Gravity Won’t Get You High

I’ve had three days of university this week so far. As you may have seen from my last post, my first class was really a breeze. A lot of the stuff I’m already familiar with, such as domains, HTML, CSS, and so on. The tasks are basically to create a website. I feel like I have one of these “doom” subjects every year in university, where I seem to know all the content already or be very familiar with it. Oh well. Doom can be great, just like the game Doom.

I watched the video lecture for next week already, and it was a bit naff to me – it went through basic HTML, which I learned a very long time ago, and while I watched the video I didn’t feel the need to take notes. It was a bit like those times I sit there and listen to a video even though I don’t really pay attention, but the dialogue is kind of a time-filler. James tells me that he listens to dialogue of television shows that he’s already watched, like Futurama, while he stretches or exercises or studies. I just listen to music. :P

I had a lecture yesterday from 6:00. It finished at 7:30, just as it was supposed to. I must admit, going from a communication degree right to an information technology/engineering one is really unusual. The way certain aspects are looked at and the way you’re assessed on your progress and learning in the subjects is very different. I don’t mind, but I haven’t had an exam in many years because my communication degree had none – just assessments, projects, presentations, speeches and the like. James warned me that it would be difficult to study considering that. Alright, I’m worried. At the same time, I kid you not, I’m looking forward to having an exam and not just being piled up with assignments all the time.

See, I like to believe that I can study on a train, but I can’t do assignments on a train. Studying is reading, repeating, reciting, listening. Easy to do whether you’re sitting or standing or floating in mid air. It’s not so easy fishing out your laptop and trying to formulate an essay or gather research papers or actively do stuff. Oh, believe me, I know. ;)

My class today finished early. We were supposed to have a three hour lecture, but the coordinator (who is also the tutor and the lecturer, yay! – one teacher for every aspect of the subject) went through the content quickly and finished in an hour and a half. I’ve got to read some tutorial notes for homework, which should be fine. I’m very used to preparing myself for the next class. Haha.

Tomorrow I’m going to see The Grates at one of the universities in the city. I’m going to have a ball, I’m sure. The Grates aren’t exactly one of my favourite bands but I do like them very much. I think their music is very unique and catchy, and best of all, they’re Australian. I have a thing for Australian bands and Australian music. I find it to be so underrated. Whereas many people have heard of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and other extremely popular artists, you have to give credit to some homegrown talent.

I don’t mean the crap that rises from shows like Some Country’s Got Talent or The R Factor or whatever tickles your fancy. I mean bands that start out in their garage, and whether they make it big or not, write music that is unlike anything that is played on the radio and across multiple clothing stores. Ugh.

Roll along, boys and girls!

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The R Factor! The Rachel Factor. (H)

I like exams a lot more than papers. I don’t LIKE either of them, but I hate writing papers. I haven’t had to write one in a surprisingly long time… like a month. I don’t count those little Italian compositions as papers. Hopefully James will be wrong about studying being hard for you. I don’t think that’s something we ever really forget.


I always love reading your blog. :) It’s just so simple and interesting a lot of the time!

Seems like you’re re-learning the basics. |D I knew HTML and CSS when I was eleven. Pff, easy classes are good, right? And you shouldn’t stress over he exams. You’ll get used to them, I’m sure! Just stick to your bus-studying idea.

DYTFYUKYKDTF What font do you use on this blog? I am in love with it. <3

Even though I’m only taking a high school version of this class, I know how you feel. I got placed in an HTML CSS class, basic stuff, etc. It’s really simple and I can breeze through it. But another thing I happen to do is work ahead, and miss small things he teaches during class because I assume I know all of it. Granted, I haven’t done any coding in a while honestly. But I guess it’s good to take a refreshing course.

Eh, I’ll be honest. I’m not too much into the whole “iTunes top 10” or what not. Whatever is people’s preference, I suppose. But I just can’t bring myself to like rap or heavy metal. :P

i had to sit through that as well when i was at college sometimes my lecturer would tell me if i could go on with my own work or to listen into it. we were only 10 of us in the class so it was easy to handle separately.
i know how you feel about exams, we didnt have in our first year but we had in our second year it was highly stressful but i scraped through. If you keep up with your work and understand everything it will go well for you, dont stress.
What font would you have chosen for my header? it took me ages to choose the font and i’m still not sure of it.

So it’s going to be an easy class for you ;D Yeah, Doom is a great game ;3 minus the portal to hell thing. Lol

Ah, good old doom classes. It’s all good until the class covers something you already know, but gets it wrong. That’s always fun.

you have to give credit to some homegrown talent

Agreed. There’s also a sort of possessive pride — this band is one of Us, they’re Ours — that’s pretty awesome. :D

Personally, I prefer projects to exams because I freeze up on exams. But I think that you might do better on exams – they are generally not subjective and you don’t have to worry about getting a bad mark because your tutor doesn’t like it, even if you thought it was wonderful. As an engineering student, I found that I don’t learn too much about studying, but the series of assignments I had to do for the class along the way (maybe engineers don’t get assignments in Australia, like in England, but I don’t know how things are done in Australia), taught me all the fundamental concepts I needed to know for an exam.

If you can study on a train, I will be very jealous. I need absolute quiet and calm to study. It looks like this term won’t be too bad for you, which is good! Then you get a break from being so busy all the time.

Sounds like classes have been going well, even though a tad bit boring. I had my week in hell 2 weeks ago and now I am just coasting through classes! (thank goodness). Cant wait for the summer break though!!!

I’m so jealous that you get to see the Grates! No fair! Even when there are amazing things on around here I always seem to have the skills to be able to be busy doing some boring family event on the same night!

Its good that if the most ‘doom-ified’ subject you have is just one that you are already familiar with! I had a whole lot of subjects where they were full of doom because it was so darn scary and with really high failure rates and I didn’t want to be one of them!

Must say, I really like your layout and all the rounded corners and circles. I wish I had visited earlier so I could have seen it sooner. :D

I tend to get frustrated when I have to review very basic subjects. I try to get though it by saying, there may be a little tidbit in this session you haven’t heard before.

I hope you do well in this new degree. I really don’t doubt that you will. You sound very prepared for it all. :)

Hope you have fun at the concert!

Studying during transportation is always a good idea (you know, unless you’re driving XD ); esp. on the day of the test itself, if it’s your first class … all the material is fresh in your head. Mhmm, it makes the test so easy it’s almost cheating lol.

I tell you what, having a few doom subjects is not so bad, overall. In a Liberal Arts degree, the entire program is doom subjects lol. Any sort of engineering sounds good to me! =D

I took a class on creating websites in high school just to get an easy technology credit. While I was glad it was a breeze, I was kind of annoyed that I knew more than the teacher, lol. (She even taught some incorrect things.) I think it’s nice to have an easy class, but sometimes it’s boring when you know the material already :)

I actually prefer major projects over exams. Exams always felt stressful to me, especially if they were a big percentage of my final grade. I hope you do well on yours!

Generally I’d rather listen to the dialogue of a show I’ve watched before than listen to a song I’ve heard before while working out at the gym. *shrugs* I’m not big on music and I really like Futurama. Aha.

Re-learning old things is never bad xD it’s a good thing to keep your brains active, right? ;) Anyway, I hope you do well on your studies! I wish you good luck!

i hear ya! i can also read on the train..but doing assignments in quite difficult with people coming in and out .. the train moving abruptly.. quite a mess hahah~ i find i can actually get a lot of my reading for school done in my commute ^_^ have fun at the concert. sounds like fun. i know what you mean.. especially underrated bands that are truly amazing yet undiscovered! have fun!! keep in touch <3


XD I think HTML/CSS lessons are fun, although I’ve been studying it for years. It’s fun, and it always feels as if I need to learn more, more and more. Coding layouts is really fun and I often have to make myself wait for a while before I submit another one on this layouts community I am registered in. Lol.

I tried reading on the train, but it gave me a really cruel headache. :/

I haven’t heard of The Grates to be honest and I only know a few number of Australian artists, partly because I don’t know where to start. But now that you mentioned it, I’ll try them out :) Thanks.

I wish I could do anything on a train or in a car but I get motion sickness so the only thing I can do is listen to music. You’re lucky.

Have a great time at your concert!