This is not a hiatus

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Remember back in the older days of the internet and blogging and graphic designing, when people said, “I’m going on a hiatus”?

Remember when it was far too abnormal to be away from the internet for two weeks because of a vacation? It probably still is, but at least with social media, people have become a little more active.

But those hiatus messages on people’s splash pages (oh yeah, splash pages!) notifying visitors that tagboard messages would be responded to when they were back, many artists and authors finding less time to be creative come school exam time – remind me again why school can’t have the fun things we love to do in our spare time? – small but familiar indicators of when someone’s website would remain there, 24/7, but simply unattended.

But with the promise of coming back.

In all of my years of blogging or graphic designing or pushing pixels or nerding out on my internet space, I think I only took a hiatus once or twice.

In fact, I think they call it a “break” now… I mean, who uses “hiatus”? Even the word sounds old-fashioned. The first time I left my blog on hiatus, I was doing the HSC (High School Certificate), that shit that determines what degree you study in university, and all my attention needed to be focussed on studying for it. The other time, I’m pretty sure I was stressed as hell from my Masters degree.

In times before then, I had blogged so infrequently (once every month) that it was just the norm.

But as time went on, the “norm” became blogging every two days, every three days, and what was not the “norm” was to see a blog post only once a week.

Now for the past couple of months, I’ve found myself busier than expected, and with less time put aside for blogging, reading blogs, or even leisure internet time. I still value the people who drop by and give me so much support, and that was even the case many years ago when I couldn’t respond to everyone in as quickly as a day. I value this interaction as much as what I value in my life away from the computer – which is what I have prioritised over the past couple of months.

Still, I don’t like to call it a hiatus or announce that I am on one. I guess it is unusual for me when I don’t blog for over seven days, because even when on vacation or when stressed I manage to churn something out. I find it hard to disconnect from my blog, because my blog is my outlet for writing my honest feelings, and I come to my blog when I need a bit of a release. But some people do “pause” their online activities, and I don’t blame them, because I know they are putting their mental health first. If you are struggling, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Online therapy is becoming more common, so help is more accessible than you think.

Now I have a backlog of Perth posts and I missed my last Fashion Friday post (it also annoyingly rained last week), and I think it’s occurred to me – in between my winter fitness shred that I’m doing in July, and the contract work, and my full-time job, and the wedding planning, and the me-time that I’ve given myself – that despite having little time, the reason I struggle to find time to blog is because I want to find that time in the first place. I want to find that time because it’s still something I love.

I quote my fourth blogging value:

4. I will keep blogging not for as long as someone reads it, but for as long as I love and enjoy it.

I look back on the days when people called me superwoman and when I felt great for doing everything, yet I know, it’s honestly not possible. I like to believe I can do everything but sometimes other things take precedence. It doesn’t mean they are not important and it doesn’t mean I don’t value them. Because heck, we’re all human. In our minds we need to believe that we are trying our hardest to be everything that we can.

So, this is not a hiatus, because I don’t believe in them.

And if you don’t think I’m superwoman anymore, then that’s perfectly fine. Because to me, I am.

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I remember making little graphics that said “I’m on hiatus” back in the Piczo days!

I haven’t been as active on my blog recently. It’s been over two weeks since I last blogged, but I’ve been so busy with renovating the new house and moving. I usually find time to read blogs in my lunch break but I don’t always have time to comment, because I like to write quality comments rather than just one liners. And I feel bad because I feel like I’m neglecting everything online, but right now it’s not a priority.

It’s funny because when I have time to blog I have no ideas, and when I don’t have time to blog, because I’m busy, I have loads I want to write about.

I’ll always be around to read your blog posts. :)

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Good on you for taking a break. That has been me for a while. You are and will always be a superwoman in my eyes. :) I still remember finding you blog, oh what now at least in 2008, and reading it. I loved computers from a young age, learned a bit of HTML from but when I came across your blog at the time listed with Kya at Damn was I ever impressed, and I honestly still am. My boyfriend asked me once how I knew what I wanted to do in university. Every time I am asked that I mention finding you. Although I don’t comment and am not 100% active, (even from day 1 lets be real) I always found your motivation and dedication a source of inspiration to me. So coming from someone you had an influence on and you did not even really know it, thank you. Regardless of how many breaks you need or your next steps, just know that your honest and authentic self is what I admire as a superwoman. And every superwoman needs her space to breathe and become better. :)

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LOL splash pages. I remember those. I also would bulk e-mail everyone whenever I went on a “hiatus”. Gotta love that dedication.

I think you’re still a superwoman for finding time to blog even in the midst (of what sounds like) a very busy schedule. I also love your blogging value of “why am I still blogging?” I love reading all your posts, even if I am not commenting on all of them :D And it’s very true that behind every blogger is a human with lots of other things going on in the background.

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Sometimes we all need breaks!

I, too, have been prioritizing my life outside blogging, and I’ve felt guilty here and there. 😔 But I found posting less to be easier to maintain for me right now, and the guilt eventually rubs off.

At first I feared you were saying goodbye forever and ever and ever and…😅

I hope your taking time away helps you to manage your time better and find time and all that jazz. I’m still here, as usual, if you need to talk. (Just take a bit to reply on Twitter. 😳)


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I remember the days of “hiatus” posts and signs on blogs. I think I did that a couple of times with previous sites, honestly. I probably did. There’s no shame in life getting busy girlie, shit happens. We all have lives and understand! I don’t post as frequently as I’d like to either.

You’re still superwoman and we still love you lol

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oh my, those old times. i never used the ‘i’m going on hiatus’ sign since i usually just…stop blogging or be on social media. just vanish out of the blue and never actually felt the need to address it beforehand. but man, i still remember how people used to apologize for not posting and by wanting to take a break. i try not to apologize now if i don’t post for days or weeks because we all need internet detox anyway.

and yeah, splash pages! i’m legit laughing a little about the memories. remember the old times when people also created free graphic resources websites? with splash pages and overly done and edited layouts featuring celebrities or anime characters? gahd. thinking about them back makes me wanna laugh (and cringe a little.)

anyway, i think you’re a superwoman. and it’s not based on your internet personality or what you blog about. i mean, i always think you’re a cool person. you do public speaking and all, you lead talks, etc. i think you’re a superwoman. and taking a break doesn’t mean your coolness declines or anything, ha! it’s good that you’re taking a break. we all need that once in a while, every now and then :D

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I remember going on a ‘hiatus’ and creating a splash page letting people know. We all need a break sometimes and I’m proud of you for taking one when you need it. I’ll look forward to your posts when you come back.
Good luck with everything.

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What a throwback – hiatus, splash pages – dang Georgie, so much #tb in one post!

Take as long as you need. I know that I needed that two year break from blogging and website designing and making pixels do cool stuff, to “find myself” and “grow up” I think the break helped me get back into the blogging world in full force, without the break I don’t think I would be as dedicated as I am now with blogging and my other habits tbh! Sometimes a break is all we need to get back in with full force 💪🏼


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We all need breaks every once in a while. Ever since I became a mother, I have noticed how much breaks are important. I am constantly with my daughter and having to juggle everything that I used to do. Now, I just put that stuff on hold so I can focus what is important: my daughter. I am glad you are taking this time to focus on yourself. Blogging will always be there. Heck, my last entry was from November. If you lose readers, that is there fault. Enjoy your time and take the time you need. We will be waiting for you to return.

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Hm…I think that anyone who realizes that I need to take a break is a superwoman. I also view blogging as the sort of friend that no matter how long you’ve been apart, you can always go back to and it seems as if nothing has changed – even though you both know that everything has changed. I just realized that may make no sense…but sometimes we have to take the time to concentrate on different parts of our lives. So I’ve rambled on enough, enjoy your break!

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I remember months ago when I was on and off with blogging (still on and off with blogging even today) that I came upon a particular blog and that this blogger actually ranted that “those who don’t have the time to blog should just close their blog.” And this person is even in her 30s. I wonder what kind of life this blogger has been living for her to say things like that.

But you know, the key to being a superwoman is to take breaks when needed. I also follow your mentioned blogging value of “I will keep blogging as long as I love and enjoy it.” I’m pretty sure it’s the same for every blogger around (unless if they’re getting paid for their content). We write because we want to because of the fact that we love and enjoy writing. I don’t get very many comments as much as other bloggers do, but that’s alright with me.

And speaking of splash pages, I get lazy making these splash pages and graphics just to announce to the world that I will be going “on hiatus.” I used to just write on the home/main page that I will be going “on hiatus” for an uncertain amount of time and just move on with my busy (offline) life. I’ve been using the term “on and off” lately rather than just “on hiatus.”

My latest blog entry was dated June 30. I need to write something now. Enjoy your life to the fullest always!

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I totally understand it. If you need a break then go for it as it seems you have a lot on your plate at the moment and for awhile it seems especially with the wedding. Apologies for not commenting in awhile, just been in a bubble of my own but whether it is hiatus or break, it means the same in the end, that you’ll come back eventually and hopefully this time rejuvenated.

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I can’t believe splash pages used to be a thing. I remember when reviews had a section rating them. Seems so strange now!

I seem to take a lot of time off from blogging now, but I rarely post about it or plan it. I took January off this year, and that was planned, but then I ended up coming back early! Probably why it’s best to just not mention it.

I think it’s good to spend time away from the internet occasionally. I always find it hard when I’m blogging though, as I usually have Twitter open while I write posts, which means I end up just spending hours scrolling. It’s not the most productive way of doing things!

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