Of light and fire

I’m sitting at university right now. I don’t think I am looking forward to today’s class. Well, I haven’t been looking forward to it all week, but it’s the last lesson I have before a short break. During this “study” break I have to meet up with my group for one of my subjects and we have to do some planning. We’re planning a Melbourne Cup event for the Riding for the Disabled organisation we’re volunteering in. I think it’s going to be really fun. We are going to be far too busy to completely run it, but to organise the whole thing will be great.

I haven’t been looking forward to today’s class because, again, it’s that whole thing with not knowing how to use the photo studio and stuff, that I mentioned in an earlier post. I haven’t gone very far in my assignment but I don’t know why we’re getting so much time to do it either. We get the study break and we’ve got four weeks outside of that, to take about eight photos, and print them all. I don’t think it’s that difficult, and this is coming from someone who hasn’t really started. I think it’s because the thing I’m photographing is simple for me.

Our concept is “The Double” and though I spent some time contemplating what I would be doing to represent this concept, one of my tutors was lovely enough to give me an idea. I wanted to work with my drawings/scribbles… which some of you may know that I do. I used to put them on meladori.info before I moved my domains around, and DeviantArt before I deleted my account. They’re basically pencil doodles which are a result of my stream of consciousness. I tend to fill up a whole page of graph paper in ten minutes. I decided to make a copy of one – hard as it is to replicate something spontaneous – and take a photo of the two of them side by side.

My tutors liked the idea. I guess I just have to photograph them. I have a photo on Twitpic but it’s bad quality; I’ll upload another one soon. :)

On that subject, James and I kept bidding on cameras on eBay and finally we won an auction. I was looking at the time left while I was in class and quickly outbid the person before us. No one bid again before the listing ended so woo, the camera is mine. :D It’s a Canon 1000D and comes with a tripod and lots of other equipment. I am excited. /bounce

My first day of work was really good! I was only there for four hours but I learned some new things as well that I should be applying to my designs. I didn’t know how to use CSS sprites before (or rather, didn’t quite bother), and now I realise it isn’t that hard. I got an idea of how things go on at the workplace, and I even have a work email address too now.

Yesterday I also managed to get rid of some of the stuff building up in my room – sent some parcels, dumped some CDs and so on. I wanted to get cash for selling my CDs but I only got credit for the store that I had to use straight away. I was in a rush to go to work so I just picked up three random CDs (The Beatles, Funeral For A Friend and New Found Glory). Ah well, CDs for CDs, not too bad. I don’t have those albums even in digital form, so I guess that was alright. I’m planning to get rid of a lot of my old children’s books – but I’m keeping my favourites of course. XD

Last week I forgot to mention that we had a fire drill at university. It was so weird. I was in photography class and we were in the middle of discussing the photographers we’d studied that week. Bryden was in the middle of saying, “Er… I made a mistake…” as the alarm went off. We all started laughing because the alarm and the voiceover (“Please stand by and await further instructions”) was interrupting him as he tried to explain. Our teacher said, “This is your punishment Bryden!” XD

We ended up going outside and continuing class discussions in the courtyard and on the pedestrian bridge. We were out there a while trying to talk over all the commotion. A very interesting class, haha.

After a while a representative said, “The exercise is over, thank you for your cooperation. We cleared the building in 30 minutes”. We were all thinking – half an hour – that can’t be good…

Oh! And my mum finally gave me a new light bulb for my nightlight. I’ve been sleeping in the dark for months, and I’m scared of the dark. :X Though the new light bulb is really bright to me. Or maybe I’m getting used to sleeping in the dark? Could be a good thing. /eee

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Heh, you couldn’t even figure out how to deal with the Sun. tahee
But I’m glad you got this camera. Hopefully it’ll teach you all you need to know and set you off well on your way to being a Pho tographer. =p

I like cleaning out my room and throwing out stuff I used to think was precious. Or maybe it’s just me. Or maybe I just have a lot of junk../sweato

We had a fire drill once and the lecturer just kept talking and talking until he finished. It was so ngeo; none of us could even understand him over the din /bash



Your Riding for the Disabled thing sounds great :D. Like organising an event like that sounds really complicated and difficult but it seems like it’s for a good cause :). Good luck with it.

Hahaha I hate when there’s all this time and information in front of you, yet it feels like what you’re supposed to be doing is far too simple for that much time to be afforded to you. Hopefully with your photography they just over-estimated the time you guys needed :D. I remember your scribbles! I miss those!

Congratulations on winning a bid. Hope the camera comes soon :D. It sounds all epic and professional :O.

Oh I think you told me about that fire drill. LOL, how random. And LOL, 30 minutes?!?! Well it could have been worse XD. At least people got out of the building in less than an hour. Girra fire drills = year 12s take FOREVER! We got told off for it :P.

Haha, maybe you are getting used to sleeping in the dark :P. Don’t worry, Doggie will protect you! RAWR!

haha! that was very clever bidding the camera XD I never thought of that. 😝 congrats about the camera! cool! I always wanted to have camera in my habd /wave I remembered when i was still high school, we love to have fire drilling because we wanna shorten our class! HAHA! /eee but if my subject is just like yours jeeeeh! that’s another case ✌️

congrats on getting the canon 1000D 🤤 I want a Canon DSLR too~ 😢 currently I’m liking canon 600D but who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind. /eee
Haha, fire drill practise.. I remembered how it happened back in high school.. the students were all not panicking and were all lazy to follow the rules, etc.. we’re like “this is such a waste of time” and got scolded by the teachers because we didn’t took this seriously.. /ho but sometimes we prayed so that the drill practise started in subjects we dislike,lols.. so we could skipped few minutes haha.
I like the doodles you posted on twitpic even though it’s blurry and I can’t see what are the doodles.. /is blind. I tend to draw doodles and scribbles a lot too on my notebook, lol. random doodles and scribbles full of weird imaginary characters.. I like seeing people’s doodles and random, messy scribbles XD it has more artsy feeling I think.
If you’re scared of the dark then I’m so weird because I don’t like the light.. I dislike bright room O_O I live in the dark for too long, orz..

I think it’s wonderful you’re organizing that event. I think it’s great that you’re taking part in something like that, even if you don’t run, lol. :)

And congratulations on the camera! I’ve always wanted a nice camera myself, although I’m sadly very short on money.
Aaah…fire drills. I’m deathly afraid of them because of my phobia. I got a panic attack a couple of years ago from one, but my science teacher was being silly when we waited outside, so I felt better lol. Fire drills were a nuisance in middle school though. Those kids could never follow instructions correctly. :p

I doodle quite a lot too. By the end of the year my folder is stuffed with looseleaf filled with doodles. It seems as if I get the best ideas whenever they’re spontaneous. Your doodle page looks lovely, by the way.

Good luck with your photography class!

I don’t think I would need such a long time to take photos and print them, either. Maybe they just want you to put a lot of thought into it, and that’s why there’s such a large amount of allotted time? I look forward to seeing a better photo of those side by side doodles. They look really cutie. :D

Yikes it too you guys 30 minutes to clear the building? IDK how big the building is but I don’t think it really matters. 30 minutes is a long time and everyone could have burned to death/died of smoke inhalation if they were in an actual fire for that long.

you should post your doodles, i love doodles they make me think i’m young again hahaha!

just keep on shooting, there are so many subjects around you just have to be creative to think of the concept (like it’s easy haha, i’ve been struggling to think of subject and concepts too, i just want to convince myself that I can do it, so do you! :) hehehe

Hey Georgie!! You might know who this, and then again you might not?

Anyway, I’m sorry I haven’t commented on your blog in such a long time. I’ve been super busy babysitting, and didn’t really feel like blogging on my old blog. SO; I got a new one :) . Yup. I did. I got a new one. I did go to your site floridrops.org, To see if I could get hosted by you, but it says you’re not accepting anymore? Or something around those terms.

I’m glad you got that camera!! That’s how you do it, when you want something from ebay.com. You wait till the last second to bid on something you really want, and snipe it from the other person who is waiting or thinking they’re going to get it. Ya know what I mean? (You probably know who this is now :P ).

Anyway, Georgie I got to go – – I’m sorry this comment is so short, but this is my new url, from h.c (you probably know me now :P). So I’ll try to comment a longer one later!! Oh and btw, good luck on your class project!!!

Congrats with winning the camera on ebay :p I bet you will shoot many Pictures ^_^ anyway, have fun with your new camera :3

It’s a good thing you learn something from your new job. It’s funny how you can Learn something new so easily xD

Anyway. Just keep on shooting photos :3

I see some amazing doodles! I love doing that whenever I get bored during class. Haha! I find it sweet that you offer James a blog. Hehe.

The event your planning sounds interesting! I hope everything goes well for you and your group.

I’ve always been envious of people who could draw, even if it is just good doodling. I tend to doodle on my papers as well, but mostly if I’m bored in class I just start writing random things. Not a good habit for college, so I refrain… sadly.

Good luck with your photography project! I really like your concept, and when I looked at the twitpic, I couldn’t tell the two apart. xD I think that’s a good thing! Doodling is so fun. I do it all the time. However, I tend to doodle where I’m not supposed to, so I use my eraser equally as much as my pencil. xD

Congrats on the camera! I would love to get a decent camera, but they are so expensive! I really don’t understand why they cost that much. :P

Haha, firedrills. We do those in my high school. We’ve only been back in school for three days, but a firedrill in the next two weeks in imminent.
Oh, and css sprites are cool! I used to use them for rollover effects on my navigation. :D Can be a great effect!

Haha, I think I actually rounded too low on the price. It was actually about $300 according to my parents (but I got a couple of other tops since that blog post). I hate having them spend money on me, but I really needed new clothes. :P

Thanks! I like the sweater, but it actually makes me look pretty wide. (I didn’t try it on first. :P ) I think I may return it for a different sweater.

Really? In America, some schools require a uniform, but ours doesn’t. I sometimes wish we wore uniforms. I would save lots of money on clothes. :)

Thanks for the advice! Based on that (because I completely agree) I think I will only make simple wordpress themes. That way, people can adapt them however they like. :D

Oh, tell me about it. I like to get clothes, but I could do without trying them on. I hate that part. :P

Thanks for sharing those links! I really like your different site styles. :D They are very different from each other, but they look great! :)

Again, sorry for the late response. School has just started, and I am so busy! D:

All my old children’s books have been thrown away or given away. :( What a pity, really.

Thank you for your feedback on my layout. :) I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

I’m use to getting typos on my letters. Everyone spells my second name wrong!

I think that is a really good idea for your project. If I had been told the concept was ‘doubles’ I would have been totally clueless.

Congratulations on winning the auction and getting the camera. I’ve never bought anything in an eBay action before. I think if I was really desperate for something I would end up spending too much on it.

Fire drills are always hectic at our college because no one seems to know where to go. I expect we are going to have one in the near future with all the new students.

Ngegege! Congrats on winning the bid. :D After so many almost-win attempts, you finally got it eh? XD

Glad you first day at work turned out to be allright. Yeah CSS sprites aren’t that difficult once you get the grips of it. In fact, I really find it much easier to use than using two separate images for the hover effect now. :D

Hmm, it took 30 minutes to clear the building? Yeah that can’t be good. In a real situation, you don’t really have that much time. :(

Yay for new lightbulb! I honestly can’t stand sleeping in total darkness. I gotta have some light (bedlamp) because I just find it freaky to wake up in the middle of the night in total darkness. O_O

that’s a need idea for a project. Hmm, I think the one on the right is the original. The strokes seem more even on the one on the left. I’ve doodled a lot in my day. I’ve done some pretty cool ones for someone with no artistic talent. I photoshopped one once. http://imlissy.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d9bacd

Oh man, I hope that your event goes well! It sounds exciting. Managing an event is always very difficult. I think that I’ve done it one too many times at this point. Also, I can’t guess which pictures is the original.

I grew up with lots of fire drills. The alarms are so annoying and loud that the building will be cleared within five minutes. If the alarm didn’t make you guys all run out the door, it is not loud enough. :P