Chips to the birds

Last week I was trying to take more photos and use up the film on my camera. I was at the train station and it was early afternoon, if I remember correctly. It was still very bright so I took some photos of the trains. Some pigeons were walking all over the platform eating scraps of food. One of them was eating a chip. Or as they are often referred to, crisps.

I took a photo, setting my camera to a fast shutter speed so I could capture the action of a pigeon pecking at a chip. I could have sworn the pigeon ate the chip, but I saw it pecking at another one. After looking around and watching these pigeons go a bit mad walking at everyone’s feet, I realised that an old man had a packet of chips and was just tossing them to the pigeons. It was kind of nice to see. I wanted to take a photo of him, but that would be creepy, and a lady was standing in the way anyway.

Silly pigeons.

I went to work again today, starting at 9:00am and finishing at around 5:20pm. I will be honest, I like my new job. I enjoy it. It does get really tedious because I’m staring at code and trying to debug and fix things, but that’s what I usually do at home. I just sit in front of a screen for pretty much my whole day. 😕 Which probably makes it twice as bad that when I get home, after showering and eating and cleaning up and resting, I go right back on the computer. I can’t muck around on the computers at work, because the work is pretty intensive, strict deadlines and things like that. We’re often working on multiple projects for different clients.

I do like it though, and it’s keeping me busy. Today I just thought I’d explode though, because a drop-down menu I was coding didn’t work. I have learned quite a few new things since I started working there.

The one thing I don’t like is that we work as a team. That can be very, very advantageous since we can bounce ideas off each other and not everyone is an expert in coding, but I found that I struggled to get used to the WordPress theme that was coded by someone else. It’s always hard to work with something that someone else worked with – which is why I have to comment my code and keep it neat, but commenting is very important so people know what part is what.

I found myself extremely tired after today. I was in the middle of doing a Sudoku puzzle on the train and as soon as I got stuck, my eyes just shut and I fell asleep.

When I got home I was looking forward to using my new camera. 😁 Thank you James for ordering it for me. ☺️ It’s a Canon 1000D and thanks to Lilian, I named him Shadow. You can see some photos on my photoblog.

I kind of wonder what having a full time job will be like. Tomorrow will be my third day in a row, working. In a way it’s a bit like school, actually. A schedule starting at nine o’clock every day… makes me think that university is great for being so flexible.

I am tired. I don’t want to think anymore. 😛

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