Stylesheet 019: Fun in plum • shorts & colourful derby shoes

These photos are incredibly out of date and I didn’t do a good job at posting this sooner. 😅 Nick took these photos before I had my very short hair cut that I mentioned back in May. I still have that short hairstyle and have been keeping that way, but I got too lazy to finish up this post after I started writing it. Ignoring the hairstyle, this outfit combination is still a fun one featuring some new shoes.

The highlight of the outfit is the plum coloured shorts, which I purchased many months ago from Sezane. I have worn them a lot already, including with tights/pantyhose, which works really well for the winter weather here. I wore the shorts so much during our trip to Greece recently, which was perfect as they were breathable and comfortable for the heat.

image 1: Me, Georgie, An Asian woman with shoulder length dark hair. I am wearing a checkered sleeveless top and plum coloured shorts, standing on grass. I have one hand on my hip.
I don’t know, I couldn’t find a standing photo of me that was smiling better!

I picked out the shorts because I have really taken a liking to shorts (over many other bottoms, including jeans, pants, and even skirts) over the past couple of years, and I could see a brighter colour getting a lot of of use in my wardrobe. A while ago, I tried on a true red pair of shorts but I wasn’t really feeling the shade of red. But I thought this purple-ish shade would suit my colouring a bit better. I wasn’t wrong!

There was a matching blazer available, but knowing I have just one blazer that I like wearing but don’t even wear that much, I resisted. Matching sets are enticing, but as I’ve learned, I don’t always look good in outfits that are very “matchy-matchy”.

image 2: Another photo of me, wearing the same outfit as image 1 and sitting on a park bench. I am sitting on the bench with my legs and feet cross-legged. I seem to be gazing into the distance.
Part candid, part-maybe-looking-into-space.

The eyeliner was honestly just my basic attempt at eyeliner after practicing with it for a bit. I have done my eyeliner a lot better now and more consistently, so what you’re seeing is a pretty amateur attempt. 😆

The shorts came with their own belt in the same fabric, but it doesn’t have notches on it, so it can sometimes come loose because you can’t really make the belt tight and stay in place. As a result – and also because I like having a different coloured belt, generally – I wear the shorts with a thin black leather belt.

A lot of my tops match really well with the shorts, but I picked this one out. I don’t have too much to say about it, other than that it became a staple in my Greece travel wardrobe recently! 😛 I featured it back in a very coordinated outfit with lots of check – Checkerboard.

image 3: Another photo of me, wearing the same outfit as image 1, sitting on a different bench. I am leaning back on my hands and looking to the right. One of my knees is up with one foot on the bench, and the other leg hangs down.
I assure you this cross-legged business was comfortable.

The shoes are a new addition to my wardrobe and are my second pair of shoes from Rollie, a Melbourne-based brand that makes comfortable shoes. Their shoes are comfortable and orthotic-friendly, but a couple of their shoes still lack arch support even though the soles are very supportive. but I did find this particular model to be a bit stiff, and I’ve spent a long time walking in them (and getting a bit of a foot cramp from them being so flat, eek), both with and without orthotics. I think they have loosened up a bit, but they still need more walking in before they feel 100% comfortable, I think.

I spotted the paint splatter style on the website last year but it was out of stock in my size. I think it came back in stock a couple of times, but I was also waiting for a sale, so I bought it on sale a few months ago.

image 4: A close-up of my hands resting on my upper thigh, with red tartan nail art on my nails.
I can’t go past a checkered pattern of some sort! Love it.

I picked out tartan patterned nail wraps because for some reason they just seem super appropriate for winter. I don’t usually believe in prints being associated with a certain season but sometimes our brains think that way! I was in the mood for something darker in colour when I applied them.

image 5: Me, in the same outfit as image 1, sitting on a wooden bench outside. My legs are crossed and I am wearing white shoes with colourful splatter patterns on them.
These shoes may be colourful but they are subtle.

I picked out my puzzle piece earrings because the yellow matches with my top.

I have more outfits coming soon, I just get really lazy pulling these posts together. 🙈 I am thinking of doing an “Outfits of Greece” post, but I also have a couple of outfits I want to share that I have been wearing a lot of recently, especially in this cooler weather. If you got this far, thank you for reading! 👗

Outfit details


📸 All photography by Nicholas Cooke. (on my iPhone 12 mini)

I named this outfit Fun in plum; I kept forgetting the name of the colour of the shorts and thought it was fuchsia as well. So I was going to name it Fun in fuchsia. We might not have alliteration, but we have assonance. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what assonance is, it refers to similar sounds. Fun. Plum.

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