Run Like The Wind

The past few days have been stupid. There’s been stupid o’clock and I’ve done stupid things and my room looks stupid.

To be honest, I am already wanting my room to be spick and span, and selling my old crap is more difficult than I thought. I do have more people interested than I thought, which is good – but shipping is going to be pretty ridiculous and I think it may just be easier to throw a lot of this stuff out or donate it to charity. It saves us both a lot of money, no? Either way, visit the trash and treasure page to see a list of what I’m getting rid of. My floor is covered in junk and bags of things I don’t want anymore. I’m throwing out more than I thought, too… I’ve already gone through a couple of bags full of paper or useless rusty trinkets. I’m happy that my record player is nicely in its spot, all neat as well with my camera tank and my film and huge headphones. Anyone would take a look at that spot on my chest of drawers and think, “this girl is retro”.

I actually sorted out the clothes in my drawers as well, so I have drawers especially for pyjamas, accessories (scarves!), shirts, socks, underwear and so on. I actually now have an empty drawer on my bed side table as a result.

It’s all a gradual process – the clothes in my clothes rack are in order, and my dresser looks much neater now. My desk is going to be clean eventually. I’m going to be pretty proud of myself at the end of this, I think. I just hate that it’s taking hours, but I figured I’d better do it now while I have a bit of extra time.

Today I had a meeting with my group for our communication practice project. We’re working on solving issues in organisations, and our organisation is Riding for the Disabled. Basically it’s a voluntary organisation that offers disabled (physically or mentally) people the opportunity to partake in horse riding. We met the coordinator, Jenny (not sure what her title is, but she organises everything) today and she was really friendly. I had just a teeny bit of trouble finding my way to the place, since I wasn’t sure what it looked like and forgot to check Google maps. I had to walk from the train station and through Lilian’s university to find the place. I have only been to the university a couple of times so I had to keep checking for a map on the campus every few minutes…

When I told James (James in my group, not my boyfriend πŸ˜›) this, he said, “Well, I’m a guy… and I don’t want people to see me looking at a map. It look me like… an hour… to walk all the way through. I got so lost.”
I asked why he didn’t just ask someone for directions if he hated to be seen looking at a map, and he said that that was even worse. πŸ˜†

We got to see the horses and the stable, which reminded me so, so much of working on the farm in high school, except we didn’t have horses. One of the horses wanted to grab my bag and Jenny said that they wanted food and missed their apples. I said there was an apple in my bag and the horse knew it was in there. Smart animals. πŸ˜„ I forgot that horse’s name but it started with K – might have been Kade? They all had cute names like Bindi and Nick… I forgot them all, ah.

Asher gave me a lift to the shopping centre as I wanted to print some photos before going for my job interview. I asked the lady at the counter how long it would take and she said, “not long”.
“Well, I’m kind of in a rush,” I said.
“Yep yep, don’t worry, there isn’t anyone’s photos in the machine anyway.”

She was really nice and helped me pick a computer to load up the photos on my flash drive, and she even told the other lady to hurry up a little. I had less than twenty minutes until my train arrived and I was in a bit of a panic. There aren’t many photo printing centres close to home and I just took this opportunity. I just felt that this lady was so nice; I’m so grateful to her for being so considerate. She gave me all 51 of my photos within five minutes. After arranging photos on my wall I realised 51 was too much so I’ll be giving James some, and not putting every single one up on my wall.

After collecting my photos I realised I had eight minutes left to catch the train and I really, really don’t know how I did it but I managed to run out of the shopping centre and take the elevator into the station and buy a ticket and there were still four minutes left to spare.

I don’t get how I do this running thing. Sometimes I nearly kill myself running for the train sometimes. Doing stupid things like running all the way from some place to the station in five minutes when it would normally take fifteen. In high heels too. Something tells me I’m going to die young. LOL.

Oh and my job interview went great. It was really laid back and the workspace looks pretty neat too. I got a follow-up email saying they were impressed with how I handled the interview. I’ll see if I make it to the next round of interviews. Ahhh. ☺️

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