I’m not ready to collapse

Earlier today I changed my timetable for this semester (starting next week, until the end of June). I had classes that were from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, but because I’ll have trouble getting home that late, and because I’m not sure I can tolerate working nine hours a day and having class right afterwards. I was only able to change two of my classes, but that means I’ll be home about two hours earlier on a couple of days – which is still more relieving than coming home late at night only to go right to bed and drag myself up to go back to work and university in the morning.

Right now I’m yawning like a nutter, and I’m honestly at the point where I can barely keep my eyes open. I think it’s rather ironic that I’m listening to Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol.

I need to sleep earlier. I’m actually looking forward to the weekend, getting all my books and things ready for university and organising myself for the last time. I’ve cleaned my room every week because over the course of the week, I just end up making a mess somewhere new in my room. I really ought to clean my desk. It could be worse, and I don’t think the mess really gets in the way, but I need a good atmosphere.

Yesterday it was O-day at my university. It’s usually a day where all the clubs set up stalls and try to get new students to join all the clubs and get social. I remember thinking it was rather cool when I was in first year [university] and ended up joining all these clubs. But over time I didn’t really like the way things were set out with most of the clubs – you had to work it with your timetable, and most of the time I really couldn’t be bothered commuting all the way to the city just for a meeting. I guess there wasn’t anything I was completely passionate about either. I wanted to join the music club, and I remember sitting in that room feeling rather left out because everyone else already knew each other and had been there for several years already.

Let’s just say I’m not really a social person. Ugh.

James told me that some guy at work was inviting everyone to play a game of soccer. A few months ago when I worked in a group for a project, our leader invited us all for a drink at the bar at university. I refused because I don’t drink. Sometimes the way people hang out and get together just isn’t my idea of catching up.

“Let’s see a movie!” – I hate watching movies. Have a coffee – no, that’s not really my kind of thing either. Neither is having a drink. My kind of crap is having a barbecue or a picnic or something really traditional. Or just sitting and chatting. Years ago, when I caught up with some friends, Dylan said, “Let’s not watch a movie. Come on, we haven’t seen each other in what – six months? Let’s have a chat.”

For other people, O-day is just a chance to grab all the showbags and freebies that you can. Of course, that’s usually why I go there now. All the stalls are set up, and people sit at them and hand out stickers, candy, chocolate, and encourage you to sign up. They hand out flyers, and sometimes they have free promotional pens too. That’s kind of the only reason I went. /um I just wanted some freebies.

I got a lot of chips and candy which I shared with the guys back at the workplace, and a ridiculous amount of this Uncle Ben’s Rice crap which my boss thought would be half poisonous. XD I might try it… if I forget my lunch or something. I left them in the shelf in the office.

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I’m glad I’m not the only person who has a soft spot for freebies and promotional pens, haha. I write for a promotional products company and I get to try out pens and go to conferences and scope out other people’s goods. It’s awesome!

I’m glad you were able to make your schedule work for you. I think having all of those classes and going to work would have been too much. It takes a lot out of you! Does your uni have a radio station? That’s the only club I joined when I was doing my undergrad and I LOVED IT! Now I do it as a faculty member and it’s so much fun. You may like it!

My uni has something like O-Day (I know it’s probably “o for organization”, but I thought orgasm day at first, sorry. /um). We call it Festifall. I always avoid it though because it takes up the entire Diag and makes it really hard to walk to class, plus no one ever gives away anything. I didn’t go my freshman year–I walked through it on accident because I had forgotten it was going on. This year I purposely avoided it. Maybe if I was interested in joining a club I would go, but I don’t have time for that kind of thing. Remember when I was supposed to be in charge of Musvot? Yeah.

My dad used to get free tickets to the International Auto Show every year he did work on something for it, so I used to request to go to it for my birthday. My brother and I would run around sitting in the cars and taking as many car catalogs as we could. We actually did used to sit down and look through them all afterwards. After a few years of that, half my bottom shelf was taken up by car “books”, as we called them. Those things were skinny too so that was quite a feat. I guess I got rid of them when we moved.

Clean your desk!! I need to clean mine, too. You can always tell when I’ve been busy because my room gets really messy. I’ll clean it this weekend. It needs vacuuming, too. It’s gross.

We such stuff in the month of dec a fest called Visions and one in september…. i can’t say that i’m a huge fan of these things….
My ideas of hanging out are maybe a really really good movie with my really close friends….I don’t like to go for coffee and stuff cuz in a group many a times people spend a lot more and It’s not affordable for me many of the times….I do not drink…. I h8 it actually….
Even i love free stuff hehe!!! :D :D

I have to admit that I like festivals and fairs – though they aren’t much fun when it gets really crowded. I guess you have to prepare for a pretty busy day out. I really prefer quiet picnics or visiting friends’ houses when we catch up. Coffee is really good in Australia but very expensive – and I don’t drink coffee (or alcohol!) anyway.

I feel coffees in good shops is always expensive….I’m fond of tea and coffee sometimes at home…instant coffee….

what’s that cute dog photo???

It’s the post image – you’ll find that it changes with each post you comment on because I attach a relevant image to display in that area. :)

Ya…I noticed…it’s damn cute!! /rose

Ahh go to sleep yes!! /throws blankets at you /and stuffed animals /and gives you warm milk–with honey, if you like it like that :) Ugh, uni sounds tiring ;; Dunno if I should be looking forward to it as much as I am right now XD

It’s okay, I think a lot of people who spend their lives on the computer (including me, and pretty much everyone I’ve met on the internet) are awful when it comes to socializing in real life XD Yeah, talking and chatting is much more fun and a better way to spend time with people, than watching movies (you can’t even talk) and having a drink feels so… awkward >.>

Seems like everyone who lives on the computer has a soft spot for freebies, too 8D

My university has something exactly like O-day too! I’ve been at the booth for the karate club every year, and I find that most people who sign up for the mailing list actually never show up to a single practice, or only show up to one or two and never come again. You’re definitely not alone, and I doubt that anyone holds anything against you.

My friends and I catch up by going to eat out somewhere and having a nice long chat. Who thinks of watching a movie as a way to catch up anyways? At least when you’re having a drink at a bar you’re still talking to each other…

It sounds like you’re in for a lot of long days soon! I wish you well! Take care of yourself when you can. I don’t want Georgie to burn out.


Yeah, since I started this job i got some nasty bags under my eyelids, haha. I also noticed I nap a lot more on trains D:

Getting home late to me is a big deal; I just can’t stand it. ngeo /um

I don’t like social events either. A ‘night out with mates’ etc, just doesn’t appeal to me. It’s just so…far removed from my personality. Maybe yours too, I guess.



Hey Georgie Oh gosh your schedule IS PACKED! I have no idea how you manage it all! I can’t wait to finish my studies so I can work full time, get a part time too. I’m hoping that everything will go well as I plan them. So many opportunities are cropping up I am at a lost at where to begin or start.

Oh you call it O-Day? haha! We just call it Recweek, you know short for recruitment week XD I get what you mean by feeling left out at some orgs. Oh gosh they really do feel clique-ish and sometimes I do want to be an introvert. Watching movies though is my love, I’d watch even if it’s by myself (which is most of the time, cue in FOREVER ALONE meme)

Take care dear! :)

this site is so cool. i mean look at the colour of the layout i love the colour pink. it makes me happy. look at the dog it is so CUTE :) XPPPPPP d

I’m glad you fixed your scheduling problem because what you were doing sounded grueling especially with school and work.

It is a big improvement I think.

Oh we have an O day thing at our campus. Its called the call campus picnic. All the clubs, staff and Deans come out get food and tons of free stuff. Only problem is it’s during the summer where there’s no shade and its like 32 degrees plus out =[. But it’s nice because you start with the christen clubs who give you carrying bags, then the academic clubs who give you water, the social clubs who give you sun block and then the Greeks who give you food.

Anyways, I know what you mean about the sleep. But it’s pretty much impossible to sleep when you are in uni i feel. I do hope you get some good rest before you start up again =]

I am in love with the new layout – I know it’s a little late, but it is just gorgeous! ♥ ♥

O-day sounds very fun. I wish they’d do something like that at our school. There are some clubs here that almost no one knows about, so an O-day would be super useful here.

I hope your new schedule works out well! It does sound exhausting to work all day, then also go to classes.

I have to admit that I still love getting freebies. Sometimes I go to career fairs to recruit, and I try to get free things from the other booths, even though they’re for the students XD

I feel the same as you when it comes to catching up. I’m not into the bar scene, and while I like movies, I think it’s a weird choice for socializing. (It’s not like you can talk to each other during the movie.) I prefer just getting dinner or hanging out at someone’s place :)