Extreme hibernation

I have a bad habit of just hibernating my laptop instead of shutting it down properly. I know I could just save everything in Photoshop but I want to be able to come back to my work and undo the very last action I did, just in case. I know I can save my tabs in Google Chrome or Firefox but I want to keep them open so I don’t have to reopen them. I don’t want to bookmark the tabs because it will mess up my bookmarks. Now my laptop is beckoning me to restart because my anti-virus program needs to update, and I just want to tell it to go have a cup of tea for once. :P It’s just so much easier coming back to my laptop just how I left it. Hibernating is just like turning it off; the state its in is just saved to the memory.

I’ve been really enjoying work. I don’t think I’ve written about my experience from the interview, but when I went in for the interview I got a little lost. The entrance to the building is just a narrow walkway and you walk up about six flights of stairs. I actually thought it was pretty eerie and fishy, but I’m really used to it now.

While the narrow hallway and staircase is tiring to walk up, and looks creepy from the outside, the office is really lovely. Sure it’s a bit run-down and not modern, but it’s so homely. I love it. I have a desk by the window and it’s a bit weird looking outside because I see a bit of trees and the building across the street. I keep seeing an old man in one of the windows most of the time I look outside. He seems to like having his computer in the corner and his chair at an angle towards the window. I don’t like looking out that window often… so I go and look outside the other one where I can see the sign of a shopping centre. Hahahaha.

Okay, so the window views aren’t great. But what was I saying about homely? Well, yes. It’s really comfortable, and I love just rolling my chair around on the floorboards when I need to talk to someone else. The desks aren’t partitioned but they’re far enough to have some privacy. I could seat three of myself at my desk, so there’s a lot of room for me to scoot over and read a book, or eat, or just to put my stuff.

I used the microwave today, except it was kind of funny how I was poking around at it wondering why it wasn’t working, then I had to plug it in. :P

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about how long my laptop has lasted me – since April 2009. It’s still going strong, even though I had to upgrade the operating system and have bought an external hard drive to store files (but then again everyone needs one of those at some point, I think), I fried the battery and had to get a new one, and I’ve had to buy a replacement keyboard because I screwed mine up by cleaning it. My laptop runs smoothly and doesn’t make weird noises so long as I vacuum him every few months. He’s big and heavy but I wouldn’t change that.

I’m just worried that at some point he could crash and burn, at which point I’ll need a new laptop. But after remedying him with the keyboard and battery I feel like he’s got to last quite a bit longer. :D I’ve been using my laptop ten or more hours a day as my main computer and he still seems to be fine. Perhaps another laptop would do me pretty well. However, the computer I had before this laptop was a desktop PC. I feel like I need a desktop PC as well. At the same time, I’ve also been thinking about a second monitor to use along with my laptop, but now that I’ve thought about the possibility of my laptop not surviving for much more than a year, I wonder if I should wait it out or make a decision: buy a laptop, a whole new PC, or just a monitor.

The monitor would really help me in terms of design and code. I’m also thinking of buying an Apple Macbook or an iMac. I’m not completely sure yet. But James also pointed out that I can use BootCamp and run both OS X and Windows.

Thoughts, thoughts…

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Ho Wugs

Don’t get macs /bounce
but then again most artsy/design people like it; my cousin prefers it for photos and stuff. /sweato

Hibernation isn’t bad at all. It just dumps the contents of your RAM into your hard drive and shuts off your computer. Also saves bootup time on resume. But you should still occasionally shut down your PC fully so it can refresh itself a little. :P


I am the same, I always put it on sleep mode because it takes too long starting up again. Also Photoshop is always open with something in it. I hate walking into buildings I have never been in, like for my uni interview they said go this way and it was wrong so I was sooo lost.

My laptop has been going strong since 2008, touch wood it lasts longer. I had to wipe it a few months ago for the first time. I try backing mine up a lot now.

Hey Georgie! How are you? My cute laptop has been with since 2008. I really want to get a new one but the thought of backing up everything and then transferring just makes me…OH SO LAZY LOL
I know what you mean about leaving your comp..I do the same thing..I leave it in hibernation for hours..my antivirus updates or cleans up in the background. When i come to it I can continue from where I left off. Really happy for you that your enjoying work :-D Along with you, i think i want to make a major change and get a MAC next time because everyone I know keeps screaming get a mac in my face and Im like OKAYYYY! lol So i’ll save up money and get something super for next yr.

i have a normal computer at home, which i share with my whole family. i have my ftp program here and photoshop ++ the computer is usually running the whole day, but i always make sure of it’s off by night.
in additional i got a macbook from school earlier this year, where i save all documents and photos related to school. one of my teachers told us to shut down our mac every day when we left school, ’cause she thought it wasn’t good for it running all those programs day and night. i don’t think hibernation is a good alternative for turning it off, but sure it goes much faster, and is a lot easier to just open the computer and then you’re online!! :D

if you want a new computer, i would recommend you to buy a macbook depending on your needs. it has a beatiful design, and the colours are just…. WOW! but it is really expensive. if you’re using your computer mostly for school or playing computer games, your wallet will probably be better off with a normal pc. if you’re doing web design or graphic design, a mac is amazing!!! :D
i like to have both though. i like the normal vista sytem, but sure osx is pretty cool as well!!

i’m glad you’re enjoying yourself at work!! :D <3
haha yeah einstein has some pretty good quotes, i'm thinking about posting more of him!!

I’m very arrogant and I think my suggestion of computers is the best :P Only because I know what I’m talking about rather than many people saying they love or hate Macs or Windows for no reason. Of course it’s okay if someone can argue against me and say Windows is better if he/she has a good reason.

I can’t really remember what your job is (maybe it’s my brain swell since I’ve been sick) but if you say you’re doing design/code, Mac systems are much better for it. The colors are way richer, or at least based on what I’ve seen (judging by how people who use Windows can’t see my blog layout well). The first thing you should get is a Macbook PRO, not a Macbook unless you like the milky white. It’s the best laptop I’ve ever had, and yes I do have Bootcamp on it. Unfortunately I have Windows Vista though so I don’t use it. However having two systems just might come in handy.

If you need to work large, I’d suggest get an iMac instead. Doing design work on my laptop is slightly annoying for me these days because I’m working large. Also the iMac is cheap; it’s the same price as the Macbook Pro. Well Australia tends to have crazy prices for these things …

If your computer is running smoothly and its processor is fast enough for you, then you should stick with it until its processing power isn’t enough or its functions begin to get clunky. That way, you will get the most bang for your buck, since prices for laptops and computers don’t seem to change much.

I have no idea why people who do artsy stuff like Macs more than Windows. As far as I know, neither one is more functional than the other. Both can use Photoshop and Illustrator and the same relevant programs. But I guess Macs are generally better designed and much better looking. It’s your call. Go play with both operating systems before you buy one and you’ll be just fine. But I’m not a design person, I’m one of those people who like powering things through a command line terminal. For that Mac is the best choice because the Windows terminal is slow and Linux is finiky with hardware.

I’m glad that you enjoy your new job! Hope that you learn lots of new things and make lots of money!

Wow! I always hear about people’s laptop breaking in less than a year that they bought it, so I’m pretty impressed that you had your’s since ’09. I never owned a laptop before, but in the past, ALL of the desktops I’ve owned had broke in less than 3 years.

Your work area sounds nice and simple. Mine is really hectic and a bit unorganized because it’s such a small business that gets busy a lot. Everything about it makes me want to pull my hair out and throw a something heavy at the wall…ahem but yeah, that’ll be another story for another time. Lol.

Hey Heys :) this post made me think of myself…. from the laptop to the view out of the window at work.

My view is slightly different. It’s a full-length window – from ceiling to floor – we’re in a loft. It’s overlooking one of the most beautiful lakes/rivers which forms part of the golf course/estate. It’s amazing. We see buck playing around and ducks swimming in the water. After it rains we spot the most beautiful rainbows ever. We don’t see buildings because of the direction we are facing. I should blog about the view.
I like homely feeling offices….and your desk sounds just like mine. :) It’s really fun having your own desk… I say that often and people look at me funny.

I’ve had my laptop since the end of 2009. I was just telling my mom last night that I am worried it’s going to crash soon… ugh! I really hope not. I don’t have an external hard drive s yet – I should get one. I feel my laptop’s dying days are coming pretty soon

I forgot to mention that my workplace is in a loft too! It’s a bit crummy in terms of I get the occasional drop of rain through the roof when it rains (but only when it rains really, really heavily). But I love it. My windows aren’t as awesome, and my views aren’t either… but I still like the office very much. I’m in the middle of the city, so that explains why I see views of other buildings.

Hopefully your laptop lasts quite a bit! Even though my laptop has a lot of space, it’s nice to store huge files like movies or television series somewhere else.

Georgina! That’s fine. If I need a break, but I’m afraid I cannot afford to take a break too long. Now I’m enjoying a week without classes in the University, although I have much to study. While it is true that in my spare time I take to relax and spend time with my friends.

Oh sorry you don’t see much to your friends, but I guess they are there for you when needed.

I also love taking pictures spontaneous with my friends, so this serves as a in memory for a while.

Well, now Mark is more than a friend, we have started dating a few days ago. I agree with you, public transportation is not always desirable. I have to take a bus every day to go to the University and not very funny, but I have no other way go.

I’ve never put the laptop into sleep mode maybe because I have fear of being spoiled, so I just turn it off.
I’m glad you enjoy your new job. Your work area sounds nice and simple.
Good luck with your decision to buy a laptop, a whole new PC, or just a monitor. I guess it depends on how you use are going to give.

I hope you get used to the medication, and that your appetite has returned. I’m glad you feel better and that the medication you are helping.

I miss being able to roll my chair across the floor. My desk isn’t near a window either – my personal desk is looking straight at the wall. & my moms desk is the same way. Ha ha. My laptop was bought in summer 2001 and I stopped using it in 2010. The only problem I had with it is the CD drive was broken, but I never really used it anyways. Even now I still kind of miss it.

I don’t have a laptop, but I do basically the same thing with my computer. I never shut it down–it just seems to inconvenient to do so when I already have all my tabs and applications open, how I want them to be opened. Ohh, laziness. :P

That’s great that you are really liking your job! Most people usually complain about how much they don’t like their job, so it’s good to hear that you do! :) My boyfriend is always complaining about the people that come into McDonald’s, but it’s always a little amusing too, haha.

I’ve never owned a Mac or anything computer related by Apple. Just a PC. But I’ve always been happy with my PC and I think I’ll always stick with it until someone really convinces me to not. Sooo I can’t really give you any thoughts on the subject. D:

Thanks for the well wishes for my mom! She will need surgery, and I think she’ll need two different ones, which is a big bummer. But she’ll make it through, she’s so strong. ♥

I prefer to hibernate my lappy as well. Unfortunately, it does this sneaky thing to where it’ll update itself whilst I’m sleeping and completely restart (which freaks me out). I hate it, because I literally lose all of my work. D:

The next computer-related thing I purchase will be a desktop of some sort. I feel that I need one of these so I won’t have to store all of my junk and such on a mere laptop (I mean, it’ll just be easier to be able to have one main focus point or whatever). Plus, I want to be able to sit and play Sims or something without having to worry about it using up all of the memory I have – or my music. My iTunes? Yeah, I’m suffering as far as transferring my music from my old laptop to this laptop (AKA my new laptop). Blah.

Good luck on whatever you decide to do! :)

I used to put my laptop in hibernation because it loaded faster. However, that was a bad idea. My laptop got slower and I’m pretty sure it overheated and died. Never put it in hibernation for that long. It’ll just kill your laptop faster. It’s best to shut it down completely.

Get a Mac. :) Love Apple products and they have been very reliable for me. I never looked back after switching to Apple products!!

It’s awesome that you found your new workplace homely. It’s true that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. Having a relaxing workplace increases one’s productivity, so you lucky girl you! :P

Hmm. Seems like you’re caught up with so much choices when it comes to computers. To be honest, my laptop’s really in it’s senior years and it’s quite old, so I’m not really updated with the latest techs, But, I guess you should go for the one which you’ll benefit most for the right price.

Good luck, Georgie! :)

:X Ugh I hate hybernation mode too! It drives me mad when it does that so i always try to turn it off and somehow I always end up getting it back.. Prolly from restore points or something which I’m not really going to spend time checking in to. I hate how slow the laptop gets after that. It makes me want to slam mines like a mad person. /bash

If you’re going for a new lappy go for mac if youre into designing and editing, if not and youre more into other programs go for windows. ;)

I tend to keep my laptop on too, if not in sleep mode. Turning it off and then turning it on again later just because I’m off to somewhere for a short period of time just doesn’t feels good… I hate waiting for it to load and stuff. /bash for some reason, it’s nice to see someone who enjoys what they are doing. It’s like seeing them living their lives without regrets. It’s weird but it’s nice to see, for me. :P
Macbook is nice. well, majority loves it and I have it too. Even though I have Mac, I still tend to use my old Acer laptop; simply because windows is just easier to operate. Macbook is loved by those who use it as a graphics design helper; and since I tend to edit quite a lot of videos and I’ll be studying graphics, I guess Mac is just good, for me. Though it’s difficult and ‘weird’ for the first time since I always use windows all my life… O_O
I need a desktop PC too… @_@ but I guess I’m not allowed to have a desktop PC. after all, I now have two laptops with me. Also, parents disagree with me having desktop PC with only “movie editing” as a purpose 😢
But then again, of course, I love Mac since you don’t need anti-virus software and it can both run on OSX and Windows. Not to mention, great for graphics too. (Y)

It’s difficult for me to decide too when it comes to technologies… 😒 then again if I were you, I’d buy Mac since I already have one laptop that runs on Windows. I tend to think “why buy another laptop that runs on windows? It’d be the same thing as my Acer” which gives me the conclusion to go for Mac. /bounce