I promise it’s going to kill.

A feeling: Annoyance.

When I think of the things that annoy me to the point of no return, the list is endless. I have realised that I have days that I am less irritated than usual, but today was one of those days that really did bother me.

I have a long list of things to do that I honestly should finish by the end of the weekend but I don’t think I can do it all. I like having good time management and I like to think that I still have that characteristic, but I have a habit of not getting my priorities straight.

I have been feeling rather short on time because my relatives are arriving next Monday from overseas. I guess I’m not going to be able to have much time with them anyway because I’ll be extremely busy with work and study, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’ll be crashing my house. All… ten of them. Okay, I really don’t know now because initially my mum said there were six of them, so I’m just confused. Either way, it reminds me of the time almost ten years ago that we had visitors/guests…

I found my diary that I wrote in at the time. I was only about eleven or so, but I was an angsty little fifth grader, I’m not going to lie. And I don’t know where I picked up bad language but around the time we had those visitors, I had written diary entries in messy glittery dark green pen, riddled with “fuck” and “FUCK” and other expletives. There were six people staying with us that time, I think – or was it eight? – and I was too young to really remember who they were. They weren’t close relatives, they were more like distant aunts and uncles and… I don’t recall.

I had to sleep in my parents’ room or in my brother’s room while they stayed with us. I was very annoyed by this because obviously I just wanted to sleep in my own room and have it all to myself. But no, that was their room for the duration of their stay.

That has happened on numerous occasions we’ve had visitors, and what I hated the most was getting all my belongings and moving them out every night just so I wouldn’t wake them up in the morning. /hmph

I remember having left a keyring by my nightlight. It was made of beads and woven together in the shape of a person with coloured string. I remember that one day I found that the string had frayed and I got annoyed, immediately blaming the youngest child of the visiting family. My mum said it was my fault for leaving my belongings. At the time that little keyring was my favourite. I have it buried somewhere now, but I try not to think about what happened.

I was very hostile while they were staying with us. I probably glared at them a lot.

One day the father – I’ll just say he’s a distant uncle, like my dad’s cousin or something (because he probably is) – was just sitting at our spare desk. He made use of a notepad that was sitting there and the coloured pencils and pens we kept in a tray. We rarely used those coloured pencils and pens. He was drawing something and to my surprise he gave it to me.

It was a gorgeous artwork of my full name, outlined in pen and coloured with coloured pencil. My first name was written in this bubble-type writing and my surname in a beautiful script. There was a discreet background of a heart that was coloured pink and yellow. It was honestly lovely, it was beautiful.

At that moment I felt bad for having ever had any hatred towards that family. I smiled, and said, “Thank you.” I still have the piece of notepaper in my shelf. I used it as a bookmark for some time.

I guess, I’ll try my best not to be like that again this time. I’ll try hard not to be annoyed.

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Damn, you’re really busy D: But finish what you can, don’t get over-worked *hug*

Other people should still respect your stuff when they are comming over… so I get your annoyance about it, I’d feel the same. But it’s nice that the man drew you a lovely picture. ♥ I hope that this time will be less annoying. Have fun anyway! :)

Oy. You were sure an angsty little kid! But whatever, the past’s the past. I’m sure your relatives just recognized that you were an annoyed girl who wasn’t old enough to know any better, which you were. A lot can change in a decade, and it seems like things might get annoying, but everything should be okay.

Good luck on your week! I know that you’ll finish.

See, there must be some good in all evil.
I hope you are older and wiser now.
I think it will help.

Gnuu, Angsty Wuggs. Although I’,d hate it if kids got to sleep in my room. Without me. Or not with me. Huhu

At least you have more freedom this time to go out and stuff..tahee. /love

I find this hard to comment on. /ummo


I know the feeling because when I was staying with my grandmother way back in the third world we usually have tons of visitors and some of them stay in my room as well, being it was one of the largest rooms in the house. I get so annoyed because I felt my privacy was somehow violated. Plus, most of the visiting (distant) relatives were a bunch of moochers!

you’re having ten relatives coming over at your house??!! i’m not ever sure if it’s enough rooms for ten extra people to sleep in my house. except if they sleep on the floor of course, but that wouldn’t be nice. we had recently four visitors and i thought that was annoying enough. there’s so many different personalities, and there’s no way it’s possible to satisfy everyone by the dinner table. it’s also hard to find something to do that everybody enjoys, especially when one of them don’t like films nor going out walking or enjoys any kind of sport. i had a tough week trying my very best without getting annoyed, and it actually felt very nice when they left, to finally have some time for yourself without anyone hovering. i sound pretty rude when i’m saying all this, but i didn’t find it easy to be a good host, but at least i’ve gained some experience now for next time!! (:

i’m sorry to hear you feel the same as me. sometimes i just want to run away from school and do whatever i want to. there’s so much work, and all these expectations along with tests that really freaks me out sometimes. and then i see my site fading because of it, and i think that’s sad. my site has alwasy been my escape, but it’s not easy when i never have time to actually escape. whenever i’m finished with another project or test, i’m so tired i have to catch up some sleep. besides i enjoy updating and creating rather than blogging. i find it hard to find the right words to write, and i don’t want my blogs to be completely pointless.
haha thanks for forgiving me!! :D i hope to come back very soon, but next week will probably be one of my worst so far!

i hope you’re doing well, and i’m sure you’ll be a great host!! :D and then i hope you find time to balance everything with your new job!!

I have a list just as long as that, except I end up neglecting most of it because I don’t have your management skills. And for the record I still believe you don’t sleep, lmao.

10 VISITORS?! Okay sorry for being nosy but where are they gonna stay?? If you have 3 bedrooms for you parents you and Branden, I’m sure you can’t exactly stick them in your parents’ rooms so you’d have to fill them in to you and your brother’s rooms and everyone else crashes in the living room? Unless they’re going to hotels which I know for a fact relatives always try to avoid.

You bad 11 year old for using words like that! I’d be writing the F word too if my mom made me get out of my room for relatives. Thank god we don’t have relatives that come from Korea.

Aww that’s so sweet of your distant uncle. When relatives do that it makes it hard to be annoyed with them. That’s what happens with my dad’s relatives. I always get annoyed with them because they … okay let’s not go there, but they bring me nice things. =(

Good luck playing host to 10 relatives … wow.

Oh no it wasn’t really because of an hour … In fact I travel that distance for work and classes. It’s that I can’t exactly go visit him if I didn’t have work, and if he visits me, I literally live in the middle of nowhere we’d have to be at my house which is a NO. Things are a bit difficult here. =/

Wow my turn to say your mom is lame. She wants you to clean and stuff and also work? Lame.

hey goergina! what a long list of things to do… i can’t even track mine until i am lost! anyway, if you’re annoyed, my tip, eat chocolate. i dont know it just helps..

anyway, 10 relatives. that’s a lot. you maybe have a big house, don’t you? but i feel that sometimes, especially when we’re not that even close. :)

hope you’ll be better soon! mwah!

I used to love visitors but I hate them now, unless they’re relatives from my mother’s family.
And that was very sweet of your uncle to draw you something. :) I honestly hate that feeling when you just want to HATE someone and be angry (ooh all that angst) but they do something to make you feel so bad, so guilty.

And thank you for your suggestion Georgina! I’ve started a petition online. :)

I also have thing to do list. list in doing all my projects! and haven’t started one of them 😢 jeeeh! i love sleeping beside my parents! It is because i miss them so much! and I don’t have those time to be with them. That’s why whenever i got the chance to be with them I take all my chance xD especially sleeping beside them. hihi ♥ ♥

Oh my god. I’ll apologize for my upcoming jerky comment because I know how you’ll feel so well that I’m feeling it too and its making me annoyed as I’m writing this.

For the past 4 months we’ve had a billion people living at my house and the entire time I’ve been slowly dying. Sure I’ll get past the fact that every night at 11PM I have to leave my office so they can sleep, meanwhile squeeze my laptop and sketchbook onto my little nightstand in my room. But it’s the noise I can’t stand. These people have nothing better to do then yell and yell.

Right now one of them has left and in another week 2 more are coming. Please kill me right now. I’d be writing fuck and FUCK if I could without getting into trouble, but when I was 11 my diary was discovered upon my 1st day of writing in it. Fate clearly doesn’t want me to have a diary. At least when the person left I screamed FUCK YES in the car.

I can’t even imagine having 10 extra people living in my house, so right now all my sympathy is going to you. And I don’t even have to give my room out, though my dad has suggested me giving up my queen bed to a couple (you kidding me?). Hopefully your relatives are not staying too long? Especially since it’s during the uni semester for you. Most of my torture was in the summer when I didn’t have much to do.

My relatives aren’t mean or anything, they’d prob do nice things for me like the artwork of your name, but the annoyance triumphs over the good. Far too much.

Sometimes I hate being Asian for things like this.

I know how you feel. I hate when relatives visit during the holidays. It puts everyone out, it seems like lol even though they are here to see you. I always get my space taken away when my sister and her boyfriend come over, which pisses me off. Only because my sister’s boyfriend is a douchebag who takes over my computer (!!!) and my TV. He downloads crap on it all the time and it pisses me off. Your computer is like a personal extension of you, almost…in a way.

But that’s really cool that your uncle did the drawing for you. Maybe he could feel your anger and frustration over the situation and wanted to make up for it. :)

Hm, your post reminds of when one of my sisters got married. All these random people came to our house so it would be easier to prepare for the following day. The musicians, the ladies in charge of the Cambodian clothes, etc. My dad, me, and my two other sisters, and a friend of my dad’s, was forced to sleep on the cold, stone-floored garage because every inch in my house was taken by these relatives, friends, and strangers. -__- And yes, I woke up with a pretty sore back. Nothing like sleeping on concrete!

Sometimes I don’t know how you can endure that all, Georgie… :( I don’t know what to say, what advice to give… other than: don’t let any form of nervous breakdown get you. Rest when you can, do a few minutes yoga, whatever can relax you. I’m busy most of the time too, but there are times when you just need to say ‘stop’ and take a moment to breath. *hugs tightly*

Regarding family, I think you were right to be annoyed. Staying over at a relative’s doesn’t mean they can do what they wish. When we stay at others’ houses, we need to show respect, as we’re guests. Being annoyed is not a crime, Georgie. It’s just human. Just don’t let hatred consume you, there’s no need for that. But yes, if guests lack the due respect, they need to be reminded. Gently, yes.

Love ya. :*

~ Luana S.

Aw, that was nice of him!
Whenever we have visitors, they all end up in the guest room. We’ve never had ten visitors before, it’s usually one or two so they fit. Gosh, ten visitors must have been absolutely awful. O__O

Oh my. You were an angry fifth grader. My journals from back then are full of ideas of projects (and a lot of talk about Webkinz). The journal a year later was filled with lovesick crap. I look back and shake my head. My journals now are usually about the weather and one or two interesting things that happened during my day. Little one liners so I don’t forget what happened in my life 20 years later. :)