Hey there Andy

It’s been a pretty busy week, and I can’t wait (again) until the weekend. I’ve been listening to classic pop music, using up the battery on my phone, going broke, trying not to buy tickets to concerts and horribly failing.

Earlier this week I was concerned about one of my university subjects because there were only three of us in the group, and we were really going to struggle with only that many people. We had four, but one person had to drop out due to work commitments. I hope I never have to do that. Either way, I had to choose another group to go into. I had a choice between one very large group, another group that had just formed, and another group that had already done a lot of planning and had an idea of how the project would go. I chose the last option. I’m not sure why, but after my brainstorming for my (now gone) group of three, I didn’t really feel like any more brainstorming or fishing for ideas, and I felt better sort of “jumping into something that already exists”. Had the choice been for something else, I’m pretty sure I would have been defiant and wanted to stay in my group. Or, had it been for an individual project, I would not have liked anyone’s idea but mine. I think I tend to be very stubborn when it comes to my own projects.

I saw Last Dinosaurs yesterday, and they played with The Griswolds. It was lovely catching up with them again — or at least, half of them. I didn’t get to say hi to Tim and Robbie. I wasn’t able to take my DSLR camera in. Security was pretty strict, so I had to fork out a few bucks to toss my bag and camera into the cloakroom. It was a bit disappointing but it was worth a try. I had a fantastic time anyway, and got a few shots on my phone.

Castlecomer was the opening band, and I didn’t get a chance to listen to their music before I attended the show, but they were fantastic live. They were an obvious pop-rock band but with a hint of country, and their music was extremely catchy. Someone shouted out a request for their song Rosie and as far as I remember, they did play it, and it was impossible not to dance along.

Hopefully I’ll see more of Castlecomer in the media because I’d love to buy their music, if not see them live again. The lead singer was very humourous, and told a bunch of jokes throughout their set, such as the fact that they started a band to get girls. “Look how tight these pants are!”

Most of the crowd appeared to be university students. I had a conversation with a young couple next to me who were surprised I was twenty-one years old (always, always… I never look 21) and studying a Masters degree. Most of the people there seemed to be first-year students, just getting way too excited. Castlecomer farewelled us with an awesome drum solo with two members each playing on two separate drums, their drummer remaining at the drum kit.


The Griswolds did their sound check and those annoying first-year students were clearly concert virgins, having a good ol’ complain about how long they were taking. I don’t think they understood the importance of Robbie’s keyboard and how wrong things can get if the mixing isn’t done right. That reminds me, last weekend at the Cub Scouts show, a girl pointed at a sign that said “mosh at your own risk” (something along those lines) and said in a whiny voice, whilst pointing at the word ‘mosh’, “What does that mean?”

Is it just me or are some teenagers oblivious to their surroundings? The amount of times they’ve asked before really looking, such as (when I was at the bus stop), “How do you know this is Stand C?” If you turned your head just a fraction to the left and stopped texting, maybe you would know. Or if you had a general idea, you would know that there are opening bands and the headlining band doesn’t come on stage straight away.

Then again, I can’t blame them, because I know that at my first gig, I waited for Ben Jorgensen for some five hours. But hey, I was expecting to wait very long.

The Griswolds played a new song — Charlie Baker, Bone Breaker. It reminded me so much of 80s rock — incredibly catchy, terrific drums as usual, and a tonne of fun to dance to. I was a bit disappointed at the ending, as it was rather abrupt, but I know they’re still working on it and it’ll be perfect when they release it.


I sang along to every song because I’d heard them all (except that one), and I danced to every single one until my head hurt. It was a lot of fun. Such a short set, but I’m used to it, and if I’ve counted correctly it was probably the ninth or tenth time I’ve seen The Griswolds. Handsome lads were splendid as usual. Also, dare I mention, they’ll be hitting the States and the UK soon so keep an eye out. Follow them on Twitter because that’s where they post most of their updates. And if you ever get the chance to meet them, tell them I told you about them — not because I want a plug or because I actually did, but they’ll be happy to know that someone has spread word about how awesome they are.

Last Dinosaurs were terrific. I was sad that Monica couldn’t be there because she’s not quite eighteen yet, and you had to be over eighteen years of age for this concert. That night I learned that Time and Place is actually about Nikola Tesla — and I adore scientists, such as Tesla, so I was impressed, and I was glad, that they had written a song about him. The boys are only about the same age as me, or probably a year older. They have everything going for them and have such a huge fanbase.


Mentioning their age has just reminded me of the times I’ve been to see Jebediah, and seen a lot of older fans in the crowd, as old as the members of Jebediah themselves. They’re in their mid-thirties, and no doubt when they debuted in the 90s, they were fresh out of their teens and their fans would have been too. It makes me think of how Last Dinosaurs will be in the future, and we’ll all be older fans. XD

They played songs I recognised, mostly by sound and tune rather than title, but I’m pretty glad they played Andy; that’s probably my favourite. Typical, considering it’s one of the singles from the album, but you have to know that they usually pick the best song to release, and they know it. ;)

Lead singer and guitarist Sean said before their last song, “Good luck with your uni. Study hard. Get rich.”


Possibly the greatest advice I’ve heard all year. (So far.)

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Ah, group project dynamics. Once, in fifth grade, I was assigned to work with two other girls. For whatever reason, we just did NOT click. My teacher ended up having to split us up and reassign us into new groups, which totally threw me off because I didn’t know what to do with the work I had already did as it didn’t mesh with my new group. Sigh. Oh, group projects. Causing problems even in childhood :P

/faw I would have loved to see them again.
I actually recorded their Modjo/Spiller medley, have I shown you yet?

No, you haven’t! But I have heard them play it both times I’ve seen them now, hooray :D

I hope that you get along with your new group! Let’s hope that you won’t be that one person doing all the work all the time.

I got excited when you said that the Griswolds were coming to the US! I skimmed their Twitter feed and got excited when it said that they were coming to LA in May! But their website doesn’t mention any such shows, so I will just have to keep an eye out.

Castlecomer sounds pretty cool too. How is Australia pumping out so many good bands these days?

Group projects are such a hassle! I understand that they may be necessary and working with people is unavoidable, but so many problems tend to arise that it would almost just be easier to work on your own! However, I’ve noticed that once I started college group projects are much less annoying because people tend to care about their grades now. So I don’t mind them as much anymore, but they can still be a pain. Hope that it works out!

I think that it’s awesome that you go to so many gigs and know The Griswolds on such a personal level. I’d love to go to concerts more often, but I don’t like going by myself so much.

I see we are currently sharing the same struggles — not going broke and buying tickets. Ahaha.

It is so cool how many concerts you are able to attend and that are in your area. Most are an hour or two away. :c How are you able to get such close seats and great photos? So amazing!

Sadly, I know nothing of these bands you mentioned. :c

That’s alright — it’s likely because they’re Australian bands and they aren’t very well heard of elsewhere. Australian bands are really underrated though, so be sure to check them out at some point if you’re looking for new music. :)

I need to see a concert soon. You’ve inspired me. I used to go to concerts ALL the time but since I got sick I stopped because of the crowds of people. I should start small and build in crowd sizes I think …

sidenote: I will be back with a password for you for my protected posts :) Just a warning, they will be pretty intense, a side you’ve not seen before from me .. You’re also one of very few I trust online through blogging and I thank you so much for that ♥