop myself from buying a few simple ball/bead stud earrings from eBay. I am a bit bored of my gold earrings. They’re very lovely, but they’re not as simple as studs and I would actually like to have some very simple earrings. This search for earrings, which took place a couple of nights ago, resulted in me sleeping at 3:30am this morning looking for other jewellery on eBay. I was just amazed at some of the prices, and I know it’s just fashion jewellery and it’s not real, but I really couldn’t help myself. I had so many tabs open in my browser, trying to decide what to get. I had so many tabs that I couldn’t see what was in each tab; all I could see of the tab was a bit of grey. /um

Finally, through looking through all those tabs, I chose carefully and had a good long think about everything. I put about 30 items in my cart. I was spamming that “Add to cart” button like crazy. After looking at the stuff in my cart, I started sorting it out. Since I was using James’s eBay account, I kept telling him what I was up to. I took about three hours sorting out everything in my cart. He told me to take my time.

I decided against a few rings and earrings, knowing that I wouldn’t wear them all at once. It’s a bit like my mum telling me I didn’t need a bigger iPod than 8GB because I wouldn’t listen to 8GB of music in one day. I did tell her that sometimes I feel like listening to a song and it might not be on my iPod… I guess that doesn’t happen often, but when you think about it, spending a few hundred bucks on something that only dissipates a bit of disappointment that you might only experience once a week… is probably not worth it. So I thought that buying an incredulous amount of rings and earrings was silly. I’ll let the $20 worth of jewellery arrive in the mail, and I’ll enjoy each piece without being overwhelmed.

The good thing is that with everything I was buying – shipping was free of charge. I usually absolutely despise shipping and check shipping every time I buy something over the internet. Shipping fees are usually rather expensive to Australia. I can’t count the times I’ve chosen so many items and discovered that shipping cost more than the items themselves. :( Just a few days ago I wanted to buy a shirt for $12, but the shipping was $16. Oh, come on.

Today my mum and I went shopping. She had a weekend off work and being the loving mother she is, took me clothes shopping. I wore my Avenged Sevenfold band shirt and my mum commented on me looking like a tomboy. I said it was easy to take off to change clothes. I didn’t want to get into an argument like “I love this band and there is nothing you can do about it”.

Later, she pointed out that there was a biker smoking a cigarette who kept on staring at me. I just shrugged it off and didn’t make eye contact. My mum thought it was very strange and once the coast was clear, she told me he was actually looking at my shirt.

“What’s wrong with your shirt? Why is he looking at your shirt?”
“Oh…” I realised. “He probably recognises the band on my shirt.”
“I can’t believe a guy like that was looking at your shirt.”
“I like metal music.”

Anyway, we ended up buying me about 17 dresses. /faw I am so happy with all of them. It’s so hard to find me dresses because of my tiny frame, and I was really after some casual tops and skirts… but I ended up with a range of casual and semi-formal dresses (mostly semi-formal). We were in a rush at the end as we sorted out all the dresses we were holding, choosing only what was best. The stall was soon to close and the owner was getting annoying pestering us to hurry up.

I can imagine now if I had been sorting through the items in my eBay cart in the real world, someone would have yelled at me many times. Especially for removing things from my cart and going back to look for them and re-add them, only to remove them again and come out with less than half of what I put in.

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I can’t believe I can’t see the cart. Stupid thing, haha. NGEO
I’m glad you’ve got shopping out of your system for now :3 online shopping is indeed rather fun! :B

Glad someone liked your shirt! Tahee, every tough bikie dude shops at DFO. /eee
Let’s minesweep :9


Oh, man, online shopping is so addicting. So much easier than doing real shopping, and not as strenuous LOL. Plus, so many places (ie: Amazon for me) gives you much better discount than physical stores, so it’s more tempting to buy stuff there.

And I have a cartilage piercing, too :) I remember getting it done, and I had that done before I did regular ear piercings. Oddly enough, I think the bottom piercings hurt more than the cartilage one. Strange. Most people tell me it’s the other way around LOL. I guess I’m an oddball :)

And wow. 17 dresses? That’s a lot, but at least that will last you a long while!

Wow. xD This was quite the funny experience! I know what you mean with the buying too much stuff. I mean, I’m not a fan of going shopping with other people (even though I’m stuck with it because I can’t drive. xD), but when I see something I really like, I will buy it. Lol.

I’ve never shopped online, which is maybe a good thing because… well, I can take two hours in one clothing store and calm out with half of what it is I originally thought I’d be buying. I do want to buy on eBay eventually – the convenience of it all is appealing, but as you pointed out, the shipping price is ridiculously high.
I’m so scared of getting a second piercing – the thought of even slight pain puts me off of it.

Nearly 17 dresses? Yay! Ughh, I hate it when people stare – it freaks me out. Then again, I’m forever paranoid.

Online shopping can be evil sometimes; it’s actually 10 times worse when you’re shopping away and then realise you actually can’t afford half of what you’ve added to your cart. /angry Ebay is fantastic though; I always go on eBay to find cheaper options.

Quite a lot of my friends have had their cartilage pierced, but I was never daring enough to get it done. I have two in each lobe, and I had the top of my ear pierced but that got infected because they put a fake gold stud in it. (Like you, I guess!) :( I never bothered getting it re-done after that because it was rather uncomfortable to sleep with. XD

Shipping cost annoys me; my step dad was looking to buy something for his hard drive (to try and revive it after he blew his computer up) and they wanted £3 for the item, but £4 for postage. :| He refused to pay it and messaged the guy and said he’s only willing to pay £2 for the item plus postage – he accepted. :P The funny thing is, it was the tiniest thing, ever.

Hahaha, my mum is forever moaning at me for looking like a “tomboy”; I don’t care, it’s my style and I’m not changing it to suit her needs. That’s pretty cool that he recognised A7X on your shirt. I really want a band shirt so I could walk around with it and people would stare at me. xD I have a MCR hoodie but only one person recognised who it was, haha.

17 dresses?! That’s pretty impressive! Is it bad that I don’t even own one dress? :P

Online shopping is better because of things like that; plus, you can do it at 3am in the morning! :P


Haha, well, I have been obsessed with HU for a long time BUT, it’s only been recently where I’ve only wanted to listen to them and only them, so. XD

I think that’s why I love their music so much; they can just sing about anything but it gives out a positive look on certain situations. (That made no sense). Bullet is amazing; it actually makes me so happy when I listen to it, even though it’s about suicide. If I’m feeling a bit down, I’ll listen to it and it immediately makes me smile. xD

It sucks that all your classes will be after work, but I guess you’ll be okay and will adjust to it within a week or so. It’s all about time management, which of course, you’re an expert at, so. :P I can imagine how tired you’re going to be though, but don’t try and push yourself too much! *hugs*

I couldn’t surprise on 6 hours sleep, aha. I need about 8 or 9, possibly 10 to be able to function properly. Haven’t been sleeping very well lately, though. It’s funny, I’m usually the first one up on weekends whilst I’m the last up during the week. XD

Aww that’s great! :D I might borrow my step dad’s kindle and ask him to put Harry Potter on there for me, I really want to read it now I’ve seen all the films! Not a great fan of reading but I absolutely LOVE HP so I think it would be something I’d enjoy. :D

Apple is dull and boring. :P Ha, as soon as you get Android versions were named after treats, I thought of your new premades. :P I need to add some new premades soon; I’ve made one but I wanna make a few more before I post them. I fail with coming up with names for them so I just call them “theme #” paha.

Hahaha Vodafone sound like Virgin here; they’re okay, but every time I phone them, I get someone who can’t speak English properly which frustrates me. /sigh

Runny egg, FTW! :D

My mom does the Online shopping in my house, partly because I do not have a credit card. I do like browsing around on the internet and looking at clothes, although I rarely ever buy from the internet. I want to get my cartilage pierced too because I think they look really cool. My friend said it hurt really badly while some of my other friends said they didn’t. Unlike you I got my first piercing at 5 and I only have one hole, so I am quite afraid to get it pierced again. Although according to my mom, the dental work that I went through as a child was a lot worse than what a piercing would feel like. I don’t really like “fake” earrings because somethings they make me ear itchy. I don’t think I am allergic because I can wear them and be fine, although I prefer not too. I must sound like a very picky person lol.

It is good that shipping was free, likewise my parents have had problems when we found something online and shipping was just not worth it. If it gets to that, usually my parents just buy another item so it meets the minimal requirement for free shipping.

I hope you like at least one of the dresses you picked out. I have a tiny frame too so I know how it feels to not find dresses that look like they “fit”. For example, rompers look dreadful in me (or at least I think so).

haha you kind of remind me of myself! :D i’m addicted to online shopping. i start by opening too many tabs in my web browser, and in the end there’s an endless row of them. then i add all of the items to the cart, before i start sorting out and removing less wanted items. unfortunately my dad is the one with the visa card, i have some tough limits! i don’t know yet wether that’s a good nor bad thing, haha lol! :D he likes to see the final price of everything, as we both know i have to pay him back in the end. online shopping is so much eaiser, and then i can compare prices. i have not bought anything off e-bay so far though, is it really cheap?

ohhh it’s SO annoying when the shipping cost more than the items themselves, but the most annoying thing is if they’re not shipping to norway at all!

it sounds fun learning from the best, and i hope i can get such an opportunity as well! :D have fun reading!! i’ll have to take train more often haha! :D

I don’t know what’s going on with your blog. I can’t see the stylesheet! It basically looks like the default if you type in a bunch of words. Maybe it’s just me though because no one else seems to be complaining about it. My computer is dying? =(

I had a cartilage piercing before but nothing good came out of it, and it’s closed up now. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Lobes are easy to pierce because they’re fat and blood-vessel-less but cartilage is different. I can’t really imagine buying so many earrings all at once though, wouldn’t it cost a lot? I disagree with your mom’s theory … I like having all my music in the same place and that is my iPod Touch. Oh wait my iPod Touch died last year ….

Omg I feel your pain about shipping. If I buy something from USA online stores it’s free after a certain purchase price but everything I order from Korea, the shipping is more expensive than the item itself!

Omg 17 dresses? The owner of the store must’ve been very happy. I don’t even think I own that many dresses! I hate trying on clothes though because my clothes are always so hard to take off. I refuse to wear t-shirts and usually my shoes have a lot of straps. I wonder if your mom thought the guy was trying to be a pervert.

I don’t usually see people wear converses with skirts and frankly that looks much better than converses with flare jeans. Converses with skirts is kind of a tomboy/punk look while converse with flare jeans is just lack of fashion sense. There are ways to wear flare jeans that I don’t mind just that I wouldn’t wear them, but I was just rambling that putting it with converses is baddd. I’ve never seen Ugg boots look fashionable.

If you come to USA you’d never be able to buy a shoe unless you buy little girl shoes! Haha.

It’s because of the transportation issues that I rarely see Mingyun and other than emails we don’t keep in contact regularly. It’s a good thing you still get to talk to James online even if you don’t see him.

Can I ask why is there a shower in the laundry house? Haha.

I’ve learned to stay away from ebay. Ha ha. I am going to do a little post about cartilage piercings – figure tomorrow. To me though it didn’t hurt – but I do kind of enjoy the pain. But as anything else the pain is different for each person. When I got mine done they were still using the gun to do it, felt like a short bee sting and I had a stud put in – which I still wear a stud in it. And just as the pain is different the reaction to the piercing is different as well – a lot of people I knew who got it done in high school had huge problems with infection and such. I on the other hand have never had an infection in it at all – but that could be because they weren’t taking care of it like they should or they had an allergy to the jewelry, also getting it caught on clothing can lead to infection sometimes too.

Free shipping is always a plus – I just hate shipping because it gets padded so much for no reason. That’s half the reason I don’t really shop online.

I actually love it when people look at my band shirts. :) But lately people have just been looking at me because of my hair. Though before the White Wives concert in June – after we got there and was standing against the wall checking the place out before heading to the bar a very cute punk guy walked up to me and said “I like your hair”. 👏 Later we found him at the bar. Wish I could remember his name.

I don’t think I’ve ever owned 17 dresses in my whole life. Right now I think I own…4. Ha ha.

Ah I can relate to this sooo much. I absolutely love online shopping. I can always seem to find better deals online and exactly what I want online. Paying for shipping is such a pain, and in the end makes me spend more. Websites often have deals like “spend $25 and get free shipping!” so I’ll originally just want to buy $10 or $15 worth of stuff, but then I end up spending $25 so I can just get the free shipping. :P I’m such a sucker for deals.

Oh my goodness. I don’t think I’ve owned 17 different dresses in my whole life. 0.0 Haha, I like dresses, I just usually don’t have the money to spend on them. I wish I had more successful shopping trips like you do! I’m lucky to find a few items, but I’m so picky. :P But congrats on your finds! You’ll have to post some pictures of them!

Earrings are cute when it’s not overdone! By overdone, I mean streating your earlobes or something. But they’re not really my thing so I don’t know much about it ‘~’. It’s a fashion thing, nothing bad ;D.

Online shopping can get addicting, can it? XD I hate online shopping because it’s one thing after another! D: Next thing you know, you’re almost out of money XD. But hey! You know what’s process of elimination.

Your mom does have a point about the iPod situation :o. But still! You don’t know what’s your taste sometime. It’s like me with my music, except I just have 2gb or less for choices :P.

I hope you’ll enjoy those 17 dresses and thsoe several jewelery you bought ;D! Dresses here are overpriced or ugly -__-!

If Google Chrome has something like AdBlockPlus, it would be perfect :D! Good luck with your new course ;D

Take care (:

I am an add to cart freak also. I am also a fashion jewellry wearer like you who has to wear real gold or silver. It’s amusing that your Mum found it odd someone would be staring at your t-shirt … /wah

Whoa, I wish someone would buy me 17 dresses. :P
I’m glad you were able to get some things you liked that fit you well, yay!

I know what you mean about trying to decide online vs. the real world. Plus, a lot of time you have more choices online, too. I would rather shop online especially if I know what size of the brand I’m shopping for – then I’m set. I’d rather take my time in the comfort of my own home and play with the add to cart button all day! :P


Oh OUCH. Conch piercings are apparently really painful D:. I remember in highschool when Arina got one, she said it gave her such a bad headache because it hurt so much :S. They look cool though :D. I shall look for earrings for you when I’m in Malaysia and/or Thailand :).

LOL! Internet shopping sounds more addictive than normal shopping :D. Thank you for getting the transformers ring for me :). Hahaha I’m so glad I don’t know how to internet shop. There is enough stuff in my room as it is. If I learnt to internet shop, I’d not have a place to SLEEP in my room D:.

Whoooooaaa…17 dresses @_@. That’s ONE EPIC shopping spree! I only own FOUR dresses! Hahaha. I’m not really a dress-person. I love my shorts :P. Sounds like you had a fun day out with your Mum though :).

*nods* I’ve tried just giving up in one go and it’s never worked so I figured quitting slowly would be more appropriate and work better for me. It’s hard but I just need to take my mum off it, I guess.

Coffee and tea are so addictive though; I used to drink a lot of tea but I’ve tried cutting that down as well because I have 3 sugars in my tea so it’s not good for me. I hardly used to have one cup after another, though. XD That’s just crazy shit.. same with cigarettes, IDK how some people chain smoke.

I rarely smoke around non-smokers unless we’re outside and I make sure I stand away from them. I can’t stand people who blow their smoke all over people, even if said person smokes. It’s just disgusting and rude. I rarely smoke in public places though, I feel self-concious that people are starring at me. :P

Thank you, Georgie. ♥

The muscle spasms hurt like hell; I mean, they’re as long lasting as cramps but they still hurt. I’m used to cramp from my soccer days but when I’m trying to sleep and I get them, it drives me crazy. XD I think it’s a lack of salt that causes cramps, I don’t know. I eat a lot of salty stuff though. /shrugs

An aching toe is horrible, I’ve had that a few times before. *hugs*

Ebay usually does have everything but yeah, some things are hard to find on there. :( I was looking for a pair of boots I saw on Republic but they were out of stock but eBay didn’t have any either. /sigh

I remember I bought Rob a punch bag for his birthday one year and the shipping was ridiculous; I mean, I expected it because a punch bag is huge but still, I thought it was a little overpriced. Shipping sucks, but at least eBay’s prices aren’t as high as regular retail online shops. :B

Yeah, I guess it depends how much pain you can tolerate. I mean, it’ll be over and done with within a few minutes so I guess if you can handle that then you’d be okay!

I guess it’s a bit intimating when someone is starring at your shirt LOL. I get impressed when someone around my area recognised music I listen to or something, especially Breaking Benjamin because they’re not very popular here. XD A girl I worked with loved BB, and when I came into work one morning listening to them, she got all happy that someone else has heard of them haha. We would listen to my iPod before work because we both got their early. :B

Dresses aren’t really for me; I don’t really have the figure for them. I have no hips LOL. I like being tiny, though. I own a lot of casual clothes but I’m rarely dressed these days, I just sit around in my jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. /ehe

I still haven’t checked Jebediah out, I was going to when you first mentioned them but completely forgot. /bash Hollywood Undead are bringing out another album this summer, excited! /love

Hahahaha, the Macarena?! That’s impressive; I should try and do that to Bullet one day. I’d probably end up killing myself laughing, though. I used to do the Macarena to random songs, mostly because that’s the only “dance” I know. 😏

Well, when your classes start we can just comment on each other’s blogs because our comments are getting rather long now lmao. I’m proud of myself for keeping up with it… so far. :P You can do it though, Georgie. Eeeeee.

That seems a bit… stupid?! Vodaphone are asses! I guess they’re just trying to get you to stay with them as well as getting more money out of you, phone companies ALWAYS try and do that. Virgin offered me a really cheap deal with my new phone because I threatened to leave them hahaha.

Haha, I think that’s the cons of online shopping really. I was like that too, before I settled for the dress that I bought last week. I kept putting it on the cart and then was, like, no it might not fit me so I took it off the cart. Then I was paranoid if it goes sold out, so I put it back on the cart and decided what the hell and clicked the checkout button lol.

I’m glad that you got 17 new dresses! Argh I need to go shopping too! It’s the sale season here since Chinese New Year is next week so everyone’s rushing out to get the best deals. I want to go shopping 😝

I have never tried buying things online. If I can, maybe I’ll buy novels and comic books. I’ll never buy jewellry online, I can never trust the mailmen in Indonesia.

My ears seem to be rather sensitive too. I guess it’s because I used the same, pure gold earings for years. It sucks because if they weren’t, I would lots of cheaps but cute earings. Actually, my sister has tons of them. :P

Ugh, my mom will never let me pierce my ears somewhere else. Well, it actually doesn’t really matter because I don’t want to. They might look cool, but I heard that someone wanted to pierce her eyebrow, and ended up being blind. LOL maybe I am a nerd after all. XD

I don’t really like shopping (for clothes). Wow, 17 dresses?! That sounds crazy but good to be true. My sister would be envy because my mom would never ever buy more than…5 pieces of clothing. She isn’t allowed to buy anything recently too. :P

And yes, take your time. Have fun with your online shopping! /bounce

17 dresses! That is indeed a lot! It’s not to hard to convert a semi-formal dress into something that looks casual, so I’d say that it’s well worth it!

I think that your hair covers your ears in all of your pictures and weblogs that I’ve seen, so I didn’t actually know if you had piercings or not. Studs are nice to have around because you can wear them with almost any type of outfit as long as the colors match. It’s too bad that most of the pretty fashion jewelry isn’t silver or gold, because varying colors is nice to have.

Online shopping is great, just because we can move items around in our cart a lot, and we have more time to think. =P

Hey, how has your year been?? Random question but I haven’t been online in a very long time haha. Hope you had a nice Christmas and a happy new year.

I’m glad I don’t shop online that often, it’d just be too easy to add everything I wanted to my cart and then I’d just cry when I saw the total price. It’s like when I’m paying by card in shops and don’t realise how much I’ve been spending overall. Anything that doesn’t involve the handing over of real money is awful for spending habits. It’ll be nice to get them through the post anyway, I always get excited when I get a parcel haha.

I was thinking about getting an ipod with more storage space and your mum’s advice to you really makes sense. I guess it’d just take too long to find the song you wanted to listen to if there were ten thousands of songs on it.

My sister got her cartilage piecing done with a gun, and her ear’s alright. I’d just be scared that my ear would shatter or something stupid and dramatic like that. I’ve never seen anyone with an outer conch piercing. Good luck with the needle if you get that done!!

17 dresses!! Wow, that’s a lot. I don’t think I even own that many in total, let alone bought in one day haha.


Shopping on eBay is way too addictive! Instead of adding various items to the cart, I usually just watch each item I’m interested in so I could see them in the Watching page and compare them from there. I know, it’s a science! :P

Yes, free shipping deals on eBay are the best! I’ve gotten to the point where I only buy from people who offer free shipping. You’re right. It’s quite ridiculous when the item you want to buy costs less than the shipping!

Have you tried enrolling in eBay Bucks? Every time you buy from eBay, a percentage of it goes to your eBay Bucks balance. After a certain amount of time, you can use the balance of your eBay Bucks as part of your payment.