I’m not ready to collapse

Earlier today I changed my timetable for this semester (starting next week, until the end of June). I had classes that were from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, but because I’ll have trouble getting home that late, and because I’m not sure I can tolerate working nine hours a day and having class right afterwards. I was only able to change two of my classes, but that means I’ll be home about two hours earlier on a couple of days – which is still more relieving than coming home late at night only to go right to bed and drag myself up to go back to work and university in the morning.

Right now I’m yawning like a nutter, and I’m honestly at the point where I can barely keep my eyes open. I think it’s rather ironic that I’m listening to Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol.

I need to sleep earlier. I’m actually looking forward to the weekend, getting all my books and things ready for university and organising myself for the last time. I’ve cleaned my room every week because over the course of the week, I just end up making a mess somewhere new in my room. I really ought to clean my desk. It could be worse, and I don’t think the mess really gets in the way, but I need a good atmosphere.

Yesterday it was O-day at my university. It’s usually a day where all the clubs set up stalls and try to get new students to join all the clubs and get social. I remember thinking it was rather cool when I was in first year [university] and ended up joining all these clubs. But over time I didn’t really like the way things were set out with most of the clubs – you had to work it with your timetable, and most of the time I really couldn’t be bothered commuting all the way to the city just for a meeting. I guess there wasn’t anything I was completely passionate about either. I wanted to join the music club, and I remember sitting in that room feeling rather left out because everyone else already knew each other and had been there for several years already.

Let’s just say I’m not really a social person. Ugh.

James told me that some guy at work was inviting everyone to play a game of soccer. A few months ago when I worked in a group for a project, our leader invited us all for a drink at the bar at university. I refused because I don’t drink. Sometimes the way people hang out and get together just isn’t my idea of catching up.

“Let’s see a movie!” – I hate watching movies. Have a coffee – no, that’s not really my kind of thing either. Neither is having a drink. My kind of crap is having a barbecue or a picnic or something really traditional. Or just sitting and chatting. Years ago, when I caught up with some friends, Dylan said, “Let’s not watch a movie. Come on, we haven’t seen each other in what – six months? Let’s have a chat.”

For other people, O-day is just a chance to grab all the showbags and freebies that you can. Of course, that’s usually why I go there now. All the stalls are set up, and people sit at them and hand out stickers, candy, chocolate, and encourage you to sign up. They hand out flyers, and sometimes they have free promotional pens too. That’s kind of the only reason I went. /um I just wanted some freebies.

I got a lot of chips and candy which I shared with the guys back at the workplace, and a ridiculous amount of this Uncle Ben’s Rice crap which my boss thought would be half poisonous. 😆 I might try it… if I forget my lunch or something. I left them in the shelf in the office.

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