Rocks in my head

My head feels really heavy right now; I know I need to sleep soon because I have work tomorrow but I feel like I need to empty my head. I find that when I post a blog, it really does clear my mind and let my thoughts out and let me relax… a bit like when I used to keep a diary and write in it every night before I slept.

Lately I’ve been talking to James on the phone at night as we drift off to sleep. It’s quite nice, telling someone about how my day was. It’s a nice way to end the day.

Earlier this evening I was emailed by my supervisor from one of my jobs. He lent me a book of his when I started working for the company in September and I haven’t yet returned it. I haven’t worked there since early October as there hasn’t been any work for me to do. Now he needs the book back, but I just honestly haven’t had the chance to go there to drop it off. The travel time is significant, and I haven’t been anywhere in the vicinity for a good while. It’s near my university but since classes are over for the year, I don’t have much reason to go there. I don’t want to go to the office just to drop off a book. I’ve been rather busy with my newest job and I could walk there or travel there and take it out of my lunch break, but it takes so long to travel there.

My other option is to go in the morning, before work, but I’ll have to leave home so early – about 6:30am – and though I was used to it back in 2009 when I had to leave early for university, I can’t stand it now. I have been needing a bit more sleep because of my antidepressants. I actually wake up before my alarm most of the time, but I wake up feeling tired. 😝

If I go to the office in the morning, there’s no guarantee that anyone will be there. I am not sure if the office is open so early. I suppose I could leave it at the door or something, but it seems like a really lame thing to do. And perhaps a bit rude. I’ll just have to figure it out and ask if they are open early so I can drop it off.

My brother Brandon received his School Certificate results today. In our state, it’s a set of external state exams and your school assessment in tenth grade that go towards this mark. My brother did well in all subjects and I’m really quite proud of him. When he got home we compared our results and when I was his age, I didn’t do as well as he did. He’s doing accelerated geography, which means he’s one year ahead in that subject. I love mentioning this to everyone when it relates to the conversation, because I feel like it’s really something to be proud about. πŸ˜„ We got exactly the same mark in computing skills – 93.

He also had his tenth grade prom (we often call it a formal or a formal dance/ball instead) tonight, and apparently he had a cruise as part of his. Very fancy. As far as I remember, as my school was so poor, we had ours at the school hall. O_O Our final (twelfth) grade prom was in a much fancier place, but it still wasn’t that amazing and it was sort of tacky. The music was lame, the food kind of sucked, and overall, I think that in America the prom is a much more important event compared to Australia.

Well, I’d better head off. I’m so excited for Explosions in the Sky’s show on Sunday. 😁 I shall now let them lull me to sleep with their beautiful music.

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