Dear Georgie

Thank you for all your kind comments on my last post. ♥️

A few weeks ago I thought of opening an advice column. I kind of just wanted to make more subdomains on, as I have a new obsession with subdomains instead of domains now. A while ago, I also had an ask/answer script that allowed people to send in questions through a form and I would answer them. I also had a Formspring account, but because people bullied me through that I just shut it down. I think I just really like answering questions. I like the idea of an advice column because I can help people, and for a while I’ve enjoyed helping people with website issues or just questions in general. I’m not sure, I’m probably just putting more weight on my shoulders.

Speaking of weight on shoulders, I have a second job – again. I don’t know how many times I’ve said I have a second job, because in most cases that has failed or I was only on a temporary position in the role. But after I had my interview last week, they asked me to come in for a second one. The second one was pretty much just a testing segment where they got me to create a website after giving me some guidelines.

It scared me at first. It really freaked me out. I have always hated the way some people design websites in Photoshop and just cut the layout to pieces, or just use that as a template. I remember having a client who thought that you could just make a pretty image in Photoshop and didn’t need to do anything else. Um, what?

Needless to say, this was probably the first time I was actually asked to use a Photoshop document as a guide and actually did it. I didn’t want to use Dreamweaver, though it was sitting on the screen when I started. I was even given paper and a pencil and pen to sketch out anything I needed and to plan how I would complete the website layout. It was a real challenge because I never really do anything from scratch anymore, and because Dreamweaver was just spitting in my face.

I prefer to just hand-code things. This was the first time I properly used Dreamweaver and I was surprised that I could just type in the code I wanted and I didn’t really have to use the program. I created the website in just over an hour. It was also a challenge because I had to use CSS sprites, which I had no idea how to use. I was allowed to use Google and the internet to look up anything I needed. I eventually did get the website done, and they were impressed but also made some suggestions. They said they weren’t looking for anyone perfect but someone who is willing to learn.

This evening (pretty late!) I got a call from the manager/boss there and he said they would love to have me work there on a casual basis. He said I didn’t actually have the best skills out of all the applicants but I had a good personality and lots of potential and definitely fit in. So I start tomorrow and I’m pretty pumped. /bounce

James and I went to the new Mad Mex near university. I love Mexican food so much. We had soft tacos and crispy tacos and they were so tasty. The hot sauce was good too. I think I’m about to drool haha. /drool It’s a bit like Subway, you choose what you want to fill the tacos with and if you want guacamole and jalapenos. One of the guys there was so nice, he asked us if we wanted a drink and we said no thanks, but he pretty much insisted that we get one. Free refills! Unlimited. We’re definitely going there again, but getting burritos next time. The place didn’t have a sink to wash your hands in. And they get pretty icky after handling tacos.


James has been helping me bid on a digital camera on eBay. I really want one now and I can’t find any decent ones that are on “buy it now” status. The other day some bitch (or guy XD) outbid us and bid $10 higher than James’s maximum bid. I thought we’d get it, until there were three seconds left and the guy got it. Screw him, ruining the fun. Well, I guess that’s how eBay is. Hilarious anyway, he has to pay all that money he bidded now.

I’m looking for other cameras. /eee

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I’m glad you aced your interview. Tahee! Probably also because you’re Cute Wuggs. /love

Zomg, that Mex was so taste /awb especially their sauce. :B
Next time, let’s have burritos! /bounce

Damn that guy. Ho ho. ngeo


Wow congratulations on the job! That is really cool that they chose you over other people with more experience just because of your sheer awesomeness, hehe! Really, though – that is such a great compliment and it really sounds like a great opportunity and a super way to gain experience in something you enjoy doing.

I hate Formspring. I got bored with it. They still email me sometimes and I keep forgetting to delete my account. It keeps telling me that I have hundreds of random questions in my inbox but I don’t care.

Sorry you got outbid. I’m bidding on something on TradeMe right now that closes on Saturday and I hope the same thing doesn’t happen because I really need it.

Congrats once again Georgina! I saw your tweet earlier on about you getting the job. :D It just goes to show that qualifications isn’t everything. I’m glad your new employer is willing to pick you out of the other applicants after seeing your performance. XD XD OMG I can’t believe I’m this excited and I’m not even the one who’s being hired. LOL!

Ahh.. online bidding. I used to get hooked over this site where people could bid on things like iPhones, HTCs, watches, etc but I’ve never won anything (somebody will always manage to outbid in the last seconds) so I can pretty much understand your feelings there. :/ Hopefully you’ll have better chance next time. ;)

Congratulations on your job! It’s nice to know that people want you as their co-worker :)

Bidding on ebay quite a hassle :P I tried it before but it never lets me win the item /wah But I bet you’ll get lucky next time ;) It does save you money if you don’t win xD

Congrats on your new job! I’m sure that you’ll do a great job, even if you weren’t technically the most qualified. Since we’ve both done group projects before, I think that we can both agree that personality and an ability to work with other people is an enormous part of doing a job well. A willingness to learn is also way up there, so it’s little surprise they took you over someone who seems like they could be less of a people-person.

eBay is kind of silly like that. Hope that you can find something good!

Ahhhh, congratulations on the job! I’m proud of you, even though I don’t know you very well, but still, it’s nice to see people happy. Anyway, well done! :D

I know what you mean when you say that you prefer to hand-code things. I really dislike templates unless I’m using it for my personal Tumblr because I can’t make it exactly the way I want to, and I always feel like I’m cheating the original maker. It’s weird, I know. I used Dreamweaver once and gave up 30 minutes after because I didn’t like not being able to create the code myself. And I think the advice column would be a great idea. You’d be able to help so many people, so I think you should go ahead with it. :3

Thank you for the birthday message, and my cake appreciates your compliment, too! :D Yay, I love finding Whovians! ^^ How are you liking the new series? c:

Thank you so much Georgina! <3 Yesterday I was feeling awful and I had an "epiphany" and decided that I need to stop counting calories, it's not helping me at all, if anything it's only been making things worse. I definitely agree with you now, ever since I decided to stop obsessing over my food and calories I've been feeling a lot more positive and happy, I don't think I'll be losing anymore weight either because I've decided to just eat what I want, exactly when I want to without worrying about it. I think it's really going to help me! Thanks so much for your support. ♥ I hate calling up IT people on the phone too, they usually just go off a flow chart to try and help but they usually don't even know much beyond that. I mean I've gotten good, helpful IT people before but I feel like they're a rarity, lol. But yeah, I agree calling them on the phone is a pain because they usually tell me to retry a ton of things I already did before calling them. /bash Yeah, I think most people really like the new series of Doctor Who. And it's not that I dislike it at all, I love all of the crazy cliffhangers and plot twists and I like both Amy and Rory as companions. I think for some reason I just liked David Tennant's Doctor a little better. Eleven seems a bit more "harsh" in my opinion. He seems a bit more prone to take violent measures or something. I always pictured the Doctor as a "peace maker" and he always saved as many lives as possible. I think that's a theme of controversy in the new series though that the writers have addressed. XD

I think an advice column sounds like a fun idea, but I definitely agree with you it would be a lot of work especially if it got popular. The other thing is, I don't know if this only applies to me but, I know I love writing and helping people out but I imagine I could get bored of it after a while and then I'd feel bad about it like I'm disappointing people by not responding. I don't know but it definitely sounds like a lot of work to me, ha ha. Anyway, congrats on getting a second job! I can understand how you would be nervous creating a website from scratch as a test for a job. o_o I think a lot of people in the industry for web design do complete mock-ups in Photoshop before they do any coding though. It's easier that way because then you can present it to the client so they can approve it and get an actual feel of what the finished product will look like. I totally agree with you though I HATE Dreamweaver, when I was a TA for a web design class last year all of the students used Dreamweaver and it made me want to murder them, ha ha. I'm so used to hand typing all of my code I think I'd go crazy if I was forced to use it. I think there's a way to turn off all of the extra tools and stuff it does so it's just like notepad or whatever, but I don't know since I'm not very familiar with it. CSS sprites are great actually. I use them sometimes when I actually remember to, ha ha. I discovered them a while back though and I think they're pretty efficient. Anyway congrats again and good luck with the job, I'm sure you'll be great! Good luck looking for a camera. I don't intend to buy a digital one until I can actually afford a DSLR, until then I'm sticking with my old school film SLR since there's a great place to rent some dark room time at my University. XD

Congrats on getting the job Georgie! That’s a pretty cool thing that even if you didn’t have the “best skills” out of the applicants, they think you’ll fit in better, and that’s a pretty neat compliment! :D

I did see your tweet about that guy outbidding you… that sucks you didn’t get the camera but haha now he’s gotta pay all that money! Good luck on finding a camera and *not* getting outbid!

Wow I am looking at GeorgieNu right now. You really know how to come up with ideas for websites (letter to domain is so cool). If I had that I think my domains wouldn’t be sitting there neglected, haha. I think the advice subdomain sounds cool though. It’s unique, not like how people stick in ask/answer scripts in their blogs, and it’s not Formspring (ew).

So you have a web design job? Majorly jealous here, ha. I love how the people think Photoshop works magic. If I have some major intrusive thing in my photo my dad just says “Why don’t you edit it out?” Um, what? Also, what is Dreamweaver like? I didn’t want to pay an extra $100 for it in the Adobe Suite I got but am not sure if I need Dreamweaver. I saw it at school but it just looked like the beginning of a HTML document.

Funny that I had my first ever taco today.

Digital camera as in DSLR? If so what price are you looking for? I need a DSLR but I’m not willing to spend the $650, haha.

Oh my goshhhhh! I just realized your layout! It’s based on Coffee & TV by Blur! That’s one of my most favorite songs! Haha, the video is the greatest!! Haha :)
I’ve never used Dreamweaver. Those programs intimidate me. I feel safe in my little Photoshop bubble :3
btw you’re Kurt Cobain of the internet? jealousssss ;)

Congrats in aceing your interview, an hour to do a website that is impressive. what did it look like?
Enjoy ur first day.

That sound really exciting! Congratulations on your new job!

An advice section would be really cool, too. :P But then again, you don’t want to get too overwhelmed… I guess you could just do a Dear Georgie (BETA) version of it first? Ooh! And the subdomain could be! LOL. Kidding… It’s up to you (obviously). It was just something that popped into my head at random! :P

Congrats on getting a second job! Seems tough though to manage two jobs, I’m having a hard time just to manage the one I have 😒 And plus it’s website-related so I know you’ll do great on it!

The idea of the advice column seems like a great idea, but it seems like it might take a lot of your time but if you feel like you can do it then try it out!

I think an advice column would be great since you’re good at giving advice, you’re honest and you’re doing it for all the right reasons. It may be more weight on your shoulders, but you’ll be able to answer questions in your own time, etc. Like Liz said, maybe do a BETA run of it first and only open it to certain people and see how it goes?

Congratulations on your second jobs! *hugs* I don’t like Dreamweaver because like you, I prefer to hand-code things but when I was in 6th form at school, in my ICT class we had to create a website and had to use Dreamweaver. Funny thing is, this was a year before I got into making websites, hah. I only had a Piczo site then so didn’t really know any HTML. Let’s just say my website sucked balls. /poo

I like employers who look for someone who isn’t perfect and want to teach them what to do. Most employers here want people who are perfect, and know what they’re doing without any guidance. Blah. Good luck with the job though. *squish*

It’s funny, I’ve never ever tried a taco before. :X They aren’t exactly popular here, although you can buy home-made kits from supermarkets. I want my mum to buy them, but she said she doesn’t like them. *sigh* I’ve never tried a burrito either hahaha. That guy is awesome for offering you free drinks. :D

I hate eBay because I never win bids, wahhhh. It’s really frustrating when you think you’ve won it then refresh and some other twat got in there within seconds to go. /bash I saw you mention on Twitter that you won a bid for a camera earlier? Congrats. :D

Congratulations on the second job!
I don’t think I would have coped well in the situation of building a website with Dreamweaver but I suppose letting you use google would have been a great bonus! I really hope it goes well. :)

Ah, we never have decent Mexican places in England, well none that I’ve really found. I really love nachos so I’ve been desperate to find a place that does good food – so I am officially jealous!

Good luck with finding a camera!

I think it is good to like to help people like that. Where else are others going to get help? I would have a problem with saying I can’t help you right now if I was busy.

Congrats on the job! I had a job interview where they talked about calling me back for a testing like that, but I never got a call back. I’m glad to hear the system is beatable. :D

I rarely like Mexican food, to me it is usually dry. (Those refried beans.) But once in awhile I’ll find a juicy mexican meal that isn’t spicy either. And then I’m like, “Seconds?”

Have you tried
I don’t really like the slicing of PSD’s either, when they tell me to slice I usually copy as much as I can and then slice what I absolutely have too. That’s why I referred to my ‘slicing’ as a ‘look-and-paint’ method. I would figure out ways to get what they had with CSS and then make a couple of ‘necessary’ images.

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to photography. It may be something I will look into. :)

I think that an advice column website would be an excellent idea. However, like you said, it would be a lot of work. A possible solution could be to pick a couple of people whom you consider experts in certain areas to answer questions regarding those areas…hm, but that would create a lot of extra work. I guess that I’m no help at all. :(

Congratulations on the new job! You mean that you cannot just create an image in PhotoShop and have a layout?! :O Out of curiosity, does it help to sketch out layouts on a piece of paper? I’ve always been tempted to try this, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to translate it to Photoshop or PSP. :(

Best of luck in your search for a new camera. I need to get some film for mine. :P

Congrats on the job! I need a job so baaaaad. Aha, I’ve been looking everywhere!
Anyway, congrats and I hope you enjoy it! Although I definitely think you will. I hope all goes well.
I’ve never had a Mexican meal before. All my friends rave about burritos and tacos and enchiladas and I’m too scared to try them cos I can’t handle spicy things!

Well done on the second job, Georgie!!! That’s great :D And omg, I haven’t used Dreamweaver since I was 13. We had to make a website with it and I honestly don’t even remember how I did it o_O I’m in love with Notepad++ haha!

An advice column sounds like a good idea :) You’re obsessed with domains lol XD I don’t know how you keep up with them all! :P

I’m not a fan of spicy food. But I’ve had Nandos before, and I had their mildest sauce in a chicken wrap/taco and it was quite nice! Mmmm now I’m just hungry lol D:

Congratuations on the new job! I don’t know how you find the time to work 2 jobs and go to University and do things online! I am really amazed and impressed!

I would love your advice column idea! It would be great if you had different sections of advice and things like that! I hope you go for it!!

I love Mexican food! Its one of the few places where I feel like I could just order absolutely anything and I know I’ll love it!!!!

I’m sorry ebay hasnt been very good! I hate bidding in auctions for the same reasons… someone else always seems to beat me in the last minute or so!!!!

you prefer hand codes ? jeeeee! i can’t do that! congrats on your another job xD i can’t manage doing codes in my own >.<' yuum! Mexican foods i wanna try it xD

CONGRATULATION!!! Your personality must be super amazing haha :D Go you!! I’ve never been told my personality is well-liked…-sad face- …lol I’m just kidding, I’m not sad about it because even I know I’m hard to get along with! I guess I need to open up more and be friendlier =( boo.

I like mexican food as well…but I always eat so much of it that I think I need to learn to eat less of it lol

I hope you find another camera :D If its on ebay..I hope you win XD;

wooohoo Georgina, i must congratulate you with your new job! :D i’m really happy for you, that’s awesome! i would love to have web design as my job, it wouldn’t hurt at all, haha! then i could’ve learned so much and taken my coding skills to a higher level, because really, my coding are filled with errors and what not.
i’m glad your boss wanted someone with potential and willing to learn, i would say you were the perfect one for that search though :D i’m sure you’ll do great!!

i was out the other day and ate mexican pizza if that counts, and it’s so lovely!! :D i must admit though, that taxo is my absolutely favourite! all of those spicy tastes and it’s just heaven on my tounge haha now i make myself hungry!! haha it’s always nice with refill for free!!

i’m also looking for a new camera, but right now there’s no way i can afford to buy myself one. i hope you find one you like!

Congratulations on your new job! I think I would be flattered to be told even though I’m not the best that I have a great personality and will be easily be able to learn and catch up. I think that would be even more flattering than to be told that I had the best skills. Anyway, good luck if you decide to open Dear Georgie. I don’t know how you do it all.

Creating a website just over an hour? wow, you’re dang good~ (Y) (H)
congrats on getting the job :D you must be a valuable asset the company has,eh lols :P
/faw mexican food~ I don’t think I ever tried tacos…. all I ever tried was nachos and I love nachos and its yellow sauce despite how much my mother dislikes it. /hmph
You really make me drool now, thank you very much.. 😢 and then I realized that I’ve only eaten rice and “heavy” meal once today… 😢

Wow that kind of job sounds really fun. I always wanted to make themes from scratch. Without using much photoshop images. I would want to learn more about css. I wonder, do you memorize the codes? As in? Amazing.

Haha yeah, if I didn’t memorise them I would be pretty stuck. :P It takes time but after a while you get used to using the code and it isn’t hard to remember what does what. :)