Ryan used to tell me, when we parted ways, that he needed to “do the rounds”. Yes, I get that. But I just preferred to say “running errands”, even though the definition of errands is doing tasks on someone else’s behalf. Either way, in the context of this blog post, let’s think of errands as mini-missions, which can be for yourself or for someone else.

Yesterday I had a mini-mission: shopping.

Right, that isn’t really practical. I went shopping with my mum and my brother, meaning that we all had to make a bit of a sacrifice. My mum was sacrificing her day off, and her time, for me. I was sacrificing my reading time and day off as well (I’d worked all week), but in turn she was doing me a favour. Since my brother was tagging along, I had to sacrifice some of my time knowing full well that he had some things in mind to buy too.

I suppose we weren’t doing this for fun; we actually need some new clothes. My brother’s feet are growing fast and he needs new shoes; his shirts are getting too small and he needs new ones. I’m running out of skirts (no really, I know it’s unimaginable that someone like me could be running out of skirts, but when you think about it, all I really wear is my “signature skirt”, the same blue denim skirt I wear practically everywhere), and I am also in need of some simple girly tees.

I’m bored of band shirts and geek shirts.

A little. Just a little. I’m not lying, I’m trying to be honest. I just want… more girly tees?

Either way, I’ll admit it. I’m a girl and sometimes I want new clothes.

I had a mini-mission: Find a new skirt. The sad thing is that I didn’t, and at the end of the day I walked away with two new pairs of jeans. Jeans?! Georgina wearing jeans? What have I done?

For those who know me well, I hate jeans. But I found jeans that actually fit me. I know, the legs were too long as usual because I’m ridiculously tiny, but they actually fit me. I can’t wait to wear them. I hope they don’t loosen up and get bigger later like the majority of my jeans did. /bash

Parking at the shopping centre was free for three hours, but we checked the time and realised we would have to pay a fee because we had our car parked for three hours and five minutes. My mum was unfamiliar with how to use the pay machine, so my brother instructed her to put the parking ticket in.

The screen just read, “Thank you for shopping. Drive safely”. We were just confused for a moment, then my brother said, “We don’t have to pay, I guess.”
“The time on the machine said 16:26. We were right on time, exactly three hours…” I said as we ran to our car. “Hurry!”
I didn’t realise that we didn’t actually have to run because the machine had printed 16:26 on the ticket, exactly three hours after we had arrived. We got out of the carpark without any hassle. Another minute and we would have had to pay. :P

Another mini-mission. Change phone providers. Yesterday I approached Vodafone, my phone provider, and asked them to change my dad’s details to my own. As my phone number was registered under my dad’s name when I was underage, and now I’m an adult, I thought it would be best to do that before I changed providers. After the man at the Vodafone store asked for identification and such, he realised that he made a mistake and I could not change my dad’s details to my own unless I changed plans to post-paid. He couldn’t make any kind of exception and the details would not be changed because of some idiotic “policy”. I don’t know what policy doesn’t let you change owner details unless you change to a post-paid plan. Sounds like they’re trying to fork us into a contract. /angry

After that happened, I decided to go to Optus (my new provider! :D) with my dad. Thankfully, they could switch my number to their network under my dad’s name, and later I would be able to change to my details. The people in-store are really friendly. My mum doesn’t like their phone representatives though. I have to agree I prefer to go in-store when it comes to mobile phone issues. I don’t like waiting on the line when I call customer service. Mini-mission: Complete!

On another happy note, I went to the brain centre today to have some tests done eight weeks after taking my medication. It’s not a true and final conclusion but they have found that I have responded so well to the medication that I don’t have depression anymore. I’m not sure how much longer I have to take the medication but it has to stay this way – so I predict it’ll still be quite some time.

So how do I feel? Great, really. :) I don’t know if I’ve noticed it too much myself but I don’t feel as easily irritated, I haven’t felt down for no reason, and I haven’t felt stressed despite working almost full-time. Normally I’d complain about going to the shops or doing chores but I have complained so much less. I have had less time for having “me time” and have been out and about doing things that need to be done, but I don’t feel like it’s wasting my time at all. I’m not itching to go on the internet and I’ve found my love for reading again… I think this is going very positively. ♥️

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It sounds like things are going really good for you! I’m glad.

I wear jeans. Mostly that’s all I wear–Jeans and tops. I want to get some nicer pants, like maybe gray slacks or something, but I’m iffy on skirts. I think I would look silly in a skirt since I’m kind of bow-legged to start with, so jeans do the trick for me. I love girly tops. I have a few of them myself now, since I’ve outgrown my wear only concert/bands shirt phase.

I need a new phone. I detest mine, but my mom got it for me so I have to use it for a while. I plan on saving up for an iphone soon. I love them:)

I’m glad you’re not depressed anymore. It sounds like the medication is working, so that’s really good. I need to start doing mini-missions like this. I feel like I never complete anything.

yay for new clothes!! It’s always nice to hear when someone wants to get more in touch with their ‘girly’ side heheh. i know what you mean though. finding a pair of jeans that fit all around the hip and leg is quite a struggle. i think it’s the trying on of jeans part that annoys me most but i guess it’s a sacrifice to looking presentable~

i’m so happy to hear that the medication is helping!! feeling good about yourself and just having an overall positive attitude is a really GREAT THING!! glad to hear you’re thinking positively and progress is going well <33

I absolutely LOVE skirts. They’re so much more comfortable than jeans, and they look a lot better on me too. Jeans usually don’t fit me for some reason, so when I find a pair that actually does fit, I buy them. Even though I don’t really wear jeans that much. But it’s hard to find skirts in stores during the wintertime, so I have to settle for jeans. :P

Cell phone providers can be really annoying sometimes. You’re right, they do seem to just want you to sign a contract or get you to pay more money for something. *sigh* They can’t make anything easy, can they? At least you got everything sorted out.

I’m so glad you responded so well to the medication!! 👏 /bounce That’s great that you (probably) don’t have depression anymore! I’d bet it’s awesome to be feeling better. I’ve been feeling a little bit better too recently, but nowhere near being happy.

I’m glad to hear that you are responding well to your medication. It’s always good when you’re working to fix any health problems and they are solved without you having to become invaded by IVS, needles, or God knows what else. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling great! <3

As for the jeans thing, I have the same problem. I'll go with a plan to get a skirt, or blazer, something I can wear to work and I end up with jeans or a geeky band tee, haha. I'm 24 but I still love my band tees. I think it's part of who we are!

I’m glad to hear that everything is working out better for you! I recently mixed in mandatory exercise after work and before classes! (Eeek!) But the daily exercise has actually given me more energy than before! So I’m actually quite happy about the entire situation.

The other day at work we had several people from the Hewlett Packard corporate office come in for a visit and we all had to dress up, and I had to wear a dress that day to work UGH! I don’t mind dressing up when I want to (I actually have a closet full of girly clothes) but when I’m at work I dress in comfy pants and shirts. So everyone blew a gasket when I showed up to work that morning in high heels and a black dress. /hehe

I’m glad that the antidepressants are working out for you! I hope that they find a way to get you off of them someday.

I think that everyone, girls and guys, wants new clothes at some point. Change is always nice. My mom has lectured me countless times about how I shouldn’t wear outfits that look nearly the same every day. I find that it’s difficult to find jeans that fit, and remember the stores that have fitting jeans. Seems like everyone likes a different brand, so there’s probably a couple brands that fit you well.

So jeans will expand as you wear them, and you can’t keep them from expanding. However, I believe that putting them through the dryer on permanent press will shrink them and undo any expansion. (You should confirm this with someone who is more domestically-versed than I am.)

Shopping for me is like hell. I can’t stand how long it takes people. :/

I’m glad that you got a new phone provider. :D Hopefully they will be better than the last one!

Mini-missions! I like the sound of that. Makes one’s life a lot more interesting. “Running errands’ is just boring~ Heh.

Running out of skirts… is that even possible? Hahah. Well, I get what you mean. I have a lot of t-shirts, but only ever use a few, so it does feel like I’m running out of t-shirts. It doesn’t help when relatives give you t-shirts that don’t fit for Christmas… ):

Also, very lucky there with parking. I don’t think something like that has ever happened to me. Then again, I don’t usually pay attention and it’s not like my family goes out in the car that often (and even less often is me going with them). Still, pretty good that you guys escaped from having to pay more~

Yay for jeans that fit! I feel compelled to buy new jeans soon, but mine are so comfortable and oh man, complications…

That phone thing is annoying, Vodafone can be really strict and retarded like that. Every time my Dad calls them to do ANYTHING you’ll always hear him yelling to the high heavens because they’re so ridiculous. Glad things can be sorted, though!

I’m so glad you’re doing well <3

It’s always great to get new clothes – even if they are items of clothing we didn’t really expect to get. I know how happy I get when I find well fitting jeans :D
Ha ha, I love it when there’s no need to pay for parking – I use that extra change I keep aside to buy ice-cream :p

Argh, the phone situation sounds annoying. You’ve just reminded me that i need to change my network from vodacom – they’re pathetic – but have to sadly wait until my contract ends. at least the new network has far more understanding staff :)

I’m glad that the medication is working :D let’s hope one day you no longer need them

Though I dislike shopping, I also sometimes feel girly and need to buy some new clothes. But I am too shy to pick out ones that are rather “appealing” because my mom and my sister will tease me, but of course they’re joking. They have to know that that isn’t the way to make me like shopping. 😰

I really like shorts, and I don’t really like jeans. It’s very warm here and I would be crazy if I had to walk with jeans. No, no, no. And at home I would have a really hard time pulling it off. I prefer shorts – I go anywhere wearing them! /bounce Though they aren’t really polite to wear at some places and events, they let air pass through my legs ans that’s much better than tight jeans.

LOL at the carpark. If my mom or dad finds out that we’re late for about five minutes, we will go back to the mall and spend more time in it! XD But you’re lucky to exit at perfectly three hours. It would suck to pay for only five minutes, otherwise.

I’m so glad that you changed your number provider. My mom also got tricked once about an internet package for her BlackBerry, and she used to say several times that she would change her phone provider. Unfortunately, she can’t, because there are many people like her workmates, clients and everything and it will be very troublesome if she changes her phone number.

I’m glad that you’re really happy recently, and you’re not depressed anymore. I don’t know if I’m depressed, but I’m usually bored and often at school, my head will get dizzy for no reason. And I detests being left out. :(

thank you! :D i always think it is surprising whenever i see people using my resources in their work. a rush of happiness comes thundering over me, and i can’t help but smile :D it’s like i’ve finally managed to reach out to someone haha!

i love shopping, and it is especially fun when you find something that fit perfectly! :D though i don’t usually wear skirts (i think i look silly), i like to wear jeans. it’s hard to find one that actually feels comfortably and looks good on the same time!
i was also out shopping with my family the other day, and i think we all had such a nice time! of course it was not the same as shopping with my friends, but it was still great!

i’m so glad your medication works! :D stay positive and one day you won’t need the medication anymore!! best wishes!! <3

Normally when I find jeans that fit me in the adult section they are SO long. I’ve had to stop buying jeans though – well until I get rid of some of the ones I don’t really wear that often. And I’ve been looking for a skirt – gasp! – mainly because my best friend enjoys doing to events and such which you have to wear something aside from jeans, which leads to me admitting I’m a girl – as he says. Ha ha. Skirts are kind of the same problem as jeans, if they hit below the knee – even very well fitted – they make you look shorter.

And that is just completely stupid that they couldn’t change a few simple things that would have only taken a few minutes.

Glad to hear your tests sound so great. :)

Hi Georgina,

I saw on LinkedIn that you’re studying a Grad. Dip in Interactive Media! What an exciting way to further develop your Information and Media skills.

I’m really glad to read that you don’t have depression anymore (you had depression? I always see you as a beautiful girl with a bright smile on your face – unless you got a shitty mark for an assignment, haha).

Keep in touch. I’m always popping by Heartdrops and now I have you on LinkedIn so that’s great! Definitely glad to have you as a professional connection ;)


Can’t say I absolutely LOVE shopping, but when I do go clothes shopping, I almost always end up with an item that I wasn’t intending to buy. :P I feel I need new clothes as well, but lately, I’m never sure what to buy anymore. It’s like I wanna change my style – just don’t know where to really start. I’ve been trying to work with my current clothes, though, like mix and matching and things like that.

I’m a fan of jeans. xD I am short too, but my hips are wide and my thighs are big and so, most jeans in styles that I like usually fits the way I like them to. Though, I’ve been trying to step away from wearing my many jeans and wearing dresses with tights/leggings or pants instead. It’s fun to get out of your comfort zone once in awhile. :)

Yay! I’m really glad that your depression is going away. That’s great news, Georgina! ♥

I’m sorry you couldn’t find a skirt during your shopping mini-mission :/ It feel likes whenever you’re specifically looking for something, you never find it. But,when you stop looking, it’s right there in front of you. I used to always do last-minute shopping for things I needed and I would end up frustrated about never finding whatever it is.

Good to know that you’re giving jeans a chance! :P Jeans tend to be long on me as well since I’m very short, but I’ve found that some of my favorite shops now sell “petite” cuts of their jeans for shorter people. I haven’t had to hem my pants in awhile! My only problem is buying professional-looking slacks. I haven’t found “petite” cuts of those, so I often have to compensate by wearing higher heels underneath x_x

How ridiculous that they won’t let you change your phone details to your name without switching to post paid! I’m still under my dad’s name as well, even though the line is mine and I pay for everything. They didn’t give me a reason for why I couldn’t switch it to my name. Just that the computer wasn’t giving her the option to do so.

Man you are lucky! I need petite jeans as I’m really short as well. It’s a shame when you find ones with a nice cut, but you can’t hem them because they would make the leg look weird, or just make it seem like something is missing. :( Ah well, that’s usually why I opt for skinny jeans because when I fold them up they look okay.

I used to wear flared jeans a lot, as well as baggy jeans, and I just let them trail on the ground. After a while I couldn’t stand it because it was just gross letting them touch the dirty ground at all.

I know what you mean with the complicated hems. I’ve been told to have it hemmed professionally, but I’m not fancy enough for that. It can get a bit expensive as well.

I’m with you on skinny jeans. I really like how low maintenance they are :D

I love shopping. Even though sometimes I may end up without anything I still like going window shopping. It’s a nice therapy hehe. Yay for new clothes! I find it hard to find jeans that can fit me too because I suppose I have long legs for my height. It’s either it’s fit at the hips but flarey at the bottom (for skinny jeans) or if it fits at the bottom it’s too tight at my hips lol. I only have 3 pairs of jeans that I wear literally every day!

I think once in a while we would want to break out of our usual dressing routine. Like recently I got bored with wearing jeans to work so I decided to try out maxi dresses and slacks. It’s a nice change. Outfit changes, even the smallest thing, makes a huge difference to how we feel about ourselves, in my opinion :)

In regards to phone representatives, gah, trust me I’ve been there. These people need to train their phone representatives properly so that they’ll be prepared for our questions. Like the other day I called my bank to ask a few questions and the lady was mumbling on the phone! I couldn’t even understand her! And when I ask her to repeat what she said, she repeated it in an annoyed tone. And I’m, like, wtf!! So annoying!

I;m glad that you’re doing really well right now, hun! The medication seems to be working, so continue on and I’m sure everything will work out positively! :)

Hooray for shopping, finding awesome stuff that FITS <3 And YAY for a better phone provider (we hope)!

But even more congratulations are in order for beginning your journey back from depression. I've suffered lapses of depression every four years since I was eight years old, so I _know_ how hard the climb back up is. The fact that you're enjoying life again, getting out and doing things, getting stuff done…it's all positive signs. You're coming back to life, you're getting yourself back. May it only continue getting brighter!

Hohu, skirt wuggs

That yellow dinosaur shirt is so nice 8D I wish you wore it more often. It’s so cute /love

I hate clothes shopping /um



I am the same when it comes to clothes. I always go shopping with the intension of buying more feminine clothing but I end up buying lots of tshirts. I also need new skirts. The zip on my favourite skirt broke so I am waiting for my mum to fix it for me. In the meantime, I down to 2 skirts. :(

I use to hate buying jeans. I would take like ten pairs into the changing rooms with me but none of them would fit. As I’ve got older I’ve put on more weight (not very much!) and I’ve finally found a few shops that sell the perfect fitting jeans. :)

Ugh I hate going into phone shops because all they do is try and get money out of you. When I was looking for a new phone just over a year ago, I went into a Vodafone shop and asked the guy who worked in there for some advice. I told him what type of phone I wanted and my budget but he tried to sell me a phone that was £200 over my budget!

I had a problem with my phone the other week so I ended up ringing the helpline. I have to agree, I was waiting on the line for a ages before I got through. But the staff were really friendly and sorted out my problem. They even called me back on my home phone so I wouldn’t have to pay for the call. :D

It’s great news that your medication is working. :) It sounds like it was been very benifical to you.

I’ve never heard of “do the rounds” instead of “running errands.” Maybe it’s Australian slang?

How was shopping with a brother? For me that’s the worst torture ever because my brother would make me stay with him if he shops and when it’s my turn he’ll go to Gamestop or something. Well I haven’t shopped with Jason for ages we’re too old to buy clothes together, LOL.

What is a girly tee? To me teeshirts simply are boyish. I might RARELY wear a small teeshirt and I feel very tomboy, at least for me. Congrats on finally wearing jeans! If you don’t like jeans what do you wear in the winter?

Here parking is usually free but I’ve gone to a mall in New York before and it was $3 for the first hour, and + $1 for every other hour. One time we got out at 2 hours and 5 minutes.

It sounds like that man just wanted to get some extra money out of you. Phone providers are always like that! The reason my mom won’t give me a smartphone is that they all require certain amount of money per month for the internet. She thinks it’ll be a waste when I have internet all the time – so much for that statement mom. -.-

That’s so great the medication is working so well! It seems like it give you a more positive attitude towards things! Good good good *HUGS*

Haha I’m a bad gamer girl. I almost always cheat! I’m really bad at games so I always look up ways to win and then I end up winning. Haha I play Smash Bros too! I think every guy plays that.

Hmm it seems to be working now. I don’t know, my internet loaded other people’s stylesheets fine but yours was gone for a few visits.

Well I didn’t wanna give you the nasty details about my old cartilage piercing but I got an infection. It’s worse than a lobe infection. But silver/gold earrings are expensive, unless they’re only silver/gold coated. I think the earrings I have are completely silver.

You can use Australian online stores too though right? Do you have something like Amazon Australia?

Bahahaha that’s why I prefer to shop during the summer. I can wear a cute top and usually it’s easy to take off, and I’d wear slip-on sandals. It’s a pain to try on clothes in the winter.

That’s really interesting then. Maybe the old owners put the laundry there. We just have washing machines in the basement.

I haven’t commented on your blog in AAAAGES :( But I am SO glad to hear that you’re doing better! That’s wonderful news hun *hugs* /eee

Omg jeans, I could live in them haha. They feel so comfortable to me. Usually jeans DO stretch after a while, but you should be right for a while, don’t worry :)