It’s nice to be alive

The other day, Thursday… was my last day at the education centre. I gave my boss one of those mugs I got for my mum. She was pretty touched, haha. I know she doesn’t really like chocolate because she’s always trying to lose weight. She thanked me for all my work and told me to keep in touch and email her and tell her all the gossip. She said, “tell me when you get married and have children and everything”. Haha, I will… but that isn’t happening for a while, I can say.

I miss it. Just a little. It was my first ever job, and it was hard to let go of… but towards the end of it, I guess I knew it was time to move on and focus on my job in the city, and I knew that this didn’t fit with my schedule so well.

I told some of the children it was my last day. I guess I’ll never know if they’ll miss me, though others have been saying that they will. ๐Ÿ˜› Sometimes they don’t know what to say. It’s not like I hope to be remembered or anything. I just sort of wonder how they’ll do. I think I was pretty approachable to them over the four years I was there, and the newer students got used to me being the only one there for English. Now that I’ve been replaced by Andy, I hope he does a good job. Of course, he’s hell new, but he’s been doing really well. The kids might take a while getting used to someone new, but then again they’re kids… kids tend to love anyone, really. I will remember a lot of the kids there especially watching them grow up and seeing them progress. Some have done so, so well. Others not so well. But some I will remember for their politeness and smiles. Others I’d rather forget because they annoyed me. It wasn’t a job entirely for me, but I didn’t mind it that much.

So I’ve passed on the torch.

I think it was rather idiotic of me to bid on so many iPods on eBay. I changed my mind and decided I didn’t really want or need one at the moment, but I had bid on about 20 iPods. I ended up winning one of them shortly after I realised it was actually faulty. The status was set as “Used”, which didn’t bother me too much, and I was sucked in by numerous “GREAT DEAL”s and “GOOD CONDITION!” Except, unknowingly, this damn “good” condition was the physical state of the iPod, whereas the touch screen functionality did not actually work. I’m probably going to be criticised, and I totally agree that it was my fault. Soon after I realised my fault, I realised there were at least ten hours left until the auction ended so I immediately contacted the seller saying I had changed my mind.

Worst case scenario: I get ignored, I don’t pay, I lose a couple of points for bad rep. It’s just eBay. I’m cool with that, and if someone can’t accept that I am simply human and changed my mind, then that’s just one less person to really care about. I guess it goes to show I’m still a bit indecisive and impulsive. I thought it had changed, but I guess not. Looks like old habits creep back up on me. I’ve started sleeping late again, which is really nasty considering I have to get up early to go to work. This leaves me a bit drained on the weekend. I’ve become lazy again and I just arrive home and surf the internet. It’s relaxing, sure, but there are some things that need to be taken care of. I need to clean my room; my desk is a mess again. I cleaned it up for my new computer but now it needs a clean again.

I’m getting annoyed at the cluttered arrangement of my photos on my wall (photos of me and my friends) and I want to reduce the number or arrange them nicely. I need to throw more stuff out from my bookshelves. There are some things I want to get caught up on before university starts, like watching Futurama and Sherlock and just… other things. I haven’t watched any of my YouTube subscriptions in three or four months and I’m missing my weekly dose of comedy. I’m also behind on reading my favourite blogs and seeing how my blog buddies are going.

Again I’m trying to make my train rides more useful with books or planning or listening to new music. Travel time is the absolute best time to listen to new albums you just bought. I have been listening to Foster The People and Ball Park Music lately, and I guess I would describe their music as very alternative and unique. I’m seeing Ball Park Music at the end of March; yesterday I just had to buy tickets to their show. I think I’ll love their music live.

Things are going great, though. I often can’t wait until the weekend for pick-me-ups. I get a bit disorganised every now and then, but I always look forward to when I can unwind and pick things up where I left off. โ˜บ๏ธ So it’s 12:14am… and I’m going to brush my teeth and head off to bed. ๐Ÿ™‚

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