My favourite colour is red.

I think most people know that my favourite colour is red, or have found out otherwise.

The other day I took a mug to work. My mum has a little collection of mugs, which all have different designs of sea creatures on them, including starfish, fish, whales, turtles, and so on. I wanted to choose one of these to take to work and keep on my desk. The other day, after I had already taken the mug to work and left it on my desk, I said to my mum, “By the way, I took one of the mugs so I could keep it at work.”

“What? You took one of the mugs and you didn’t ask!”

“I’m sorry, I was in a rush and I really just wanted to take a nice mug, not a crap one.”

“But I counted those. There were an even number of each pattern and design… you could have asked me first.”

My mum was just joking but I thought that for fun, she should try and guess which one I took. After doing a bit of counting she couldn’t remember exactly how many we had of each. She counted three with a blue handle and three with a yellow handle and concluded that I must have taken one of those.

“Come on,” I laughed. “What’s my favourite colour?”


Of course, that was the case many years ago. I know people’s favourite colours are inclined to change, but I’ve only had about three different favourite colours. For the longest time my favourite colour was blue, blue, blue. I always told everyone when I was younger that my favourite colour was blue. One of my friends got me a blue shirt for my birthday. It was unusual that at the age of nine someone would give you a shirt for your birthday, especially since this friend was a male friend. I did like the shirt though, and I don’t know if he just happened to remember my favourite colour was blue, or if it was just a coincidence.

I loved the colour black throughout high school, and still do – but I don’t really like to think of black as a colour – rather, the absence of colour. So taking black out of the story, there was purple. Since 2005, that was certainly my favourite. I got dresses in purple and jewellery in purple. The guitar pick necklace I’ve worn all the time since 2006 (and still do) is purple. But I guess, at some point, purple and red became one… and red, ever so majestic, became my favourite colour.

I guess it’s something that’ll stay. I feel like it’s been a part of me someplace, that red was meant to be my favourite colour. I guess I don’t see myself getting over it any time soon.

I spent the last few hours on eBay bidding on items. 🙁 I have an 8GB iPod nano (the third generation, the fat square kind of ones), which is a hand-me-down from my brother. That’s cool. I did give him my iPod touch before he lost it. Anyway, I would like a new iPod. I could listen to music on my phone, but I guess I’m too lazy to get around to buying a new memory card.

I wanted at least 16GB, so that’s what I looked for online. It then occurred to me that I really, really wanted a red iPod. Red is just special edition so they’re really rare now. But I can’t seem to find many on eBay for an affordable price (or maybe I’m just a cheapskate), and some of them don’t even ship to Australia either.

It also occurred to me that I could just get a small iPod, with just 8GB of space… and then I could lug two iPods around (that doesn’t bother me at all, promise!). It certainly sucks having some 40GB of music. 😢

Today I bought these armwarmers for only $2! Well, James paid for me, but yeah. ☺️

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