Stylesheet 021: Monochrome blue 🔵

We are slowly coming out of winter, and we spent a good percentage of the colder season on our holiday in Greece, so maybe it isn’t too odd that some of my clothes in recent Stylesheet posts feel a bit out of place. If you are in the northern hemisphere, though, then I suppose you are in luck, because everything has probably seemed ordinary so far with the shorts and summer clothes and whatnot. 😂

image 1: Me, Georgie, an Asian woman with short dark hair, sitting on a large concrete step outside, body angled slightly from the camera. Parts of the step are decorated with coloured circles. I am wearing a periwinkle blue sweater sweater with a black cheetah print all over, and light wash blue jeans. My sneakers are white with blue laces. I have one hand across my front and one leaning on the step. I have sunglasses on my head. I also have a bright blue bag strap across my body, but the bag is hidden from view.
All blue!

I’ve realised this outfit is full of blue! The funny thing is that I don’t often notice exactly how much blue I wear. It is a lot. And when I wear an outfit that is almost all blue, I am left wondering why it doesn’t look like “too much”, and this outfit is an example of that. It’s all the different shades of blue that come together as the overall look.

I wore the jeans in this outfit in Seven shades of blue, too. I actually recently tore a hole in the medium-blue jeans I wore in 90s kid (they were too small for my big legs, so there goes that), but I won’t be replacing them, nor will I be repairing them, when they were bordering on uncomfortable. The jeans in this outfit and the dark blue Everlane jeans I’ve worn in quite a number of Stylesheets and Fashion Friday posts are perfectly fine options for light and dark wash denim, so I don’t need to fill any kind of gap in my wardrobe.

image 2: Me, in the same outfit as image 1. I am standing in a path with dappled sunlight through the surrounding trees. I have one foot slightly in front of the other.
Pretty pleased with how much blue I managed to squeeze into this outfit without it looking like too much!

In the past, I used to invest in a lot of tight-fitting knits. Over the years my preference has changed and I wanted to add at least one looser-fitting – but not too large or oversized – knit (jumper in Australia, sweater if you’re in the States). I actually intended for this blue animal print one to be worn as a jumper, over tops and tees, but it’s actually warm enough to be worn on its own, and soft enough to be in contact with the skin.

When I first saw the knit, I was honestly a bit unsure. I spotted it online and thought it might fit what I was looking for, and fit my style, but I couldn’t be too sure unless I tried it on in store. It has a relaxed fit, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to try it on in person before purchasing it, because I picked a smaller size due to the fit. I’ve worn this knit a lot as it’s quite easy to put on, it’s warm, and I tend to feel less self-conscious because it doesn’t hug or squeeze my body like the other knits I own.

image 3: Me, in the same outfit and setting as the previous picture, but posing with my body turned to the side and the front knee bent.
No, I love this sweater. 😆

I remember feeling a slight bit of guilt and almost a little more uncertainty after I brought the garment home. I think it’s because I honestly haven’t bought a looser-fitting knit in a long time, and I made some poor purchases of winter clothing since the pandemic began in 2020. But I am glad I started wearing the knit, because I grew to love it way more than I expected to! I think the blue colour really suits me, and is a perfect shade of blue for my skin tone. The black of the animal print also creates the amount of contrast that I like in outfits.

image 4: A close-up of my sneakers, showing the white-and-blue textured shoelaces and the bright blue logo on the side.
These shoes have gone an immense distance and remain comfortable.

I purchased the sneakers from Rollie, which is where I got my rainbow speckle derbys and my pink metallic derbys. I wanted to get pair of their sneakers, and I had in the past but they ran large so I had to wait for another colour I liked to be in stock in the next size down. In a sale before our holiday to Greece, I bought the blue and white ones. They proved to be an exceptional travel shoe! I did wear my hiking boots regularly when we knew we were going to be walking on cobblestone, but otherwise, for regular walking, these shoes were fantastic. I’ve actually just purchased a new pair in black – so I don’t have to fuss too much about keeping my shoes white. 🥲

I didn’t specifically pick the nail wrap style to match, which is why they are purple, white, and silver. I generally don’t try to get my nail wraps to match my outfits or anything like that, since I change them every few weeks, but I tend to buy nail wraps that are relatively neutral or match with most of my wardrobe anyway.

image 5: A close-up of my hands resting on my thigh, showing my purple and silver glittery nail art.
Not blue 🥲

Although it may be a little hard to see in the following photo, I am wearing an opal necklace that I got from a seller on Etsy. The seller is based in Melbourne and makes her own jewellery. I really like some of her pieces, not only because they are unique but because they really are in the style I prefer to wear. I loved many of her pieces, but I picked this one out because it had a few angular details to it, and that’s precisely what I was looking for.

image 6: A candid medium shot of me smiling and looking slightly to the side. I have one hand horizontally held across my upper chest, with my elbow out.
I’m pretty sure I was demonstrating to Nick how to take the photo. 😛

I have worn the necklace every day. It was time to retire my previous crystal necklace because it was getting old and I was getting a little bored of it. I really do like having a necklace that I can wear every day and not have to worry about getting tarnished in the shower or while exercising. I think I’m one of those people who sort of doesn’t like to have a minimal amount of jewellery to wear all the time – I feel like I get bored too easily and want to change it up a bit. But my habits tell me otherwise, because even though I own a couple of necklaces, I rarely change them. 😆

Overall, this outfit has me pretty chuffed about how I managed to wear this much blue. I’m a bit baffled as to how I did it, too – is it because I just own so many blue clothes that I make it work? Is it because I got the right balance between the blue hues? It makes me wonder if there is another colour I could pull this off with. I can reasonably do black/grey and black and white since I own a lot of clothes in black and white patterns, but I am not sure if I own enough variety in other colours to do the same. 🥲 I have some pink, but there is no way I am going to venture into light pinks or other shades of pink – not when it took me forever to find colours that worked for me! Red is a bit of a tough one too, but I don’t have anything in burgundy or deeper shades of red. Just one deep red top.

Green is known to be a tough one because different shades of green can be warm or cool toned, and it’s just a bit of a pain to mix them. I don’t know. Maybe blue is just my colour and I should live with it. 😅💙

Outfit details


📸 All photography by Nicholas Cooke. (on my iPhone 12 mini)

I named this edition Monochrome blue for obvious reasons. Not much to say there! These photos were taken in a local park, nothing fancy. I must admit that it was quite windy and that is the reason why there have hardly been any Stylesheet posts with my hair curled (even though that is primarily the way I wear it). I tied my hair back in this one to stop it from getting out of control in the photos. Oops.

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