My favourite colour is red.

I think most people know that my favourite colour is red, or have found out otherwise.

The other day I took a mug to work. My mum has a little collection of mugs, which all have different designs of sea creatures on them, including starfish, fish, whales, turtles, and so on. I wanted to choose one of these to take to work and keep on my desk. The other day, after I had already taken the mug to work and left it on my desk, I said to my mum, “By the way, I took one of the mugs so I could keep it at work.”

“What? You took one of the mugs and you didn’t ask!”

“I’m sorry, I was in a rush and I really just wanted to take a nice mug, not a crap one.”

“But I counted those. There were an even number of each pattern and design… you could have asked me first.”

My mum was just joking but I thought that for fun, she should try and guess which one I took. After doing a bit of counting she couldn’t remember exactly how many we had of each. She counted three with a blue handle and three with a yellow handle and concluded that I must have taken one of those.

“Come on,” I laughed. “What’s my favourite colour?”


Of course, that was the case many years ago. I know people’s favourite colours are inclined to change, but I’ve only had about three different favourite colours. For the longest time my favourite colour was blue, blue, blue. I always told everyone when I was younger that my favourite colour was blue. One of my friends got me a blue shirt for my birthday. It was unusual that at the age of nine someone would give you a shirt for your birthday, especially since this friend was a male friend. I did like the shirt though, and I don’t know if he just happened to remember my favourite colour was blue, or if it was just a coincidence.

I loved the colour black throughout high school, and still do – but I don’t really like to think of black as a colour – rather, the absence of colour. So taking black out of the story, there was purple. Since 2005, that was certainly my favourite. I got dresses in purple and jewellery in purple. The guitar pick necklace I’ve worn all the time since 2006 (and still do) is purple. But I guess, at some point, purple and red became one… and red, ever so majestic, became my favourite colour.

I guess it’s something that’ll stay. I feel like it’s been a part of me someplace, that red was meant to be my favourite colour. I guess I don’t see myself getting over it any time soon.

I spent the last few hours on eBay bidding on items. /bash I have an 8GB iPod nano (the third generation, the fat square kind of ones), which is a hand-me-down from my brother. That’s cool. I did give him my iPod touch before he lost it. Anyway, I would like a new iPod. I could listen to music on my phone, but I guess I’m too lazy to get around to buying a new memory card.

I wanted at least 16GB, so that’s what I looked for online. It then occurred to me that I really, really wanted a red iPod. Red is just special edition so they’re really rare now. But I can’t seem to find many on eBay for an affordable price (or maybe I’m just a cheapskate), and some of them don’t even ship to Australia either.

It also occurred to me that I could just get a small iPod, with just 8GB of space… and then I could lug two iPods around (that doesn’t bother me at all, promise!). It certainly sucks having some 40GB of music. 😢

Today I bought these armwarmers for only $2! Well, James paid for me, but yeah. /eee

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Those colours are great and they go well togethor. My fav colour has always been blue but a dark blue.
That’s good that your mom was joking, if i had a permanent job i would take a mug as well or pencils/pens because i dont drink coffee or tea but i do drink hot chocolate.
i have a 80 GB ipod and i keep telling myself i will never full it to its max, thats totally impossible lol.

Oh my god, I’m so out of it. I just typed my password into the website field. Only 45 minutes until I can get back in my room… I am SO working out instead of going to class. I need the pick-me-up, dearly.

My favorite color was red when I was little. I think I’ve told you how I thought my mom would think red was a boy’s color, so I always told her my favorite was pink. When I got a little older (elementary school), my favorite color was maroon. Contrary to what people say, maroon is VERY distinct from red. Very very very. In middle school my favorite color was black, then black and purple as a combination (lol, what?), then it became purple in high school. I’m getting sick of purple now, but I don’t think I have a new favorite color. Right now I’m just into bright colors like vibrant reds and yellows. But forgive me if my favorite color goes back to red at some point. :P

Red is a great color and I’ve been told it’s a power color. So I always try and wear some red when I’m going to do something that will be make me nervous, even if it’s just red nailpolish, haha. Black is one of my favorite colors to wear. I can’t even count how much black I have in my closet. I think it’s a problem. I wear it year round, even in the summer.

I don’t even know 16gb of music.

Red is a wonderful color – I guess that after you get older, your parents stop asking you what you favorite color is. At least mine did, but my mom is smart and figured out what colors I like to wear – most of my wardrobe is blue or black because I can’t match colors. =P

If you have 40GB of music and it’s just because you have a lot of songs, you could try looking for iPod Classics if you don’t mind the weight. I have an iPod Classic from 2007 that holds 80GB of music. If you have so much music because you got everything in high quality audio, you could make lower-quality copies of your music, since the iPod probably won’t play out the quality. I hope that you find something soon!

Good luck on the hunt for the red iPod! :P Would it be cheaper to buy a bigger memory card? I have an older iPod with 30gb and still haven’t filled it. Most of my songs still haven’t transferred after it lost my music twice. I gave up on adding all of my CD’s. Lol.

Red is a great color. It’s a strong color that makes a statement. Throughout the years, my colors have changed as well. It started with blue, then purple was added, then green, etc. Now, it’s pretty much the jewel tones. Hahaha.

My favorite color was green as a baby. I had this green dress that I refused to take off, or so I was told. In elementary school I forced myself to love the color purple because it was both my best friends’ favorite color. In middle school I made green my favorite color again because I wanted to be a tomboy. When I grew out of the wannabe phase of life my favorite color became blue, blue, blue. And now it’s black/white/absence because as a designer I can’t stand colors. Too bad for me.

I keep my old 16GB iPhone as my iPod because I can’t be bothered spending money on a new music player. I only have 2.91GB of music on iTunes (just checked) and there are even less songs on my iPhone. Please tell me how people get 40GB of music?? O/_O

Ah, so you used to love blue so much. I used to love blue so much~ well, not like I dislike it now but I’m more of a black-white-grey kind… and lately, I’ve been loving lime,green and orange which is kinda weird, considering that I used to think orange was too bright for me haha.
I would like a new ipod too~ haha. I want ipod touch actually since listening to music through phone really drains my battery ….especially since smartphones tend to lose battery power fast. /ehh
I used to like that fat old ipod nano, even though it’s thick and broad..used to search for it but end up getting the 5th generation ipod nano instead haha
wow 40GB!? awesomeeee~ ;) some red stuff are really cool…like red ferrari for example haha

So. Wugs, eh

You and your iPods. /bash Whatever shall we du! Ngaw, I know you like red /love
that’s quite /bounce.

Haha, i bet his mum gave him the shirt to give you. :3


I didn’t know your favourite color is red! :P Red is a cool color. My favourite is probably black or grey. I used to /love/ purple. I think it was my favourite color for at least six years. My favourite color has only changed three times as well; it went from purple, to green, to black. I consider black a color….. I don’t know, isn’t black more like the absence of light? :P

My mom used to have the same kind of iPod you have. I think they look really cute. /eee I didn’t know the red iPod was special edition! Maybe it depends which kind you want, because I just checked on the Apple website and the current generation nano comes in red. Maybe I’m just being clueless, though, ha.

I feel like recently red’s been an eye-catching color for me too >.> Maybe it’s your virtual influence or something XD

Ahhhhhh iPod stuff… yeah, reminds me of The Oatmeal comic about Apple products. Sigh. Well, good luck with finding a proper iPod to use and conveniences you! o/ Also, armwarmers. I’m jealous :O

I love how your mum collects these mugs. It’s cute :D
I don’t keep many mugs because I always only stick to one until it smashes or something. My current mug is from Typo with little birds on it. My friend gave it to me and it must have been because I always talk to birds hahaha.
Speaking of favourite colours I realise I don’t have many actually. When I was really really young it was pink. I hated blue because I was influenced by all those stereotypes that blue means “boyish” or something. After that it became white. Now I don’t think I have a favourite colour but I like colours in general as long as they aren’t neon. (But I like neon lights.) And I like how you view black! Absence of colour. Nice. ^^

That’s funny that your mom couldn’t tell which mug was missing :) I love the color red too. Maybe because of Chinese tradition, but it’s always felt like a lucky color to me. I also think all shades of red look really nice, compared to other colors like green where some shades look kind of gross.

When I was really young, blue was my favorite color too! My favorite colors now are purple and orange though.

Good luck on your iPod hunt! I get lazy about moving music to my phone, so I’ve barely filled the space.

Well at least your mom guessed one of your favourite colours at least, right? ;)

I’ve always had the same favourite colour – blue. It’s never changed. The only thing that ever changed was the shade of blue that was my favourite. I guess that’s getting pretty particular, though.

There was a point in my life when I was really little when I went around telling everyone my favourite colour was RAINBOW!!

I used to have the special edition U2 ipod – it was black and red. I bet you would have liked that. I would have mailed that to you but I don’t know where it has gone. O_o

I always associated red as a very passionate color. It’s really bold and majestic as you mentioned. Though I don’t like red painted nails LOL I hardly own anything red since it doesn’t match me =(

I thought black was your favourite colour in all honesty. I’m sure I remember you talking about it on another blog entry a couple of times before. It’s funny that you managed to confuse your mum – I’m guessing she wasn’t actually sure what mugs she’d bought after all!

Everyone’s favourite colours probably changed, just like favourite bands and such. People change as they get older. My favourite colour has always been purple though, but now I’ve added lime-green to my favourites haha.

I think the red ipods were for a charity appeal weren’t they?? That’s what I remember on the Apple website when I was buying mine. I have an iPod Touch, but unfortunately they only come in black haha. It’s 32GB and I haven’t filled it yet, plus I put some songs on there that I don’t even like that much, just in case I want to listen to them (it’s pretty stupid). I think if you had two nanos they still wouldn’t weigh as much as a classic anyway.

I know what you mean! I, too have had changing favorite colors but of course blue or rather cerulean blue is still my favorite. I just happen to like other colors as well.

I actually had a red ipod and it was beautiful until it got stolen >.>

That totally prompted me to check how much music I have. 170gb! So don’t complain! Haha. Even a 120gb ipod doesn’t hold all my music and i constantly have to exclude things from being synced. That being said, I’d always thought that those red ipods looked aaaaaaweeessooooome! Except I could never get one… for obvious reasons, ha.

I knew! I don’t know how I know that, haha. I think most people know my favorite color is pink because my layouts are always pink! But don’t worry my mom doesn’t know my favorite color either. She thinks its brown because I always wear brown and beige ish clothing. I’ve had blue as a favorite color before too I think that’s the most common favorite color.

8GB is not enough! I have slightly more music than just that but right now I have a 2GB mp3 so I always have to change the songs. I don’t know about red iPods because they’ll have to be the old school mini or shuffles. Not sure though. I want an iPod Touch again but I can’t bring myself to pay the $200.

I think that’s a bit different though. I’ve had dreams of being a model and that was crushed by my shortness! Lol. I guess I still have the dream of being a 3D animator though I’m not doing anything to prevent me from that direction. Who knows.

Ohhh I never would’ve thought spicy would be good to kill the bacteria. I just think, already burning throat, no need for more hot burn.

It’s not that I don’t ‘like them’ I just think leggings and long shirt is one of those old trends that are getting way too old. I’ve worn them myself haha. Just like flare jeans and other things I don’t like.