I Predict A Riot

Hi guys. :P I’ve had a rather exhausting week. After Wednesday I’ve just felt dead beat. Thankfully, I finished my assignment for next week. I do need to make progress on another assignment and figure out how much it’s going to cost me for more photo paper, and I kind of need a DSLR as I can’t borrow one, mine is a really old model with no replaceable lenses, and I don’t really trust myself to use film for this major assignment…

Anyway. That aside, I can’t believe it’s freakin’ September already. I’ll be honest, this is probably the most laid-back semester I’ve had in all two-and-a-half years of university. At the same time, it’s a bit all over the place and disorganised. You can’t get what you want.

I’m also a little terrified because some time this month I will be applying for a Masters degree. Yes, I’ve decided to take the reins and do it. I honestly don’t think I can bear going into the workforce just yet. I’m going to be 20 when I finish my Bachelor’s degree and 21 (just!) when I graduate. I feel like I wouldn’t mind another two years in university to gain a few more skills. I could get a full-time job and study part-time, but then studying would take me three years in total and I’m almost positive I hate it. I would love to get studying over and done with so I can work. I’m unsure of what I will Master in.

This reminds me of how I’m a jill of all trades, or as I like to say, a pot-luck person. I’m no master in anything, but I can do many things. Play piano, guitar, web design, dance, sing. Now I can master something with a Masters degree! Oh god Georgina, you’re so lame. /bash Like I said, I’m not sure; I may just do flat out Information Technology, or grow some balls and do Interactive Media. Maybe I’ll apply for both. :)

Later this month, I also have relatives coming over from Indonesia. I don’t get to see my relatives very often because of all the ocean between us and the cost of flights, so it’ll be good to see some of my aunts and uncles and one of my cousins. She will most likely be staying in my room with me, meaning I need to give it a huge sweep out. I am determined – the same way I’m determined to lower my cholesterol, which is why I’ve been eating so many apples and vegetables – to clean my room and actually free up some space, not just keep it tidy. I am a terrible hoarder. I have just been tweeting about the stuff I’d like to get rid of and also asking my best friends if they’d like any stuff. I’m honestly willing to get rid of a lot of this stuff, but because I’m a hoarder some of this crap probably isn’t even fit for anybody to keep. :P I wouldn’t mind sending stuff in the post for free to anyone who is interested, or for larger items, I’ll just ask for some money for shipping.

I have a big CD box, which I want to get rid of but not sure if sending it is the best option – I might as well just put it in a yard sale or at the charity store. But I have other things including books (kiddish books like Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley, as well as other children’s books), plushies (mostly small ones that I was planning to give to charity, but if anyone wants one…), unused/scrap notepaper (I think I have endless piles of this), random jewellery, stress balls, small coin purses and perhaps some bags, maybe even a few vintage-style clothes or too-small clothes/pyjamas if I sort them out and find some that are still in okay condition. I don’t know if anyone wants second-hand clothes, hah! Also have various other things that I need to clean out, but if there’s anything you might possibly be interested in just hit me up and I’ll email you if I might have something for you.

I can’t believe I’m going through this massive clean. I don’t encourage anyone to be a hoarder like me, so I will not send anybody anything I consider junk! /eee I can’t wait to have a clean room, haha.

Edit: Visit the Trash and Treasure! page to see a list of things! /bounce

Whew. Something to look forward to this week, though, I have a job interview on Monday so wish me luck. /mwah

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Good luck for the interview on Monday …
I have relatives coming over from Sweden in October. I have never met them before so this will be fun/interesting/nerving all in one. And, I am a hoarder, a BIG one. I mean I have a jumper here that I have had since I was young.

Haiwugs! :3

Yeah, it’s September 😰 where did the tyme go! :O
Hoho, Masters. That should be interesting; hopefully it will be fun. Eating apples is good; they have plenty of magnesium for Smooth Wuggs :P

Tell me if you find any interesting coins :)

darn assignmentage 3;


Georgie! Good luck on your interviews and applications! (I just realized that we’re basically the same age, graduating university at barely 21.) I’m sure that since you work so hard and get good grades, that you’ll be able to do what you want to do. (And why does deciding have to be so hard? *sigh*)

Your big clean sounds exciting. I’d be interested in the jewelry that you can’t get rid of. Shipping to the US is probably a bitch, so it’s better if you sell everything in Australia.

I send stuff to the US of A a fair bit to my besties, it’s not as expensive as you might think :-) Reason being the trade agreement the US and Aus have. It’s quicker these days AND a lot cheaper then it was.

Good luck on that job interview, Georgie!

Time flies by so fast. :| Couldn’t believe it either.
Oh, and I randomly like ribbons. :)

Take care!

Sounds like university is keeping up on you! Just do what you have to do and get things done :)! Good luck with finding a DSLR! D:!

Good luck with applying for a Masters degree! :D! I think you can manage it and the more degrees you have, the better job opportunities you can get :)!

Mastering in Information Technology or Interative Media sounds interesting to do :O! These days, You either master something because you have a passion for it, for the economy, or in rare cases: both :c.

I hope your relatives will enjoy visiting you and your family :D! Have fun cleaning up your room and the house :X! I am not a hoarder, but it’s hard to keep stuff that I want to throw away D:! !!!

This reminds me.. My mom’s sister is coming over from Hong Kong in December– Maybe. Perfect timing!

If anything, can you store the CD box and other things somewhere and when your family is done visiting, take ’em out? :P

Thank you :D! I did change the header, background and other snippets here and there :P. And make the layout like 100px bigger or something -__-! That’s why it looks funky in some screens :c. I guess it DOES show how good makeup is :O!

You have a lot of comments to return! You’re like one of those hard working bloggers who don’t even complain about anything! A real true one BD!

Thank you :D! Wow! I love collaboration projects! It’s fun and amazing if you ask me :P!

Take care ;D

First of all, you have an awesomely gorgeous name lol.. You are working very hard in school, continue to do that. You are doing a great thing. Also good luck on applying for your masters.. You have it, just claim it :)

Wow that is so cool that you have decided to go through and get your masters. I just graduated and I couldn’t do it so much props to you. I was actually an undergrad in a masters program and I kind of like snuck…my way out. LOL :x

Good luck at the job interview girly!

Oh! I didn’t realise that some of the books you had to give away were sweet valley high books! I would be MOST interested in them! Don’t judge!

I’m sorry that your life is so hectic and busy at the moment! I hope that it’ll calm down a bit!!

Oh wow! A masters degree! How impressive! What Uni do you think you’ll be doing it through? Will it mean that you can’t work for another 2 years?

How exciting about having your relatives coming to visit! You are lucky to have such exotic and exciting relatives! All of mine are from Australia!!!

I’m glad I’m not the only one with parents like that. It’s strange that your parents would leave your brother at 13 but not you. Perhaps parents have more trust in boys than girls. I don’t know but I remember when we went on holiday once and my older brother stayed at home alone and he was 17.

There are universities close to where I live but they don’t do the course I want to study, so I have to move really.

40 jobs?! Wow, that’s a lot. I’ve applied for 4 now but I have a friend who had applied for 92 jobs and had got 92 rejections.

Luckily I don’t have to pay for the dentist because I’m in full time education but once that stops it’s going to be very expensive. I suppose it’s best to get all the work done for free while I can. I don’t want to be in a situation where I can’t afford it.

It’s surprising your university doesn’t have DSLR cameras available for people to borrow. I know our college does. They are quite expensive if you have to buy one.

I’d love to do a masters degree but I’ve got to get into university first before I can think about things like that! I looked at studying Information Technology at uni because I certainly enjoy it at college but I think it’s going to be science for me.

I hope you have fun when your relatives come over to stay. :) When we have people to stay we always plan lots of days out so they can get to see the area where we live. I wish I had relatives abroad so we could go and stay with them. My cousin lived in Australia for a few years but he’s coming home now. I wish he’d stayed a bit longer so I could have visited him.

When I have a sort out I never know what to do with the things I want to get rid of. I usually give the children books to my cousin who is a teacher so she can put them in her classroom. I’ve never really thought about giving it to friends before but that’s a really good idea. :)

Good luck with your job interview. :D

Hey sis! Good luck with your Masters Degree. Me too, i am planning to continue my studies after I graduate Medtech. One reason is that I enjoy studying and I don’t think working is more fun. In my own opinion, I enjoy studying while it last. So that I can apply it in the real world. Haha! We’re pretty much the same, I can do many things but do not really master it.

Ngegege, so you’re thinking of going for Masters degree too! I really think you ought to go for something that’s related to arts/designs/info tech since you’re doing photography+webbie stuff. But you have the final say and whatever your choice is, we’ll be rooting for ya’, hehehe! ;)

Oh yeah, I’ve seen your tweets about you getting rid of items. I’m sure a lot of people would want them. :D And good luck with the cleaning up! And speaking of cleaning up, I think I should do the same. My room’s been such a horrible mess. :X


Yeah the girl put her blog on private. I’m sure pretty soon she’ll close it down and open up a new one. /hmph

So on Monday you’re going for an interview too, huh? Good luck with that! 👏

I can’t believe it’s September either! I’m finally back to studying after a year off! I still can’t get over the fact you’re finishing a bachelor’s at 20, when I’m almost 20 and I hardly started. I do kind of think 3 years of bachelor’s is too little though because some of you guys would start working at 20! Wowww.

Haha I’d love to master something with a Master’s degree though! I’m not even a pot-luck, I can’t do many things and the things I can do I can’t do them well. Just struggling to hang in society =/ I’m gonna be like the average person with only a bachelor’s because I don’t think I can handle more than 4 more years of studying.

That’s so cool your relatives are visiting! Indonesia isn’t so far from Australia though? My relatives are either too far away to visit or too close to stay for long. My cousin is partially with us now but he gets my brother’s free room so I don’t have to share. If you think you’re a hoarder then I don’t know what I am. I mean I keep my room neat but I also stash a lot of stuff that I don’t wanna organize. I just leave it and pretend it’s not there. I think cleaning up your stuff is a good idea though, if I were you I’d give so much to charity. I should prob give my old clothes but charities seem to only want new clothes.

Of course temporary dye isn’t gonna come out properly. I have so many people complaining to me about not being able to dye their hair. If you want lighter hair you need to bleach, and I know it’s not great for hair but if you take care of it well you should be fine.

Hmmm I guess you fit into Australia then! I don’t think it has much to do with how well you speak the language. It’s your culture and beliefs, and really I don’t think I fit in with the American culture. First I think guys look better in skinny jeans and that’s one thing I already am arguing with everybody about. My mind is just very Asian and I feel homesick being here if that makes any sense, LOL. Even if I’ve lived here my whole life.

When I turn 21 I don’t think I’m gonna be a drinking person. I didn’t seem to inherit the caucasian ability to handle alcohol.

I don’t pay for my transportation haha. It’s only $2.25 for the bus to work so even if I did pay I don’t think I’d mind too much. However for school, I’d mind very much if I had to pay the $6.75 for the train. Good thing my mom handles that and I think we talked about this before, but she does go for priority. She’s willing to pay for my monthly train pass that costs as much as an iPod Touch that she refuses to get for me.

Right, it’s so fast to be september already, but it already IS! :) ^__^

Try to look for SALE DSLR in amazon, i believe they have those kind of sale thingy with gadgets, you could be lucky you might find one.

Good luck on your interview! You will do well! ^_^

I feel the same as you as far as being a “Jill of all trades” (very clever spin on the expression, by the way). I’m pretty good at a lot of things, but not exactly a master at anything. I guess that IS was a Master’s Degree is for. Good for you for deciding to go for it! It’s funny how it’s almost strange when people don’t go for their Master’s these days. Obviously I’m too young to know what education was like before, oh, 2000, but neither of my parents even went for their Bachelor’s, and they’re only in their forties.

I’m sort of envious that you came up with that idea for disposing of some of your old things. I did a major cleanout of my room at the beginning of the year, and I threw out plenty of things I probably could have given away (or sold). Of course, my blog doesn’t have as many visitors as yours, so I probably wouldn’t have gotten any takers.

Your new hair looks nice, by the way. I saw the twitpic when I was looking through the stuff you’re getting rid of. :)

I hope you can get the camera. I would like to get a camera but I’ve put that hope on hold, since there is no way I can afford it.
I hope you can get that Masters and have a very successful career.
I am getting my own anxiety about school this year. I’m hoping to change some things around to make sure that I’m doing the best in my last two years of High School, I think being 17 and Junior is helping me make more mature and healthy decisions for my schooling.
I’m going through a sweep in my room too. It’s like every six months I can get rid of more junk.
Good luck with your job interview!

Good luck in your interview :), I always wanted to pursue masters. You better pursue it while you are still young. :D

It’s so nice of you to give away your stuff to anyone who wants it xD The random unused notepaper and the hairclips sound awesome (haha, but shipping to here would be ass expensive). I’m glad you’ve decided to go for the masters degree /eee Interactive Media sounds funner then Information Technology (just saying). I have to figure out my future career soon. I’m totally lost…

I used to be a hoarder, but at some point I just started trowing away a lot of stuff. I still have way to much stuff :/ But I like my stuff.

Break a leg with the job interview on Monday (Y)

Congratulations on finishing the assignment! I love finishing school work a few days/a week before the due date because then it’s out of the way.

September, fuck my life. September means that I’m 15 in less than a month, eep!

A masters degree, eh? Sounds like your cup of tea. I agree, at your age I don’t think anyone is *quite* ready to enter the workforce, except maybe hugely ambitious people. It’s worth hanging around at university and picking up more qualifications! You learn plenty at uni.

I never thought of that – that you can do many things but haven’t ‘mastered’ any. I’d say you’ve mastered ballet, though – you have a teaching certificate! That’s pretty high up stuff, right? I wanted to do Information Technology for GCSE but couldn’t fit it in my option blocks for my new school so fuck it, ha. I might do it out of school but I guess in the end I can’t be bothered…

I heard about you lowering your cholesterol – good luck! You can do it Georgie. And if you need some encouragement, you know who to go to, right? ;)
How old is your cousin? Just out of curiosity. My room’s a bit of a mess but I like it that way.
Same – when I clean out my room there’s so much junk that no one else would want, so I just chuck it out… whoops.

I’d love some of your old clothes if you had any because you have a lovely sense of style except you’re very petite compared to me so none of them would fit. Plus I have way too many clothes anyway… *hides*

You should take a before-after picture – one of your room before, one of your room after, to show us all how it’s changed. It’s quite refreshing to clean your room, really – just stick on some music and go. You get quite into it after a while.

Arrh, a job interview, eh? You’ll ace it, man! Bon chance, mon amie!

Yeah, I never really know who to say for my favourite bands after MCR. Last.fm it is! I’ve noticed my stats have steadily been changing around, though, in comparion to what I had before. It’s quite interesting to see how my love for certain bands may have faded a bit, and how others take dominance, if a little upsetting.
People ask me what Last.fm is and I just say the same – stores your music plays. Although for me Last.fm has cut at least 1,000 plays of ‘Helena’ and several hundred for most of my other songs/artists. /bash

Thank you! *hugs* I guess the only thing I can really do is wing it, in any case. And och, that’s a bad habit Georgina Luhur! You should definitely stop taking crazy risks like that with your assignments… it will come back to bite you one day, mark m’words. 😏 Maybe that’s just cause I’m one of those people that hates leaving homework to the last minute… then again, doesn’t stop occasional late nights dying over essays… /ehe

I started my novel in… I have the original file somewhere in my email, but basically three years ago. *dies* How is your novel going, by the way?

Thank you! /oh

Take care! And wing that interview, okay? xx /rose

applying for both? like.. double major? that would be dang awesome (and busy)! (H)
wow. it seems that most of my blogger friends are cleaning their room and my room… well, my room is still… messy as ever. :X still got a lot of things to organized; papers are like everywhere in my room, and I constantly lost things,yeah. *feeling cool* lols. and oh,I’m interested in receiving free stuff from blogger friend,nyahaha~ /bash
plushies are okay,as in to say I’m interested if I got it free (H) especially animal plushies ✌️ and omg CD box! I really need one, but I guess you can’t send it eh since it’s too big.. plus, you’re thinking of selling it away,right? :P
I’m okay with secondhand clothes lols. (I like free stuff, as you can see.. I feel so damn poor. /poo ) I like shirts though, not the complicated, girlish looking clothes like dresses and the like,haha. notepaper,eh.. I might want it if I see how it looks like.. 😏 I’ll go look your trash and treasure page and maybe I’ll email you if I’m interested in something XD

Ooohh like kitty she is pursuing her masters degree, goodluck with that.. yes two years wont affect your career that much, MD will make you more competent in your field. If I have time then I will pursue MD also in Nursing… anyway, I love reading Sweet valley high before, haha, you could send it to me rather throwing it hahaha.. joking… :)j

Meh, college this week was a bit of whirlwind. I don’t remember the work I completed or what I did. :P I think I am over college now, haha. I don’t even plan to get a Master’s degree, but for you, I say go for it! I know I will be satisfied with just a B.A. degree. I don’t think I can stand another two years of college after getting my B.A. xD I want to graduate out of college and go where the path takes me – basically.

Oh gosh, hoarding! My parents and one of my brothers are “moderate hoarders.” They’re not to the point of extreme hoarding like some people, but they do accumulate junk that stays put and never goes anywhere. It annoys me. :P It annoys me because I’m trying to live this simple, uncomplicated, junk-free life, but here they are with their junk and their messiness. Every time I moved or switched rooms, I would take that opportunity to get rid of all of my junk. So, right now, my room is somewhat filled with necessities only. I’ve gotten rid a A LOT of things and the feeling is quite exhilarating!! Even my closet – I’ve taken out so many pieces of clothing that now my closet is somewhat bare. I follow a “1 in, 1 out” rule, which means, you buy one thing, you get rid of one thing. That way, your stuff says constant and doesn’t add up.

But, as for your stuff, I’d consider either donating them or hosting a yard sale of some sort. Believe me, some of the things in your room – you will NEVER need. :)

Hoarding. Scary. But everyone hoards at some point in their life.

I can’t believe you will get your bachelors at 20. I get mine the same year I turn 26.
I’m not even sure I will ever get to take my masters!
Go you!

I’m having a yard sale two weekends from now so I know what you mean about getting rid of things/selling things, etc. I’m a hoarder too, as is my husband so living together for so long has gathered us up bunch of junk. I’m hoping to make about $150 at my yard sale, but I’m not sure… I may be really optimistic and hopeful to the point of foolishness. I like your trash for treasure page- I was thinking of doing something similar but I decided it would be more annoying than having a yard sale. Then again, if it goes smoothly for you once my yard sale is over if I have anything nice left I may do a similar subpage just to see what happens. If nothing else, the page will sit there uselessly. So good luck with all your cleaning and selling, Georgina! Looks like you already have a bunch of people interested in some of your things.

Good luck for the interview!! I hope it goes well :) (Y)

Haha, I’m a bit of a hoarder in a way, too. There is so much crap I need to get rid of soon. We’ll be moving house, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of items I no longer need. I seem to keep clothes longer than necessary, even if I don’t wear them anymore. I also have a huge stack of old Dolly and Girlfriend magazines in my cupboard that I don’t read. They’ll be going :P I looked at your list, but there isn’t really anything I’d want! Sorry I can’t help out!

When we move, I’m buying a bookcase!!!!

Wow, I consider myself a jill-of-all-trades too!! I can do so many different things (write, make graphics, web-design, GIS, environmental field skills, plant/animal identification (lol!), but I am not an expert or ‘master’ of any one of them. It kinda sucks in a way, but on the other hand it’s kind of awesome. Because some people may be really good at making graphics, but they suck at writing fanfic. Whereas I can do both, and well. *shrug* You gotta take the good with the bad, I guess. But it would be interesting to be specialised in something. I wish you luck with your Masters if that’s what you definitely decide to do :D

I also cant believe its already September, months go by so fast >.< i get scared at times im not even gonna lie.
I love it when my family comes to visit, we don't see each other often either but when we do its so much fun. I hope you have fun and enjoy your family while you can see them :)
Good luck for the interview, i hope everything goes well also on getting a DSLR.

hehehe you’re so silly..but yes, you’re finally gonna master in something! I’m gonna start my masters early next year :3 You’re so young to finish your Bachelor’s degree at the age of 21 @_@ I think it is a good idea to continue school to make sure you explore what’s out there for you before you jump onto a career that can potentially make your life miserable XD

Yay for relatives :D I hope you have fun spending time with them. lol good luck cleaning your room, but I doubt your relatives would mind if your room is filled with stuff, but cleaning out is still good :)

oh yea, good luck finding a dslr :D