Regular John @ The Backroom (09/05/13)

I hate The Backroom because its phone reception is just atrocious, but it’s a really intimate venue, and on the negative side again, it has bad lighting. However, I had the chance to photograph rock band Regular John, who have a deep, aged (in a good way!) sound to them. These guys know what they’re doing and last year released their album Strange Flowers.

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Ahh, the best way to remedy poor lighting:
-Faster lens

Which reminds me, where the hell is my speedlight?! That thing is $500 & I need to locate it because it’s the best damn thing ever for poor lighting situations or just situations in general.

Also, I really like the black & white pics! Little noisy, but it’s to be expected if your ISO is really high.

ALSO, noticed the new theme. Best one for your photoblog yet!

Cheers chica! Yet to make it responsive/mobile friendly, though. Responsive web design gets on my nerves sometimes. The thing was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing. If I planned it out properly I would have done mobile first, haha.

This was shot on 6400 ISO just on my 1.8. (I kinda love grainy though, suits Regular John’s music!) Will look into investing in new glass or a speedlight when I stop spending money on going to concerts… woop.