Heaven Can Wait

It’s been a while since I’ve been so free of worry, but I definitely feel that way now. My doctors told me that I won’t notice the antidepressants having any effect until three weeks into taking them, but it’s been a week and I feel pretty good. My sleep is still being interrupted, and my mouth is constantly feeling dry, but they are things I can deal with. Oh, and I’ve lost weight… but no one generally complains about that. It’s just that I’m already very thin.

Since taking my first dose, I have found that I haven’t been habitually looking at the clock like I did before. I am also less anxious and worried. I used to worry so much about having so much to do. Maybe it’s because I have less to do, now that university has finished, but I am working long hours, so that’s taking up a lot of time as well.

Regardless, I am really loving my new job. I still have my other two – the one at the education centre (my first job, which I’ve been at for nearly four years) and the other web designing one (I haven’t been called in for two months). But this new job is great. At my other job I struggled, but here I feel like the challenges are not so difficult. I have learned quite a few new things. Today I learned about Textpattern, another content management system like WordPress, and built a whole website using it. So in two days at work, I pretty much built the layout and put together all the content of a website. I’m really quite proud of myself. I believe that people should love what they do at work and I’m glad I have this opportunity to do something I enjoy but that also gives me a challenge and allows me to learn new things.

I suppose one of the things I dislike about the Bachelors degree I just finished is that I didn’t learn much that was “new”. I am sure many other people learned new things, but because I had excellent computer literacy before I enrolled, I was rather advanced in some of the subjects. I had no idea that I would find a lot of the course content easy, but it was suited to what I want to do in the future and will no doubt assist me in finding work as well. I am still, however, looking forward to my Graduate Diploma in Interactive Multimedia next year, because I am sure I will learn many new things.

I still find it a bit ridiculous that a lot of employers look for qualifications. A lot of occupations really only require you to have a certain kind of skill. It seems almost pointless to get a degree these days, and I know I can open up a discussion about that here… but in the end employers seem to just look at your qualification to confirm that you have the knowledge needed for the job, because the knowledge might be covered in a particular course.

Really though. My dad works in the mailing facility – which pays well – and he has a degree in Civil Engineering. He isn’t really using anything he learned. And my mum has numerous Diplomas in Information Technology and Mortgage Lending, and now has the job of her dreams as a beauty consultant. I’m proud of both my parents, either way. They might not have known it at the time but now they’re working jobs they enjoy that aren’t really related to their qualifications, and dare I say, they are good at what they do. I am so grateful to them for letting me choose my own path when it came to university, because I’ve pushed through my studies and put in every effort looking for jobs and it has really paid off. I didn’t need to prove anything to them. I did what I wanted to do, and I can tell they’re happy for me. :)

I’ve said this to so many people before, and I just want to reiterate: if you don’t know what you want to do as a career, just go for anything. Somewhere down the track you’ll find something you love. The working road is not always smooth. My own mother went from a secretary to a financial consultant to retail and now she works in the beauty sector. Sometimes you may have to go through many things before finding what you realise is your dream.

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Haha, you’re right about the whole Bachelors thing. It’s a standard job thing to have a Bachelors in something. It’s just degrees don’t mean what they’re meant to, where only smart people went to uni. Now everyone goes. :3

I can’t imagine doing much of what I enjoy doing if I follow the career paths of my degree. Maybe something similar, more hands-on. I’d like working outdoors. :B


your dad’s awesome. /hrj

I am glad the medications is working for you. I think it proves that I’m no expert when it comes to depression because when I showed you the ad for the research, I never imagined you would need medication. I know we don’t talk face to face a lot lately, so it’s hard to tell, but it always seemed to me you were doing fine. But I am glad that you are doing even better now. <3

I understand that employers look for qualifications – at least uni has helped me a lot as far as writing goes. What I hate is that they look for professional experience. Like uni isn't good enough. /sigh

It's also good to know you're having a good time at your new job. As many people say, the best job is one where you do what you love, and you love web designing. I think you'll do great in that area hehe.

Seems like it’s quite simple for you to lose weight, is it? I wish I’m so easy to lose weight too. ugh, I think my mind’s going anorexic lol kidding.
Ack, if that antidepressant really works on you…. I think I need it too…sorta,kinda… O_O man, I’m so bipolar.
Nice to see you are enjoying your work (H) So, is textpattern as confusing as wordpress or easier? Because sometimes, WP can be such a rubbish. /angry tends to make me angry by messing up my layout and such. /ho
I can’t really say about “pointless getting a degree” but I dare say it’s kind of pointless going to school. /hmph oh well, my high school taught nothing but pointless studies anyway, so yeah..
It seems like most parents are like that; I mean, my mom took a degree in tourism and now she’s in fashion business. But then again, I wouldn’t wanna be like them, which is why even though it’s rebellious and piss a lot of people off, I’m gonna take degree in my greatest interests – design, film -. at least, I won’t regret it someday when I actually work in a non-film-related job because I think I’ve done something to enhance my interests, rather than taking on random degree in random courses like some clueless people. woops, sorry for ranting..

Though it’s not fun that your medication is causing dry mouth and some insomnia, I’m glad that you’re feeling much better. That’s all that counts :D

I very much agree with this: “I believe that people should love what they do at work and I’m glad I have this opportunity to do something I enjoy but that also gives me a challenge and allows me to learn new things.” That was the main reason why I quit my first job last year. (Well, that and not being respected by my fellow coworkers. My boss liked to take credit for everything.) I didn’t love it, and I didn’t feel like I was learning anything new. I went to school for design, but they didn’t trust me enough to do design. Yes, it was easy work at times, but I had nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

I’m glad you’re enjoying your new job and that you’re learning so much! Not many people can say that. Also, kudos on your parents for finding great jobs that they like or do well in, even if it’s not what they went to school for :D

(Btw, your post title reminds me of a We the Kings song. It just came on my mp3 player.)

I’m sorry I haven’t been checking your website recently, but DAMN YOUR LAYOUT LOOKS AMAZING!!
Education is so accessible now compared to “back in the days” so definitely, your level of education really plays a part during the employment part. My cousin told me he doesn’t use a thing he learned from university at his current job right now! He’s getting paid really, really well as a computer programmer. Funny how that works, right? It’s kinda a ‘must need’ to get a bachelor at something, but it all comes down to what you can do and what you want to do :) Great points you mentioned!!

It’s hard to keep a curriculum up to date with new technologies because technologies change so quickly. I would say that in my school’s mechanical engineering curriculum, most of the classes are about physics, and there are few design classes. Part of that is because my school focuses on fundamental research, and part of that is because design changes and what you learn in school goes out of date.

Honestly, I wish that we didn’t have all these education certifications, such as those web certifications in PHP and the like, because if employers look for them, then it makes it harder for people to branch off. And in the grand scheme of things, a lot of those certifications really don’t mean very much at all.

I thought of using TextPattern before, but then went back to WordPress because it’s familiar. Is TextPattern good?

Also, you should probably call into your second job and make sure that they haven’t simply just dropped you without telling you. (You’ve got a third job now, so it’s all okay if they have!)

Glad your meds seem to be doing their job. :) It’s great when they do. Hopefully the dry mouth and insommnia clear up as your body gets used to the meds being in your system. Also really glad you like your third job. Am currently job hunting myself and it’s such a pain in the behind. Hopefully though I’ll find something I like that I can get flexible hours with.

I find it to be so cute how James is always just about the first person to comment on your blog.

Anywhom, seems like I’ve been away from your site for decades and I’ve missed so much. You’ve gotten your Bachelor’s degree and landed yourself a job that you love and your taking antidepressants?

I’m glad the medications are doing you some good. Sooner than later I’m sure you’ll be back healthy and normal.

It is a shame that employers only look for qualifications. My cousin brought all this to my attention when we were discussing my college plans because I wasn’t exactly sure what type of degree and career I wanted to pursue.

Majority of the people have jobs that have absolutely NOTHING to do with their degrees. Employers just look at the fact that you have a degree because that shows that you were committed and actually go through with your plans without giving up so easily. Also, just about everyone has college degrees these days so that makes choosing employees a bit tougher so shooting for Masters, Doctorate and more Professional Degrees are preferred and are in higher demand. My career goals actually just about require me to get a Doctorate degree.

*sigh* I’m just not ready for the real world.

Congrats on your job and all upcoming projects and what not. Also, get well soon!

Sounds like things are going much better for you. Sometimes I wonder if I should take one of those medications that make you calm. I react to the smallest things in a big way, and I get stressed out really bad. The thing is, nobody would believe me at home so I’d be pointless to get an appointment for Prozac or something. I’ve thought about it before.

Ooh. Your novel sounds interesting. I don’t think I’ve read a book where a character or characters have to explore that.

And it’s OK. I’m the same way. I only read the nonfictions by people I know a lot about. I just happened to know a lot about Sid and Nancy lol.

I’m still stuck in career choices. I want to get my G.E.D so I can acquire a better education. I like the job I have but I’m not living to my full potential there, and I feel stifled. I need something where I can be creative lol.

You sound a lot happier though! Congrats on the web designing job. It’s one thing I’ve always wanted to do, too. Besides write xD.

It is good that you can notice the effect of the drug after a week. I think I want that med, I want to lose weight. Haha Kidding. It is really nice if you are enjoying what you are doing. I am glad that you are happy with your job.

Glad the pills are working nicely and the side effects are minimal or rather not bothering you much. If you feel really uncomfortable then you should not take them but otherwise Im glad to hear its already kicking in nicely =D Omg and if your losing weight with them, I think i might just take them for that. Im desparately trying to lose my stubborn weight! It gets soo annoying =/ I also have tried out textpattern and liked the simplicity it offers. Ive actually been wanting to switch platforms because its nice to try different ones out there. I also tried dotclear before and actually liked that one a lot as well =D

Hey, Georgina!
I am glad to hear that you are on medication for your anxiety/depression and that they seem to be helping you. I, too, am on medication for those things – speaking of which I just had to get my doses upped because they don’t seem to be helping as much as they used to be.

I’m also happy to hear that you’re liking your new job! I heard about textpattern about a year ago from swimchick and I’ve always wanted to try it out, but I haven’t legitimately webdesigned or coded in over a year so trying that out now probably wouldn’t be the best thing. :P

I was actually given that advice about a week ago during career day at my school. The speaker was talking about a friend who choose a course just because they got to go to a different country, and she ended up pursing that career. It’s crazy how little things you do can create a whole new path! I am glad that your parents have always been so supportive of you and what you wanted to do.

Have a great night!

Having a love for what you do is key. Otherwise within a small amount of time you’ll get so bored of it and just want to move on. I guess that’s why I do so many different projects. Ha ha. But the good thing is they’re all related in the arts area in one way or another. Though when I start looking for a job for my big move, I’m sure I’ll be working at a coffee shop – fingers crossed I’ll get to work at a vegan coffee shop and work in the kitchen, I’d love to cook yummy food for people. :)

I’m glad you’re feeling much better thanks to the antidepressants! I was thinking to myself that I may need to try some because I suffer from anxiety at times, I worry too much and that puts me in such a state. Because of my day job AND celebrity reporting it all sometimes gets to me… my journalism IS a job in itself at times.
You work at an education centre? How awesome! At least you like your new job! That is what is important firstly. :)

I know what you mean. My friends who graduated from high school last year are finding it really difficult to get jobs. I’ve had two since graduating and I have no qualifications, but I guess I have four years of writing experience. Sometimes your degree really does not contribute to what you end up doing as a career – funny.

I’m also glad my m om allowed me to do what I wanted. I feel sorry for kids who are pressured by their parents too do x y and z.
Aaaw shame, it’s o cute how proud you are of them. Your mom does indeed sound like she has a dream job!

I hope you’re well, Georgie <3

I feel like I am somewhat a bit more literate when it comes with dealing with computer because I am not having a hard time in our ICT subject. It’s a skill, and also an advantage! :) I have only one dream, and that is to be a Doctor as my life long career. It took me some time before I finally settle down and realize that it is indeed what I want.

I checked out textpattern. It looks really interesting. Is there any big of a difference between Textpattern and WordPress? Congrats for the achievement, Georgina!