Happy birthday James

James turned 21 today. :) We didn’t really do anything to celebrate but he decided that we might as well eat out for lunch tomorrow in our lunch breaks. I was going to do a really lame, sentimental thing – oh, you know me – and buy a deck of playing cards, and write “52 things I like about you” on them. One on each card, obviously. I just thought it was a cute idea. It is a bit cheesy and lame, but I think we all have a bit of a cheesy lame romantic in all of us. I wouldn’t be willing to bet, though…

In years gone by, I’ve made James boxes containing little dated messages, and written cute notes and made little slideshows and things. Because I’d been so busy in the past month, I didn’t have the opportunity to buy a deck of cards while James wasn’t looking, so eventually it came up in conversation and he was just hoping I wasn’t going to, and I quote, “stick my face all over the cards”.

“You’re not going to do that are you? Oh god.”

Eventually, before I told James my idea, he suggested that I create him a new WordPress theme, considering the one on his blog was many years old, and far too narrow. D: After he found out what I was planning, he decided that he preferred the theme much more. So I pulled one up tonight, and it’s really just very similar to mine, but you can visit his blog and check it out. It’s very simple as he doesn’t have much on his blog, but I think it suits him enough. We have matching layouts now, I guess? Hehe.

Yesterday I watched an entire season of The Big Bang Theory. I had only watched three seasons and I got my hands on the fourth. I have to admit – while I like the show and enjoy watching it, I’m getting really annoyed at Sheldon’s character. I know he’s just a character, but imagining a real person like that would drive me perennially mad, and whenever I dislike a character on a show or even a celebrity or public figure, I want to throw things at them. Via the screen. (Yeah, like that’s going to work…)

In the newspaper the other day, someone had submitted a vent into the Vent Your Spleen section, and said, “I hate when a twist or surprise is introduced into a reality TV show and they show close ups of the contestants looking shocked. Makes me want to punch the screen”.

Regardless, I just realised how annoying Sheldon’s mannerisms are; the way he gasps softly to take a breath before a new phrase in his sentences, and the way he’s just so arrogant and nasty and assuming. I’ll admit that it isn’t that funny anymore. (My mum never found him funny; she thinks Howard is the funniest but she hates Sheldon so much.) Numerous references to the Roommate Agreement leave me just as exasperated as everyone else is, though I wouldn’t be able to tolerate anyone laughing at my misfortune. Anyway, I suppose that’s what one season of Big Bang Theory in a day does to you. But kudos to you, Jim Parsons.

I finished Futurama a few days ago. Now that’s something I wouldn’t mind rewatching. :P

I’ve been browsing eBay yet again, and obviously being careful with any purchases I make. I haven’t made any. ;) I’ve been on the lookout for sterling silver, stainless steel or nickel-free earrings. I just want to avoid having my ears get itchy as they have done so in the past when wearing “fake” earrings. I was thinking of going to the jeweller but I decided to look on eBay first. I found a lot of cheap box sets of earrings (like under $3), though I can’t be sure they’re real silver. James says they’re perhaps silver plated. The description isn’t very descriptive. I might just pop into the jeweller as they know best.

I have six ear piercings altogether so I find it important to buy a lot of earrings and to have a range of studs to wear. I’m not really interested in wearing dangly earrings anymore. I think studs “make a statement” more, especially when I have so many ear holes. :P I used to love dangly earrings so much but now I like keeping it simple. I think it’s important that I spend more money on good earrings that won’t give me an allergic reaction, rather than spending little money on something I’m not so sure about.

I’ve been wearing gold earrings for a long time as I don’t react to them, but I’m getting pretty bored of gold. Not to mention my gold earrings are all rather decorative and I’m after some simple studs. /eee

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Happy 21st, James!

Hahaha. When I was still in a relationship, I instantly become a cheezy person every time our monthsary comes. I remember making a long letter as to why I like him and why I want to spend my life with him. I think love does that to us, being cheezy and all. It’s great when your in love but it’s funny when you’re not. :p

I’d like to see his new theme but my phone won’t allow me. And my laptop’s still not fixed. I noticed you have a new theme too. the last time I visited your site it was still in gray. Or was it? Has it been THAT long that my laptop’s gone? :O

Idk Big Bang theory but I’ve heard of it. And by the way, is Futurama a drama series or anime?

I miss you, G! I miss reading your blog. :D

Ooh! I really liked that theme you have created for james…
I can understand how annoyed you must be getting watching a stupid, annoying character. Have to ever tried watching any bollywood mvie, ok let alone a movie you should try watch a typical Hindi television drama,,,,It will actually make to break your tv!! I know you won’t understand hindi…but plz do try to!

Hey your piercings are a bit different I though your third pair will be at the very top of your ear…but these look quite cool :D (though i really don’t like piercings, one pair is fine). I really love dangly ones but for the past year my stud collection has increased a lot!

Haha well I am sure I will one day find a Hindi movie on television that has subtitles. I’m guessing the drama is really over-the-top and childish? That’s how I feel towards some Indonesian dramas, and worse, I don’t find their comedy to be funny, even though I understand it.

That picture isn’t my ear though – my three piercings are all together, at the bottom (lobe) of my ear. I’m thinking of getting one at the top. I love ear piercings. :P

Happy 21st Birthday James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I remember my first ever relationship i wrote a letter everyday until the next time i saw him lol it took him a while to read them all. We lasted 2 months but that was when i was still young lol. We all do cheezy stuff when we love someone i always forget myself and go crazy with flirting lol its sooo obvious. It’s cute that you guys after four years still do those things and still love each other sooo much like it’s only your first week. ♥
Ilove your layout you did for James now you guys are site compatible lol.
I havent seen one episode of Big Bang Theory i just havent had the time to download it and really watch it. is it very good? My favourite is Supernatural /eee
Wow please take a picture of your ear, that’s so cool that you have so many. I love sterling silver jewellery, i dislike gold it just doesn’t suit me. i love sleepers in my ear or dangly but mostly ring ones

Well there are few really gr8 movies…like “Jab We Met”, “Rockstar and also “3 idiots” you could try watching those…it’s got some pretty good music too!! :D

I’m a new reader but I’m going to assume James is your boyfriend/significant other? Lol whoever he is happy birthday to him and I hope he has a great day, your idea sounds so cute, I wish I could come up with cute things like that to do lol. I also prefer studs to hoop earrings anyhow lol. :P

happy Birthday to Jame :) 21 is a big age! I think you should have done the cards, that seems so cute, although he didn’t like the idea=/ I think everyone is cheesy romantic, if we weren’t, why would we watch all those chick flicks and have dreams of falling in love lol But his wordpress theme is nice, it matches yours! I really like this theme, it’s simple, clean and really pretty. Nice job! I love futurama lol, I think it’s hilarious. I also like studs. I think they look more professional and clean. Yet, they make my ears itch :(

We have a show called “parental control” but it’s only because the parents hate the boyfriend or girlfriend because they think he is a douche. I never heard of that show lol Maybe I live under a rock :0 But wow, that is intense. I think that the son should pick, it’s HIS LIFE. HE NEEDS TO LIVE WITH IT. Maybe I should shout that at her lol I think differences are good, differences is what makes people interesting. If two people were the exact same, where is the excitement?

Do you have an idea of what you want to do with communications? are you going to go for a masters? lol Or do they not have masters in Australia?

btw-what font is this text box? I am just curious, if it’s a “normal” font, I must seem stupid lol

Happy Birthday, James! I love that you both have matching themes. It’s cute.

I think that the earrings that you want are white-gold earrings, but you probably already know that. I had my ears pierced with white-gold studs, and I didn’t get any infections.

My university is actually the university that the Big Bang Theory is set in. (They hardly ever mention the name, but if you live in the area, it’s obvious where they’re supposed to be at.) The funny thing is, a lot of us are actually socially awkward people. I see lots of people with one or two of Sheldon’s quirks, and people who can speak fluent Klingon exist. But nobody has all of the quirks, so Sheldon is actually a singularity in the world of possible personalities – I hope. I hope that nobody that obnoxious exists!

What’s cheesy-and-lame to others is cute and lovely to some, including me. :) I think it was a really good idea to give him something like that. I don’t know James, but if I were him I would appreciate (so, sooo much) the lovely gesture.

And yes, it’s a better idea to go to a jewelry store, things on the internet could be very very deceiving.

PS, I love your layout. It’s so soft and sweet.


Happy Birthday James!!! Hope that it was fantastic! :D
Wow, on the topic of themes I really love your current one. The colours are fantastic work really well together.
Same with the one you made for James, as I quickly glanced over it ✌️
You guys seem to have a very wonderful relationship, which seems fantastic! I’m so happy for you guys! /eee
I’ve only just started watching The Big Bang Theory, but I completely relate in what you’re saying; being annoyed with characters like that. Even though he is just a written character, I feel that if I met the actor I would only be able to see him in a way as the character, and not as the actor honestly.
I have had. So many. Allergic reactions. To earrings. /angry It’s a huge pain honestly.
I normally just wear the same sorts of studs daily, because my school uniform only allows gold studs. But on weekends and such I switch out with different pairs. Normally I try high quality earrings, because they rarely affect me.

Have a wonderful day! ♥

Thank you Heidi! :) ♥

I agree with you! My mum sometimes hates the characters that actresses/actors portray and seeing them in interviews and events can only make her think of that one annoying character. Then again, it’s their job!

My high school was pretty strict and didn’t allow dangly earrings – only sleepers and studs. I wore gold pairs because they were the only ones that didn’t irritate. Now that I’m in university I have the freedom to wear whatever earrings I wan’t, but I’d rather not wear imitation/fake ones.

I don’t watch the Big Bang Theory, but I sometimes catch the ending when I flip to the channel. I *looks* funny, but it’s not my cup of tea. The only TV shows I currently watch are The Walking Dead and The Amazing Race and sometimes Anderson and Dr. Phil if I catch them on time.

I’ve never been too big on earrings and piercings in general. I have the typical one piercing per ear (which I got when I was a baby) and I currently wear pearl earrings. Before I used to wear these small gold hoops, but I got tired of them. My sisters are always telling me I *should* start wearing/buying earrings and I’m like, it’s too time consuming for me. xD They want me to wear hoop earrings and dangly ones and stuff. I’m just like, NO. My pearl earrings are good for now – they go with anything.

Aww well i actually think being sentimental is worth it..especially if it is for someone you care; your boyfriend! but since he said he preferred the wordpress theme, i think that’s also great! you did a good job on his blog! :D

lol i know what you mean. for the longest time, i could only wear real gold earrings because my ears got infected quite frequently. but then my earholes closed and i got them repiereced. this time with needles (so it was more sanitary), thus no more ear infections and i could wear fake earrings! did you get your ears pierced by gun/or needles? keep in touch <3


I got all my piercings done with the gun – it was a long time ago, over ten years ago. It was back when I was much younger, and it’s in my earlobes so the gun isn’t as damaging in the lobes. I am thinking of getting a cartilage piercing but it’s best to do those with needles because of hygiene issues and because the cartilage in the ear is fragile. I guess I could get mine pierced again, but I think it’s just that I’m not used to wearing “fake” earrings. I did wear gold for a long time as my mum didn’t let me wear fake earrings for a while.

Happy Birthday to James! Man times does fly fast! I really like the new matching theme idea you did! That was cute and creative! I know I haven’t been by in forever, (in fact just glance at your site here and there, but busy with my own site revamping and what not still am to be honest).

Anyway, you’ve been tagged! I hope you don’t mind? You don’t have to do this if you so do not want to do so. But how are you? I haven’t heard from you in a long time. You seem to have disappeared or something. Life keeping you on your toes?

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You know I enjoy doing little cheesy things like that. I mean as a Christmas gift for Jeremy I sat and made over 800 origami stars. :) I would go into a shop just to be on the safe side. I’ve always wore studs because, it’s just easier when you have so many holes. I do need to invest in a few new (good) pairs of earrings though. I’ve been spending too much time buying nose rings and not buying earrings.

It has been really long time since I blog hopped. I love the new layout. :)

Anyway, happy birthday to James, :) It’s fun that you have celebrated his birthday really simply as you can.

6 piercings, omg. :) I can’t do that, my mom will kill me. :)

I’d have to say as much as I hate to say it, I am one of those “cheesy” romantics. I cannot help myself, and my poor husband tries so hard to either ignore it, or just go with it. :D

I think the theme you made James is quite adorable. I love the colours, of course green is my favourite colour, so that is probably why I am so fond of it. /cool

As per your earring problem, I am also allergic to “fake earrings”, so I have a very miniscule jewelry collection, haha. I do have a pair of cheap earrings I bought from Sally’s Beauty Supply, because I adore them, but I can’t wear them very often because of the incessant itching and burning after a few hours of wearing them. 😒

I like the new strawberry custard theme!!! I love blogs with this kind of width haha :) And of course, I like the kiwi custard version as well (I don’t know if you two named it, but I assume kiwi cause the theme is green)

Awww I still like Sheldon! Don’t hate him =( It’s actually funny watching Sheldon because his character has a lot of similarities with me…it’s kind of creepy. But of course, in a less extreme way XD And I’m not smart like him…if only. Howard creeps me out a bit, but I think he’s sweet.

I’ve never got into dangly earrings. I really don’t know why. I like prefer studs as well :) Oh dear…which reminds me I have to start wearing my studs or it’ll close… T_T;; I’m not a jewelry wearer so it’s kind of a pain for me to put them on XD

Hi Georgina! Sorry for not visiting your blog in a loooonggg time. I’ve gotten lazier these days so I haven’t been visiting a lot of blogs now. /bash

I only started watching TBBT last year and I really enjoyed the show. But after a few seasons, I found Sheldon to be irritating. Not so much in his quirky behaviour, but rather his uppish and snobbish manner. I dislike how he regards others to be far inferior than him and to me, that’s just a show of disrespect.

Happy birthday to James! Hahaha that idea of yours is cute and though it may sounds cheesy, but it just shows how much you value your relationship. :) And sometimes, a simple celebration is the way to go. [And, you can save A LOT OF MONEY that way.] (Y)

OMG 6 piercings! I only have two and I can’t imagine having more than that. How on earth do you find nice earrings/studs for all of them? :D

By the way, I lurve this cute layout. It reminds me of cotton candy. Soft and sweet. ♥

oh golly, my husband is 10 yrs old than James, lol.

I love Big Bang :D The only thing that bothers me about Sheldon is that the other characters put up with his crap. Once in a while they’ll stand up to him, but in the end they wind up backing down because poor sheldon can’t deal with it. I know his mom had him tested, but I do think he would be considered crazy in real life.

Awh, that’s a really precious present idea! You’d be the cutest omg!
And naw the matching themes are precious.

I’d definitely go the the jeweller for earrings. It’s not too bad, too, I have these small silver studs from Prouds that are just like a small silver ball end, and they were $8 for real silver. Bargain and a half!

Hi! I find it ironic that I just watched an episode of Big Bang Theory, decided to check your blog, clicked a random entry, and it turned out there’s a portion dedicated to it (maybe I’m searching for a different word than ‘ironic’… but I can’t remember right now). Sheldon tends to irritate me too, haha!

I don’t know whether I’ve ever commented on your site. I have visited a lot though. I know because I’ve witnessed a lot of layout transformations…mainly the reason I keep coming back… oh and right… the entries aren’t too bad of a read :P (Oh my goodness the emoticons are so cute!) I love how you make your site pretty and readable at the same time. I know I’m not using technical terms, but I think you get what I mean… (I’m totally diggin’ the green version of your layout too by the way!) Anyway, I’m starting to ramble. :)