Fashion Friday: Pacific Daydream | A pop of colour with cobalt blue

A woman with short dark hair in a white strapless top and a cobalt blue skirt, with a hand on her hip. There is a park with green grass behind her
Hey, recognise this top from a recent outfit? 🙂

You might recognise the white top I’m wearing in this outfit being the same one I wore in the outfit Summer Daze earlier this year. I mentioned that this top, for some reason, is one of my go-tos; it’s easy to wear, and because it’s white it tends to go with everything. I think one of my favourite things about it is that it is structured, which means it retains its shape relatively well and is easy to wear.

Last time we also forgot to get a photo of the back, so we got a little one here. ☺️

From behind, a woman facing the right, with the O-ring pull zipper of her strapless white top visible. Some of the woman’s dark hair falls across her back
This bustier top zips up at the back.
The same woman from other photos in this post, wearing the same outfit. She has a hand on her hip and part of her upper thigh can be seen in the front split of her skirt
Check out that cool shadow.

The skirt is in one of my favourite colours, obviously – an electric blue hue! I actually bought it second hand after searching for a cobalt or electric blue skirt. I had a couple of flukes, unfortunately, where skirts I purchased looked more like a dark blue than a bright blue. So you can imagine I was pretty excited when this skirt arrived. It fits really well – perfectly, I suppose you could say.

My only minor gripe is that while the split in the skirt helps me to walk more easily, I do have the world’s thickest thighs so the upper thigh area is a bit tight, and the fabric doesn’t stretch all that much. Being a short person, the length isn’t 100% flattering on my figure either, haha. All these little things aside, I do love the skirt and I can’t believe it is so difficult to find a skirt in a bright blue hue. 🥺

The same woman from other photos in this post, wearing the same outfit. She has a hand on her hip and a toe pointed in front of her to show the split of her skirt
I think I need to practice my poses. I look so rigid and not relaxed 😂

I painted my toenails a dark magenta. I don’t really like painting my toenails because I think my toenails look unsightly with polish on them. I prefer nothing on them. But I gave this a shot, painting it with some YSL nail polish I’ve had for quite some time. I chose this colour because it seemed the most versatile out of the options in my collection.

Close up of a woman’s feet, wearing tan sandals with a strap that has animal print. Her toenails are painted in a dark magenta shade.
A dark reddish-pink is a pretty standard but versatile nail colour

I think it looks alright! In fact, I guess it makes my toes look more presentable in sandals. These sandals have been my go-to when I don’t want to wear closed shoes – my other sandals are old and I only wear them travelling, and I have a black pair I don’t wear much because I prefer light colours.

Close shot of a woman’s hands at the side of her hip. She has pastel nail art on her fingernails and is wearing a figure hugging blue skirt
Nail art with nail wraps 💅🏼

My fingernails are decorated with light pink and blue nail wraps with gold accents. They have an interesting pattern that resembles paint strokes. The gold accents are stickers separate from the wraps, and I thought they were kind of random, but I liked that they matched quite nicely with the wraps. And they stuck on quite securely too.

Close up of a woman’s ear with three small silver lobe earrings and one small cartilage piercing.
The piercings in my right ear, including my new “snonch” (snug + conch) piercing!

I’ve sneaked in a photo of my “snonch” piercing that I wrote about in my tiny wins post. It’s been healing really well so far with no pain.

The same woman from other photos in this post, wearing the same outfit. She has one hand held up to her dark hair and the other by her side

I feel like this was a pretty short post (thus the lack of headings 😄), but hope you have a good weekend! What are you wearing and experimenting with at the moment?

Outfit details

  • Top: Lulu & Rose (Piper Denim Bustier – available at Surfstitch)
  • Skirt: Sheike (style unknown, purchased second hand)
  • Shoes: Jo Mercer (Godiva Flat Sandal in light tan/multi)
  • Necklace: By Invite Only [referral link for 15% off] (Rose Gold Astoria Necklace – no longer available)
  • Nails: fingernails – Scratch subscription Reverie wraps (October 2018) + gold nail decals; toenails – YSL


📸 All photography by Nicholas Cooke. (Sony RX100 VI + iPhone Xs)

These photos were taken in the same park that Nick took photos of me a couple of times before, but we used the open concrete space instead. Some people use the concrete space and the wall to play ball. I particularly like this backdrop because it makes the blue of my skirt stand out.

The name of this outfit, Pacific Daydream, is a nod to one of Weezer’s albums of the same name. Initially I thought to name this outfit Pacific Ocean, but since I’ve been listening to Weezer a lot recently (their recent Teal Album, of covers of songs by exceptional artists, including Michael Jackson and Tears For Fears, is wow!), I though it would be apt.

I’d also exhausted a lot of names related to blue, in previous outfit names, so this one might seem a bit out of left field. That’s what you get when you own a lot of blue clothes!

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