Nick’s Fashion Quarterly: Summer 2016

The summer in Sydney started off wet and miserable but it finished hot and sunny and this is why this post is a little later than expected. I was hoping to shoot this in Melbourne when Georgie and I were there for the tennis in January but, like Sydney, it was having a miserable summer. Instead we shot this right at the end of summer just around the corner from Georgie’s house. This location was also used in two of Georgie’s Fashion Fridays.

You’ve already seen the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies from NYC, I pretty much never leave home without them, and when I do I regret it, a lot.

Standing in the park with sunglasses on
Me with sunglasses on

Both the shorts and shirt are from Jeans West, an Australian clothing brand. I get most of my summery clothes from there actually. I really like the combo of them both together, mostly due to the colours.

Leaning on the wooden frame of the side of the bridge
Leaning on the side of the bridge

I love these shorts, they’re light and don’t prohibit movement. I usually wear them slightly folded up for that chic hipster look. They’re also quite versatile and most of my other short-sleeved shirts go with them perfectly.

When Georgie first saw the shirt she didn’t like it, but then funnily enough she fell in love with it when she saw it on me. I really like it, it’s light and I particularly like the summery colours.

Low angle shot with sunglasses on
A low angle shot with sunglasses 😎
Me facing away from the camera about to cross a bridge of stepping stones
Going to cross a bridge of stepping stones over a stream of water

The shoes are grey Vans. I wanted to get a pair of Vans but didn’t want something loud so settled on the grey, the colour goes particularly well with this outfit.

Standing by a murky river holding my sunglasses in my hand
Standing by a murky river
Taking steps on the round stepping stones
Crossing the bridge

That’s it for the last post of the first year of Nick’s Fashion Quarterly. I hope you all have enjoyed reading it and be sure to leave any questions or comments below :)

Me facing down, typing on my phone
Using my phone

Comments on this post

I love the shirt, the colours are awesome. And Vans are great, no matter the colour, but I think it’s great to go for a colour that’ll compliment anything. I have brightly coloured shoes that I never wear with anything, because it’s so hard to find an outfit that matches.

Really enjoyed this segment so far!

Right off the bat, I knew this wasn’t written by Georgie, but it wasn’t until I started reading it that I was like, “Woah, I’m not reading Georgie’s writing!” So weird. :p

Question: What are sunnies? :x

This was a lovely outfit! It’s also a weird, but cool, contrast between Georgie’s fashion posts and yours, because again, different writing. but also because you write about fashion differently, so…maybe a different tone? c:

(Also, plaid is always awesome! +1 for plaid.)

Love your outfit, Nick! That shirt has some lovely colours in it. Plaid and checks are my favourite kind of shirts for guys haha :)
I love Jeans West as well, I’ve got a few different items from there.

And can I just say, I love where you took these photos! That stepping stone bridge is so cool :O

Honestly, you guys always find the coolest locations to take pictures. I love the colors of the top – it’s summery yet it can be used in both a casual look or a more business look. I’ve never owned a pair of Vans, but it does make sense to get a color that will compliment anything. Cannot wait to see more of these posts.