Chips to the birds

Last week I was trying to take more photos and use up the film on my camera. I was at the train station and it was early afternoon, if I remember correctly. It was still very bright so I took some photos of the trains. Some pigeons were walking all over the platform eating scraps of food. One of them was eating a chip. Or as they are often referred to, crisps.

I took a photo, setting my camera to a fast shutter speed so I could capture the action of a pigeon pecking at a chip. I could have sworn the pigeon ate the chip, but I saw it pecking at another one. After looking around and watching these pigeons go a bit mad walking at everyone’s feet, I realised that an old man had a packet of chips and was just tossing them to the pigeons. It was kind of nice to see. I wanted to take a photo of him, but that would be creepy, and a lady was standing in the way anyway.

Silly pigeons.

I went to work again today, starting at 9:00am and finishing at around 5:20pm. I will be honest, I like my new job. I enjoy it. It does get really tedious because I’m staring at code and trying to debug and fix things, but that’s what I usually do at home. I just sit in front of a screen for pretty much my whole day. @_@ Which probably makes it twice as bad that when I get home, after showering and eating and cleaning up and resting, I go right back on the computer. I can’t muck around on the computers at work, because the work is pretty intensive, strict deadlines and things like that. We’re often working on multiple projects for different clients.

I do like it though, and it’s keeping me busy. Today I just thought I’d explode though, because a drop-down menu I was coding didn’t work. I have learned quite a few new things since I started working there.

The one thing I don’t like is that we work as a team. That can be very, very advantageous since we can bounce ideas off each other and not everyone is an expert in coding, but I found that I struggled to get used to the WordPress theme that was coded by someone else. It’s always hard to work with something that someone else worked with – which is why I have to comment my code and keep it neat, but commenting is very important so people know what part is what.

I found myself extremely tired after today. I was in the middle of doing a Sudoku puzzle on the train and as soon as I got stuck, my eyes just shut and I fell asleep.

When I got home I was looking forward to using my new camera. /bounce Thank you James for ordering it for me. /eee It’s a Canon 1000D and thanks to Lilian, I named him Shadow. You can see some photos on my photoblog.

I kind of wonder what having a full time job will be like. Tomorrow will be my third day in a row, working. In a way it’s a bit like school, actually. A schedule starting at nine o’clock every day… makes me think that university is great for being so flexible.

I am tired. I don’t want to think anymore. :P

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Wowee, your new job sounds pretty good. Close to the station, doing something you like 8D
maybe you could do this as a first job instead of Masters. Tahee
it’d look good on your resume toooooo /eee

Careful about taking photos of strangers; wouldn’t want to get told off like Tommy /sweato
I’m glad you’re happy with the camera /love maybe you can take photos with it the next time we’re Oot :)


lol pigeons can be silly. 😒

OMG WHAT A GREAT CAMERA! lucky you! ♥ I didn’t know you had a photoblog. I must check it out more often! XD

Honestly, I hate working in teams/groups too. haha But, sometimes it does has it’s advantages.

Work-life is heavy sometimes xD I can understand how you feel though ♥ As long as you enjoy working and learn new things it’s all good ;) But don’t get yourself too tired. Burning out is never good D:

I visited your photo blog and I really love your photos! :)

*HUGS* I read your last few posts. I’m sorry that things are a bit stressful for you lately, particularly at home and cleaning up before your rellies get here. Gah… <333 I'm sure that it'll get easier soon.

I'm glad you're enjoying the new job, and learning a lot whilst you're there :) They're the best kind of jobs, where you're always learning something new. Makes it more interesting. I'm constantly learning new things about the program I use (ArcGIS) at work, which is great. Haha I hear you about being on a computer all day, and then going home and going on the computer again. I do the EXACT same thing. But spending time on the PC at home relaxes me and there are heaps of stuff I can't do at work, that I need to do at home (like fanlistings lol).

How far away does it take to get from work to home, and Uni to home, if you don't mind me asking? :)

Love the new camera!!! He is gorgeous :D

I've been working full-time since August last year. Whilst it's not as 'flexible' as Uni (where at Uni you get heaps of free time) you still have set hours and set things to do, and it's easy to get into a routine :) I enjoy working! I hope you'll continue to enjoy it too.

It takes me about an hour all up… or an hour and a half, because of the bus wait and stuff like that. If I plan really tightly so that as soon as I get off the bus, there’s a train in a minute (or vice versa) then it could take me an hour all up. But since I hate rushing and have nearly died so many times running for the train (loss of breath, not falling down the gap hahaha) I take my time and it’s a good 1.5 hours.

Fanlistings and website stuff just totally keeps me occupied out of work. Since I’ve been working a lot lately, I come home and there’s quite a bit to do, but it’s good to pull away from Twitter and this idea of “addiction”. :P Since I’m going to do a Masters degree next year (or hoping to get in!), I may start looking for a full-time job because the classes are timetabled in the evening. O_O

Good luck on your new job! :)
PS. We have the same camera. Haha. Nice photos on your photoblog! :D

I am always nervous to take pictures of people, too. I lose so many good shots that way, though. :P

I’m so glad you enjoy your new job! Full time jobs are definitely kind of like school except for the fact that most of them don’t come with homework hehe!

I am not a group person when it comes to a project or anything that should be done. I prefer doing it on my own, because I know that I have full superiority over it, since I work alone. Hahahaha! Anyway, I checked your photoblog the other day and I love the pictures. :)

hey there
thanks for the compliment on my hair /kiss
my friend is better thanks. did you have food poisoning once before where the toilet was your friend?
ye i will never live alone i’m too chicken lol.

pigeons are crazy birds, they are all over our garden sometimes.
that’s great news that you like your new job. can you tell us what you’ve learnt in one post so we can be inspired as well. especially the sprites navigation please /bounce.

im very tired after a 9 hour day everyday but i do exactly what you do. from one computer to another but its different i feel. i miss the holidays that we use to get in college :(.

What does the camera look like?

I never like working as a team. It annoys me especially when one person decides on something and then another one objects. It can lead to a complicated problem… or maybe a fight. (happened a lot back when I was still in high school. Group work and only one or two people who actually work.) As expected, working individual is way nicer even though it will take longer time to finish.
I wish you had taken picture of the pigeons though, I really wanna see it :D
And canon 1000D~ 😢 man, I envy you! You have like.. three or four cameras, right? I wish I have one but well… parents just think camera is too expensive and it’s not going to work with me since I’m not in my graphics major yet. Basically, can’t actually sharpen my interest..yet. 😢
Nice to see you actually enjoy work :)

I think for photo ops like you described with the man feeding the birds, it might be just worth it to ask if you can take a photo. (Make sure you say you’re a photographer/student so it seems less creepy.) I mean the worse he can say is no, and then you’re in the same place you were in anyway, with no picture.

Heyyyy georgina!
how have you been? i’ve been well.. i just started my two weeks of holidays actually hahaha… but i’ve already been so busy this past week because of university work and practical at my primary school!
When did you change jobs!? i thought you liked your old job helping kids! i also recently changed my job.. no longer working at the place i used to hate working at hahah.. i’m now working at the city but currenttly they’re under renovation so i basically have three weeks off from work doing nothing :D excited haha
Have you had your mid sem holidays yet?
Sorry i didn’t reply to your comment earlier

University is very flexible.. and work COULD be too. But it usually isn’t. Though it’s sort of nice to know that you’re going to be busy 5 days a week from 9 to 5. I don’t think I’m ready for that yet though.. but I guess I’ll “numb myself” to it eventually..

Put off working full-time for as long as possible, okay? Well, actually, if you ever have a long summer holiday like me, it’s a good thing to do. You’ll make a lot of money and get good experience. IT SUCKS THOUGH OKAY.

Oh the horrors of reading other people’s code! I think that you’d appreciate this comic if you haven’t seen it already. I hope that you’ll get used to everyone’s coding style soon! My boyfriend loves the fact that the company he works for enforces a uniform coding style among all employees.

Having a full-time job is something that you can get used to, as long as you’re not the type to stay up extra late all the time, like me. I did it once and was working 8-6 every day. It really upped my personal productivity, actually. Inflexible work schedules are a love-it or hate-it type of thing.

Your job sounds pretty fierce. May I ask what exactly you do? I’d LOVE a job like that. *blush*

urgh tell me about it. I don’t know why but I can never use a WP theme or anything WP related that was coded by someone else. I like coding WP myself. lol.

I’m glad you like your current job but slow down on staring at the computer screen! You’ll get tired even more if you keep staring at the computer screen even after working hours. At least that’s what I’m going through now. My eyes feel super tired whenever I stare at the computer screen the whole day :S

Your job sounds like mine as right now I’m fixing some codes, implementing designs to web, staring at more codes. I haven’t done a lot of designing yet, but hopefully soon. When I get back home, I stare back on the computer. No wonder my eyes feel heavy lately.