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Another two days of work has come and gone. I am beginning to feel the heaviness of having what is almost a full-time job, and admittedly, I am beginning to dread what it’ll be like when classes start for me this semester. I haven’t been able to choose my classes yet, which is rather irritating because I want to quit my job at the education centre and just have my one newest job. It is going pretty well, and since I’ll be in the heart of the city more often with classes and work, they mesh into a schedule better. The hours I work at the education centre are also at an awkward time in the afternoon to evening, and since I’ll most likely have afternoon classes, I’d very much rather not have to worry about travelling back and forth.

Feeling the heaviness is partially good, and partially bad. I like that I’m filling my time with something other than mindless websurfing and watching Futurama. I don’t think many people would agree with me that it puts more value into life, but I feel that it does. I find that everything is of more value when I am working long hours, because I return home and I certainly don’t take my time for granted, I certainly don’t take my sleep for granted…

But heck, I slept at 1:30am this morning because I was just online shopping. Not the best idea, and something I tend to get stuck doing. I really do value my sleep, and though I don’t get much, I don’t really force myself to stay awake. If my eyes droop, it’s really time to stop. Despite walking into work feeling groggy, and having nearly fallen asleep on the train because I chose to read a novel instead of power napping, I felt pretty good the rest of the day. :)

Unfortunately the iMac I was using (that belongs to my boss) had problems with its hard drive, forcing my boss to go down the road and buy a new drive. It took about two hours to create a backup, take apart the iMac, install the new drive, reinstall OS X Lion and restore the backup. I managed to finish reading the rest of my novel in that time. I started reading yesterday, and it’s the third book I’ve read this year. I have made a goal to read 50 books this year, and I’m compiling a list on my other blog. I love reading, but the past three years I haven’t read very much because I’ve been so busy. I’ve decided to make use of my commutes to work and read, read, read. :D It feels good to be able to read and I don’t feel like I’m just wasting time. I like thinking and planning in my head but I like that I can get through many pages of a book while I sit there.

Sometimes I feel like I want to fast forward parts of life that are mundane, like showering, brushing teeth, sleeping… well, I can’t say sleeping is mundane, but there are points in life where I feel like I wish time would pass more quickly. I suppose the feeling was caused by getting bored on train rides, but now that I am getting back into reading, perhaps I don’t feel that way anymore.

I had lunch with James, Mike and Shirley – we ate at a little Japanese restaurant down the road from work. I chose the bento box – it was just too irresistible and I was dying for some (grilled) salmon. Mike got a bento box too, while Shirley went for the curry chicken rice and James opted for the mushroom spaghetti. I think we all enjoyed our lunch there. /drool

Today at work I got to work on WordPress. I was excited, I’m not kidding. I wanted to jump up and down. I don’t have a problem with Textpattern but I always like variety and doing something different. WordPress is in no way new to me, so when I had to make a mobile theme for a website my hands shook with excitement. I had already coded the main parts in HTML5 and created a stylesheet, and I converted the whole thing to a complete (mobile) WordPress theme in less than ten minutes. I wasn’t really trying to race myself but I just felt this great feeling of glee. :P

I used the WPtap mobile detector – it’s great. One of the best mobile detecting plugins you will find. I like WPTouch, but the thing is – it does it for you. I am in love with the idea of making my own mobile theme (totally going to do this at some point), and this plugin will set a different theme when it detects that the user is on a mobile device. You pretty much just have to make a new mobile-friendly theme and install the plugin and change the settings.

Too much fun.

I love work.

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It’s good to hear that you’re having fun in your work. :) I totally agree – I’d much prefer doing something else than just surf the internet or redesign my phone or something similar. These past holidays I did nothing but play my computer at home. I really miss the old times when I wasn’t addicted with computer and my cousins still lived near my house. We loved to play badminton on that time. /love

OMG 2 hours to finish a book?! That sounds kind of crazy for me to achieve that speed. :S Last month I got a book called Anna Dressed In Blood and I could have finished it for two days, because after reading the first part I was creeped out and decided to stop reading it for a couple of days. So, yeah, I guess it’s still counted as 2 days. XD I also have a friend who reads very quickly.

It really sounds lovely to work with WordPress again at your work. I can’t wait to learn PHP and get my hands on WordPress at school too. Oh wow, I will try check the plugin and see how it works. It sounds really interesting, though I’m still not good in coding. :P

Yeah, we still use the whiteboard regularly so I’d love to sit in front. I might talk to my teacher about it, though, since the person sitting beside me is actually the person that I have a problem with about my blog being found out and she is very noisy with her friends beside her as well. :S She didn’t treat me badly, but it annoys me so much to hear her gossiping, teasing and talking about people’s bad habits. This is why I made a conclusion that she ‘loves to talk about people but doesn’t like to be talked’. /pow

Hope you have a good week too. :D

wow you are one clever chick… i dont know what is wrong with me that i just seem to cant get my stylesheets right, i have to look at other templates to understand what i’m supposed to do.
you are a quick reader.. i can only read if i’m lying down and have complete quiet, no tv, no ipod or people talking. i cant seem to concentrate.
i love making layouts in illustrator or photoshop i just struggle with adding a stylesheet to the layouts, i feel so stupid.
its so great that you are enjoying work, there isnt anything worse if you hate what you do for a living. if you are working full time, do you study part time?
i recently got back into books after a year without reading, since my puppy died i couldnt concentrate on anything that you had to read so i watched movies and stuff. that is a huge goal for anyone to read 50 books in a year but you have already read 3 so i guess it will be easy for you.
sounds like all of you guys enjoyed that lunch, i would go for the spaghetti minus the mushrooms though..

I agree with you. The year is always full of ups and downs for everyone, it is important to keep the good things that have happened during the year. If it is true, you’ve been reading my blog for some time, like me yours. Although sometimes I take time to reply the comments, I usually read almost all your posts.

Certainly, the special friends always want to stay with us for long. Yeah, you’re right. Thank you Georgie! The same to you.

Have a positive attitude is important, because it makes us move forward. Try not to lose the smile, I always like to smile /hehe

Thank you. I also hope that this year has good things to you, and you go to more concerts interesting.

It’s good to hear that you’re having fun in your work. Sounds lovely to work with WordPress again at your work :)

It’s good to fill your time with something other than surfing the internet. Train or bus rides, usually tend to be boring, I try to make the ride more enjoyable listening to music.

Have a nice week! *hugs*

What Kind of job are you doing?
What were you shopping till 1:39 am dude? that’s quite l8…i mean i’m also online till 2 am and all but shopping till then?? wow! So when is your semester starting? I’m glad you get to read a lot in train…because I really can’t… i try doing that and there is sooo much of crowd in the train that i prefer to listen music at least while going to college and if I get to sit on the ride back then I read a few chapters peacefully….otherwise I prefer to read before going to bed…no one disturbs me then!

Happy belated new year!!! I am sorry I haven’t returned comments in so long…been lazy in LA xD.

I can’t imagine attending classes when you are working full-time…there’s not enough time to attend classes, forget about homework and other stuff but you have 2 jobs…in that case I agree with you about concentrating on the one near your classes.

It definitely puts more value into life…no matter how much I hate working, if I don’t have something to do my life becomes a little wasteful XD. LOL I love online shopping…I can’t fall asleep early either…I usually go to be around 1:00am…dunno when I actually fall asleep ^_^;

Everyone around is catching up on reading…maybe I should do the same one of these days…I have 2 books waiting to be read XD.

Haha that reminds me how you can fast forward in any of “The Sims” game so that they finish up the referred mundane tasks faster lol. I wish we had something like that in our life ^o^.

Oh man…I love bento box…so much good stuff. I am glad to hear that you are having fun with your work…that’s awesome. Sometimes I wish I had chosen web development instead of programming…but I can always pursue it as a hobby…but then again I am kind of lazy in my free time lol.

Working full-time and attending classes sounds really.. chaotic and tiring, I must admit. I personally think that would even be too much for you, despite your ability to, um, multi-task the way you do. :P I think quitting your job at the education centre would be a good idea too. It’s a shame that you haven’t been able to choose your classes yet, though!

I agree; when I was working full-time, the little things I wouldn’t normally care too much about like watching certain shows or browsing the internet seemed really important – I guess that’s because I didn’t have time for them as much. If your sleep patterns somewhat work for you, then go ahead! I mean, as long you get at least 6 hours then I guess it doesn’t matter too much as long as you get a bit more the next night.. that’s my fucked up theory, anyway. :P

3 books already this year?! That’s impressive. It’s nice to be able to have the time to sit down and enjoy a good book, though. I don’t read myself but I know a lot of people who do like reading and it does seem relaxing.

It’s great that you got to spend some time with James and your friends. :D What you guys had sounds rather delicious, I must say. 🤤

I think I’d be excited to work with WordPress (for someone else) as well, haha. I like working with it myself, but when you’ve gotta work with it for a completely different reason must be great. That’s brilliant though! I bookmarked that plugin, it seems rather fun to play with heh.

I’m glad you’re enjoying work, Georgie. ♥


The voice recognition is rather pants; I tried to say “Kelly smells like butt” (her choice, not mine aha) but it came out as “Kelly is in the box” lmao. It did amuse me for a little while, but I haven’t played with it since, heh.

I didn’t realise there were so many different versions; I like how they were creative with the names as well, rather than “Version 1 or A”, etc. That’s cute. Ice Cream Sandwich sounds rather tempting and delicious. 🤤

My step dad has a button phone too, but he’s really good with computers and the like; he taught my mum how to use her phone (a touchscreen) so. He’ll be 60 next year and it’s hard to believe how much he actually knows about the latest technology – not to mention he’s a taxi driver so it has nothing to do with his work, haha. Hahaha totally; hologram things have got to be the next big “advance”. :P

Yeah I guess everyone is different. Virgin keep fucking around with my new tariff and it’s driving me crazy. I was on Vodaphone for a while when I was younger, didn’t like them… too expensive IMO.

I hibernate my laptop all the time too haha; I usually get the “please restart your computer” thing come up but tell it to remind me in 4 hours, but sometimes it decides to restart itself. /sigh

It’s good that you’ve learned to love vegetables as you’ve got older; I can’t ever imagine myself eating them, though. Knowing my luck when/if I ever get pregnant, I’d probably crave vegetables haha.

I’m hungry again, I can’t believe it considering I’ve eaten so much today. I just can’t stop eating at the moment, heh. Still haven’t tried the soft boiled eggs, though. Might try it tomorrow if I remember or fancy them. :P I love the yolk runny! I used to drip my toast in it – boiled eggs and soldiers! :D

Haha oh bless; I bet that was embarrassing! I guess every kid goes through that though, I mean, wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. XD

I posted a rather pointless blog since I couldn’t come up with anything interesting to write about, ha.

So I totally wish that I had your awesome skill in coding and stuff 8D I make too many mistakes, haha, but you always sound so confident~
Also I like the title of your blog :D It’s so clever, and I understand feeling like life’s mundane :( But I guess you just gotta look on the bright side in life and pick out the little things that might not stand out at first! :D And watching broken things getting fixed is one of the most interesting things to do, in my opinion, since you get to see how everything works ^^

I think it’s good to be up and doing something rather than doing nothing or being online the whole time. Because I’ve been on winter break for so long, I really just want to go back to college already! xD I don’t miss all the work, but I miss being able to actually go to school, learn something, and coming back home with new knowledge.

Yay for reading! :D I’m sure you already know my challenge (30 books). I’m actually a little bit scared I won’t make it, but since I did in 2011, I feel I could do it again. 50 books for me would be too ambitious. :P

I know I’m super behind, but what exactly is your new job? It’s cool that you got to use your coding experience and work with WordPress, and it sounds like you’re continuing to learn more as you go. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve tried to improve upon my coding skills in 2+ years… like, HTML5? Is that legit already? Or are there still kinks and developments being made for it? Anyway, I admire that you always seem to be getting better and better with this website stuff, haha.

From the sounds of it, quitting your job at the education center seems like a good idea. Will you be able to choose your classes soon? If that’s what you’re waiting on to decide if you’re quitting or not (or to quit officially–whichever stage you’re at in your decision-making process), then I hope you’ll be able to do it soon. Life sounds very busy and stressful for you right now!

Your reading goal for the year is really great. 50 is definitely a doable number of books to read. I should probably do something like that for myself. I agree that reading is an enjoyable way to pass time without feeling like you’re wasting it. Still, I’m always Tumblring or otherwise doing something mindless when I have “spare” time. (Usually I’m supposed to be doing something else… homework, for instance!) I should probably set a goal like that for myself. Something smaller, maybe. I have to believe that I could actually accomplish it, haha.

It’s just front end web design/development. :D I really enjoy it! I mean, I don’t even think my XHTML skills were up to scratch until two years ago (and then it was considered ‘not new’). HTML5 is in use, but it’s still sort of experimental and being developed. It’s definitely a ‘thing’ now though!

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to choose my classes, but since I start at the end of February, it must be pretty soon. I’ve already notified my boss that I might no longer be available so I just have to confirm. Haha. I’ll admit I’m busy but not stressed. ;)

Good luck setting some less mindless goals haha! I managed to stay off Tumblr – at least, the browsing-posts-endlessly part. I still post things that inspire me every now and then. :P

Having a job does make you value time and feel fulfilled. Plus you’re doing something you enjoy doing a great deal so that’s always a bonus. I’m hoping to start reading again – like I used to. I know a lot of people do it while they’re ill, but honestly that’s the last thing I want to do. I just had a bowl of soup and now I want to go to the Japanese restaurant I visited last year. Ha ha.

In some ways I agree that having stuff to do is more fulfilling than just websurfing and doing nothing really important. However, there are some days where we need to do that, to unwind — especially when you’re one of those who has to balance work and school and so many other stuff.

I’m glad you’re enjoying your new job :) That’s always a good thing compared to hating your job! ^^


Lunch was nice /eee but lets go ourselves somewhere next week Tahee

Glad you love your job /bounce I sure like mine too (but I can’t wait to get paid) /um

God i love sleeg :)


working while studying seems really though! good thing your schedule doesn’t effect anything xD jeeeh! backing up files for 2 hrs? that’s too long! xD I can’t imagine myself waiting for 2hrs just because of the files. hehe xD jeeeh! i hate people like that! but not actually hate o__O uhmm. i just don’t like a person who acts like that. in our place we call them as ” himantayon ” haha xD pronounce as ” hee-man-ta-yon ” xD i really don’t like them. I had that kind of experience and it cause me feeling so bad and ended up going home and crying in my room and didn’t attend the next classes o__O I easily get hurt when someone is talking about me especially bad things 😝

Actually, I think that people who love their work will all say that the time they spend working is very meaningful, especially those people who are working on something that stays accomplished. When you make a theme, the theme stays done. When I was a cashier, the items did not remain scanned and bagged. There was always more coming – so that made you feel unaccomplished.

I remember you posting about your job at the education center – it’s the job that you’ve had since high school. I guess that someday, you’ll have to leave it in order to pursue your profession full-time, especially if you’re taking classes on the side.

And a mobile theme in 10 minutes? You’re awesome. It’d take me at least a couple hours. /rose

ohh i would absolutely love to have a job where i can work on wordpress! :D though i need to learn more about it to be able to code professional themes, without errors (hehe), i’ll be willing to learn! it sounds so much fun working on something you have an interest for! :D i hope to work with something enjoyable when i get a job too, and be just as happy with my work as you!

have you seriously read three books so far this year?? that’s a lot of pages, and a great deal of words, haha! :D i started to read a new book this year, but i haven’t finished it yet. i must be a really slow reader then lol! what are you reading? :D

haha yeah joe brooks reminds me about andrew allen and james morrison as well, though i think he has the cutest smile haha! :D thank you, i’ll have a listen to the song then!

the mac is really likable with its beautiful design and operating system :D

I’m glad you enjoy your new job. You have always been a genius when it comes to coding :)
Man, that Japanese food sounded nice, I love salmon!
I don’t recall if I have said this to you before, but I love this grey layout. Great job!

Hey workaholic! LOL. I know exactly how you feel. Well not anymore I suppose but Ive been there too except my job were just two and a half street away so I’m beating the clock by running to the next job as soon as I get off my day job. It wasn’t easy but I pulled it for a few months til it drove me crazy. I can only imagine with you having to travel how hectic and crazy it is specially when your classes is back on.

ONLINE SHOPPING!!! sorry for the caps but mannn I get stuck there too alot! Except at night I hop in bed with my iphone and either play games, download apps non-stop or browse and shop online til I fall asleep. ugh. I love power naps! I wonder how I always wake up at almost the right stop. :P

Sorry to hear about the Mac but it turned out pretty good for you in the end. :D If that were a PC I would prolly try to ask to fix it myself. LOL. Don’t they have a geek guy at work? IT people? Anywhoo…. Japanese food are awesomeee I can’t have enough. Wish I live in japan I would go sushi and bento agogo everyday! HA~ I’ll be mad crazy about those.

Great you had fun working in wordpress. It’s been a while for me since I moved to tumblr and now am using blogger too. I think going back to WP won’t be anytime soon for me.

Have a good one! Kisses!

Oh, I didn’t know you used Textpattern! I use Textpattern. It’s OK, but I think WordPress has more features. Unfortunately, I’m absolutely horrible at coding WordPress themes!

Anyway, ugh! Grilled salmon! You got me hungry now. So good! :D

Thanks for the wishes.. i just don’t wanna hit 30 without having a boyfriend or a steady job. how old are you?
Thanks i’m holding all my digits that Westlife get to come, it will definitely make my year. I hope I can try get to meet them one last chance. Maybe even change their minds about splitting up /hehe (hey its worth a shot).
I’m going to Suzanne on 28th January, cant wait to see her flat.
I wiah i was totally independent on html, php and CSS, i hate not knowing what to do then it takes me forever to find out how to do that particular thing. Right now i’m doing my sisters website for her company and i did a layout but she thinks its to simple and plain so back to the drawing board lol.
The lady with the puppies says she’ll have female minitures available by the 10th january. i’m going to keep my eyes peeled so that i get one this time lol