Extreme hibernation

I have a bad habit of just hibernating my laptop instead of shutting it down properly. I know I could just save everything in Photoshop but I want to be able to come back to my work and undo the very last action I did, just in case. I know I can save my tabs in Google Chrome or Firefox but I want to keep them open so I don’t have to reopen them. I don’t want to bookmark the tabs because it will mess up my bookmarks. Now my laptop is beckoning me to restart because my anti-virus program needs to update, and I just want to tell it to go have a cup of tea for once. 😛 It’s just so much easier coming back to my laptop just how I left it. Hibernating is just like turning it off; the state its in is just saved to the memory.

I’ve been really enjoying work. I don’t think I’ve written about my experience from the interview, but when I went in for the interview I got a little lost. The entrance to the building is just a narrow walkway and you walk up about six flights of stairs. I actually thought it was pretty eerie and fishy, but I’m really used to it now.

While the narrow hallway and staircase is tiring to walk up, and looks creepy from the outside, the office is really lovely. Sure it’s a bit run-down and not modern, but it’s so homely. I love it. I have a desk by the window and it’s a bit weird looking outside because I see a bit of trees and the building across the street. I keep seeing an old man in one of the windows most of the time I look outside. He seems to like having his computer in the corner and his chair at an angle towards the window. I don’t like looking out that window often… so I go and look outside the other one where I can see the sign of a shopping centre. Hahahaha.

Okay, so the window views aren’t great. But what was I saying about homely? Well, yes. It’s really comfortable, and I love just rolling my chair around on the floorboards when I need to talk to someone else. The desks aren’t partitioned but they’re far enough to have some privacy. I could seat three of myself at my desk, so there’s a lot of room for me to scoot over and read a book, or eat, or just to put my stuff.

I used the microwave today, except it was kind of funny how I was poking around at it wondering why it wasn’t working, then I had to plug it in. 😛

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about how long my laptop has lasted me – since April 2009. It’s still going strong, even though I had to upgrade the operating system and have bought an external hard drive to store files (but then again everyone needs one of those at some point, I think), I fried the battery and had to get a new one, and I’ve had to buy a replacement keyboard because I screwed mine up by cleaning it. My laptop runs smoothly and doesn’t make weird noises so long as I vacuum him every few months. He’s big and heavy but I wouldn’t change that.

I’m just worried that at some point he could crash and burn, at which point I’ll need a new laptop. But after remedying him with the keyboard and battery I feel like he’s got to last quite a bit longer. 😄 I’ve been using my laptop ten or more hours a day as my main computer and he still seems to be fine. Perhaps another laptop would do me pretty well. However, the computer I had before this laptop was a desktop PC. I feel like I need a desktop PC as well. At the same time, I’ve also been thinking about a second monitor to use along with my laptop, but now that I’ve thought about the possibility of my laptop not surviving for much more than a year, I wonder if I should wait it out or make a decision: buy a laptop, a whole new PC, or just a monitor.

The monitor would really help me in terms of design and code. I’m also thinking of buying an Apple Macbook or an iMac. I’m not completely sure yet. But James also pointed out that I can use BootCamp and run both OS X and Windows.

Thoughts, thoughts…

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