Retail Therapy

Lately I’ve been in need of some new “basics”. I’ll be honest – a lot, if not all – of the clothes I own are on extreme ends of the spectrum. They’re either very dressy and formal – like work jackets, pretty floaty tops, long sleeved chiffon blouses, fancy scarves and the like – or really daggy, like these-could-be-my-pyjamas daggy. Not kidding. One day I was actually rolled out of bed with my Ben Jorgensen shirt (band shirts are the best to sleep in, woop woop) and just threw on a skirt and pretty much left the house.

To go to work.

Alright, after I ate and washed my face and ate breakfast. I said ate twice. I mean brushed my teeth. And not necessarily in that order.

Since most of my clothes are dressy, I find it hard to dress for certain occasions, and sometimes I feel like I need something casual that I don’t have to worry about ripping or tearing. I’m also a tights/stockings kind of girl, so one of the things I endlessly worry about is making runs in my pantyhose by getting it caught on peeling skin or zippers of bags or just having some asshole scrape past me with a velcro-fastened bag.

Velcro on stockings is a real bitch.

On the weekend I did some online window shopping for some basic tees and casual tops. That’s just what I need. A few months ago I bought a girly Nirvana tee, and I was really happy with that purchase. It has become my gig shirt; I seem to wear it to gigs. 😄 I also bought an Anberlin shirt, which is white – and that’s a band shirt that’s a change from the usual black. I think a girl knows when she’s got enough band shirts. 😉

During my online browsing I found that I had obviously been browsing for too long, because my session timed out and my cart emptied itself. Oh well, too bad. In the end I decided that when it comes to most clothing it’s best to have a look at it in-store. Looking at clothes online… well, sometimes they look nice, but you’re looking at it on a screen. There is also a reason why I don’t like seeing clothes on models when I view clothes online. All I see is some girl posing and I don’t get to see the garment. That’s what I want to see, so I can imagine how I’d look in it, without having some grinning girl influence my decision.

This afternoon I went to the shops and picked up three long-sleeved shirts, a woolly top, a striped black and white top, a tan-coloured top and a grey shirt with a chipmunk. I wish I’d gotten more basics… but I guess it would be pretty easy to find black and white singlet tops in most places. Now to toss everything in the wash and wait until I can wear them for real. I hate waiting to wash clothes after I buy them.

That was a splurge of some $60, but I did spend a lot more buying tickets to the Smashing Pumpkins. They are most definitely one of my favourite bands. ♥️ I guess I love the old lineup better than the new – and the band members have changed so much over the years… but what I love most is their music. I’m going for the music. One should always go to shows for the music. I’m going with James, and I’m forever grateful that he agreed to come. 😘

While I look forward to that date at the end of July, I return to the present, where I’m working on a 10,000 word assignment.

Nope, not joking.

I’m glad we’re working in pairs. 5,000 isn’t half bad.

Actually, it is. It’s half of 10,000.

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