Gravity Won’t Get You High

I’ve had three days of university this week so far. As you may have seen from my last post, my first class was really a breeze. A lot of the stuff I’m already familiar with, such as domains, HTML, CSS, and so on. The tasks are basically to create a website. I feel like I have one of these “doom” subjects every year in university, where I seem to know all the content already or be very familiar with it. Oh well. Doom can be great, just like the game Doom.

I watched the video lecture for next week already, and it was a bit naff to me – it went through basic HTML, which I learned a very long time ago, and while I watched the video I didn’t feel the need to take notes. It was a bit like those times I sit there and listen to a video even though I don’t really pay attention, but the dialogue is kind of a time-filler. James tells me that he listens to dialogue of television shows that he’s already watched, like Futurama, while he stretches or exercises or studies. I just listen to music. πŸ˜›

I had a lecture yesterday from 6:00. It finished at 7:30, just as it was supposed to. I must admit, going from a communication degree right to an information technology/engineering one is really unusual. The way certain aspects are looked at and the way you’re assessed on your progress and learning in the subjects is very different. I don’t mind, but I haven’t had an exam in many years because my communication degree had none – just assessments, projects, presentations, speeches and the like. James warned me that it would be difficult to study considering that. Alright, I’m worried. At the same time, I kid you not, I’m looking forward to having an exam and not just being piled up with assignments all the time.

See, I like to believe that I can study on a train, but I can’t do assignments on a train. Studying is reading, repeating, reciting, listening. Easy to do whether you’re sitting or standing or floating in mid air. It’s not so easy fishing out your laptop and trying to formulate an essay or gather research papers or actively do stuff. Oh, believe me, I know. πŸ˜‰

My class today finished early. We were supposed to have a three hour lecture, but the coordinator (who is also the tutor and the lecturer, yay! – one teacher for every aspect of the subject) went through the content quickly and finished in an hour and a half. I’ve got to read some tutorial notes for homework, which should be fine. I’m very used to preparing myself for the next class. Haha.

Tomorrow I’m going to see The Grates at one of the universities in the city. I’m going to have a ball, I’m sure. The Grates aren’t exactly one of my favourite bands but I do like them very much. I think their music is very unique and catchy, and best of all, they’re Australian. I have a thing for Australian bands and Australian music. I find it to be so underrated. Whereas many people have heard of Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and other extremely popular artists, you have to give credit to some homegrown talent.

I don’t mean the crap that rises from shows like Some Country’s Got Talent or The R Factor or whatever tickles your fancy. I mean bands that start out in their garage, and whether they make it big or not, write music that is unlike anything that is played on the radio and across multiple clothing stores. Ugh.

Roll along, boys and girls!

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