Run Like The Wind

The past few days have been stupid. There’s been stupid o’clock and I’ve done stupid things and my room looks stupid.

To be honest, I am already wanting my room to be spick and span, and selling my old crap is more difficult than I thought. I do have more people interested than I thought, which is good – but shipping is going to be pretty ridiculous and I think it may just be easier to throw a lot of this stuff out or donate it to charity. It saves us both a lot of money, no? Either way, visit the trash and treasure page to see a list of what I’m getting rid of. My floor is covered in junk and bags of things I don’t want anymore. I’m throwing out more than I thought, too… I’ve already gone through a couple of bags full of paper or useless rusty trinkets. I’m happy that my record player is nicely in its spot, all neat as well with my camera tank and my film and huge headphones. Anyone would take a look at that spot on my chest of drawers and think, “this girl is retro”.

I actually sorted out the clothes in my drawers as well, so I have drawers especially for pyjamas, accessories (scarves!), shirts, socks, underwear and so on. I actually now have an empty drawer on my bed side table as a result.

It’s all a gradual process – the clothes in my clothes rack are in order, and my dresser looks much neater now. My desk is going to be clean eventually. I’m going to be pretty proud of myself at the end of this, I think. I just hate that it’s taking hours, but I figured I’d better do it now while I have a bit of extra time.

Today I had a meeting with my group for our communication practice project. We’re working on solving issues in organisations, and our organisation is Riding for the Disabled. Basically it’s a voluntary organisation that offers disabled (physically or mentally) people the opportunity to partake in horse riding. We met the coordinator, Jenny (not sure what her title is, but she organises everything) today and she was really friendly. I had just a teeny bit of trouble finding my way to the place, since I wasn’t sure what it looked like and forgot to check Google maps. I had to walk from the train station and through Lilian’s university to find the place. I have only been to the university a couple of times so I had to keep checking for a map on the campus every few minutes…

When I told James (James in my group, not my boyfriend :P) this, he said, “Well, I’m a guy… and I don’t want people to see me looking at a map. It look me like… an hour… to walk all the way through. I got so lost.”
I asked why he didn’t just ask someone for directions if he hated to be seen looking at a map, and he said that that was even worse. XD

We got to see the horses and the stable, which reminded me so, so much of working on the farm in high school, except we didn’t have horses. One of the horses wanted to grab my bag and Jenny said that they wanted food and missed their apples. I said there was an apple in my bag and the horse knew it was in there. Smart animals. :D I forgot that horse’s name but it started with K – might have been Kade? They all had cute names like Bindi and Nick… I forgot them all, ah.

Asher gave me a lift to the shopping centre as I wanted to print some photos before going for my job interview. I asked the lady at the counter how long it would take and she said, “not long”.
“Well, I’m kind of in a rush,” I said.
“Yep yep, don’t worry, there isn’t anyone’s photos in the machine anyway.”

She was really nice and helped me pick a computer to load up the photos on my flash drive, and she even told the other lady to hurry up a little. I had less than twenty minutes until my train arrived and I was in a bit of a panic. There aren’t many photo printing centres close to home and I just took this opportunity. I just felt that this lady was so nice; I’m so grateful to her for being so considerate. She gave me all 51 of my photos within five minutes. After arranging photos on my wall I realised 51 was too much so I’ll be giving James some, and not putting every single one up on my wall.

After collecting my photos I realised I had eight minutes left to catch the train and I really, really don’t know how I did it but I managed to run out of the shopping centre and take the elevator into the station and buy a ticket and there were still four minutes left to spare.

I don’t get how I do this running thing. Sometimes I nearly kill myself running for the train sometimes. Doing stupid things like running all the way from some place to the station in five minutes when it would normally take fifteen. In high heels too. Something tells me I’m going to die young. LOL.

Oh and my job interview went great. It was really laid back and the workspace looks pretty neat too. I got a follow-up email saying they were impressed with how I handled the interview. I’ll see if I make it to the next round of interviews. Ahhh. /eee

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Yeah you HAVE been a very busy person with all your cleaning and whatnot these past few days. LOL, I envy you the time you have to spend cleaning. I’ve been sitting at my computer doing work, and making my butt hurt. Which is kind of sad :(. Good work though :D. Hahaha your cleaning endeavours sound quite epic! And whoooooa that’s a long list you’ve got there D:.

Oohhhhh riding for disabled people ^^. I like that idea. Apparently it’s REALLY, REALLY effective as well. Omg, I can’t believe there are horses near my uni! Waaaah! I want to go see them now. I LOVE horses :). Hahaha I’m glad you made it there in the end :). My uni is a little hard to navigate if you’re not used to it. Actually even if you’re used to it, like me you still occasionally get lost. But that may be because of my crappy sense of direction XD.

Wooooow 51 photos in 5 minutes. I like that lady! Hahaha and good work making it to the station in 7 minutes :P. In heels too! Hope your feet are all better now :). ♥

oh no, you used the Lols! Ngeo :3

Hey, you can run pretty fast. Huhu. Remember that cross country
where you ran and was all Sweato? /love

I can’t wait to see the photos :) I bet they turned out fantastic /awb

Horses sure love apples. Carrots, too ngege. And Zugar, but it’s bad for their teeth. Tahui

I hope you get the job; it sounds like something that suits you :P :P


My room is like hobo paradise and I’ve been trying to clear it up by selling the clothes and other stuff I no longer need since a few years back but my room is still… yup. All the best with everything you need to do, you sound seriously busy.

P.S. I love horses! /love

Is it spring cleaning or something? Haha everybody seems to be doing a cleanup. I’d understand if selling your stuff to people from online is difficult since not everyone lives nearby. I’d donate what I can, and throw out like my mom did to most of my stuff when we moved. That’s why I never need to clean my room you see … I barely have enough stuff to fill it.

That organization sounds incredible. Communications really is. Just the word kinda inspires me now. Okay that was kind of random.

Guys don’t want to be seen looking at a map? Didn’t know that one. I don’t like to be seeing looking at my iPhone map because then I’d look like a tourist. I find it so funny when animals are smart. It’s so cute, I can just watch Free Willy over and over.

Oh, running for trains … it sucks so much when you miss it by 1 minute. On Thursday my teacher let us out 10 minutes early. That gave me enough time to make it to the train station for the earlier train if I ran. I didn’t run but powerwalked the entire way to the subway station and made it to the train station with only 10 minutes to spare. I didn’t need to buy a ticket though. Maybe you can get a 10-ride pass of some sort if you don’t want a monthly pass for some reason?

Ah, spring cleaning. I’m doing the same thing around my place — though, of course, here it’s more Autumn Cleaning, heh. It’s such a long and annoying process, but it’s so satisfying to look around once it’s done. …And then the clutter attacks and the room is in shambles again in a week. Oof.

I just don’t get guys and their “I can’t ask for/look like I’m trying to find directions!!!!11” thing. Like getting lost is so masculine? I’d rather get directions than wander around aimlessly, totally lost. But, then, I’m clearly not a guy, right? Ha! XD

Re: the horses, they’re often surprisingly intelligent, and they certainly smelled your apple. If/when you go back, if you give one an apple, you’ll have a friend for life. ;)

So you go through your room like a whirlwind and make mad dashes for a train, you sound like a ninja to me. Well done ✌️ Hope you get that job too :D

if i only had enough time (and heart) to throw half of the useless stuff in my room out, i would absolutely LOVE to have some more space. the problem is that i have a ridiculous small bedroom, so it’s practically no space to have all of my things. i have realized though, that it is time for a clean out and to actually throw the trash in a trashcan, but i think it’s kind of sad to say goodbye to all of those stuff, haha lol!

i think you’re doing an excellent job with your room! i’m glad it’s going so well for you! :D i have nothing in my room worth selling, but a list of things you can sell or donate is a great idea! i like secondhand, there’s always a chance to find a lost treasure, haha! (:

haha yeah it was originally a challenge to write by hand, but because of my writing is to be called a extraordinary font itself, i decided times new roman was a better option! my friends often use to ask me to read what i’ve written, ’cause there’s no way they can make any sense of it, haha!

imagine is definitely one of the most beautiful songs in the world!! <3<3 so meaningful and powerful, and of course, beautiful and amazing.

Hey Georgie!! Long time no see!! Sorry about not being able to comment on your site in a long time! You know who had cut my internet away from me, so I was forced to leave the blogging world for a while.

However, I’m glad to know that your interview went okay, and that you got an email stating that they were impressed! I’m very happy with that news! What kind of job is it? What will you be doing if you do get the job? Let me know okay? I did make a new layout finally. I got tired of the old one, but for some reason, my computer is acting up now. It has lines going across the screen, so I don’t know if that’s a bad sign that it’s going to die on me, and I may need work on it, or what have you. I hope it’s not on the verge of crashing!!! :( . That would totally suck!!

I’ll have a look and see at your trunk and treasure page in a few. I may buy something from you, not sure though. I only have about 6.00 in my account lmao.

Well; I really don’t know what else to say, so I’m sorry for the short comment!!! Take it easy and have a safe week! Glad you got your photo’s okay and ready!!!

Good Luck on getting the job. :)

OH! I saw your treasure page thing and I decided to put one of my own up like it. :) {credited you of course. :P}

Lol. Die young? Nah, you’ll just be in better shape than most people. Hahaha.

Good Luck on finishing arranging your room. You gave me the inspiration to do the same. <3 Thanks so much! hahaha. I needed something to push me and make me clean my room. :D It's a mess. XD
Totally. I'm glad she said it too. <3

Same here. I was going to see him today but I thought I'd have soccer and he didn't get home until 3p and then he had to clean his room and he said it was going to take him all day so instead I'm cleaning my room and waiting for dinner to be made. :)

At least I know I'm not alone when it comes to feeling like that. Makes me feel "normal" again. XD Idk. yeah, I never acted I just cried and yelled at Dante. XD I was having a major "freak out" day. XD I think it was my hormones mostly because I don't really even want to see him that much today…I should most likely WANT to see him if I really miss him. Lol. Idk. I'm weird.

howdy, I know organizing and moving things around can be very annoying. Especially if you have alot going. Shipping sucks major, lol.. Also I’m so glad that your interview went well :)

I’m glad your job interview went well. I hope you get the job. It’s definitely a good sign that you got contacted with good followup about it! Yay!

Oh, I hate trying to sell and get rid of old things. I had to do that before moving overseas but I ended up leaving a lot of it in storage with my parents in their garage.

I saw some of your twitter posts and I was wondering how your feet were so sore, I get it now. I am flat footed so heels kill me within 5 minutes. I REALLY need to clean my space to, you already inspired me to paint my nails, hahaha. Now it will be my room. Did you take before pics? ♥
51 photos, holy cow. That’s a lot of pictures.
Good luck with a second interview /bounce

bleh. my room looks stupid too. with teddy bear wallpaper,alright.. :( yeah.. TEDDY BEAR WALLPAPER. this is the room I’ve been occupying ever since I was out of mom’s tummy so yeah… :(
Boys are generally good with maps, locations and stuff. haha. Hence, I think I kinda understand why James said asking directions would be even worse? Lol, idk what I’m saying.
Horses seem fun to play with ;) /animals’ lover self kicking in. Never try to feed them, I really wanna try it. :D
Oh my poor eyesight.. I read Asher as Usher. /facepalm
Running. In. High. Heels. (H) (H) you got swag~ hahahaha

I will just have to say this. I guess my Ex’s memories haunts me. His name is James. The book I was reading has a leading male names James. Now you mentioned James. And you have a boyfriend named James. Hahahahahaha I don’t know but it’s tooooooooo redundant to be considered as something natural you know. I was kidding.

Thank you for your lovely comment. I exactly feel that way! It is hard indeed to live your life competing with yourself and never seem to excel. It’s like whatever you do, the other side of you is still better.

Good luck with getting rid of your things project! Are you selling them or giving them away? It’s a nice idea to sell them, in a way you’ll be able to gain money! Maybe I’ll do that one day to get rid of all this clustered accessories in my box. :)

Hmm I can understand you wanting to clean out your room. I know you don’t want to try ebay but I think you might be able to find more local people who might be interested in your items and thus you will save quite a bit on the shipping part…just saying.

Lol at the retro comment. I would like to see pictures of your room if possible after you are done cleaning up! One of these days I need to reorganize my room as well.

Hoho…my clothes are not very well organized but my accessories are :D. I love scarves! I also have a couple of different handbags that I like to hang in my closet so that I can easily switch them when needed. My underwear is more organized than my clothes lol. O_o I never have empty space…infact I have way too much crap that I need to get rid of *sigh*

I don’t understand this fact about males not wanting to ask for directions…sometimes I am like that too if I am sure that I can figure it out myself but if I feel like I might be lost I will ask someone lol. It is better to do that than admitting this fact to others XD.

That horse is smart! It could probably smell that apple lol.

Glad you made it in time to catch the train! I have had similar experiences back home in India…our local trains are crazy T_T. Sometimes I had to jump onto a departing train (when they initially start moving the speed is very slow) and same with getting off during rush hour because the people getting on won’t let you get off easily >_<. I am glad I don't have to do that anymore lol. Running in heels? I am impressed…you have my respect XD.

Good luck with your next interview! I am sure you will be able to make it :D

I’m sorry about all of the stupidness. /rose

If the shipping wasn’t so heavy, I would offer to take the key chains off of you. Then again, I just gave away an entire box of them. /: I used to collect them all of the time! :P

What is so bad about guys using maps? It’s as if they can’t use them because they’ll come off as helpless or something. It’s ridiculous!

Congrats on your job interview going well! :}

I usually clean out my bedroom about once a year. I actually kinda enjoy the process, or I would if it wasn’t so overwhelming, lol.

That soounds like a neat project to work on :)

glad your interview went well!

Geooooorgina ♥

I think I really should throw out half of my stuff. If I keep letting my junk accumulate, I will probably have no space at all in a few years time /bash Oh how I’ve missed these emoticons.

OH MY GOSH GEORGINA. I know this is weird but I had the exact same Snoopy pencil case. I remember when I changed primary schools in year three and my mum gave me that pencil case to make me more happy about moving. Do you remember where you got it by any chance? My snoopy head fell off.

Wow, I really admire your ability to organise clothes. I sometimes try and if I do succeed, it’s all messed up again by the next week. I just want to hang all my clothes rather than folding them or putting them in drawers because it’s seems far more easier.

I really don’t know how I’ll survive in life seeing as I can’t keep anything tidy.

Google Maps rarely helps me. It might if I were a bird but sadly, I’m not.
And when I ask people for directions, I can barely comprehend or remember what they say. They’ll tell me “keep going straight, turn right at the corner, keep walking until you see this bla bla bla…” and I’ll only remember the going straight part :(

I commend you for your high-heel-running skills. I can barely walk in them but hopefully one day, I will become more ladylike and graceful :) Oh, and it’s great that your job interview went well. I’m planning to apply for McDonalds (I know the pay for a fourteen year old is like tgureijkh but, in the words of Jessie J, it’s not about the money money money) in December and then I’ll have my first interview. I KNOW, I AM GROWING UP.

Oh and a few blogs ago you wrote about wanting to visit a records store you saw. Is that the one near (or in) Newtown? Because if it is, I really wanna go there too. I always pass Newtown and Stanmore when I go to church with my dad’s family and everything there seems vintage-y.

I shall go now. Back to Maths Online :((((((((((((((((((((

Congratulations with the interview! Wonder how you impressed them :P I kinda hate asking for directions too, and men with maps aren’t friends -_- My dad is always an ass about it when we’re lost.

Oooh i hope you get another interview or just the job straightaway! What a coincidence that I’m just about to make a page to sell my old stuff on (and you’ve got one going on), AND the fact that i had an interview yesterday as well. Haha. Also, i reaaaally don’t know how you do that running thing either. It’s nuts! I used to do that, but never ever again.

I’m trying to sell all my old stuff as well. I have loads of never worn clothes! I put them all in a massive box and it’s been sitting there since! I’m too lazy to take pics and too lazy to put them up on ebay!

Getting rid of old stuff is a lot harder than expected right?

It’s really nice to meet nice people at shop because I always find people that work at shops are always rude and moody.

Hope you get into the next stage of the interview, what job is it for?