Dear Georgie

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post. ♥️

A few weeks ago I thought of opening an advice column. I kind of just wanted to make more subdomains on, as I have a new obsession with subdomains instead of domains now. A while ago, I also had an ask/answer script that allowed people to send in questions through a form and I would answer them. I also had a Formspring account, but because people bullied me through that I just shut it down. I think I just really like answering questions. I like the idea of an advice column because I can help people, and for a while I’ve enjoyed helping people with website issues or just questions in general. I’m not sure, I’m probably just putting more weight on my shoulders.

Speaking of weight on shoulders, I have a second job – again. I don’t know how many times I’ve said I have a second job, because in most cases that has failed or I was only on a temporary position in the role. But after I had my interview last week, they asked me to come in for a second one. The second one was pretty much just a testing segment where they got me to create a website after giving me some guidelines.

It scared me at first. It really freaked me out. I have always hated the way some people design websites in Photoshop and just cut the layout to pieces, or just use that as a template. I remember having a client who thought that you could just make a pretty image in Photoshop and didn’t need to do anything else. Um, what?

Needless to say, this was probably the first time I was actually asked to use a Photoshop document as a guide and actually did it. I didn’t want to use Dreamweaver, though it was sitting on the screen when I started. I was even given paper and a pencil and pen to sketch out anything I needed and to plan how I would complete the website layout. It was a real challenge because I never really do anything from scratch anymore, and because Dreamweaver was just spitting in my face.

I prefer to just hand-code things. This was the first time I properly used Dreamweaver and I was surprised that I could just type in the code I wanted and I didn’t really have to use the program. I created the website in just over an hour. It was also a challenge because I had to use CSS sprites, which I had no idea how to use. I was allowed to use Google and the internet to look up anything I needed. I eventually did get the website done, and they were impressed but also made some suggestions. They said they weren’t looking for anyone perfect but someone who is willing to learn.

This evening (pretty late!) I got a call from the manager/boss there and he said they would love to have me work there on a casual basis. He said I didn’t actually have the best skills out of all the applicants but I had a good personality and lots of potential and definitely fit in. So I start tomorrow and I’m pretty pumped. 😁

James and I went to the new Mad Mex near university. I love Mexican food so much. We had soft tacos and crispy tacos and they were so tasty. The hot sauce was good too. I think I’m about to drool haha. 😋 It’s a bit like Subway, you choose what you want to fill the tacos with and if you want guacamole and jalapenos. One of the guys there was so nice, he asked us if we wanted a drink and we said no thanks, but he pretty much insisted that we get one. Free refills! Unlimited. We’re definitely going there again, but getting burritos next time. The place didn’t have a sink to wash your hands in. And they get pretty icky after handling tacos.


James has been helping me bid on a digital camera on eBay. I really want one now and I can’t find any decent ones that are on “buy it now” status. The other day some bitch (or guy 😆) outbid us and bid $10 higher than James’s maximum bid. I thought we’d get it, until there were three seconds left and the guy got it. Screw him, ruining the fun. Well, I guess that’s how eBay is. Hilarious anyway, he has to pay all that money he bidded now.

I’m looking for other cameras. ☺️

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