Desperate measures

My computer blocked me from YouTube.

Of course, that’s entirely my fault for blocking a bunch of time-wasting websites past the time of 10:00pm. My blocker tells me with large text, “Shouldn’t you be working?” Yes, I should, but I’ve done a little bit of work today, and for me, that’s enough. I still have homework for class on Friday, but I figured I’ll just do that tomorrow night. Something tells me tomorrow’s class is going to be another tutorial on basic Photoshop, during which I will quietly read articles on the internet, tweet, and perhaps read some blogs and return some comments (I am so sorry I haven’t properly done this in a while, I just can’t catch up with myself). It’s just compulsory for me to be in that class. It doesn’t make sense to me – I have to be there, but if the work is too easy and dull and I’m not learning anything, it’s quite alright for me to do something else. Most teachers would get angry and say you’re being rude, and to leave if you aren’t going to participate. Regardless, this is university and you aren’t babied at this level, so I wouldn’t really expect the teachers to do much.

I wanted to see a video of Desperate Measures, a song by Marianas Trench. Recently I heard that the band – who are from Canada – are touring in Australia. I’m a bit giddy about it, because even though I overplayed them in my iTunes and ignored them for a while, they’re back in there again, pumping into my ears, and I’m keen on seeing them live. I’m trying to drag my brother Brandon along, because he’s a big fan – but he already freaks out at gigs. He’s what – seventeen, nearly – and having never been to a show, feels like they’re totally not for him.

I think people have got to give it a chance at least once.

I shall go alone if I don’t have anyone to go with – let’s just say I’m not missing this show. :D

I’ve been to more gigs at bars, than shows in theatres. I like the indie pop/rock that is played by local bands in fancy (or less fancy) bars. I’ve been in a theatre where tickets were sold out, and I didn’t really mind them. Of course, heavy rock and metal music shows still freak me out – I only think of the time I nearly suffocated at Avenged Sevenfold, but that thrill was a good one. Would probably think twice before going to another one – or at least being in the middle of the crowd.

I’m going to another gig on Friday – in a shady part of town… but I’m not going alone; Dylan’s coming with me, so I’ll be sure not to be mugged or beaten up. Just walk through and act like you know the place…

Thankfully, my sleeping patterns have improved a bit. I haven’t been waking up at ludicrously horrible times. I haven’t been waking up later than 8:00am, which is brill – though that’s not quite early enough to get to work on time. @_@ I’ll get there, I’ll get there. I’ve been feeling ill as of late – not really dealing well with public transport, or in the car for that matter. I’ve been feeling nauseous every time I am moving when I am not moving myself. When I sit on the train or bus, for no longer than a minute, I feel the need to vomit. 🤮 I get the feeling I’m just not eating well. Also, my reaction to the dairy food I’ve been having lately leads me to think I may be lactose intolerant. /ehh

Whatever, s’all good. I’m still feeling A-OK. Talking to James on the phone at night makes me smile. :)

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Oh, you giggin’ thing
Yeah, some classes aren’t worth going to. Especially not Quality JimTyme. *floog*

You ought to sleep more! :3 it’ll help you during the day :B *picks your nose*

let’s go, you /bounce


I don’t understand the first sentence. “Youtube just blocked me”, what do you mean by that? Blocked huh?

I have some messed up sleeping pattern at the moment which isn’t good at all. I’m just not that tired at night so end up sleeping at 12am-1am but need to wake up at 7am to go to work. Weekends I sleep like a pig! from around 1am to about 11am then nap in the afternoon. I should sleep better hours and stop napping.

Voooops, I mean my computer blocked me from YouTube. 😳 *changes it and hopes no one notices*

I hate having to take half of the mandatory classes to be honest. I mean, if I wish they could place you in classes you actually need like they do with Math and English. But that’s university for ya xD

My sleeping patterns have been just as bad xD I havent been sleeping all that well and I wake up around 10 after I go to sleep at midnight or 3 in the morning. I toss and turn a lot xD

I love going to concerts and watching people play live, so that’s awesome you’re going out and doing all of these things =)

You have way more self-control than me, I think if I installed a blocker I’d be throwing my laptop out of the window or looking for another computer!

It’s cool that your trying to take your brother to that gig. I wish I had an older sister that would take me to gigs. But my brothers cool too. I can’t wait to go to a gig. It seems really fun, haha.

I absolutely love going to gigs! I guess I can understand why it isn’t for some people. I mean, the loudness, the pushing and shoving, it makes sense.

I definitely should put up a blocker of my own. I spend way too much time perfecting my website layouts or watching videos on YouTube. It’s a bit ridiculous to say the least. XD

Returning comments? Oh I suck too at the moment ….
As for the class you HAVE to go to. I had that with basic HTML and basic internet. I HAD to attend but my teacher didn’t care what I was doing … I am wondering if that is now the norm?

Oh best drag brother brandon along ;-)

I’d hate being at university and you don’t like the classes. I’m paying £9000 per year form my degree do I hope I enjoy every minuet of it! Or else. /pow

I think you’ll fit in the shady part of town. Joke. 🙄 All the gigs sound fun. :D

As to your comment, yeah the A-Level results came out nationally today! I did ok got 2 As and a B. And yeah I have noticed that sites now focus more on blogging and the individual (which I kind of like better) rather than everyone just plastering as much content as they can, a couple of years ago. /type

Michael. 👏

I always find indie artists to be much better than those that are mainstream – at least sometimes; especially when it comes to bands. I can’t say that I have been to a legitimate concert, but I have been to “shows.” Lol, you’re probably thinking they are the same thing, but I cant explain it. For some reason, I think it’s the location of the performance that makes it a real concert. I don’t know.

On another note, if I could wake up after 8AM, I’d be happy. Right now I’ve been working up before 7 while going to sleep after 3! How do I do it? Supernatural powers I suppose.m /bounce

I don’t think I’m as big of a Mariana’s trench fan as you. But I am a fan indeed. :D wait. I kinda just like their mainstream songs so maybe that doesn’t count as being a fan. Anyways have fun at their show! Rock hard hahaha. I’m surprised that your 17 year old bro is uninterested lmao. They’re usually into that kinda stuff.

I’m sorry, on your computers behalf for blocking you from YouTube. I tend not to put any of these security measures on my comp cause i’d be blocked from twitter like erryday.

The feeling of nausea is the worst. Especially while you travel. Cause you can’t really avoid getting somewhere with a mode of transportation other than your own feet these days. D: I feel for ya bro. Hope it gets better.

Bad ass. Going to shady places. For gigs. I like your style. Do be careful still. Dylan and you should practice your ninja skills.

My brother went to his first concert a week or so ago. It was a metal show and he and his friend had seats, but he said he didn’t enjoy it because he’s not into that kind of music anymore. He only went because he promised his friend he would go to a concert with him. What a good friend, eh? :’)

I LOVE being in the crowd during hard rock/metal shows. I totally live for it. I find it exhilarating and it makes it so easy to forget everything–all my stress–and just live in the moment. It’s definitely intense and not for everyone, but I love it to death. I wish I had another concert planned to look forward to, but there’s nothing coming up that interests me. :(

That’s a good idea, to set up website blocks past a certain time! That probably would have helped me when I was still in school. Well, I probably could still get use out of that at work. I do slack sometimes XD;;

I’m the other way around when it comes to shows. I’ve seen more in theaters than in bars. We have local bands playing every night, but it’s a hassle for me to get downtown. I’d rather go to a theater where they have a parking lot. I also prefer seeing rock/metal shows :)

That sucks that you’re feeling nauseous in car rides. I hope you’re feeling better!

That’s a pretty cute blocker, lol! I need to get one of those. I remember trying to finish assignments in college and being distracted by FB or receiving instant messages or just going off in space and visiting another website!

I hate it when schools or universities block out websites..! I’m glad your sleeping patterns are getting improved.. man I hate it when my sleeping patterns are all over the place. Ummm go to a doctor for the nauseous feeling!

That block reminds me of the website blocker we had in high school, it blocked out anything fun or anything which could be related to adult or inapropriate sites, even if it was a page on Lucien Freud’s biography /angry I need to go to another gig soon, I recently helped out at a local gig, designed the flyers and did some glass collecting, but it wasn’t the same as seeing a band play at an arena tour. Weirdly enough, I’ve been feeling roughly the same. Very nauseas, and losing my appetite sometimes @_@ hope you feel better soon ♥

Oh my god, thanks so much for that list!!! I absolutely love checking out bands from other countries so I’m 100% going to do that. 🤤

Ah yes, I prefer Converse as well :) Funny enough I used to think they were hideous but now I’ve owned at least 10 different pairs. At least.

I remember those Kurt Cobain shoes. I really wanted them too D:

That’s kind of really hilarious how your computer blocked you from YouTube. Is it like an application/plugin/etc. that did it? :p

Oh, yucky. Lactose intolerance is no fun. >.>

Have fun at the gig on Friday. ^^

I think that a friend of mine, who is an avid music-lover like you, once said that there are more concerts at bars than in theaters. I’ve been to one concert at a bar, and a couple at theaters, and I’ve got to say that I infinitely prefer the bar when appropriate. Being able to feel the vibrations and being so close to the stage is a nice intimate feeling. :D

Good to hear that you’re sleeping better now! It was probably because of the change in dose of antidepressants, and it looks like you’ve adjusted. Hopefully, you’ll be off of them in the near future!