It’s nice to be alive

The other day, Thursday… was my last day at the education centre. I gave my boss one of those mugs I got for my mum. She was pretty touched, haha. I know she doesn’t really like chocolate because she’s always trying to lose weight. She thanked me for all my work and told me to keep in touch and email her and tell her all the gossip. She said, “tell me when you get married and have children and everything”. Haha, I will… but that isn’t happening for a while, I can say.

I miss it. Just a little. It was my first ever job, and it was hard to let go of… but towards the end of it, I guess I knew it was time to move on and focus on my job in the city, and I knew that this didn’t fit with my schedule so well.

I told some of the children it was my last day. I guess I’ll never know if they’ll miss me, though others have been saying that they will. :P Sometimes they don’t know what to say. It’s not like I hope to be remembered or anything. I just sort of wonder how they’ll do. I think I was pretty approachable to them over the four years I was there, and the newer students got used to me being the only one there for English. Now that I’ve been replaced by Andy, I hope he does a good job. Of course, he’s hell new, but he’s been doing really well. The kids might take a while getting used to someone new, but then again they’re kids… kids tend to love anyone, really. I will remember a lot of the kids there especially watching them grow up and seeing them progress. Some have done so, so well. Others not so well. But some I will remember for their politeness and smiles. Others I’d rather forget because they annoyed me. It wasn’t a job entirely for me, but I didn’t mind it that much.

So I’ve passed on the torch.

I think it was rather idiotic of me to bid on so many iPods on eBay. I changed my mind and decided I didn’t really want or need one at the moment, but I had bid on about 20 iPods. I ended up winning one of them shortly after I realised it was actually faulty. The status was set as “Used”, which didn’t bother me too much, and I was sucked in by numerous “GREAT DEAL”s and “GOOD CONDITION!” Except, unknowingly, this damn “good” condition was the physical state of the iPod, whereas the touch screen functionality did not actually work. I’m probably going to be criticised, and I totally agree that it was my fault. Soon after I realised my fault, I realised there were at least ten hours left until the auction ended so I immediately contacted the seller saying I had changed my mind.

Worst case scenario: I get ignored, I don’t pay, I lose a couple of points for bad rep. It’s just eBay. I’m cool with that, and if someone can’t accept that I am simply human and changed my mind, then that’s just one less person to really care about. I guess it goes to show I’m still a bit indecisive and impulsive. I thought it had changed, but I guess not. Looks like old habits creep back up on me. I’ve started sleeping late again, which is really nasty considering I have to get up early to go to work. This leaves me a bit drained on the weekend. I’ve become lazy again and I just arrive home and surf the internet. It’s relaxing, sure, but there are some things that need to be taken care of. I need to clean my room; my desk is a mess again. I cleaned it up for my new computer but now it needs a clean again.

I’m getting annoyed at the cluttered arrangement of my photos on my wall (photos of me and my friends) and I want to reduce the number or arrange them nicely. I need to throw more stuff out from my bookshelves. There are some things I want to get caught up on before university starts, like watching Futurama and Sherlock and just… other things. I haven’t watched any of my YouTube subscriptions in three or four months and I’m missing my weekly dose of comedy. I’m also behind on reading my favourite blogs and seeing how my blog buddies are going.

Again I’m trying to make my train rides more useful with books or planning or listening to new music. Travel time is the absolute best time to listen to new albums you just bought. I have been listening to Foster The People and Ball Park Music lately, and I guess I would describe their music as very alternative and unique. I’m seeing Ball Park Music at the end of March; yesterday I just had to buy tickets to their show. I think I’ll love their music live.

Things are going great, though. I often can’t wait until the weekend for pick-me-ups. I get a bit disorganised every now and then, but I always look forward to when I can unwind and pick things up where I left off. /eee So it’s 12:14am… and I’m going to brush my teeth and head off to bed. :)

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um what’s wid the smilies everywhere…especially in th ecomment box?
Aww about your job…it was soo touchingly sweet…Why did you bid for sooo many ipoads? I mean was there any competitons or something going on? Well I’m also continuosly deciding on starting to study and stuff ike that on that exams are coming up…But i finally end up doing nothing at all!
How many books did you finish? I’m done with 3 books now… posted the review of one of them,,,:D :D

I have done that eBay bit so many times: bid, then realise I’ve missed something in the description; or bid on too many of the same thing at once. Now if I’m looking for something I try to bid on only one at a time, and to thoroughly read the description at least twice before bidding. Helps a bit, that.

It’s far too easy to get behind on blog-reading. I need to start subscribing to RSS feeds again; I check Google Reader several times a day so it’d probably help. I’ll add it to my ever-going to-list, I suppose. ;)

First jobs do get a bit emotional, don’t they? Well, I wouldn’t really now, quitting my first job wasn’t really emotional haha. Although I do miss spending time with the few friends I made there, I don’t really miss the job itself – that’s the fast food industry for ya.

I’m sure the kids will be fine. Andy just needs to bring candy and the kids will be happy haha. Then again, they only saw you twice a week, so it’s doubtful many got attached as to actually have problems with someone new, but who knows?

Travelling is the best! Although I have to say I don’t always use that time wisely – I mostly just daydream and crap like that. Because I usually take the bus, I tend not to read while travelling because reading + buses = motion sickness, and I hate that feeling. Train is another matter, but my travels aren’t that far to begin with, so it’s not like I get much reading done.

I’m very sure those kids will remember you! I seem to remember a lot of people I could talk to when I was younger. You never know the positive impact you can have on a child just from being accessible.

I hate ebay, I believe it’s the devil. I have never actually been swindled out of anything but sometimes things just don’t “feel right” whenever I wanted to bid on something, so I’ve gotten out of the habit of bidding on ebay.

I’m sure some of the kids may take a little while getting used to someone else being there. It is kind of sad, but it’s the good kind of sad – knowing you have to give something up to move onto something new.

The good thing is you didn’t wait until last minute to contact the seller and explain that. I always hated using ebay because it’s like the “fine print” is what you really want to read and the sellers hide that in the midst of random ramblings about the product that mean nothing.

I just completely moved all my pictures from one wall to another – leaving the other wall pretty empty. I need to find a couple 8×10 frames to do a little thing with these pictures of my niece I just have laying around.

Oh the end of an era, they can be sad. Sounds like a fantastic position you were in. Great life time experience. What’s next? I never fully understood what you are doing at uni.

I’ve realised the past week that waking up at 5 for uni is so draining. I am really hoping I get used to it, and it’s hard not to go for a nap or do something lazy when I get home. There is so much I want to read. So many fiction novels I have that have been unread or partially read and put away for another time. I also want to read my haematology and neuroscience books as well as learn a language and a few Nirvana songs on my guitar. I know how you feel. I was watching the morning show the other morning and they were talking about time being more valuable than money these days. It made me think of that 2011 movie ‘in time’ with Justine Timberlake. I don’t know if you have seen it, but it’s a movie worth watching. It’s about money being replaced by time because as soon as a person turns 24 years of age they are given one extra year to live unless they can buy more time.

I use y hour train ride to read one of the hundred unread books I own. I still haven’t finished reading the book thief, which I mention because I know you enjoyed. I actually like the long train ride despite having to wake up early. It gives you an hour to do almost any thing (other than physical things).

I hope you had a great weekend. ♥

Kmart was my first ever job. I missed the social life that came with working there.

I used to love traveling on the train to work. That was me time and I would listen to music or read. Sometimes even sleep if I had an early start. I don’t get how people don’t like traveling to work. The time would fly by.

Glad you learnt a Lezzun. And so will he/she/them/octopusman. and I would lose the reputation, not you. Which is why I want you to be more careful with tihs sort of thing in future. I’d like it if you’d tell me when you’re about to bid on things like that so I can look at them and the quantity of them that you’re bidding on /angry 🤫 /ehe

Ahh, no more Gumon. :3 and I never got to see you in the shirt, tahee


Big Fat Um. /um /um I have definitely learned my lesson. /argh

I have a photo of me in the shirt. Somewhere. I think I put it on DailyBooth, but I already cleared out my account. Ngeo.

you always miss one job, i miss my second job. the social life was great just the work was hard because i wasnt qualified in asp. its a human thing to change your mind, if you havent ever changed your mind you dont have a conscious. i also look forward to weekends because that means i can see my friends. my sisters site is up btw

lol i think we all impulse buy. it is only human nature. i mean, who lives plainly all throughout their lives, right? impulse buying isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as we learn to control it :p but dang girl, 20 bids is quite a lot !! :p

i hear you on the cleaning! I’m going to do the same today.. i always feel much more relaxed and ready to do schoolwork when i clean my desk and room!

i love foster the people too :) I love their song, ‘helena beats’… i always listen to it on the subway or when i’m walking in the city..totally lifts my spirit on the mornings when i’m sleep deprived. i also do the same thing, bring class reading assignments to read on the train! there’s only so much time in the much to do :P


That’s awesome you passed on the torch to someone who will do the job well. I think it’s great that you’ve also been able to keep that job for so long. I lost my first job for the dumbest excuse ever and talking about it still makes me bitter. However, it sounds like you love your new job which is simply fantastic!

I don’t think I would ever trust people on ebay enough to buy an iPod off of them. Granted, the only way I can get rid of my current iPod is if I recycle it at some electronics recycling place. He’s quite old and doesn’t work so well anymore. Thank goodness you realized the one you had “won” was crap before you had to pay for it!

Sigh … First jobs. I remember mine. I can’t say I miss it but just having that feeling that I worked there and CAN say I had my first job is always an emotional thing. I think just leaving any job you love though is very emotional. My very first office job was like that for me. I miss that place. I was loved there and I was actually proud of the work I did. But at least it’s something to put happily on my memory bank!

We all have those days/moments don’t we where we are feeling a little lazy and just want to relax and do all the things we want to do like watch our fave tv shows and stuff. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in a day to do everything we want. I have to divide my time between cooking, cleaning, spending time with my family and my boyfriend and I, too, sometimes have no time to catch up on little things that I enjoy in life. Or sometimes it’s the complete opposite where I can’t do all the necessary things like cleaning and all that because I am too lazy. Weekends are the worst for me for that. I just want to lay down on my bed and watch tv and not move at all haha. It’s sometimes nice to be a vegetable haha.

It seems like the kids like you! I’m sure that Andy will do a good job. After all, he learned from someone’s who’s done a great job for quite a while!

James’s comment is cute. =P It sure does take a lot of effort to keep old habits out of sight. They really are hard to kill. So, you and I should both go to bed earlier!

Finally, did you make the font of the entries bigger?

Yes I did. :P I was playing around with fonts because I was getting bored of mine. I’m getting bored of this layout as a whole… and we all know what that means. /um

Aww that looks like a nice mug…I am sure he liked that gift! Haha chocolate is our biggest enemy in that sense but I can’t get rid of my addiction XD.

The first job will always feel special well because it is your first! This experience will help you keep moving on with life…there will always be times when you will have to end/let go of things and continue on.

Haha those children might be a little surprised to be able to react properly…they will miss you! Hmm well when I was a kid I was still picky with people XD. The only time I have had experience dealing with younger kids was when I was a prefect back in school. Oh boy some of the kids were down right adorable and some not so much. I clearly remember getting hit from the back with an umbrella by this one naughty kid O_o (luckily it was a kid umbrella so it didn’t hurt lol).

Uh oh…I try not to do multiple bids for the same product because you never know if you will end up winning or not >_>. Looks like you got into a bad incident…I always make sure I read everything before bidding on anything. I know sometimes sellers will be nice enough to understand but most time they will not.

Yeah…I think you can have a couple of not paid reports on your account before anything really bad happens. However, I have usually seen people end up giving bad rep just to be on the safer side because you never know how often that person is messing around (definitely not you but there are others). I have never gotten rid of my sleeping late habit…screwing up my schedule on weekends doesn’t help either :( I need to clean my living room when I get the chance…my room is now clean but the rest of the house is kind of messy >_>

Haha good luck with catching up on Futurama and Sherlock…I need to do some catching up myself! What do you do for your weekly dose of comedy? Personally I like going to sites like 9gag, tumblr and the like…some youtube stuff but would love to hear about more sources :D

Hmm I need to check both of those…never heard them. Have fun with the concert!

My weekends are full of pick-me-ups…I need them often xD. Yay I hope you slept close to the time you mentioned in the post. I need to stop staying up late ^_^;

Uh oh…how did that become he D: …I meant she…my apologies /um

I know how you feel. My first job was at Walgreens and boy did I enjoy being around my coworkers. It was sad when I eventually left. Come to think of it, most of my job partings have been sad because I always make great friends there.

I’m sure the children will miss you!

You were at your first job for quite awhile weren’t you? Pretty good track record. :)
Some of those kids probably will remember you and stop you in the grocery aisle when they are 23 or something with their own kids hanging on to their legs. :)
I wouldn’t have been that smart, I would have bid on one iPhone and then be disappointed when I didn’t get it. I obviously need to read eBay for dummies. :)
Just yesterday I was thinking I want to change my walls. I also have some messy issues going on top of my desk. Here’s to uncluttering rooms. :)
I hope you have a good time at the concert.
I passed my computer’s skills test with flying colors. :)

I used to want to buy things off of eBay, but I heard too many horror stories of people receiving things that did not fit the description. I remember when someone had purchased designer jeans on eBay and ended up receiving normal, plain jeans. If I ever need anything, I use known department stores, or

Brownie points for you wanting to de-clutter! :) Every time I clean my room, I get this accomplished-ish feeling inside, like, “Yeah, I did it!” Although, there will always be that certain amount of unneeded stuff lying around somewhere, but every time I clean up my room, I get rid of it little by little.

That is quite the coinky dink. Just earlier today I was on eBay THINKING of bidding on an iPod. I’m thinking of buying myself a new iPod before our senior trip because it’s gonna be a longggg ride to Florida and the battery on my phone is not gonna last forever between texting, twitter, and listening to music. I can’t find the crappy nano I had and I don’t even wanna speak upon what happened to my iPod touch anyway. Anywhom, I’ve bought things on eBay before, but never before have I placed a bid. Eh, I think I’ll just buy one new though.

I’ve never experienced an emotional end to a first job, any job at that. I hated my first job so just about quit and the job I have now, I don’t like it either.

I know those children will miss you though! They probably don’t realize your gone just yet but I’m sure there’ll come a day that they ask about you, make sure you go back and visit!

I’ve been trying to get back in the habit of reading, finding new music and all because it seems like I’m behind on everything. I get so distracted by pointless things that I miss out on a lot of other things. Hopefully I can regain focus before I start failing school or something!

oh I love the layout… Anyways, I can totally relate with the ebay thing.. my oh my… I wasted too much money buying faulty phones.. =( never will do it again… just one more time… :D

and oh yes, reading… I have to do that too..

will look forward to dropping by your site…