I miss…

Lilian. My best friend. We haven’t seen each other since – I can’t even remember now. I think the last time I saw her was when I visited her university while I had a five-hour break at university. We talk all the time, but we need to hang out some time too. /bounce

James. I haven’t seen him since university ended, which really was quite some time ago. It’s long for us – because usually we get by with seeing each other once a week. I’m seeing him tomorrow though. I’m going to the Explosions in the Sky show, which should be amazing. The show is apparently sold out, so I’m glad we got tickets early. James will be picking me up from home and we’ll be going to a train station with parking, then catching a train to the venue. I’ve read many reviews about Explosions in the Sky being the “best concert” some have been to, and the crowd behaved so well that sometimes people forgot they were there. I won’t truly know until I see for myself. I’m excited but a bit nervous at the same time because I’m not quite sure what to expect. All the shows I’ve been to so far have been very different. I guess different is good – but not knowing what to expect always makes me a bit nervous.

My long hair. I was just looking back on my old videos that I recorded, and my hair was so long. It was layered and I had a side fringe, and now it’s so much shorter and I have a straight fringe. I’m keeping the straight fringe for a while, because I absolutely hate how a side fringe grows out. I really want to grow my hair a lot before I decide to get it layered.

Ballet. I just didn’t have the time to keep teaching so I stopped. I reached what I call the better end… which wasn’t the real end of the journey, but it was an end for me. A qualified student teacher, I’m really happy with how far I went with that. I’ve participated in so many activities from my childhood up until now, and I’ve never really fully mastered any of them except ballet. I loved ballet so much that I chose to continue it even though I stopped my other dance styles, and even though I took a break from ballet, I went back. I remember crying before I went back because I realised how much it meant to me. I miss it now simply because I haven’t had the time to dance even for fun, my pointe shoes don’t fit so well anymore, and I’ve lost a lot of the strength I had in my muscles. I still have a dancer’s legs, but I cramp a bit more easily and I need to regain the strength in my calves.

Sushi. I haven’t had it in a while, and I just miss it so much. Since my appetite has been a bit of a mess since I started taking antidepressants, I’ve only been eating fruit and small meals of pasta and vegetables. I feel like eating really light stuff a lot of the time.

The bloggers that stopped blogging. Gillian, Swetlana, Kat, just to name a few. The blogging world isn’t what it was before. A lot of the people I know stopped blogging or disappeared. Every now and then I remember them and how fun it was having them around. Now I only see them on Twitter, or they’ve just disappeared.

The patience to do pixel art. I honestly don’t know how I had the patience. I did a lot of this back in 2006, and though I wasn’t that good, I eventually improved. But pixel art took so long; it took up so much of my time. A lot of people were so much better than me, their pixels were perfect to every detail. I admired those people very much but I soon moved into designing more textured layouts with brushes… and I was much better at scribbling and drawing and doodling. I deleted the pixels page from my website today without any regrets. I would love to try my hand at pixelling again, but I honestly do think I’ve lost the patience.

My two dogs. I didn’t own them for a long time, but I loved them so much. As a family, we were just far too busy and returned the dogs to the original owner – a family friend – who gave them loving new homes.

Indonesia. (Just a little bit.) It shocks me that I’m writing this, but even though I claim to hate the country in which my parents were born, I sometimes like a fair bit about it. I hated people making sexual comments about me in the street, and I hated the toilets and the smell and the pollution and the traffic, but I miss the food stalls, especially the bakso soup (meatballs) and the noodles, and I miss just glancing in the shops even if I didn’t want to buy anything. I also miss my cousins and the routine of waking up early and… I don’t know how to word the rest.

Work. I know I worked just yesterday, but I miss it.

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That is a long time without seeing James. I know that you’ll enjoy the concert! After hearing the Explosions in the Sky song that James wrote about on his blog, I can say that their music is not the typical music that gets you all fired up and ready, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the crowd was polite. It’s kind of nice when the crowd is polite, because then you can hear the vibrations from the music through your feet and from the walls – it’s a wonderful feeling.

Georgie, if you ever stop blogging, I will miss you a lot. The blogging world is shaped by the people you know in it, and you have shown me a sweet, caring, and determined person. I would hate to see you go, as I don’t plan on going poof from the Internet for a while.

Sushi = yummy!

I hope you’ll enjoy the concert! I always get way jittery before a concert, because different shows attract different crowds and sometimes I just don’t feel comfortable even though I love the music :(

Yea a lot of the blogs that I loved disappeared over time, it’s such a shame. I always wonder what happened to make them stop blogging, and if they’re alright.

I totally understand how you can miss a country even though you don’t even really like it. I have that with Israel. My mom’s side of the family is from there, and even though I’d never consider living there it still feels like “mine”, in some weird way :P

sdlkfj what a sad entry ;~; I understand the missing-your-best-friend thing–it’s nice to talk and all, but so much more meaningful to hang out :( Also, you and James are too cute, just saying :D
Ah wow, I didn’t know you were so into ballet! o-o It’s one of those things that I don’t think a lot of people (including me) appreciate, haha XD You think you could just do ballet leisurely instead of doing the teaching thing? ‘Cause I think if you love it so much, you should ;D
I am TOTALLY on you with the bloggers who stopped blogging (especially Gillian, sobs.) It seemed like they were such a part of the internet-onliney world before and now they’re not, just pieces of memories. Sigh, how things must change…
lmao, I never understand how anyone can have the patience to do pixel art, but there ya go :P
I think it’s good to miss things, as long as you don’t forget about them :3

I know how you feel about your best friend, i hadnt seen mine for about three months and when we finally had an opening it was exactly like old times. i love friends like that /bounce
That’s a long time without seeing your boyfriend, how far do you live from each other?
I hope you enjoy the concert, if it has gotten great reviews i’m sure you will.
I use to have hair down to my butt until 2 years ago when I got tired of it, its now very short with a fridge type thing. If you not sure tell me and ill post you a picture of my hair now.
I love watching Ballet movies such as Center Stage, if I could walk I would either do that or ice skate. When I was little I wanted to become a Desktop publisher, glad that phase ended lol.
Alot of bloggers I knew have faded into the sunset, I miss Gillian alot and this other blogger that did amazing designs. Promise me youll never leave me /heart
How did you give your dogs back I wouldnt have the heart to even though of my busy schedule. I am a sucker for animals.

Regarding your post on my blog:
Thank you for the wishes hun, I hope you do too.
Yes my boss said she would do me a reference, I must remind her again because she promised i’d get it by last weekend.
I would pay ALL my money for Westlife its to bad that they not coming to South Africa during their final tour :( I should have gone to their concert this year when they were down here.
Are you doing anything special for Christmas and New Year?
Thanks for the answer on smilies I’m gonna give it a try.

I haven’t hung out with my friend since forever either. We’ve been so busy with college that we can only find time to email or text each other once in a blue moon. Then my other friend is in Canada for college, so I can’t ever meet up with her. :T

There are quite a few bloggers I miss too and it’s unfortunate I can’t even remember their names or their website’s names. :( I’m glad I still keep in touch with some who’ve been blogging as long as me though. I used to be one of those bloggers who gave up blogging and disappeared, but I wanna be back for GOOD this time.

I never had hate towards my parent’s homeland, Cambodia. It was just a country I didn’t fully know back then and didn’t care about because of my lack of knowledge. But now I miss Cambodia and would like to go back for a 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. time. I got used to the village life and the gas/must smell and the pollution and all that. In some ways, Cambodia is just like Indonesia.

Awwh >.< Being away from your best friend can be really hard. I haven't experienced that quite yet(but I will one day..), and we have been friends since we were 2. Sushi? Can't you just..but it? As a sunday snack(or dinner) /wah
Ah, long hair…I remember my hair used to go almost to my elbows, and now it barely touches my shoulders. Hate looking at old photos of myself, since my hair was so much prettier back then.
Wasn't it difficult practicing ballet? It looks so complicated and hard. But I understand. Something that takes so much of your time and thoughts must be difficult to just let go of completely. My little sister just got an interest in ballet, but she's just 3 years old, so no one really seems to care. I almost started dancing ballet when I was little, but I don't think my lungs could handle such physical challenges.
Nirvana are just amazing. I haven't taken an interest in them earlier, so I'm discovering all of their old songs now. This is the best part of liking music.

I’m a similar situation with my best friend. We actually live in opposite parts of the country, so I don’t see her very often either. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to be able to both get away from work at the same time last year, fly abroad on vacation, and hang out as much as we could.

I’ve never seen Explosions in the Sky, but I hope you have a fantastic time at the show! I’m sure you enjoy it as much as others have :D

Oh, man, now I’m craving sushi! Thanks a lot! :P

now that i’ve read yours… it occurs to me that i miss lots of thing as well =.= Indonesia!!! i miss Indonesia too! that was where my father came from and indeed, I miss the food stalls, as well as the pollution-free villages in West Java~ I wish I can go back and have a visit again soon ^^

and you surely love your job that you already miss it ^^ I miss going too school and teach.. it’s school holiday in Malaysia right now so I got nothing much to do at home~ I hope you get to see your old friends soon.. I’m sure they are missing you too ~

Have a nice Sunday!

I would have figured that you saw James at least once a day. You two must miss each other like crazy. :D At least you’ll see eachother when you go to that concert. I hope you guys have a great time. :D

I havent seen my bestfriend since she left for Minnasota almost a month ago. But Im used to it. When we were growning up, I would see her until we were at school. Then in highschool, we would walk together and then that would be it for the day. Unless she called me or something. But like I said, I’m used to it. :)

OMG can we trade hair? ;)

Aww did you and James have your lovers reunion? LOL I just pictured you guys running from different directions towards each other like you see in movies. XD I am absolutely crazy! I actually went to different sites yesterday and everyone was MIA. It’s good to be bag though, the break was nice but I miss blogging so i had to come back.

I still haven’t tried some really good sushi yet and I want too so bad because I heard it’s good, knowing my picky self I might hate it. Meatballs are the worst things that were ever invented. I absolutely hate the taste lol.

I just wrote an “I miss” blog too. Well, mine was only about school. But it was about how I miss it. :P

Explosions in the Sky sounds awesome! Is it like a fireworks show, or…? I never go to concert things like that because loud noises and crowds = not at all my thing. I loooove fireworks, though! XD

I loved having long hair. Well, my hair is pretty long right now, but…. I liked when it was really long and all one lenghth. Now it’s long, but it’s layered and there’re a bunch of short pieces in the front from where my side bangs used to be.

The blogging world defeinitely isn’t the same as it used to be. I’ve been blogging for two years now (which I guess it’s really /too/ long) but it seems like so many peoople have disappeared or quit blogging. :( It’s really sad and it also makes me worried sometimes…. you know, those people who just disappear without saying anything. I always wonder what happened to them.

Yum, sushi. 🤤 I haven’t had any in…. I can’t even remember how long.

I also miss my long hair. I just chopped 8 inches off for who knows why, and I miss it so much. My hair is shoulder length now and I feel so naked without my looooooong hair. Oh well, hair grows, hair grows.

It makes me sad when people that used to blog so often and so well disappear from the face of the internet. I worry about them a lot. I wonder what happened–what if something horrible happened to them? What if something serious happened? What if? What if? What if? It worries me greatly!

The blogging world just isn’t the same anymore. It saddens me. x'(

First, I don’t understand how someone can miss working…I guess you have to REALLY like your job for that….Well, Idk. I’m just not the kind of person that likes to work. Lol. But we have to do it for a living.

I miss dante too. I know I just saw him 2 days ago but I miss him. I feel like we aren’t spending as much time together…but we are spending MORE time together than normal. Lol. Or at least I like to think so. :)

For the sake of me going on about myself, that’s all I’m going to post about missing people or things.
Thanks. :) I try to look on the bright side of things…even though I’m a pessimist. XD
Sometimes it’s hard for me to do but that makes it an even better accomplishment. :D

Yeah, I will learn, in due time. :) In the meantime, I need to get him to realize that his diet is not okay and that he is being a dick when he calls me fat, stupid, and things of that sort. I have been trying to use the expression, “there’s a fine line between being funny and being a dick” but I don’t think it is getting through to him….*sigh*
I really want to get through to him about his diet. I mean, I know mine is bad as well (my family is the family that over-eats and goes to buffets more than a normal person should). But I’m more worried about his because he doesn’t know his diet is bad. At least with me knowing, I can do something about it & I do try to get into shape but I haven’t been for a walk or anything of the sort in a while. Probably only a week but I’ve only been going once a week as opposed to ever other day like I used to…I really need to walk more, I can tell I am gaining all of the weight I lost back by just looking in the mirror. :/

Anyway, do you know of any way I can get Dante to get his head out of his butt about his diet? I keep trying to tell him that all he eats is junk food…Like one time he bought cupcakes from his work (grocery store) and he kept them in his room and didn’t tell anyone about them. He said he ate all but two but I think he ate all of them and just feels too bad about it to tell me…because he knows I’d yell at him for it…I guess that he just doesn’t understand that when I yell at him, it’s because I care and don’t know any other way to get the fact that he is gaining weight and eating unhealthily through his head… :/

yeah, it really does and I try to eat a salad for desert whenever we go out. Like I’m eating a salad and chicken fingers with 1 or 2 onion rings/cheese sticks whenever we go to a restaurant that isn’t a buffet. We don’t go out to eat AS much as we used to but we still go more than normal people. Normal people only go out on special holidays or birthdays….we go at least 3-4 times a month & that is just for going to buffets…it sucks when you want to get healthier but your family doesn’t stock man fruits in the house…

I’ve pretty much quit weight watchers…I use the fundamentals…like I pay attention to what I eat more but the points were just killing me. Lol.

That is a long time since you’ve seen James, wow. o.O I’ve never heard any songs by Explosions in the Sky, but I hope you guys enjoyed the concert and spending some time together. ♥ I like how you guys stay so close when you don’t have the chance to see each other often – that’s what makes a relationship to me.

I’m scared to go to a concert in case I hate it, paha. Thought I’d add that. :P

I know how much you miss your long hair and hair takes SO long to grow, especially when you want it grow quicker. /bash I’ve given up trying to grow mine out, but my fringe is REALLY long atm which is annoying. If it’s any consolation, I love how your hair is now. :P

I never knew you were a qualified ballet teacher. o___O That’s such a great achievement, though. It’s a shame you don’t have time for it, but at least you can say “hey, I’m a qualified student teacher!” heh. You could coach your future children. :P

Ew, sushi. Something about sushi really creeps me out. I really miss eating bread, pizza and pasta. Since they all contain gluten, I’m not allowed them and when I do eat them, I just feel guilty so I don’t enjoy it. The gluten-free variations aren’t the same, wahhh.

I miss the way the “blogging world” was back in 08/09, when I first started. Everyone from those days have disappeared and it’s sad. :( I don’t have any motivation to open, but I might do. I just cba with comments, etc. 😳

I miss work too. I haven’t worked since July, but I was supposed to be starting soon but I haven’t heard from them yet and it’s making me sad. I need something to look forward to because atm, I’m just so moody all the time. It’s nice to see you’re enjoying work so much that you miss it after one day, though. :P

I miss Rob. There I said it.

That’s a lot of stuff to miss. :/ We all miss stuff at some point. I miss quite a bit right now, actually. I missed blogging, but I started again. :) I’ve missed you also. xD

I was going to say I can’t even imagine you not seeing Lilian for so long, but then I remembered that I’ve never seen you ever grr. T_T

You saw James yesterday! I somehow feel like I met him, haha. He seemed pretty cool and when I come there the three of us will hang out. We totally will.

I miss my red hair, but I don’t miss how the dye faded really quickly. Besides, my hair was red for like six months. That’s a long time in hair-color land!

Ballet… oh god ballet. I miss that so much too. And skating… =/ I think what I miss the most is being able to do cool things that other people couldn’t do. I’m not even strong enough to land my axel anymore, which I really really regret. Remember how I said I was going to go skating every Sunday? Guess I don’t miss it THAT much. xD Sometimes I actually cry over it, though. I cried really hard during the 2010 Olympics because those were the Olympics that I had spent my entire childhood striving to qualify for. I wrote an essay about it for my school’s literary magazine that year; it made my mom cry. 😢

PIXEL ART LOL. That is all.

You will be going back to Indonesia soooooon. ♥

I think the thing I miss the most right now is the old blogging community. Back when I used to get 30+ comments and you used to get almost 100… those were the days. We just talked about this the other day. :P

awww you miss your work? that’s a good thing. i hope you meet up with your best friend soon. ah~ hanging out with your bestie is definitely a must! sure, talking over the phone is great but it’s not the same as seeing them in person!

i miss my long hair and sushi too! hahaha but don’t worry, hair grows (fast~ if it’s healthy ^_^) and sushi is everywhere hehhee yummy!

I’m in like the complete opposite boat right now. Except for missing my free time and time to myself, I just want to get away from everything. I’m sick of the people I live with, sick of school, sick of working, sick sick sick. I sound so ungrateful, but I guess I’m just really stressed out and don’t have time to do anything for myself. So I guess I could say I miss time.

Aw :( I always imagine you and James seeing each other a lot more often. I see Andrew a lot just because we have class together, which is nice. I’m glad you get to go to a concert and see him though! It sounds like it will be tons of fun–you’ll have to tell us about it. :)

A lot of the bloggers that I looked up to and originally inspired me to stop blogging myself seem to have disappeared to. :/ I think blogging is largely shaped by the bloggers around you and that you associate with. I miss them, but I love meeting new people all the time. Don’t disappear anytime soon! :P

This a very nice post Georgie. Gives me the inspiration to do one. There are a lot of things I miss but a lot of things I do want to let go of and not miss too much…its quite complicated with me. I’m so glad you shared your thoughts on the tag I did. Its fun learning more about each other and I’m surprised I hadn’t before. I have to agree on two with you…I miss my long hair also. Now I’m just used to my short hair :/ and the patience to write code and do work on Photoshop. I just can’t do it anymore and I want to punch myself for it. Maybe if get a new computer….

It’s true, guys do change once you get into a relationship. Well, maybe not all, but my ex for sure. He was this awesome guy to talk to and was so sweet and always said nice things, but then after a while that all changed… he turned out to be a different person, but he gave all that easily to his ex; which I was jealous of, and I guess that’s what made the relationship turn sour, aside from other things.
Even though my website is new, I should clean it out too! Like re-write things, I don’t think anyone uses any of my downloadable/freebies either. Meh lol. Has anyone asked you about them yet?! ahah.

Awe, hopefully you get to see Lillian soon! :) The Explosion in the Sky show sounds awesome, hope you have fun! I think I seen your hair on Twitter, I think it looks nice! But I have to agree with you because I’m the same way, I want to grow mine out, but I need trims once in a while, but when I do I regret it :(
I’ve noticed a lot of the bloggers I used to talk with a lot and became close with have disappeared, too :( It sucks! Hopefully they come back..

Now that I think about it, I miss a lot of things too. / /wah
I can relate with the missing-your-BFF. I haven’t seen my friends in months, and I miss them terribly. It’s really hard when you used to be inseparable but now you have a different life away from each other. T_T I hope you’ll get the chance to bond with your BFF some time soon :)

Pixel Art is really… difficult. T_T I tried doing it too, I guess I just don’t have the patience, and I just can’t do it right. T_T So I understand why you stopped.

Wow, you used to dance ballet? It’s such a waste to stop it, but I guess I can understand that sometimes you can’t just continue doing what you used to do. T_T (Don’t mind me. I’m just one of those I-wish-I’ve-done-ballet-when-I-was_younger)

GEORGIEEEEEE! I miss you too! It really has been a while since we’ve seen each other (though it was very cool when you visited me at uni XD). We must meet up and HANG! HANG HANG HANG :P.

I’m glad you and James had fun seeing Explosions in the Sky :). They sound like an EPIC band. They must have been crazy-awesome live. I’m so jealous :P.

You were totally pro at ballet. You’ll have to teach our future daughters (and sons XD). I’m sure that if you picked it up again, you’d regain your muscle strength really fast though :D. You got waaay far with it though. *So proud*.

Mmmm reading your blog has made ME crave sushi. Ahhh I love sushi so much :P.

I hope no one is missing your pixel art too badly D:. That would totally suck.

And don’t worry, I’m sure your hair will grow in NO TIME :D. It normally grows pretty fast :P. And it’s not THAT short. If I could I’d give you some of my length because my hair is getting too long to be easily managed. Which of course, is a pain.