Strawberry Custard

Yes, new theme. I already said I was absolutely sick of the old one so I coded this HTML5 baby completely from scratch. I have learned so many new things at work with HTML5 and CSS3 – again, I felt like I had to “get with the times, man”. It reminds me of the time I was still using iframes in 2007 because it was so much easier to change layouts. Well, I was naive and young.

Many people have wanted to dabble in HTML5 and after learning about it, it’s not that hard to grasp. Then again, I can’t really do anything fancy, but I thought I’d take the step up.

One of my previous designs, Coffee and TV, was responsive enough that it looked the same in most resolutions, and the free WordPress themes I created are responsive as well. However, with this new theme I decided to take it one step further and not just make a responsive width. If you resize the window you’ll find that the sidebar content shrinks and eventually disappears. I still need to debug the mobile version because it has some kinks, but if you fish out your iPhone or Android you won’t get a sidebar at all and you can just read the blog. :D

With that said though, I think I’ve optimised the site for iPads so you should see it beautifully. Landscape version gives you the full layout; portrait will give you just the blog. I don’t have an iPad so I can’t test it.

But, I’m getting one soon. XD I actually bid on a number of iPads on eBay the other day, and since I’m 1) impatient and 2) a cheapskate, I bid on an iPad that did not only have a low starting bid, but had just over 24 hours to go. I was close to winning more than one but I’m glad that I won one of the items I bid on. It’s only the first generation iPad, but it’s just what I need. I can read on it, listen to music, watch some videos – making my daily commute a bit more enjoyable and less of a waste of time.

I don’t really care for weight or size (as long as the thing weighs less than my laptop, which it does), and I don’t need a camera on my iPad nor do I need to Skype or Facetime with people. I’m also not bothered getting the newest technology, so what gives. :D

The iPad should be arriving at my work office within two weeks… well, hopefully. I also got a red case for it (I mean come on; what other colour). I’m guessing the case will come first because it’s being shipped from somewhere closer. On Friday I went to Typo and even though there were soooooo many notebooks I wanted, I just gave up. My mum phoned me while I was browsing the shop and I figured it was time to walk back to work anyway, so I did. After all, I just blasted a few hundred bucks on an iPad.

I pulled this layout together really quickly, and there are probably many bugs in it, but I really was sick of the grey and wanted something similar to my portfolio layout. I also still need to get around to writing a full list of everything I’ve cleaned from my websites so I can see everything at a glance.

It’s been a busy week and an equally busy weekend. I had to wash my bedsheets and currently my bed is unmade. :( I have work tomorrow so I have to wake up early, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m thinking of taking my Vegemite to work and putting it in the fridge. LOL.

I probably shouldn’t make silly excuses since I had enough time to fork up this layout, but I haven’t responded to most of the comments I’ve received on previous posts. Thank you so much for dropping by though, I love you all. ♥️

PS. This layout is called Strawberry Custard, was originally Coral and Mustard – but take your pick.

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Test comment. :)

I sure hope it does make your commute more enjoyable; just don’t drop it! /sweato

Strawberry Mustard is the best. Combining the sweetness of strawberries with the harsh tang of mustard, this unique treat serves as a reminder, that all things in life are nasty when mixed with mustard.

This layout is so :B, cheerful like Man’s Best Friend. /love


Amazing new theme, hun! I love the colours and the coding. It’s neat and beautiful and it’s just amazing. The fonts you used are LOVE too! Good job!

Once I get my mobile Internet back on my Galaxy S2 (I’ve exceeded my quota, lmao), I will try and view the site on it. I kinda-sorta want to optimize my site for mobile too, but I’m too lazy to do it at the moment, XD

But seriously, love this new layout :D

Your layouts are always a pleasure for the eyes. I really like the soft colours and the simplicity of the design. Just have to say that I’m especially fond of the cute search bar at the top. Jealous. Oooh, and I just noticed the cute picture in the sidebar for each entry. Magical!

My cousin gave me and my brother an iPad for Christmas. I’m a total Apple newbie, so, currently, all I’ve been doing on it is playing Plants Vs. Zombies. I really need to get familiar with it.

And I agree – what other colour than red?

P.S. The footer is at the top in Chrome, though you probably know this already.

Thanks Lisa! I had to make use of the post image in the new WordPress version. :D I dabbled in Textpattern and they have something similar! Of course, I’m not sifting through all 400+ of my blog posts just to put images in though, unless I get super bored.

I killed the footer – figured there was nothing much important in there anyway other than a “top” link; which I’ll probably stick in a fixed position in the corner at some point. :B

I loveeee the new theme! ✌️ So pretty /love ♥ And very you, I feel. 👏

You never fail to amaze me.. and I hate you for being such a great web designer. Hahaha! <3 How are you, Georgina? It's been a while. :D

I love this theme! Very smoothing colours and clean design. The fonts are especially suiting too. :)

Over the years, I don’t really bother about optimising my site for mobile/iPad mainly because it’s too time consuming. It’s just a blog and since I don’t do it for a living, I’m not that concern. My excuses for being lazy. ;)

Georgina, I freakin’ love it. I think this is somehow exactly what your website needed. It’s AMAZING.

I tested it on my iPad for you (I’m so excited you’re getting one, man) and it does what you said. The one tiny little thing that you might enjoy fixing if you have time (I just noticed I really love the body font, by the way) is that when I switch to portrait view, it zooms in perfectly, but when I switch to landscape, it doesn’t zoom out all the way to see everything. I’ll email you a screenshot, but it’s not a big deal at all and really doesn’t matter.

The theme name is really very appropriate. Man this layout is so amazing and I’m seriously jealous. I feel like it’s somehow revolutionary. I wanna do something revolutionary. :( I still have to read that eBook you sent me… maybe I’ll stick it on my iPad and it’ll be my next book after Lolita. ;)

Your mention of Typo makes me want to go downtown and see if I can find a stationery store. Jan and I are going out to breakfast as soon as I shower and he cleans up a bit (I want him to brush his teeth and change clothes because he hasn’t done either of those things since Friday xD) and then maybe he’ll be into taking some time to do that… he has to go to work by 11 though, shit. (It’s 9:17 right now.) I suppose I don’t really have time for shopping anyway, and while you spent a few hundred on an iPad, I spent almost half that at the mall yesterday on bras and lotion. Things I needed, but.

OKAY I’d better get my ass in the shower. LOVE THE LAYOUT, YOU LOSER.

I love the new layout, Georgina! :D It looks great and the colours are so… cute? ♥ Can I say how I love the font too? <3

I did test the layout on my ipad and it comes out really nicely! I checked it in Opera. Sadly, the unique fonts don't work though. :( The fonts work perfect in Safari however. :)

One thing though, is with the ipad or mobile version. When there's no sidebar, there's no home link. So I have to edit the URL in order to come back to your index page. :( That's a little frustrating. But otherwise, it looks and works great, desktop and mobile! :D

Again, i'm in LOVE with this layout! The colours, font, everything! Its just cute! ♥

I hope I don't sound like an idiot, <.< But yeah, I don't get the different between HTML5/CSS3 and regular HTML and CSS. <.< …Yeah… That made me sound like such an idiot.

Anyways, love the layout! It came out great, Georgina! :D

Gosh Jennifer, you’re right. I didn’t really think much about the navigation on mobile versions because I just wanted to focus on the blog – but I can’t believe I forgot the home link, of all things. I’ll have to debug and sort it out or come up with something else, I guess!

My idea is that maybe on mobile devices, landscape orientations show the full layout and portrait orientations show just the blog.

I guess, in a nutshell, HTML5 and CSS3 are just more developed versions of the regular HTML and CSS you’re used to. There are newer features and elements which allow you to do much more. :)

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I shall pop by your blog some time to say hello and see how you’re going. ;)

Loving the new theme. I am lazy and just use a basic free theme. ;P

Enjoy your new iPad once it arrives!

This is a similar style of the theme that I’m having made right now. You’ll see the similarities when I post mine in the hopefully near future. I like the colors you went with,

Congrats on winning an iPad. What are you going to name it?

I’ve no idea yet, actually – male or female, I really don’t. I’m excited to name it but I guess until it’s in my hands, I won’t really know.

pretty! I really want an ipad, but i’m waiting for the new ones to come out… whenever that’ll be.

I absolutely love the new layout Georgie! The colors are SO pretty and I absolutely love the fonts you’ve used :) You never cease to amaze me :P

I don’t have an ipad yet, but I definitely want one. Like you, I don’t plan to do EVERYTHING on it, so I would be absolutely fine with a 1st generation as well. Maybe I should look on ebay… :P

I really like your new layout! To be honest (and not to be mean!), I really wish your previous layout had a bright color. xD Too much grey just happens to make me feel gloomy, haha. I love the color combination you’ve done with this though. Great job! :)

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE T HIS THEME! The colors, the fonts, and that super cute strawberry pic! awesome!! well done! and coral and mustard…hm…strawberry custard sounds better imo! has a nice, yummy ring to it ^o^

wooo an ipad! those are really fun! for some reason, my grandma has one. i guess she’s more tech savy than her granddaughter! XD

Hey Awesome layout!!! really cute!!!! Loved it!

I dont know how you mange to make such fan-fucking-tastic layouts all the time. This is your best one yet. I love it. :D

Are their any differences in past html and css than with the new html5 and css3? I would love to know. Shoot me an email. :D

Thanks Vanessa! :D

I’ll be honest – there are a fair few differences, but it’s mostly just new elements that have been introduced. Nothing much has been “changed” – only some new things have been added. I read Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke and that was a really terrific book that helped me get my head around everything in an easy-to-understand and humourous way. :)


This is officially my new favourite layout :D. Hahaha, and I think I like ‘Strawberry Custard’ better.

Maaan I have no idea about all this HTML and CSS stuff. I think if I were webdesigning I’d still be operating on iframes. Hahaha, I mean we just worked out that I’m still using firefox 3.6 D=. Oops.

Congratulations on winning the iPad :D. Way to solve the boredom-while-travelling-to-and-from-work problem. Who needs a camera on your iPad, when you have an awesome proper, professional looking one anyway :P. What are they called? DSLR? DLRSS? (Sorry! 😳 ). I KNEW you were going to get a red case for it :P.

Typo notebooks are prettyyy @_@. I would buy some, but then I wouldn’t use them so it’d just be a waste of money :(.

Hope this week isn’t so busy for you ;).

I’ve been trying to write this comment for almost a day. My Internet is being wonky. O_O But anyways, I absolutely love this layout. ♥ The colors work so well together, and the site title font is lovely.

I’m so glad that you were able to get an iPad, despite being an impatient cheapskate. I can’t wait to hear what you decide to name him/her. Are iPads girls or boys? :D

Responsive design is totally the new “in” thing. I’ve been doing it to all the sites I build at work. I haven’t had the time to make my blog responsive though. It’s so good that you are keeping up to date with your portfolio. I haven’t updated my portfolio in a long time, not sure if I need to anymore since I already have a few years of work experience.

iPads are awesome for browsing the net. I’m thinking of getting one but I’m not sure if I’ll use it that much. I am also considering getting a MacBook Air because its very light weight laptop.

LOVELY THEME! One of the best I might say! I am itching to write a code on HTML5 or something. Just want to see the wonders of it and this is beautiful! hehehe. I love Strawberry Custard better! hehe

Congrats on the iPad!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT *do take a pic! and tell us her name*. I LOVE that you chose red :> hahaha!

I know I’ve said this but…. sweet mother of god this layout is gorgeous! ♥ great job as always! I love the body font and the font used for the comment box too! this layout is just flawless and so perfect! /bounce
And oh, i-frame layouts.. I used to be just fine with it until that “layout wrapped in a box with scrolling” thing annoys me… I just don’t feel like scrolling it over and over again just to read one entry.
Wow, congrats on getting an iPad (H)

P.S: “strawberry custard” sounds cuter hehe

Amazing new theme /eee . does html 5 work on wordpress? i so want to learn html 5. Right now im busy coding my other clients website, i code in html, im not fluent enough in php. Congrats in finally getting an iPad im sure you will enjoy it.
Strawberry Custard sounds better.

Your theme is beautiful! Seriously, been looking around EVERY single page. lol, just so I have an excuse to stay longer, lmao. ♥ I love it! Colours , coding everything /wah YOUR AMAZING!

Lol, yep. It is amazing on the iPad too. xD I got an iPad for Christmas so yipeeeeeee!!! :D You’ll love it when you get it. I’ve been taking good care of mine, wiping the screen everyday ;P And singing it to sleep (playing loud annoying music before it dies…) /heart


Hey, hey, Georgina :D! I love your new layout! It’s… It… It looks really delicious- if it was edible. XD I can imagine that meme where a rainbow pours down my mouth. You’re getting somewhere with those html5 skills!

I’m sure by time, you’ll get that mobile version running. You’re one legit designer! This is one of those times I wish I had an iPad- where I can see the beauty of the blog :P.

Enjoy the iPad! It sounds like you’re going to have a lot of fun with it :P. 2 weeks is nothing compared to waiting for a package for almost a season to come! That’s my case with some snail mail package from Hong Kong ‘~’.

Good luck with all of the work you gotta do! :)!

I love this new layout! I had wanted to cable a bit in CSS3 and HTML5, but with having a full schedule this semester I barely had time to finish the layout I put up. I love the layout, the pink colour reminds me of strawberry ice-cream. :D

I want to get an iPad as well. Though I want the generation because of the camera. :) I use Skype a lot, so it would be nice to have a camera attached. Of course I did just buy my iMac desktop so I have to save up all over again. How many GB did you get? Anyway can’t wait for you to blog about getting it! :)

Damn…trust your layout to make me hungry right after lunch lol. Love the new layout…it looks fantastic especially on a mac :D. I am digging the fonts and the circular gravatars! HTML5 FTW! I need to redo my layout one of these days when I stop being lazy and take a break from gaming. Haha I remember using iframes when I was younger too!

Nice…I want to dabble in it at some point soon. Hopefully I will find it not too difficult as well! Oh…interesting I might try to make the sidebar disappear hehe.

Yay congrats on winning that iPad! I am glad you won it. Have fun with it on your commutes and let me know how it is :)

Hehe I understand what you mean…if you can pay less and get the features that you want then it is so much better than paying for extras that you are not going to be using.

Good job with restraining yourself on that notebook. I am sure they are fairly inexpensive but it feels good to save up when you have spent a huge amount on something recently. Since I got my car I have been trying to save up on small things to feel better lol.

Aww my last week was busy too but my weekend was fun. This reminds me that I need to wash my comforter at some point soon. LOL do it…I sometime leave stuff at work to make quick meals/snacks.

Haha it’s alright…take your time…I am sure all your readers <3 you :D. I prefer Strawberry Custard hehe ^_^

Hi, I am brand new to your blog, found it through a google search for a list. I was browsing using IE version 8 and the webpage was all over the place. I scrolled down and found the main body of your post, and read, then read the comments with everyone going on about how great a blog design, but as I said, the layout was all over on my screen… and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay far off the screen. There is a tiny little scroll bar button at the bottom of the page because the design goes so far off the page. Well, after reading everyone else’s comments I though Hummmmm…. Something is a little wonky here. I opened up in Firefox (my preferred browser – don’t know why I’m using IE today ;P but I was/am even as I leave this comment. In Firefox it is a beautiful design. I love the colors, and the layout is perfection. Good for you learning HTML 5!! Okay. I just want you to know, it looks extremely off balance in IE 8. But awwwwemazing in Firefox.

Thanks tons for your input. I could have sworn it worked alright in IE8 though. I guess you could update to IE9 – I’m almost positive it’s alright there. Though Internet Explorer is a pretty inferior browser anyway. ;)

I’ll get around to fixing those kinks sometime; they bother me as much as they do you, I promise.

Hello again CK – just letting you know that I believe I have fixed up the problems in older versions of IE. It’s not completely perfect, but we all know those kinds of problems exist regardless.

Hey, thank you for the reply to my comment! It looks just plain awesome. AWESOME I say! in IE8 now! Like I said, I usually use firefox or chrome.

Great job all the way around!

Love love love the new them. I envy your coding skills.
I want an ipad too, to use a portfolio for my photography.

STRAWBERRIES! They are delicious and one of my favorite foods! Definitely a better name than “Coral and Mustard”. :P

I was originally very happy with XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2. The last layout I made, the one on my blog with the big blue cartoon ocarina header, was XHTML 1.0. At first, I was quite skeptical of HTML 5 and CSS 3, but I think that both were invented beautifully.

I never thought I’d say this about someone, but … you are a very good color picker lol. :) Were you a big colorer when you were younger (coloring books, etc.)?

Your layout is the cutest! I’d say “I wish I had a knack fro advanced HTML & CSS,” but I don’t have time ;w;

Oh, my gosh! I love this. >.> So when I’m ready for another, I may request another theme … Yep. :P

People at work have iPads/tablets. I’d love to get one, and not just because it might make my side business with AVON much easier since I have to use the Internet for it (and since I could market things much easier as well). …Plus people at TVCC have them, too, and it seems to work really well for them and their schoolwork, and let’s face it: It would be like a portable laptop, which is pretty much a portable computer and I JUST WANT ONE, I DON’T THINK I NEED A REASON. *end crazy moment*

So, um… I think Strawberry Custard sounds much better than Coral and Mustard, but that’s just my humble opinion (and if I didn’t use ‘humble’ right, just screw it all because 1) I couldn’t care less, and 2) it’s 3:12am and I just wanted to return some of my comments before going to sleep; I don’t have to be at work until late, so … yeah.).

This font is pretty awesome, too. :P

You did great on this! :} Congratulations. :)

And one of these days I’m going to be the first commenter, just saying.

Lovely new design georgie! I have always absolutely adored the simplicity, yet elegance of your designs ;D Hope everything else is well with ya. I took a long break, getting back to blogging over at slowly (Y) ♥

It’s fine, you don’t have to reply to every comment you get – no one can expect that. You have a life, just reply to the comments you want to, or do it when you can. I’m the worst for returning comments, it takes me months of even years to reply to most of them (though at the moment I’m keeping up, yay).

We had a uniform until I was 16 at high school, then I had to decide for myself. Luckily I’d developed a reasonable sense of style by then, rather than wearing the childish clothing I used to wear at 13. No wonder people thought I was weird. Haha.

I guess everyone’s teenage years have good and bad parts, ’cause it’s all about just growing up and finding out who you are I guess. Though they say your high school days are the best days of your life and I’m not fully sure I believe that. There’s too much petitness that goes on in high school, and too many cliques, and too many people who you can’t argue with or they’ll “beat you up” or whatever. I don’t know.

The legal drinking age here is 18 as well, but the teenagers in my area don’t listen to that rule. I didn’t drink at the first drunken party I went to – I only really used to drink when I was 17 and was going through a phase where I thought it was cool. Me being slightly rebellious haha. Now I don’t often drink, and if I do it’s just like one glass of something. I don’t really see the point of not remembering at night and not having control of what I’m doing. It’s stupid.

I’m glad your best friend was okay. Mine is too, and she’s a lot happier these days thankfully.

I missed blogging too!! And I missed keeping caught up with everyone’s lives, though a lot of people seem to have quit blogging during the break I had. I’m definitely going to try and keep up with it now!!

Haha, I get what you mean. I always seem to want to listen to the songs I’ve removed from my iPod/phone and then I’m gutted when I realise I’ve deleted them. Oh dear.

I love this layout!! The colours are beautiful and I love the little picture at the side. SO cute. I can’t remember how to code properly at all now – it’s been so long since I’ve done it. I had to use the word press link to put an image into a blog entry because I’d forgotton how to do it haha. This is beautiful anyway, I wish I could code this well.

OMG!! I’d completely forgotton about iFrames. It’s been ages since I’ve used them and you don;t often see them around anymore. Wow, times have changed.

Ooh, hope your iPad’s nice when you get it!! And I bought a red case for the kindle I got recently, so go red!!

I’m impatient with ebay bidding as well, I never usually bid till the last day ’cause I’ll forget to up the money near the end of the auction. Or I’ll always like to know if I’ll be at home for the end of it so I can be sure to win haha.

Anyway this comment is very long so I’ll stop rambling!!

Oh my gosh Georgie! I love this theme!! It’s very cute and pink! And congrats on bidding a Ipad. My mom wants an IPad for so long.

Okay, so your layouts always look so stable and I am jealous (but in a good way, of course) so even if you say it has bugs, I AM NOT CONVINCED. Ahh this layout is so gorgeous omg I just I can’t handle it. I don’t know if it’s the fonts or the colors or whatever but ahhh I’m seriously getting teary-eyed at how gorgeous this layout is (and wow that sounds creepy.)

(I mean come on; what other colour)

Ahhh you’re getting an iPad! I’m not exactly envious but it’d be nice to have one :3 I like both Strawberry Custard and Coral and Mustard as names, though I think if they were combined, though nice and rhymey, might be a bit long XD