My December

My December by Linkin Park was the first song I ever downloaded. It took forever. It was back in the days of dial-up, back when downloading illegally wasn’t a huge deal and not many people did it. Because of my slow connection, it probably took about half an hour to download. I can barely remember. All that I remember was that dial-up was terrible and I was one of the last people in my school to upgrade to broadband and experience faster internet.

It’s December already, which for us in Australia means the first day of summer. The first day of summer wasn’t all that hot. Last night, it actually rained. But I’ve been feeling rather good, even if the weather has gone from warm to windy back to warm again. I think this happens nearly every year, but it feels like this year has gone by so fast. I’m already looking forward to next year. I think it’s ridiculous that the world is rumoured to end in 2012. I don’t believe it will. I don’t think there is enough proof that can tell us the world will end on that exact date. There have already been previous guesses about the world ending some time this year and they were wrong. Either way, I’m happy with how things are right now, and the world ending, even the possibility of it, is not one of my concerns.

I find that lately I haven’t been worried or concerned about anything. I usually worry about things on a daily basis, but I feel a lot more relaxed now. I usually whine about how there isn’t enough time to do things. However, now I feel like there is still time and certain things have priorities and some things will just take longer to do.

I still want to visit everyone’s blogs and respond to comments on my previous few posts. I haven’t had a chance to do that since I’m working quite a lot now. I finish up at 6:00pm, and thankfully it’s still rather bright at that time because of daylight savings. It makes the day seem a heck of a lot longer.

Not all the shops are open though, since they usually close at 5:00 or 5:30. But I find that the bubble tea kiosks are usually open by the time I get out of work. Yesterday they had a sale, where you could buy one and get one free. There was a ridiculously long line though, and I didn’t want to get home too late, so I didn’t wait much longer than ten minutes.

What I have missed for many years – or felt like I’ve missed out on – is late night Thursdays. I’m not sure how it is in other countries, but in Australia it’s known to be “late night shopping” day. People work longer hours, meaning that all the shops are open as well, up until 8, 9 or 10 at night. I don’t even know much about what the culture is like… people watch movies, eat dinner, just shop until they drop… I have been working Thursday evenings at the education centre since 2008. Back then I was too young to go out on my own and I didn’t mind, but as the years went by I have often craved a bit of fun on Thursday nights.

Well, I guess that’s the working life. I am glad I like my new job. Something tells me that next year I won’t have as much time to update my many websites, but I guess that’s alright. I won’t leave blogging… I love it too much… but I’ll probably decide to cut down on my other websites. Consolidation is beautiful.

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Linkin Park sucks. HRJ

I hope the world ends in 2012. The world as we know it; I don’t like the way things are presently. ngeo

I remember on hot days we used to go to the shopping centre for the air conditioning /um
but hey, that was the past. /bounce


(I’ve moved to!)

I used to like Linkin Park but I’ve not listen to them for a long time now. I do remember the dial-up days! I was quite young, then, and didn’t really use the computer anyway. But when any one in the family had to use the Internet the house phone would be unusable because of the dial-up. Really inconvenient.

I worry about something every single day. Sometimes I can’t stop worrying and I find it quite hard to relax sometimes. I’m glad you’re more relaxed now! :)

I wish there was daylight saving in Singapore! Too bad we only have rain or shine, no four seasons. I feel so upset when the day is up before I can finish what I had intended to do.

I haven’t been on your blog in a while! I’ve actually missed it…which sounds creepy so I think I will shut up now, and return to my actual comment.

Linkin Park…I used to like them but that was back in my Twilight fangirling, emo, angsty, hormonal, “depressed” preteen days (the days that I shall never go back to…ever). I remember dial-uo. My family is a few decades behind, so we only upgraded to broadband in late 2007 which was around the same time we subscribed to Sky TV and my parents got smartphones. I was very thankful, and I will always remember 2007 as the year that my family decided to enter the 21st century. Good times.

December over here means brutal ice and freezing cold. You’re very lucky! I would be happy if there was snow, but we only ever get ice which is not very enjoyable. And when it does snow, everyone’s excited at first, but if it goes on longer than a day, Britain freaks out and starts complaining. I can’t wait until Christmas, though.

I’m VERY superstitious and paranoid, so 2012 is something that I’m thinking about. But 2012 will only be unlucky if we make it unlucky, so I’m going to try and forget about it. Although, if the world does ends, I wouldn’t mind. Right now, the world sucks very much.

Ah I remember those days of downloading music “illegally” and it took 30-60 minutes to download one song. Now, it’s crazy. We can simply listen to them on Youtube, Myspace, etc., right away. I love the future ><

Australia seems sooooo different from the U.S. Right now, I'm just kind of confused and kind of enlightened at the same time by reading stuff like "late night shopping" Thursdays. It's something I've never heard before haha.

I'm glad you like your new job! It's refreshing to hear that since most people hate their's (including myself).

It’s always so weird to think that Australia is entering summer at the same time that we are entering the winter. My boyfriend’s sister spent a semester in Melbourne and said that there are pictures of Santa on the beach and barbecues abound during Christmas. While I understand why that’s the case, it still feels so foreign from here, as I get ready to start seeing snow fall.

Oh man! The days when 56k Internet was considered to be fast? I cannot imagine going back to those days. So many websites looked incredibly ugly at the time too!

Good luck to you next year! I guess that you’ve consolidated your sites a lot already, but I can’t see you ever getting rid of,,,,, and At least not in the near future.

I knew that having dial-up was bad but I mostly didn’t like the telephone noise it made when it came on and that you had to wait so long for it to come on. Oh and, we only had one phone line so no one could use the phone with the internet on. At least I think that is how it was. It was sooo long ago.
I was actually surprised when my mom got DSL as soon as she did. And when we got it I can tell you speed was not what I noticed, it was the lack of having to load up the internet every time. :) But then again our computer at that was ancient so broadband speed probably couldn’t help much.

I never put much thought into the 2012 thing. I just think if the world did end it would be ironic. And I put even less thought in when Christians start predicting stuff(*cough* junk) like that. Except for the thoughts, ‘Do they not know how they are making Christians look?’ and ‘I wonder how big of a hole they will have to crawl into when it doesn’t go down.’
You know what they say, ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.’

In America I think it is late Friday and Saturday night. But I don’t have a car or friends to hang out with that could stay out later than 9. :)

I love My December :) My ex boyfriend was a huge linkin park fan and he got me into that song lol.

I haven’t been around in quite some time, so I’ll say congrats on the new job that you like! What exactly do you do, if you dont mind me asking?
I don’t think the world will end in 2012 either. If anything, maybe something disastrous will, but the world ending? No one knows, and no one can predict that. I think it was silly when people predicted the world would end a few months back. Some people sold their homes (what good is money when you’re ‘dead’?), some even killed their children :S
On a happier note.. late night Thursdays sound awesome! I’m pretty sure there’s something like that here in Canada as well, I just never have money to go and indulge lol. Hopefully you can get to experience a lot of the fun-ness :D

ps. I love this layout :) its so elegant!

Work comes before blogging, unfortunately. I haven’t had much time to comment on other people’s blogs either since I work a lot now too. It is annoying because it’s what I enjoy doing.

I don’t think I ever downloaded music before I had a faster connection. It was way too slow for me.

I remember I never knew how to download lol and yeah it took ages. I couldn’t live without broadband. My sister in Australia said there has been thunderstorms, eek those are scary. I don’t believe the world will end, if it did who would be alive to tell? They said it would end in 2000.

lmao i totally relate to you with the internet thing.. i was also one of the last ones (amongst my friends at least) to switch over to high speed connection! gah just thinking of slloooww painfull dial up now gives me shudders. hahaah XD i’ve also been more ‘chill’ lately..even though i’m also a worrier. i guess it’s because the semester’s ending :D hehe

please dont leave blogging. I try to do it once a day regardless if its like 2am Im writing up a post lol. Oh yes the good old days of dial up…even that was bliss for me because I got to come online (used AOL a lot back then) and LINKIN PARK is def. one of my favs! About the online dating, I totally agree with you. I dont agree with it and i have so many ppl who do it for marriage and dating purposes and it kinda worries me. But then the type of person I am, I dont really butt into what other ppl are doing. I had a ex best friend who used to bash me all the time about talking to guy son FB…but guess what, she found her future to be husband on facebook! I was so surprised but of course, it is quite sad =/ I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. I myself wouldnt want to meet any guy from online.

Ah, I remember those good ol’ days of trying to download on a dial-up. It was never 56k O_o; The highest it’d go was like 3k LOL. I was so happy to get off of dial-up!

And Linkin Park. Man. I used to love them, especially Mike Shinoda! :D Their songs were awesome then. I have no idea what their new songs are like.

Anyway, don’t ever stop blogging! We’ll understand if you have to cut back or something. Just don’t leave us entirely :)

ohhhh i miss summer so much! you have no idea how lucky you are!!! it’s freezing here, and i think i’ve caught a cold. now i spend as much time as i can in front of the fireplace, drinking chocolate. i don’t even like to step outside to door, ’cause i only meet wind and snow out there. haha i should stop complaining about it, as it only reminds of the warmth of sun.

i don’t either believe that the world will end in 2012. it just sounds..weird? unrealistic? i guess no one can really predict that, that’s out of human’s power and control. i’m wondering what excuse or explanation people who actually believed in it will come up with when they’re still alive in 2013?

thank you!! <3 yeah birdy's voice is very calming. i'm still surprised by her age. she's already so clever, and she doesn't sing the usual pop-style kind of music, which is great! some artists start to sound all the same.

i hope it will help too!! <3

I never seem to be phased by this whole “end of the world” crap. I don’t think we’ll ever quite know when that will happen. It really doesn’t worry me, though.

That’s so cool that you guys get a night like that! I wish we had that here in the states. Everything pretty much closes around 5 or 6 and by the time I get off work I never really quite get a chance to visit any stores or anything. Weekends are the only times I can actually do any kind of shopping, which sucks because I usually have a million errands to run.

I can’t believe Dial up even existed at one point. You didn’t realize how awful it was until you upgraded to broadband. You can’t ever go back. >.<

I still find it so odd how y'all are the complete opposite. I was in Australia around this time 4 years ago, and I kept thinking it was May-June, although it was November. I find having Christmas in the Summer awesome though, regardless of the "White Christmas" tradition that us on the Northern Hemisphere think of. LOL. And, did I just say, "y'all" ? Yep, how yankee of me. LOL.

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by either. And, I think that whole 2012 ish is just a theory to work people up. We've already had threats of the apocalypse twice this year, yet we're still here. LOL.

8-10pm still seems early to us, because during the Holiday season, a lot of stores are open as late as 11pm-12am. Us American's are crazy when it comes to extended Holiday hours. I hated being an employee working those shifts, because by the time I got home, chilled out, and settled, etc, it was nearly 2am-3am. :(

Wee. I really do love Linkin Park, it makes me wanna download their songs too. Haha. I actually downloaded Christmas album so that I can feel the spirit of Christmas more. Enjoy the month of December. :)