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I have this thing for paper notebooks. I just can’t get enough of them. I used to collect all kinds of notebooks, but I really liked collecting ones with cute designs. Over the course of many years I’d use these notebooks for various purposes – mostly for keeping a daily diary. I stopped keeping a diary in around 2007. That year I blogged a lot more often and going digital was the course my writing took. I know that typing is never going to be the same as putting pen to paper, but I still like keeping a log of events and happenings in my blog.

Because I didn’t use notebooks as much for my diaries, a lot of them ended up being unused. During high school we were given a school diary and I opted to use it to keep me organised, and also because it had important dates printed. I have, however, long hated diaries with dates printed.

Many times I’ve received dated diaries as gifts, but to be honest I have not really liked them very much. I find them to be very restricting; you can only use it for one particular year because the dates will be wrong, or you don’t have a lot of space to write… This happened when I still kept a diary but I used it anyway, just for the lines and the writing space. I completely ignored the dates and print. It was still very annoying.

I have many notebooks lying around now but because I have so many, it’s going to take me some time to get through them. I bought three new notebooks late last year and started using one. I use it for everything – writing poems, making to-do lists, doodling, reminders – and no doubt I’ll start using it by the time university starts again. In early university I started using exercise books, just blank ones you buy from the stationery store, but I found them dull. Later on I wanted to use all my pretty notebooks to take notes.

My problem is that some of these notebooks are just too cute to use. I have this problem all the time with cute stationery. Be it pens, pencils, paperclips, post-it notes – I can’t bring myself to use them because of the impeccable cuteness. When I bought these three new notebooks last year I promised I would use them. I had to use them. I now have to use them and I’m using one. And I’m going to keep at it, too. :D This time I hope to use a different notebook for each subject when I go to university so I don’t get confused. It’ll hopefully keep me organised and let me use up my notebooks.

Of course, I have to have a handy dandy notebook at hand. Wait, does anyone remember that show? Blues Clues! It’s been a while. I loved that show to pieces, even though people made up some weird stuff about the Steve guy on there. Actually, speaking of Blues Clues and Handy Dandy Notebooks, I loved that show so much that I went out and bought a notebook just like the one on the show. @_@ Anyway, what I meant by a handy notebook is one that I’ll have for bits and bobs and other notes that don’t really go anywhere else – and one that I carry around daily so I can write down anything if I need to. The one I’m using now is a spiral notebook with a red cover and unlined pages. :)

It was obviously no surprise that I was drawn to the sale at Typo yesterday. I was browsing the shops with James and I thought maybe it would be worth a look since I’ve never actually looked in a Typo store before.

Why did no one tell me about this earlier? :O This shop is like my heaven. It’s full of stationery, typography-inspired room decorations, and, of course, fitting under the stationery category – notebooks. They had a sale, three for ten dollars. I know there are other stores with cute notebooks that sell three for five dollars or three for eight dollars, but something just completely drew me to these amazing notebooks. Typo has notebooks with humourous covers, as well as gorgeous styles and sizes big and small, thick and thin. I was surprised I managed to walk out of there without my wallet losing weight, but I think I’m going to be going there tomorrow… /um

I got outbid on a lot of iPads on eBay, but not before they hit $500 or more. I’m not really keen on buying any second-hand iPad for much more than $300, and even then, I am a bit of a cheapskate. there are many auctions I am watching, but two of them finish tomorrow morning. I hope that I can win one of them, and of course still be willing to pay whatever price the auction hits.

It’s funny how you say you win an auction but you’re not really winning anything when you’re paying for it.

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TYPO is a cool shop! I don’t think I’ve bought from there yet, but I remember I wanted to buy a lot of stuff from it the first time I found it. xD

I keep my notebook with me at practically all times hehe. I’m sad to say I don’t use it much – its main purpose is to hold blog ideas, so I don’t want to use it for anything else. Of course, blog ideas don’t come often so I don’t end up using it much. Also it’s kinda big.

I’ve found a few places that sell small moleskin notebooks, but I haven’t bought one yet. Hmm money money. I’m not sure what I’m waiting for, to be honest. Although I guess I’ll get one when classes start.

I never been much of a fan of diaries either. I never really used the school diaries. I tried to use it in my first year of uni, but by the second semester it was just taking space in my bag. I thought I could get myself to use in my second year, but by my third year I didn’t bother getting one.

I understand that it can be really useful, a diary with dates. It can help remember things and important dates, so for someone with bad long-term memory like me it’d be really useful. However, I… I just can’t be bothered to put in the effort. :/

I’m completely opposite of you. I too get lots of notebooks as gifts but I don’t use them at all because I simply don’t have the habit of writing things down on paper. I depend a lot on my mental capacity and my iPhone reminders and calendars. /rose That aside, my mum threw away lots of the really cutes one after a few years when she realised I don’t write in them at all. Sigh, it’s really much better to get me vouchers. :P

I also love notebooks. I have a collection of cute ones as well. I used to keep a diary (I started when I was nine and stopped when I was twelve or so), but stopped after I started blogging…. I just didn’t really have the time and energy to do both, you know?

We get dated “diaries” at my high school, but they’re not meant to be a real diary; they’re just for writing down your assignments and dates of extracurricular activities. But I totally understand what you mean about how annoying it is that you can only use it for a certain year; when I used to keep a diary, I certainly didn’t finish the whole thing in a year. It’s annoying to have to get a new one every year.

I hate when I buy something too cute to use. :P It feels like a waste of money. I just bought FOUR cute diaries/notebooks which are wayyyyy too cute to write in. I mean, I love looking at them and everything, but looking back on it, it was a waste of thirty or so dollars. :( I also have these scented pencils made from recycled newspaper that I haven’t used yet…. even though I got them for Christmas four years ago.

I use to be fascinated by stationary when I was a little girl, especially notebooks. I was always trying to get a new one but I NEVER used them because I thought they were too cute to use.

I always wanted to keep a diary. I remember they came out with this notebook called the “Password Journal.” The idea of it was to be a password protected diary. I kept it up until my brother found it & read it. That was so embarrassing O_o

After that I didn’t try keeping anymore diaries. I still would like to though. There are times I just need someone to talk to but I don’t have that, blogging doesn’t fully do the trick and writing with pen and paper does. I just don’t want anybody to find it.

I always felt that cute stationary was more of a collectible or something cute to keep on your desk as opposed for something to scribble on. If you scribble and take notes on it, then you remove the cuteness! Thus, I never bought any cute stationary… :(

Those Typo notebooks look awesome! They make me want to carry around a notebook at all times, which is something I should be doing anyways… /um

I watched Blue’s Clues when my brother was about the right age for it. It was a nice show for little kids, and I haven’t a clue what actually happened to Steve, or if anything happened after Joe (was that the second guy’s name?) took over.

2012-02-17 00:32:26′, ‘I have so many note books that I don’t use. Even during school I used mainly loose leaf paper …. I bought a diary at the start of the year but it’s barely touched :(

Ohh I’ll note your jewelry and accs recommendation down , I got heaps of jewelry in my new post, that’s a start right?

Thanks for droppng by!

2012-02-17 00:32:49′, ‘Did my comment go through? -derp face-

Because you tend to put the URL to your website in your comment, it gets marked as spam by WordPress because it is often a method used by spammers (putting URLs in comments). Your name is already linked to your website so there is no need to link it in your comment – to make sure I get your comments and they don’t get marked as spam you can’t put links in your comments. :)

2012-02-17 00:34:36′, ‘evidently not :( Just saying: I’m not much of a notebook user, even in school I was a loose leaf/laptop person haha

I’ve noted your request about accessories and bling bling, Ive got heaps of new jewelry in my newest post :) thats a start right?

Thanks for droppng by!

I remember my mum would always scold me if I tell her I want her to get me new notebooks. Because she knows I’ll hoard them up and I won’t use it in the end. Those cutesy ones… I think they’re not meant to be used. I think they’re more to be displayed. I mean, I wouldn’t have the guts to use them, because I’m scared I’ll lose them when I use them up, lol!

I’m not sure if they have TYPO in Malaysia but if they were to have it here, I’d probably go shit crazy in there. And I’ll probably be broke afterwards hahah!

Typo sounds like our Exclusive Book store here. I have the same problem as you but I’ve learnt to control myself but on the odd occassion I get loose and my wallet has a huge debt in it lol.
Good luck with the iPad auction, I don’t like them they just too big for me to handle and it feels like i’m holding a giant laptop except that its touch screen.

Woah, checked out TYPO… and it got me. xD I just love it! :3 So thanks for sharing! :D

I do wish you good luck with your Ipad auction, they are really amazing :3

Hey Georgie!! How are you? I’m so so sorry about not keeping up with the comments. Especially returning yours and your blogs!! I am so sorry!!

So anyway, I used to watch “Blues Clues” it was so cute when Steve was on it. Than once he disappeared and his “brother” or whatever he is started doing the show, it just killed it. So Handy Dandy Notebook is what I remember. I do remember the design of it too. You could even make your own too :).

So you’re wanting an ipad? That’s cool. I’d seriously don’t know what I’d do with an ipad, other than use it for internet purposes. But eh. I really don’t know.

Well; I’m completely opted out of the College. I still have to pay the tuition that I owe which is only $1,000.00 and I pay $40.20 for 28 months and then I’m done! :D . Of course, during that time period I will still save up for that car, and maybe take some side classes like maybe dancing or what have you. I’m also going back to Weight Watchers. I’m still considered obese, I had gained 15 lbs. in little under a week. I was so mad at myself for that, but my diabetes is doing great :). So I’m happy with that, just not at the gaining weight bit.

Hmmm, speaking of jotting things down, I’ve been known to get a diary, and only use several pages of it, and forgetting about it. I like going digital. It’s more freedom. You can easily password protect your posts from unwanted people who keep following you around for the kicks, and what not. And, in a regular diary, it just has a lock that anyone can break and can get into. Which stinks. My dad doesn’t understand the purpose of why we (our generation) likes to blog about our lives and what not. But eh, I’ve tried to explain it to him, but he’s not understanding it. All I can say is things are different with my generation. It’s different than yours was. How else would you go about explaining to this to your family if they ask?

i used to own diaries with exact dates and years a few years ago, but i grew tired of always have to write every day. now i have a small cute notebook with decorations of flowers to write down my life in. it’s really pretty in fact! :D i wish i wrote more though. i don’t get time to write as often as i want to, but i think it’s so funny to read diaries when i get older and look back and LAUGH! i promise, my diaries are the best comedy entertainment i’ll ever find, and i’m so glad everything i write in them will never see anything except the bottom of my drawer in my room.

haha i’m glad you’ve found your new favourite store to buy notebooks! i can promise you it’s smart to have different notebooks for different subjects. all of my notebooks look very much alike, and sometimes i can’t spot the difference until i actually opens it to see whether it’s my english or norwegian book, lol!

i hope you had a nice valentine’s day too! :D in norway it’s not really a big thing unless you have a boyfriend, or girlfriend, so to me it was just february 14th, haha! i think it’s a nice celebration though! :D

I agree with you. I love notebooks. I go through the school supplies section at stores and spend all of my money even though I’m not **in school. Lol. I’m a school supplies addict and my name is Erin. :D

I do use post-it notes TONS though. I just bought a pack of like 12-15 sets for cheap at wal-mart for when I run out. :) I use them to mark pages in a book and write down stuff for websites and such. :)

BLUES CLUES! Lol. I watched that show ALL OF THE TIME! I loved that show. :D

Do you play The Sims? Just curious. :P I do and I’m about to open a WP/TextPattern website for it. I’m not sure what kinda site I wanna do for it but I just don’t know what script to use. :P

I’m opening all of my other websites first of course. :) I’m also planning on eventually making amazing layout for my Tumblr and putting on it that I do paid themes…I hope I start earning money for that. I know someone that earned $312 from Tumblr themes. :P
Thanks! I hope they do. I’m getting tired of them. LOL

Yes, they do. I even got an HP TouchPad tablet. :) HP brand = <3. Though I am thinking about getting a mac for either webdesign or The Sims 3. :P Idk which yet.

Totally. So I've got a site in my favorites where I can see my layout(s) in smaller resolutions to make sure it isn't too big. It's wayyy helpful!

I’ve never heard of TYPO before, but that’s probably because I live in the states XD

I use to be the same with collecting notebooks and cute stationaries and such. I have the same problem with cute things—I can’t use them because they’re so cute T___T;

Aw this blog brought back good times. I kept a two diaries from the age of perhaps seven/eight til I was around twelve. My mum bought them for me since she knew I loved writing, and I’d write in them almost every day. These days my diary is almost my blog, I don’t exactly pour out all my feelings onto my blog like I did for my diaries, but it still an account of my life and it’s great sometimes to look back at it.

I can’t say I relate with the stationary thing, but one of my friends does. She gets so excited if she gets a cool looking notebook/pencil case. And I can totally relate to what you mean with the stationary – you get something that’s SO nice, you don’t even want to use it up, haha. XD

I still keep notebooks, but they’re mainly for revision, every so often I’ll write little notes/plans in them and they’re ALWAYS handy when someone asks me if I have something to write on. :)

Now to check out TYPO, hehe. :D

Taking a super-speedy break from studying to just fangirl over Typo, which is possibly my favourite store of all time and which has sucked up a large proportion of my money over the past few years. I absolutely adore it – it has the most beautiful stuff.

Hoping you’re well, Georgie, sorry for the short comment but I really should be doing homework :)

I have a collection of notebooks, as well. I don’t ever write in them in fear of messing them up. However, I do have some plain moleskines that I do write in when the mood strikes. I used to keep a journal growing up, however, I rarely write in one now, even though I make attempts.

Typo is a dangerous site, if you know what I’m saying. ;)

I want an iPad so bad, but I probably won’t ever get one. I will just keep wishing and hoping for that one. ;)

When I was younger, I loved buying stationary stuff. Cute notebooks, papers, bookmark… anything as long as it’s cute. Like you, I had tons of them. Because my friends know I love writing and that I do own a diary way back, they usually gave me diaries as a gift. ;)

Now that i’m old enough… I see to it that whenever I buy notebooks, I really USE it. hahaha. :D