Happy birthday James

James turned 21 today. πŸ™‚ We didn’t really do anything to celebrate but he decided that we might as well eat out for lunch tomorrow in our lunch breaks. I was going to do a really lame, sentimental thing – oh, you know me – and buy a deck of playing cards, and write “52 things I like about you” on them. One on each card, obviously. I just thought it was a cute idea. It is a bit cheesy and lame, but I think we all have a bit of a cheesy lame romantic in all of us. I wouldn’t be willing to bet, though…

In years gone by, I’ve made James boxes containing little dated messages, and written cute notes and made little slideshows and things. Because I’d been so busy in the past month, I didn’t have the opportunity to buy a deck of cards while James wasn’t looking, so eventually it came up in conversation and he was just hoping I wasn’t going to, and I quote, “stick my face all over the cards”.

“You’re not going to do that are you? Oh god.”

Eventually, before I told James my idea, he suggested that I create him a new WordPress theme, considering the one on his blog was many years old, and far too narrow. 😦 After he found out what I was planning, he decided that he preferred the theme much more. So I pulled one up tonight, and it’s really just very similar to mine, but you can visit his blog and check it out. It’s very simple as he doesn’t have much on his blog, but I think it suits him enough. We have matching layouts now, I guess? Hehe.

Yesterday I watched an entire season of The Big Bang Theory. I had only watched three seasons and I got my hands on the fourth. I have to admit – while I like the show and enjoy watching it, I’m getting really annoyed at Sheldon’s character. I know he’s just a character, but imagining a real person like that would drive me perennially mad, and whenever I dislike a character on a show or even a celebrity or public figure, I want to throw things at them. Via the screen. (Yeah, like that’s going to work…)

In the newspaper the other day, someone had submitted a vent into the Vent Your Spleen section, and said, “I hate when a twist or surprise is introduced into a reality TV show and they show close ups of the contestants looking shocked. Makes me want to punch the screen”.

Regardless, I just realised how annoying Sheldon’s mannerisms are; the way he gasps softly to take a breath before a new phrase in his sentences, and the way he’s just so arrogant and nasty and assuming. I’ll admit that it isn’t that funny anymore. (My mum never found him funny; she thinks Howard is the funniest but she hates Sheldon so much.) Numerous references to the Roommate Agreement leave me just as exasperated as everyone else is, though I wouldn’t be able to tolerate anyone laughing at my misfortune. Anyway, I suppose that’s what one season of Big Bang Theory in a day does to you. But kudos to you, Jim Parsons.

I finished Futurama a few days ago. Now that’s something I wouldn’t mind rewatching. πŸ˜›

I’ve been browsing eBay yet again, and obviously being careful with any purchases I make. I haven’t made any. πŸ˜‰ I’ve been on the lookout for sterling silver, stainless steel or nickel-free earrings. I just want to avoid having my ears get itchy as they have done so in the past when wearing “fake” earrings. I was thinking of going to the jeweller but I decided to look on eBay first. I found a lot of cheap box sets of earrings (like under $3), though I can’t be sure they’re real silver. James says they’re perhaps silver plated. The description isn’t very descriptive. I might just pop into the jeweller as they know best.

I have six ear piercings altogether so I find it important to buy a lot of earrings and to have a range of studs to wear. I’m not really interested in wearing dangly earrings anymore. I think studs “make a statement” more, especially when I have so many ear holes. πŸ˜› I used to love dangly earrings so much but now I like keeping it simple. I think it’s important that I spend more money on good earrings that won’t give me an allergic reaction, rather than spending little money on something I’m not so sure about.

I’ve been wearing gold earrings for a long time as I don’t react to them, but I’m getting pretty bored of gold. Not to mention my gold earrings are all rather decorative and I’m after some simple studs. ☺️

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