Fashion Friday: Momentum

Heeeey so I am in the airport right now writing this post, I’ll be on my way to Indonesia soon. There is a lot of family visiting to be done, but also some general adventures. I’ll try and post a lot of photos! It’s my first time visiting since 2012. I am expecting the weather to be super hot (the usual climate), but the forecast says there will be some drizzle.

Taking a photo of a painting that caught my eye
Taking a photo of a painting that caught my eye

We went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales for this shoot. It’s a very peaceful place and although I am not obsessed with art, I like to take the time to look around and appreciate it. Entry to the gallery is free, and it’s always a nice walk around, and a nice walk through the park it is located in.

Me standing in front of the artwork ‘Public notice 2’, by Jitish Kallat (2007).
Me standing in front of the artwork ‘Public notice 2’, by Jitish Kallat (2007).
A close shot of the back of my head
A close shot of the back of my head

It has been quite hot even though the season of Spring only just started. Sometimes, wearing a dress is most comfortable in this kind of weather. I wear most of my dresses with heels because most dresses I own look best with heels – it just adds to my height. ;)

I am not a massive fan of the style of the dress but I like the cut and the fit. It has a thick, floral ‘lacy’ sort of appearance. I think it looks like the floral bits are made from doily or tablecloth material… I’m not really giving this dress much kudos but I have to admit it isn’t one of my favourites and I just thought the midi length and the sleeveless style was appropriate for the weather. And simple, really.

Sitting by a wall of paintings
Sitting by a wall of paintings
Spot the security guard.
Spot the security guard.

It’s a bit classy so I chose to dress it up with my favourite black heels. I’ve worn them so many times that the suede is starting to scuff a lot. I’m hoping to find a replacement for them, because having black pumps is a must.

The earrings are from Floralpunk, a curated jewellery store I discovered while browsing Instagram. They have girly, but edgy pieces, and I find that some of their stuff really suits my style. Although I had my eyes set on some other statement earrings, they looked a bit too big for my liking despite how gorgeous they were… so I stuck with these black teardrop-shaped ones.

Gala Crystal earring on my ear, and red hair!
Gala Crystal earring on my ear, and red hair!

Outfit details

  • Dress: bought from a market
  • Shoes: Diana Ferrari (‘Minnie’ heels)
  • Earrings: Floralpunk (Gala Crystal Earrings – currently out of stock)
  • Wristwear: The Peach Box (The Classic Bangle – Silver) and The Armored Club (Titan Hinged Bangle
  • Lips: YSL (Rouge Pour Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain – #8 Orange de Chine)

Photography by Seb.

Sitting on a bench in front of a wall of artworks
Sitting on a bench in front of a wall of artworks
Standing in The Domain
Standing in The Domain

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Have fun in Indonesia, and I love your outfit. Black is a lovely color for anyone.

Thanks Kenny! I haven’t yet returned the favour but I have been meaning to visit your blog ever since you commented on my post about Septemblog. I have just been so busy! I hope you have managed to get closer to blogging as often as you’d like. Again I really appreciate your comments and hope you’ve been doing well. :)

The pictures are actually looking so classy. Good job, Seb on the photos!

Have fun at Indonesia, Georgie! I suppose you must be on the plane right now! Looking forward to a lot of Indonesia photos!

Classy Georgie! I know the dress isn’t your favourite but you’re really rocking it. It’s a great outfit for an outing at an art museum! ^^ The earrings look awesome, too! I like how it makes just the right amount of statement on you.

Have a safe trip to and from Indonesia! You have a blast!

Safe trip to Indonesia, Georgie! Hope you have a great time.

And love the dress, even if it’s not your personal fave! :) It looks like it fits well. Also a very classy piece for the Art Gallery. I love the Art Gallery in Adelaide, and I’ve never been to the one in Sydney. Next time I’m there I’ll have to take a look!

Photos with people sitting in museums are my favorite, so I’m between fangirling, for lack of a better term, and feeling aesthetically pleased(?) because they’re aesthetically pleasing to look at…? I don’t know if that makes sense. :l But I feel people can be their own works of art, as displayed in modeling and dancing, and when it’s mixed with paintings and other mediums, it creates an unconventional stock photo-like result that is just really nice and balanced. (Also cenetred.)

There aren’t many museums where I live, unfortunately, that aren’t science-y…the unfortunate bit of science museums seems to be the lighting in the exhibits, which have thus far been darker than I’d like, so pictures don’t take well. >>

The painting in the first photo makes me wish when I painted; it’s rather calming, even though it’s chaotic-ish.

You’re probably already in Indonesia by the time you read this comment, but I hope you had a safe journey! I’m not a big fan of art either, but I can definitely appreciate it. Majority of galleries are free to enter here too, so that’s cool.

I really like the ‘Public notice 2’ artwork! I also love your dress. Lovely photos :)

I hope you have a fun & memorable trip in Indonesia! And you look great in your photos!
LOL your last picture for this blog reminds me of my university since it has something similar to it (couldn’t find an image of it online but it looks exactly like that!). Like exactly the same. XD

I love this Fashion Friday post! You look super classy (as I said on instagram!), I love everything about your outfit! AND GURLLLL, you’re my red hair inspiration; was thinking of going red but I’m not sure if I can rock it like you can ;)

Have an absolutely lovely time in Indonesia, can’t wait to hear about it!

Major props to you for blogging at the airport! I don’t have enough focus to do it anywhere other than a boring class or room XD. The art gallery looks really neat! I think it’s cool how people are creative with even the simplest things. I like your dress! I saw a similar style where the outside was a floral cut with a same-colored plain dress underneath at a store but my reaction: “$55 is so much…”. You rock it for sure ;).

Enjoy your trip!

I hope you have an amazing time in Indonesia!

Personally, I think the dress looks great on you! It has a nice shape and pattern is pretty.

Also, your hair is looking so pretty. It’s like it’s a different colour in every picture!

I hope you are having a really wonderful time! :D

I really like the outfit and the photos for this are so fab. The one where you are sitting on the bench with your back towards the camera is perfect! <3

You rocked that dress, seriously. Hope you have an amazing time! ^^

Love the dress! Very classy :) Love the way that it compliments with the artworks at the museum :>