Hello, Digital Media Technologies (DMT)

Hi! /wave To all regular readers of my blog, this is a post I’m writing for class. From now on, posts I write for my Digital Media Technologies class will be dumped in the appropriate category. You can read and comment on these posts if you like. They’ll just be a new addition among my regular blog posts.

Anyway, hello DMT! I’ll call you all that from now on. My name is Georgina, but I’d very much prefer it if you call me Georgie. First, a secret: While most people hate writing about themselves, I like writing about myself, because it’s the subject I know the most about. 😉

I’m the girl with the dark hair who was sitting up the back of the classroom today. There’s a photo of me as the image associated with this post. Come say hello. I promise I don’t just look out of windows all the time, and I hope my age isn’t too intimidating (I’m only 20, and throughout my years of study I’ve had people mistake me for a high school student, but people who know better know that I’m about the same age as everyone else, but to their surprise I’m a bit younger). I’m just always amazed by views from great heights. Being on level 27 of a building is wonderful. I had trouble trying to figure out where the general direction of my house was from there, though.

I recently completed a Bachelors degree in Communication, so referencing was really tight in that faculty. If you want me to write your references for you, I will… no, just joking. But feel free to approach me for help in that regard. I’m a writer at heart, so I’m vehement about good grammar and punctuation and I don’t mind proofreading.

I’m doing this course – a Grad Diploma in IMM – because I was looking for a tertiary qualification that would support what I already know. I hate to say this because I usually sound arrogant, but web design is actually my passion. I got into HTML from the age of ten, and though I’m a keen learner, I didn’t really pick up on new technologies until I was 17 – from which age I started freelancing. I am rather proficient in X/HTML (more recently, HTML5) and CSS, and am very familiar with WordPress and Textpattern. I currently work for a web design company in Haymarket. While this subject contains a lot of what is familiar to me, I am a very keen learner and I look forward to dabbling in more advanced PHP, MySQL and Java/jQuery. I love giving myself a challenge.

Success for me, in this subject – now that I am aware of the subject outline and what this constitutes – is receiving a mark above Distinction. I strive to do well, and I’d be happy with such a grade. However, more importantly, I want to walk away having learned something new. This is why I am planning to propose something that will challenge me for this subject’s assessment. I believe that if I can walk away with some new knowledge on the aforementioned languages, it will benefit me in the workplace. And I won’t have to keep asking my boss for help. 😛

As you can see, I already have a blog and a website. You can visit my portfolio if you want to see what else I’ve done. It is probably the best way I can sum up my skills with visual aids. Also, this website you’re looking at (my first domain name and my personal blog!) is the first website of my own that I’ve coded in HTML5 and made as responsive in design as possible. I would love to improve my skills there.

I live out west, so it takes me about an hour to get to university. I work five days a week, with flexible hours. I arrive in class having finished a shift at work from 9:00am. Lately on the train I’ve been listening to Radiohead (hey, if you’re going to see them in November, let me know – I’m thinking of going and I don’t have a definite concert buddy) and Magic Dirt, but my favourite bands are Armor For Sleep, Jebediah, Avenged Sevenfold, Explosions in the Sky, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana… hmm, the list could go on, really.

If you’re in my class and we have something in common, let me know. :3 For reference: The feed of my DMT posts. If you’re one of my regular readers, let me know how school is going for you, or what you’d say in an introductory post. 😛

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