Rocks in my head

My head feels really heavy right now; I know I need to sleep soon because I have work tomorrow but I feel like I need to empty my head. I find that when I post a blog, it really does clear my mind and let my thoughts out and let me relax… a bit like when I used to keep a diary and write in it every night before I slept.

Lately I’ve been talking to James on the phone at night as we drift off to sleep. It’s quite nice, telling someone about how my day was. It’s a nice way to end the day.

Earlier this evening I was emailed by my supervisor from one of my jobs. He lent me a book of his when I started working for the company in September and I haven’t yet returned it. I haven’t worked there since early October as there hasn’t been any work for me to do. Now he needs the book back, but I just honestly haven’t had the chance to go there to drop it off. The travel time is significant, and I haven’t been anywhere in the vicinity for a good while. It’s near my university but since classes are over for the year, I don’t have much reason to go there. I don’t want to go to the office just to drop off a book. I’ve been rather busy with my newest job and I could walk there or travel there and take it out of my lunch break, but it takes so long to travel there.

My other option is to go in the morning, before work, but I’ll have to leave home so early – about 6:30am – and though I was used to it back in 2009 when I had to leave early for university, I can’t stand it now. I have been needing a bit more sleep because of my antidepressants. I actually wake up before my alarm most of the time, but I wake up feeling tired. xP

If I go to the office in the morning, there’s no guarantee that anyone will be there. I am not sure if the office is open so early. I suppose I could leave it at the door or something, but it seems like a really lame thing to do. And perhaps a bit rude. I’ll just have to figure it out and ask if they are open early so I can drop it off.

My brother Brandon received his School Certificate results today. In our state, it’s a set of external state exams and your school assessment in tenth grade that go towards this mark. My brother did well in all subjects and I’m really quite proud of him. When he got home we compared our results and when I was his age, I didn’t do as well as he did. He’s doing accelerated geography, which means he’s one year ahead in that subject. I love mentioning this to everyone when it relates to the conversation, because I feel like it’s really something to be proud about. :D We got exactly the same mark in computing skills – 93.

He also had his tenth grade prom (we often call it a formal or a formal dance/ball instead) tonight, and apparently he had a cruise as part of his. Very fancy. As far as I remember, as my school was so poor, we had ours at the school hall. O_O Our final (twelfth) grade prom was in a much fancier place, but it still wasn’t that amazing and it was sort of tacky. The music was lame, the food kind of sucked, and overall, I think that in America the prom is a much more important event compared to Australia.

Well, I’d better head off. I’m so excited for Explosions in the Sky’s show on Sunday. /bounce I shall now let them lull me to sleep with their beautiful music.

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I used to talk on the phone before bed a lot, but it would keep me awake more than anything because I was never good at hanging up when I actually said I would. Oh, how many nights I have kept Jimmy up. xD

Maybe if you tell your supervisor the ONLY time you can make it is in the morning, they won’t be open so early and he won’t make you bring him the book. :P If he needs it so badly, I don’t know why he can’t just buy a new one. It doesn’t seem fair that he hasn’t employed you in months yet he wants you to come in just to drop off a bloody book. It takes a lot of time out of your day and you’re not even getting paid to do it.

Wowowow, congrats to Brandon! Josh doesn’t do as well as I did in high school, but I’m still proud of him. :3 He must be a little bit ahead of Brandon in school, as he turned 16 at almost the same time but is halfway through 11th grade.

My prom was kind of lame. :P It was at a fancy place and I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t ~SUPER SPECIAL MAGICAL~ if you know what I mean. xD It seems like everyone makes it out to be the best, most important part of high school, but if you recall, I almost didn’t even go to mine. :P

Oh wow, congrats to your brother! That’s really something to be proud of :)

I’m having sort of the same issue as you are having, only it’s not a book but a set of crutches I temporarily needed when I threw my hip out @_@ I should really return them, but the place I borrowed them from is across town, and I’m just never there :P

We only had one ‘prom’ in my school, and mine wasn’t all that either. The place it was held at was just way too big for the amount of people, so it was very scattered and impersonal. Food wasn’t great either XD

Awesome, a fellow ballerina. :) That’s wonderful.

I’m the same way! My favorite song changes every time I hear a new song on the radio, or a new episode of Glee comes out, or I stumble upon a new song on YouTube. Whenever someone asks me to choose a favorite song, I sort of just stare at them in horror. Favorite song?! As if I could pick just one. xD

I can understand that. It’s so difficult to find time in our busy lives, and if something doesn’t seem “worth it,” it’s even harder. :P

Congrats to your brother! That’s cool, he sounds smart. :D Haha, you’re probably right. Prom is a rather large deal here in America.

Oh, and btw, may I mention how much I adore your “I love” project? It’s a wonderful idea, and it’s fun to read all the different stuff that people love. <3

Yeah blogging used to help me with stuff like that too…luckily I don’t have a lot of random thoughts that I need to vent out anymore!

That’s nice…sometimes I would talk to my sis as I fell asleep XD.

Hmm would it be easier to just mail the book to him then? Depends on how heavy that book is though. Does anyone else you know go around there? Maybe you can ask someone else to drop it off for you lol.

Congrats to your brother for doing well! I would compare stuff with my sis too and a lot of times we got same marks but a lot of times it would just induce pressure on me…if she can do it I have to do better or at least the same lol.

Well we don’t even have proms or dance balls at our school so I am super jealous of you all people XD. Hope you enjoy your show! I am looking forward to a concert myself :D

Thank you. :D I’ve just got to put the work in now to get the right grades to secure my place.

Prehaps you could send the book back with a letter explaining why you haven’t been able to return it sooner.

Yay for your brother’s results! Geography is a great subject so it’s a good that he is ahead.

I always compare my results to what my brothers got at my age. So far, I’ve been better than them in everything. :P We had our prom in a school hall too, but I didn’t get to go because I was on holiday.

Haaaaiiiii Georgina!! :D

Oh my god, the thought of getting waking up any earlier than 6 am has me curled in a fetal position in the corner of my room xD
The fact that you were ever even used to doing that automatically makes you amazing. Or a robot. Either one.

Anyway, good luck with sleeping! I’ve experienced a lot of insomnia lately due to ADD meds so I can relate to you :)

I’ve been sleeping in a lot too, I’ve been trying to get earlier to bed but nothing is working! @_@ It’s half 8 over here now and I’m considering getting a shower and going to sleep now! Eek.
I’m back in my classes now, and we’ve started on coursework for the course too which is helpful, it’s giving me something to focus on. & I’ve started getting proper help for my depression/adjustment disorder, I’ll find out next Friday whether i need to go on drugs though!
Thanks for your lovely comment, you’ve been so much help ♥ ♥ ♥

Ahh I can’t remember my School Certificate results.It’s so long now and they seem so irrelevant too that I guess once you come to uni, you forget about. It’s still nice if you well in it though hehe. Congrats to your brother!

Ah, prom/formal. I think the only one I ever went to was for kindergarten’s final year, before Primary school. I can’t remember why I chose to skip the party at the end of Primary (I remember something about buying a golden bracelet thing which I thought was stupid. .__.). As for the one in Year 10… well, I never liked my school for Year 9/10. I guess that says it all.

Year 12 is another story. I remember wanting to go, but couldn’t because 1. no money and 2. I didn’t have any formal clothes I felt comfortable in (I still don’t). Dx

Writing down my thoughts does the same for me it also helps my thinking process. Sometimes I think I figured out something and then, as I write, I figure it out some more.
It does sound nice to talk to someone about your day.

I hope you can get the book over to your supervisor without to much inconvenience to you. It does sound like a bit of hassle.

Yea for good grades! That’s always something that can cheer my day. A cruise? :O

Hey Georgina! Thanks for your comment and sorry it took me so long to get back to you (I’ve been having crazy site problems!) Anyways, I think your site is amazing, and so many people read it and use your resources I’m sure, don’t ever beat yourself up about it! Your site couldn’t be better!

Also, blog related now, where do you work? Is it a fancy office job or something? And is James your boyfriend? (haha clearly I am out of the loop!). That’s insane about your brothers formal thingy, ours was in our “cafetorium”, yes it was our auditorium/cafeteria haha ;)

Congratulations to your brother! And then he can go to university just like you and learn how to do cool things, just like you! You are such a cool big sister for embarrassing him on your blog. :P

Unless you have a key to your other office, I wouldn’t go there in the morning. There’s a good chance that it’ll be locked. I’d try to schedule a date there with James on a day when you don’t have to work. :P

Looking back on prom, it was definitely a big deal at the time. But it didn’t change the fact that it was just slightly less lame than your typical party. I always thought that formal parties put on for teenagers were a dichotomy – you get dressed up in formal gowns, eat good food (this I liked), and then dance terribly to trashy music. I would have loved to have taken a couple dance classes before prom and had a classy party instead. I hope that your brother had a good time, and that he didn’t get sick on the cruise like my brother did!

We also call it a formal dance and not a prom over here. And congrats to your brother for his results!

Oh, I know what yu mean! I hate that inconvenience of having to do something but it really is ut of your way and it ends up becoming more like a problem than anything else. Though, if you really can’t make it any other time than in the morning and have to leave it at the door I’m sure he’d be understanding…. given how busy you are too.

I also love talking on the phone and falling asleep. Normally my friends and I will skype lol and I’ll have the laptop pen on the bed and eventually fall asleep. My friends are always complaining about their money getting wasted on a normal phone call. wow -.-“

Calling each other before you go to sleep is really nice. Chatting a bit before you really close your eyes feels refreshing, ne? :)

Isn’t better to mail the book to him? Maybe cost some money but you can do so much more with your time ;)

Congrats to your brother for his results!

I love to travel to have some fun, not school or work related lol

Congrats to your brother!

Talking on the phone to your significant other at night and then drifting off to sleep is the most relaxing thing you could ever do.

I hate the inconvience of hating to do certain things.

You should inform your supervisor the inconvience of returning the book at the moment so it won’t seem like your just ignoring him or something. He might also be able to meet your or something. You never know, that’s why communication is always key.

Don’t worry. I will attend the university I want to go to no matter what, just as long as I get accepted. Visting campuses is VERY important in making a decision and I have done a lot of that. In my opinion being accepted in more than one college makes the decision harder.

BTW you are so creative. I love your “I love” project :D

Wow, I would have been very proud of your brother, too! And your brother got to go for a cruise for prom? That’s so cool! He’s so lucky. I just had my prom at a hotel in town. But that’s nothing new because I had my graduation dinner in a hotel too in 2009.

I’ve always been shy when speaking on the phone but I am comfortable with some people. Now that you mention it, I do miss talking to somebody on the phone until I’m tired enough to go to sleep. My boyfriend and I haven’t done this for some time now. :(

Our year 12 formal sucked – it was held in a fairly boring restaurant, with those silly little meals that over-priced and under-sized, and then a night of drinking and dancing that me and my partner didn’t feel hugely motivated to participate in!

On the other hand, I participated in the school’s Debutante ball in year 11. That was amazing! Probably the best night of my life to date :D I think it’s probably a bit closer to the American prom, what with the dresses and the dancing and stuff.

Would it be expensive to have a courier pick up the book from your house or workplace and take it to person? That way you won’t have to worry about traveling so far and worrying about what time to get there and such.

Oooh, fancy prom! A cruise sounds amazing, especially at night. I believe our junior prom was at the school gym, and the senior prom was at a local hotel. I didn’t go to either, just to the after parties. LOL.