Goodnight, Once Home

15th January 2012

Crunching guitar,
aching growl of a voice that echoes ever so subtly,
tones of jazz and the hint of humour –
taken aback…
I remember smiling, knowing,
If any hand-to-heart would be so sweet and make me laugh, it’s you

I’ll blink at 117 plays,
and ride my bike down the street
and remember all the lovely people I used to meet,
when I wore graphic tees and faded blue jeans
and I remember a time when you might have been there too –

I was young, I was ten,
for all I knew you could have been the one I met first
but later,
oh later,
years later –

time’s worth it you know,
sometimes we’ll always be destined to know.
I’ll be there
next time you play and
next time you sing
I’ll remember the words,
a bell will ring.
And there’ll be that time I met you first.
I’m just one,
you’re ever the angel.

Your voice takes me away,
beyond the country and the old white dresses I wore,
the creeks that flowed
and the days I wish I lived elsewhere.