I ran like the wind

I just woke up. It’s 2am and I had told my alarm to wake me up at six… however, I fell asleep with my laptop on my lap as I sat in bed. Argh. I think I must have woken up from an uncomfortable sitting position.

It was nearly 1am and I’ve had just showered, then put this lovely sweet-smelling green tea and honey cream on my arms and legs. It’s supposed to be Spring right now, and the weather should be getting warmer, but I don’t feel it getting warmer at all. If anything, it’s getting colder. When it’s cold, I like to put thicker cream or lotion on my limbs, sometimes body butter. Your body can absorb it without feeling sticky or sweaty. This green tea and honey cream is like that.

I showered pretty late, well near midnight. My mum always tells me off when I do, saying that there’s no point in showering at that kind of time. I think there is – it’s manically cold, and being in the shower keeps you warm. Not to mention I really don’t even like going near my bed if I’ve been out all day. I don’t like sitting on my bed when I come home from work unless I change into home-clothes/pyjamas first. I feel unclean, and I don’t want to make my bed dirty, so to speak.

On Friday night, Dylan and I went to that shady part of town – shady meaning there are strip clubs down the sides of the road and prostitutes lingering on the footpath or walking around. Regardless, the place there called The World Bar is a lovely place to catch up and have a few drinks. I was supposed to see a band there, but we didn’t get to see them because they started very late and we couldn’t get home too late.

We still had a good night, old friends catching up… and agreed that James was missing out. James said later on that perhaps we should meet up one night when we’re all free and chat over some drinks. Dylan and I shared two teapots of long island iced tea and skittles – two drinks containing vodka. They were great. Oh, the novelty in drinking alcohol from a teapot.

On Friday morning, I actually woke up very early, at about 5:30. My alarm hadn’t gone off yet but I thought it best to slowly get up. I was actually feeling motivated to go for a run. After putting on some appropriate exercise gear and dashing out the door, I actually felt great that I was going to go back to running regularly.

I ran around several blocks and took a route that eventually took me back home. I halted a few times to pick my breath up again, and took it down to a powerwalk. Overall, I ran about 3 kilometres.

I was so proud of myself when I got home. I was so proud I didn’t feel like doing anything else. I was so happy with myself that I had gone through that on my own. So proud. I went for a run again on Saturday, had a break on Sunday, and did it again Monday morning. /bounce I’m so proud of myself for this.

Anyway. I’d better sleep. @_@

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I can completely relate to having showers really late. I feel so weird if I’m still wearing my outdoor clothes when I’m at home, and not planning to leave again ofc. I usually immediately change into my pajamas and then do something unproductive and then shower and change into another pair of pajamas hahaha.

Glad to hear that you had a nice time with Dylan and friends. :) I’ve never had alcohol from a teapot but that sounds like something that I should add to my bucket list. Just awesome.

Holy crap. You ran a long way. Congrats bro. I’m proud of you too. I don’t think I could have done that.

Are you calling springtime earlier than the world calendar? People always seem to have a problem that I call June spring but September summer. -/_- It’s manically cold here as well, at least to me because people are posting beach photos today. These are probably all the crazy people who do things like going near their bed after they’ve been out all day. :P I really don’t understand why people do that. Showering is the first thing on the agenda when I walk in that door.

I have never been to the shady part of town here, but it’s not like I can get in any place for another year and several days. I didn’t even know there was alcohol from teapot. That just shows how much I know about night life.

Australians must have a habit of waking up early when they don’t have to. My friend always does that and I just don’t get how it works! Haha! Maybe it’s a lifestyle difference, but I’d rather be up until 5:30 than wake up then. And, I sleep the earliest regularly (about 1-2AM) compared to people I know. Give yourself a prize for running that far. I completely failed the mile-run in school, which is about half that distance.

I know how you feel, I love showering before bed, it helps me relax.

Mmm Long Island Iced Tea… sounds so good right now :) However I’ve never had it from a tea pot.

Be proud, I would die if I tried to run like that without an energy drink like Lucozade. And it would become a power walk after about 1/4 of a mile. xD

I hate sleeping in funny positions, it always gives me a really painful neck and sometimes my legs keep going to sleep, as do my arms. I usually get tired of being on my laptop, plus the internet gets turned off by my Dad, which can be annoying. :S

The ‘shady’ part? That’s a strange way to describe a town. I still get your point, though. And drinking alcohol from a teapot? Sounds extremely fun, and it’s something I will try one day. Period. ;)

I blogged, like you wanted me to! :P I hope I blogged enough, cause’ it seems like a shorter entry compared to my usual ones!

I’m exactly the same, I don’t like sleeping in dirty clothes. I have to shower and change into my PJs before jumping into bed.

That sounds like some dodge part of town. I’ve never been anywhere in the UK with prostitutes lingering around the street but then again I hardly out in London at night.

You woke up 5:30am? Wow I think I only wake up before 7am if I have to get to the airport for a holiday.

I’ve been meaning to go for a jog in the park here but have pretty much wasted the whole summer. Haven’t gone once. So good that you got up and went for a run.

I’m the same way about feeling unclean if I don’t shower or change clothes. No matter how late it is, I still prefer to shower at night before going to bed. Not to mention, it just feels better anyway XD

Yay for getting back to running regularly! I’ve been itching to run again, but I’m waiting for the weather to be cooler. It’s still 100F (38C) here, ughhh.

Oh nostalgia! I haven’t had teapots of long island iced tea in so long! They got me in a looot of trouble haha. I guess I don’t frequent the particular bar I used to have them at all the time anymore. Haven’t gone for like a year! Shit time flies.

I’m glad that my mum doesn’t care what time I take showers at… sometimes I take them at 3, 4, 5, 6am, if that’s when I get around to sleeping, ahem. But you’re right, they’re fantastic for warming you up!

Haha. reading this blog post of yours reminded me of my daily life. Lmao.

Running 3 km? Wow. That’s awesome! You should be proud of yourself :)

:love: YAY for 3 kms. I am prpoud of you ♥
I always like to have a warm shower before bed … especially in the cooler months. :P

I’m totally the same when it comes to feeling horrible if I haven’t showered before bed. At the moment our shower isn’t working and even having a bath doesn’t feel right… Can’t wait ’til it’s fixed!

I’m jealous of your running, I’m really hoping to get into the routine in the morning also, I always feel so much better when I do!

I also wanted to say thanks, I’ve used one of your wordpress layouts as the base for my blog (I’ve changed it quite a bit, but you’re still credited, of course) which I’ve just restarted. I was also wondering if it would be okay to link to you in a links page for blogs I visit often? (: I like to ask before just putting someone’s link on my sites haha.

Hope you’re having a great day! <3 x

No point in showering late at night? I actually can’t sleep without a shower, I just feel sticky. I also have a friend who’ll sleep on the floor instead of the bed or couch if he hasn’t showered recently.

You are awesome and should be proud of yourself! Keep it up!

Oh, wow. It seems as if everyone I know both online and offline has started running. It seems to be the exercise du jour as of late. :) I have been debating starting myself…but I am just so unmotivated. I definitely understand what you mean about not wanting to get your bed dirty. I go bonkers if my bed gets dirty – it’s my sanctuary, my place of comfort. :)