I Predict A Riot

Hi guys. πŸ˜› I’ve had a rather exhausting week. After Wednesday I’ve just felt dead beat. Thankfully, I finished my assignment for next week. I do need to make progress on another assignment and figure out how much it’s going to cost me for more photo paper, and I kind of need a DSLR as I can’t borrow one, mine is a really old model with no replaceable lenses, and I don’t really trust myself to use film for this major assignment…

Anyway. That aside, I can’t believe it’s freakin’ September already. I’ll be honest, this is probably the most laid-back semester I’ve had in all two-and-a-half years of university. At the same time, it’s a bit all over the place and disorganised. You can’t get what you want.

I’m also a little terrified because some time this month I will be applying for a Masters degree. Yes, I’ve decided to take the reins and do it. I honestly don’t think I can bear going into the workforce just yet. I’m going to be 20 when I finish my Bachelor’s degree and 21 (just!) when I graduate. I feel like I wouldn’t mind another two years in university to gain a few more skills. I could get a full-time job and study part-time, but then studying would take me three years in total and I’m almost positive I hate it. I would love to get studying over and done with so I can work. I’m unsure of what I will Master in.

This reminds me of how I’m a jill of all trades, or as I like to say, a pot-luck person. I’m no master in anything, but I can do many things. Play piano, guitar, web design, dance, sing. Now I can master something with a Masters degree! Oh god Georgina, you’re so lame. πŸ™ Like I said, I’m not sure; I may just do flat out Information Technology, or grow some balls and do Interactive Media. Maybe I’ll apply for both. πŸ™‚

Later this month, I also have relatives coming over from Indonesia. I don’t get to see my relatives very often because of all the ocean between us and the cost of flights, so it’ll be good to see some of my aunts and uncles and one of my cousins. She will most likely be staying in my room with me, meaning I need to give it a huge sweep out. I am determined – the same way I’m determined to lower my cholesterol, which is why I’ve been eating so many apples and vegetables – to clean my room and actually free up some space, not just keep it tidy. I am a terrible hoarder. I have just been tweeting about the stuff I’d like to get rid of and also asking my best friends if they’d like any stuff. I’m honestly willing to get rid of a lot of this stuff, but because I’m a hoarder some of this crap probably isn’t even fit for anybody to keep. πŸ˜› I wouldn’t mind sending stuff in the post for free to anyone who is interested, or for larger items, I’ll just ask for some money for shipping.

I have a big CD box, which I want to get rid of but not sure if sending it is the best option – I might as well just put it in a yard sale or at the charity store. But I have other things including books (kiddish books like Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley, as well as other children’s books), plushies (mostly small ones that I was planning to give to charity, but if anyone wants one…), unused/scrap notepaper (I think I have endless piles of this), random jewellery, stress balls, small coin purses and perhaps some bags, maybe even a few vintage-style clothes or too-small clothes/pyjamas if I sort them out and find some that are still in okay condition. I don’t know if anyone wants second-hand clothes, hah! Also have various other things that I need to clean out, but if there’s anything you might possibly be interested in just hit me up and I’ll email you if I might have something for you.

I can’t believe I’m going through this massive clean. I don’t encourage anyone to be a hoarder like me, so I will not send anybody anything I consider junk! ☺️ I can’t wait to have a clean room, haha.

Edit: Visit the Trash and Treasure! page to see a list of things! 😁

Whew. Something to look forward to this week, though, I have a job interview on Monday so wish me luck. 😘

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