Retail Therapy

Lately I’ve been in need of some new “basics”. I’ll be honest – a lot, if not all – of the clothes I own are on extreme ends of the spectrum. They’re either very dressy and formal – like work jackets, pretty floaty tops, long sleeved chiffon blouses, fancy scarves and the like – or really daggy, like these-could-be-my-pyjamas daggy. Not kidding. One day I was actually rolled out of bed with my Ben Jorgensen shirt (band shirts are the best to sleep in, woop woop) and just threw on a skirt and pretty much left the house.

To go to work.

Alright, after I ate and washed my face and ate breakfast. I said ate twice. I mean brushed my teeth. And not necessarily in that order.

Since most of my clothes are dressy, I find it hard to dress for certain occasions, and sometimes I feel like I need something casual that I don’t have to worry about ripping or tearing. I’m also a tights/stockings kind of girl, so one of the things I endlessly worry about is making runs in my pantyhose by getting it caught on peeling skin or zippers of bags or just having some asshole scrape past me with a velcro-fastened bag.

Velcro on stockings is a real bitch.

On the weekend I did some online window shopping for some basic tees and casual tops. That’s just what I need. A few months ago I bought a girly Nirvana tee, and I was really happy with that purchase. It has become my gig shirt; I seem to wear it to gigs. :D I also bought an Anberlin shirt, which is white – and that’s a band shirt that’s a change from the usual black. I think a girl knows when she’s got enough band shirts. ;)

During my online browsing I found that I had obviously been browsing for too long, because my session timed out and my cart emptied itself. Oh well, too bad. In the end I decided that when it comes to most clothing it’s best to have a look at it in-store. Looking at clothes online… well, sometimes they look nice, but you’re looking at it on a screen. There is also a reason why I don’t like seeing clothes on models when I view clothes online. All I see is some girl posing and I don’t get to see the garment. That’s what I want to see, so I can imagine how I’d look in it, without having some grinning girl influence my decision.

This afternoon I went to the shops and picked up three long-sleeved shirts, a woolly top, a striped black and white top, a tan-coloured top and a grey shirt with a chipmunk. I wish I’d gotten more basics… but I guess it would be pretty easy to find black and white singlet tops in most places. Now to toss everything in the wash and wait until I can wear them for real. I hate waiting to wash clothes after I buy them.

That was a splurge of some $60, but I did spend a lot more buying tickets to the Smashing Pumpkins. They are most definitely one of my favourite bands. ♥️ I guess I love the old lineup better than the new – and the band members have changed so much over the years… but what I love most is their music. I’m going for the music. One should always go to shows for the music. I’m going with James, and I’m forever grateful that he agreed to come. /mwah

While I look forward to that date at the end of July, I return to the present, where I’m working on a 10,000 word assignment.

Nope, not joking.

I’m glad we’re working in pairs. 5,000 isn’t half bad.

Actually, it is. It’s half of 10,000.

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I really need to do some clothes shopping, too. Well, I guess not need, but I want to! I do NEED to replace my plain tank tops, though. All of them are at least several years old and have stained under-arms, so I can only wear them under things. Actually, I don’t think I’ve bought a new plain tank top since 2008… I’m wearing a tank today but it’s new from last year and has Hello Kitty on it, so that doesn’t count. Buuuut yeah, I need new stuff.

I also need new stockings. I don’t have any black ones anymore since mine got a hole in the toe. I hate when my toe goes through my tights… the feeling sucks so I throw them away when that happens.

The Velcro thing happened to me in high school. Some jerk’s bag tore a huge hole in my tights. I was so pissed.

I can’t comment on your wardrobe because mine absolutely sucks! I need a total closet/basket makeover! See I’m really cheap, therefore i don’t go shopping for clothes very often. However, I’d really like to start! :)

Wow, a 10,000 word paper is huge! Thank goodness it’s cut down 5,000 words. I remember when I used to complain about my professor assigning us papers/essays with the maximum of 5-7 pages! Well good luck on everything ;)

Ooh, I wish you hadda taken photos of all your purchases! I love looking at pictures of people’s clothing hauls, heheheh. And since I quite like your sense of fashion, as well, I’m extra bummed. /wah

Speaking of being bummed, do you not return comments anymore, or have you just been busy lately …? Either way, it’s a shame. I always liked hearing what you had to say on my weekly entries! :(

Sorry Mallory, I’ve been really busy. I still read blogs and respond to comments but I’m about sixteen posts behind now. It is really difficult working 9am-6pm every weekday and then having classes up until 9pm four days a week and having assignments to do on top of that. I don’t have a lot of spare time in which to read blogs or comments, much less respond to them.

Aww, that seriously sucks, but it’s okay — I totally understand. You can’t be expected to keep up with silly things when you’ve more important things to attend to. I know this personally, considering I didn’t touch my site at all for multiple months.

Here’s to hoping that some day soon you’ll be able to get back into the old swing of things. ♥

Im on a shopping ban for the next two months, but thats not stopping me from making a dress. I had the fabric already and this way I can make the way I want.

I love Smashing Pumpkins as well, but damn! Billy’s voice just doesn’t sound like it used to.

All of that clothing was only $60? I’m jealous! No way that we’d get those prices here! And as a personal rule, I never buy clothing online, for fear that it doesn’t fit. I’m glad that you were able to find stuff though! You need them, now that you’re working regularly.

Good luck on your essays! You can do it!

GEORGIE!!! I am so so so so so sorry I haven’t been able to comment on your site lately! It wasn’t working for some reason or another, and plus I’ve been hit with a lot of stress. And now, I have to move out, which is for the better. I will have my own room, and my own t.v. back. And computer back. Also on top of that, I am moving closer to a guy whose my friend but maybe something more in the future (taking things slow).

Anyway, I agree band shirts are the way to go to sleep in. I used to sleep in my Meatloaf shirts all the time, but not anymore. I find myself sleeping in comfy pj’s and find out the recent purchase is great! Also, I think I finally found a friend who cares, about me offline and we’ve had our third date today. Though the sun was sucking all of our energy cause we had walked so much. But still fun. And I’ll be closer to him and can have guests over just not over night guests.

So anyway, I’m happy you’re getting to see The Smashing Pumpkins!! That is super rad! I wouldn’t be able to see Meatloaf this time around. No meet and greets but I think God has placed that on hold for now, until he sees otherwise. My path is the one I should be following and I am doing so. I have “R” by my side, now, moving to another location and different city. Will be seeing more of “R”, am with a nice family when I move in on the weekend. I have met “R”‘s housemates, they all like me and I like them all.

Things are really looking up. I’m only sorry, that it has to be this way, but it does. I know it’s going to upset “C” my little sister, but in order for her to come back home and stay with her dad, I have to be gone. Court’s decision or so they said. But yeah, I’ll be out of my own with a land lady most of the time. I will be protected by the husband when he’s there, so my friend “R” won’t have to worry. They were talking about that too. I know he was worried that’s why he came with me he even admitted it too. But the neighborhood is great! My kitty can come with me and maybe be an indoor outdoor kitty like she’s always wanted. But, I will have to wait and see. She can roam freely through out the house and I am happy about that. I have people offering to help me move left and right to the new place!! I couldn’t be happier. Things are really and finally looking up!! I can talk about God and religion to my Land Lady as she really wants me to be there, and another female to be there as her husband will be gone most of the time. She wants girl talk lol. I don’t blame her in the slightest. But yeah, she seems down to earth, I can have guests over, and they will probably see “R” a lot.

So anyway, shirts are always a good thing to have, even dressy type ones. Though I do agree with you that stockings can be a pain in the butt when it’s snagged on something. That’s why I hardly ever wear them. :). lol.

Anyway girl, I’m gonna get going I have a busy day tomorrow. So I’ll talk to you later. Again, I apologize for my tardiness in coming to your site and commenting. Oh btw, is transformed into a photoblog and you are linked :).

Hey Jamie! I dropped by your blog and you closed the comments so I didn’t get to leave one. I’m sorry I’ve been out of touch as well. As you can see, I’m very behind with responding to comments as I’m responding to something you left me three weeks ago! I feel terrible.

But I’ve been keeping up with your Instagram photos, definitely! I take it with me on the go, so it usually gives me a chance to browse the app.

So I heard that R is getting insecure. You guys weren’t really “together” so I don’t know what his problem is. I hope J is a keeper this time. :) I hope you get to see your little sister from time to time.

I added your link to my photoblog too. ♥

I really need to go shopping, most of my dresses are so casual.. and I feel like my sense of style is just plain simple. I really need to buy dresses and the likes soooooon! :D

I’m a big fan of a basic black dress and crazy tights :) That’s actually my outfit today. I need some more middle of the road clothes as well. Those are the things I wear most often and are usually destroyed first. I get most of that stuff from old navy, but I feel like they’ve become the tall, fat person store. I can’t find anything that fits there. Very frustrating.

I’m with you on seeing clothes in person versus buying it online. The only clothes I’ve bought online were for friends as presents… Hmm, maybe that’s not a great idea either. Hahaha. /wave

One of my friends only trusts buying clothes online on Victoria’s Secret’s website. She said she feels comfortable buying there because she’s familiar with how their clothes fit. That’s the only time she’d ever buy clothes online.

I wish I had more dressy things, like you do. A majority of my clothes are casual. I wish I was more comfortable wearing skirts and dresses, but I always feel weird…like I’m not myself. It’s weird XD

Ahh, I miss retail therapy and actually buying clothes. I don’t think I’ve splurged on myself in a year. One day, I’m probably going to burst and just spend a whole bunch of money! Anyhoo, $60 is great for your clothing haul! I hope your tops last you a long time :)

Hey Georgie! Splurging a few times can’t hurt and these are good buys! haha I have same sentiments with you regarding online shopping too. It may look pretty on this girl but on me, maybe it’d suck to hell :/ I found out that even if a shirt looks good, it may not look good on me :( I actually lack dressy clothes and have a lot of casual wear. Guess I better save up for some office attire! :D

Wanna see pics of your shirts!! :D

There used to be a time when I did not know how to shop for clothes. Everything I bought I ended up never satisfied with when I’d get home and look over my purchases. xD It was because I wasn’t sure what I liked or didn’t like. I like several styles and I found it hard to shop for clothing due to that, so that’s why I never really bought clothes back then.

But now I’m more aware of my style. Nowadays, I’m very into dresses and blouses and stockings. I’m also into wearing just typical jeans and a dress top of some sort. Nothing fancy. I’m very plain and never wear accessories besides the ones I wear everyday (just one bracelet, necklace, and pearl earrings).

I guess what I need are more winter clothing. :P A majority of my closet is filled with spring/summer wear.

I don’t shop for clothing online. The only time I ever bought a piece of clothing online was a t-shirt from Threadless and it’s my favorite t-shirt. I feel that’s the only shirt I can tolerate right now because I’m not a fan of wearing tees as much as I used to be. Blouses have replaced my tees. ;P

Smashing Pumpkins & George Michael for me this year :-D I can handle SP so long as Billy is frontman. Then after that, anything goes I think …

I need to go clothes shopping too.

I’m kind of the opposite with clothes. I have lots of normal day to day clothes but nothing smart to wear where I need to be smart. I always panic when I have a job interview because I don’t have anything to wear.

I have a few band shirts and I wore one of my over-sized ones when I went to see Kasabian. I find it difficult to find band shirts in women sizes. They are all made for men. No fair.

Haha the women who model clothes for shops online look good in everything. The amount of times I have seen something I like on the internet and then when I try it on in the shop I hate it!

$60 isn’t too bad for the amount of clothes you bought. I have a terrible habit of spending £40 on one item of clothing. It’s a stupid thing to do but I will have to learn to make my money go further when I’m at university.

Band shirts! ♥
Stockings are cool. Back then, when I joined ballet as a kid, I really hate wearing stocking…. But now I find it…cool? :P let me blame it on teenage hormones …..jk.
I’d say that looking at clothes directly in the store is the best thing to do; you can actually feel what it’s like, which obviously is wayyy better.
Oh! I get that feeling of “waiting for new clothes to be washed” since I’m all, “I wanna wear my new clothes fast!” after I purchased them. /bounce
😒 10,000 words assignment… reminds me of my recently done 1000-15000 English essay ugh… Good luck with it, G!

I have the same issue when it comes to my wardrobe. Honestly, I have a ton of nice tops that I tend to wear with the few pair of jeans I have. I recently lost my favorite black tank top which I could wear on its own and also as an undershirt for about five outfits =( I’m hoping in turns up in the laundry but I might have to just go out and buy some basics all over again.

I love the two Avenged Sevenfold band shirts that I own ♥ I wear both of them when I just feel like throwing on a shirt and a pair of jeans. They are my favorite t-shirts of all time!

I also hate having to shop online because a lot of the models they use for the clothing are a lot thinner than me, so I tend to think, “Oh, that looks good on that skinny girl so it probably won’t look good on me”. That’s why I tend to go shopping at department stores where I can just try everything on and not have the models to otherwise bias my opinion on a piece of clothing.

Good luck on your English assignment! My AP English teacher used to make us write 1000 word essays for homework every night and at the end of the year I had to write a 15 page research paper with 20 different sources, so I know how you feel lol

10,000 word assignment! That’s almost crazy! I couldn’t even imagine it. I bought a Beatles shirt when I was younger. They are one of my favorite bands. I believe I still have it.

I hope you have fun at The Smashing Pumpkins Concert ;P Also I’ve heard so much good things about them, I might have to check them out!

Oh man, I would love to go shopping. We are very tight on money this month though, as our cable company screwed up some communication issue with telling us when our bills would be due… lame :(

OOOH, so exciting for a spashing pumpkins concert! I hope you and James have a lot of fun :) And, ew, 10,000 words? That’s so crazy! I remember doing crazy assignments like that when I was in college…. the longest one I had was 20 pages though, we rarely did word counts. It was always a certain number of pages. And some professors were asses about it and like you couldn’t go over the page limit either! Good luck on your assignment!

Sounds a lot like my wardrobe. I think I need to go shopping. :P

I find that I prefer shopping in retail stores rather than online. That way you get to try things on and see if it suits. But you do find some cool clothes and cheap prices online.

I’ve bought quite a lot of things online actually. A lot of them I never wear because they look good when you see them on your screen, but trying them on is a whole different story. My favourite online purchase is a girlish version of a Marilyn Manson singlet and a few other things from I would love to own a girl type Nirvana shirt though. :)

We share a lot of similarities in music. :)