Destroying a jewellery obsession, part 2

jewels, jewels, jewels.

It was strangely well over a year ago that I wrote about destroying a jewellery obsession, and I have to admit that it does keep coming back in really terrible urges. I’m not sure how long I am holding off exactly, but for the past two years I have tried to stop buying so much jewellery.

As I mentioned in my original post, I got really sucked in by sales and cheap jewellery that didn’t go the distance. It still gets difficult.

The challenge to stop

I can safely say that I haven’t bought any new jewellery since September, with the exception of a few Pandora charms on our trip to Melbourne in January. In September I decided to unsubscribe from any subscription boxes I had, and to stop going to jewellery stores and being drawn to the shiny. I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything until going to Melbourne – just for a little challenge. When I got a Pandora bracelet for Christmas I wanted to buy a few more beads for it but I made myself wait until going to Melbourne.

Since then I have not bought anything else! It gets really tempting looking at pretty jewellery and just wanting all of it. There are some email newsletters I still subscribe to that tell me about jewellery sales, but I try to delete them before I get a chance to look at them properly.

Out with the old.

About a year ago I gathered all my old, unloved jewellery that I had not worn in a while and found someone who wanted to buy the lot for $25. It wasn’t so much about the money, but selling it directly to someone made me feel better than just giving it to the local charity store. As the year progressed and I became more desperate to get rid of cheap plastic and metal jewellery, I donated them to a charity store down the road instead.

I was able to get rid of a handful of jewellery bags and boxes that rarely saw the light of day, trying to fit everything into one box. Because I like to individually bag most of my earrings before putting them in my jewellery box, it takes up more space. I had to live with two jewellery boxes instead (one big and one small).

I still think I have a bit too much jewellery, and there are earrings I have that don’t get much wear. Because I have three piercings in each ear, I find it hard to mix and match earrings. It makes my ears look a mess if I wear earrings that are too big. I don’t have enough small ones.

Continuing to resist

I am not lying when I say it’s hard. I still find myself walking into jewellery stores and peering at all the shiny things, looking for inspiration and pieces that might be ‘my style’. I spot a lot of things but I know I’ll just keep burning holes in my wallet if I keep spending. I can’t help it because all of it is just so pretty. It’s just costume jewellery quality too, so it’s not like it’s precious metal.

I said to Nick that I wanted some new rings to ‘keep my fingers happy’, but he said to me that they wouldn’t be happy for long. Yes… yes it’s true.

At present, I am trying not to buy any jewellery until our trip to Europe. I am not planning to buy any jewellery there, either.

At the same time I feel like all this resistance is going to bite me in the neck later when I give in and buy everything I have been resisting… but let’s see how I go.

Comments on this post

I think it’s good you’re resisting from buying all the shinies. Or at the least, you’re only buying things once in a while and it’s the good quality jewellery you buy! I believe it’s better to get the good quality ones over the cheaper ones, so I think that balances out?

I haven’t bought as much as last year, either. My last purchase was from a sale on HauteLook. Helene Jewelry was doing a sale, so I bought a couple more leather bracelets from them because they were reasonably priced :)

I think it does balance out haha, it is more worth it to buy more expensive but good quality pieces that will last a while. Pandora charms are pretty expensive as it is, though, so I will try resisting as long as I can! I have enough jewellery to keep me going as well, so it’s not like I need any.

I had a lot of costume jewellery was younger but now I’m just not into jewellery at all. All I wear is my watch, a bracelet Tyrone bought me for my 16th birthday, and occasionally a necklace.

It sounds like you are doing really well with resisting buying jewellery. I think it’s better to invest in quality pieces that are timeless than jewellery that is in fashion for just a short time. Those purchases with all so have more meaning.

Maybe you’ll find something nice as a souvenir on your travels; something to remind you of the trip. :)

I used to be super obsessed too. I layered so many bracelets and bangles that I would jingle when I walked! I can’t be bothered wearing a lot anymore. I just wear a bangle on each arm and maybe a few rings.

That’s true! I haven’t thought about it in depth, but I think I will be buying a Pandora charm or two to represent our trip to Europe! ;)

I have the same problem like you, but lately, I’ve been trying to cut back by selling or just giving away jewelry that I never wear. Weird, I’m using the American word to spell out jewelry with just one l lol But anyhow, I can relate to you so hard on this. I just have to remember that I don’t need those pretty things despite wanting them. I wish you luck in resisting, too! Let us both be brave and strong, as well!

I have jewelry people gave to me, and then I have what I won in a giveaway (just one, I think). I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but I do want to. It’s just harder being allergic to so many metals. They make lovely decorations, though.

But…if I compare my domain addiction to that of your jewelry obsession, I feel like I see it more clearly; it’s gotta be hard, especially when new things come out in lines…is that what they’re called? Good luck resisting. ❤

Sadly it seems that unlike most girls I don’t have a jewelry obsession – probably because I don’t have pierced ears. It seems that little cute earrings are my weakness…I always want to buy the little earring sets. :D Necklaces aren’t really a problem – I only like that little, dainty ones; however, I do have the habit of forgetting to take them off at night and them getting tangled in my hair. I also need to figure out a way to store them, or DIY something. :p Best of luck with resisting buying all the shinies…and sparklies. <3

I had a phase where I was obsessed with wanting to buy and stack a lot of jewelry at once, so I feel yah @___@. Pandora charms are awesome because you have some cute shiny charms that won’t go ‘bad’ as easily.

Good to hear that your old jewelry went to a good home :). Within time, you will completely master the art of sticking to quality jewelry XD.

The only jewelry I wear these days are either my Pandora bracelets or Coach watch. I try to keep things simple because too much wrist candy = not a great feeling when I’m typing on my MacBook Pro XD.

I totally agree! I have a MacBook Pro too, and having my bracelets hit it all the time isn’t great. After spending so many years wearing so many bracelets, I think I prefer just wearing very little, one bracelet on each wrist. xD

I’m currently dealing with this with art supplies, except I’m still buying and not using them. Oh, well. I can deal with it in five years, heh.