Fashion Friday: In Rainbows

Me standing in front of a bright colourfully painted wall

Yay we’re back! After a several-month long break. 😄

As most of you know, I was super busy the past few months ramping up my fitness routine, as well as changes at work, wedding planning, doing some contract work on the side, going to meetups, and overall feeling really tired. Blogging took a backseat and so did my Fashion Friday series, even though I’ve managed to keep it up in the past during times I travelled and was not always available.

Nick helped me photograph this outfit when we were in Melbourne last week. Nick had to go there for work early in the week, so I popped by over the weekend for a quick getaway.

We took these photos next to a basketball court a couple of blocks away from the main street. We actually knew this wall next to the basketball court existed, because we had come across it over a year ago on our last visit to Melbourne. I thought it would make a great Fashion Friday backdrop, but the weather was not that great at the time. That resulted in the shoot being at Brighton Beach instead, and that outfit appeared in The Rainbow Connection.

We spent ten minutes trying to remember where the basketball courts were, and we saw some construction going on nearby, so we were hoping it was not closed down or destroyed. It was still there in all its glory!

Me holding my hands to my scarf
Me holding my hands to my scarf

The painted wall is actually the wall that sits behind the bleachers, and that’s where all these photos were taken. Part of the bleachers was really messy and had rubbish all over it. We had to kick a couple of bottles out of the way to take some photos.

Since it was fairly cold in Melbourne I decided to bring my black coat and know it would go the distance. I stuck with a couple of warm tops and brought my new black scarf.

Me standing with my right hand on my hip and my left side leaning against the wall
Hand on hip action

I got my mum to order my black scarf from Myer. I wasn’t sure what to expect as the photos on their website were not very clear and the resolution of the images was not high enough to see the detail. The measurements were written as being quite large and I was looking for a large black “blanket” scarf. I have a lot of black ones that are quite short or thin. I was quite impressed with this scarf, the quality was great and the scarf looks good.

The one thing I do really like about it is the fabric. I am not usually a fan of knitwear so the acrylic blend of this scarf is pretty comforting. It is less thick and easier to shape, despite it being large. There is a bit of a ribbed pattern on some of it.

These jeans hardly ever let me down; I do like them very much because of the fit and style. The only minor things that bug me about this pair of Topshop Jamie jeans is that they stretch a lot so they are now a size up from the original size I bought them in. I was not aware at the time so I just got a pair that fit me just right. Either that or I really did lose some inches from my waist? 😆

The rips in the jeans give it edge and make it pretty edgy, but there are days I want just a plain pair of blue denim jeans. So I actually went to Topshop and bought another pair in the same Jamie style (except I sized down).

Medium shot of me with my hands clutching my scarf at the neck
I don’t want to let go of this scarf!

I got the long-sleeved top from H&M in a sale. I think it was only 10 or 15 dollars. I don’t have a lot of casual and versatile winter tops so I found this was a good steal. The sleeves have a small split in them and do do the sides. The back also dips a little low. I have a few pieces from H&M but I find the quality of some of their stuff to be sort of lacking. This top, on the other hand, is pretty good quality. It’s not scratchy like other knitted clothes, and does keep me warm.

I chose to wear the top because it goes well with most colours, including the jeans. Not to mention it would keep me warm in Melbourne!

Me posing with my sunglasses off my head
Posing with my sunglasses off my head
Close shot of me leaning sideways against the wall
Typical model shot!
Me holding my hands to my head and gazing down
Not quite so deep in thought

I took my black boots to Melbourne because they can be dressed up and dressed down, and they are also super comfortable. I have been craving buying another pair. I seem to go through black heeled ankle boots often. 😅

I like how the outfit looks against the coloured wall and glad I picked out some pretty basic colours

I named this outfit In Rainbows after the Radiohead album of the same name.

Me posing facing the left, against the wall again
I like tucking my hair under my scarf sometimes, so it doesn’t go messy

📷 All photography by Nick. ❤️

Outfit details

  • Top: H&M
  • Coat: Basque Petite (available at Myer)
  • Jeans: Topshop (Jamie Moto Petite ankle grazer)
  • Shoes: Sandler “Yates” Black Glove Boot (available at Myer)

What do you think of this outfit as a comeback? 😆

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A ff after a long time!
I really loved the scarf, it gives me the feeling of it being very cozy just by looking at it. I wish you had put a photo of your top without the coat on. I like grey tops and even pants or trousers of the same shade!

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Absolutely adore the photos. Such a great backdrop for the shoot. The outfit looks really nice. :D

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I’ve been missing your Fashion Friday segments and this outfit is a great come back, I really love the backdrop! I’ve been after a big cosy black scarf for a while, I have one but it’s on the thin side.

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Hi, I just love the style, it looks comfortable but at the same time, it looks chic. The coat looks very good and I would love something like that but I feel I am too small for them. :(

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Thank you!

I am actually quite petite (5 foot 2/158cm), and the coat is actually in a petite range, so it was made for shorter gals. If you look around I am sure you will find a coat that is more suited to your size. 😊

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The one thing I love about this look is how casual, yet professional it looks. One could easily wear this as a “Casual Friday” outfit to a workplace, and still look professional, but still easily a great outfit for every day wear.
The coat actually adds that “autumn” allure to the shoot. You can tell it was a chilly day when you photographed everything, and that’s honestly part of the charm!

I really love the way you pose in a lot of your photos. They always show the outfits clearly, while still flattering to you(which, let’s face it, as a woman we’re often worried about the dreaded PHOTO xD)
I’m glad to see both you and Fashion Friday back!

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Oh my lord, that background is amazing!! The colours are so gorgeous, and the more monochromatic tones of your outfit contrast with the background so well.

We’re heading into the Autumn season here in America, so I’m excited to be able to pull my scarves back out soon as the temperatures drop. Your shoes are to die for, btw!

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I love the backdrop and also the name, Rainbows, because I too, love rainbows and it feels fitting here! Looking good, Georgie!

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I wish that I could have seen this wall while I was in Melbourne. It’s so pretty! And, yes, the wall really did make your outfit pop! :)

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Yay! This is a great post to return with—look at that background! :O Judging from my Google search, flights take a little over an hour to get there, so I’m guessing it’s not near Sydney? 😩 (I’m, like, really in love with it.) We don’t have those kinds of things here. :/

I love the photo with you looking down. :) (with the caption “Not quite so deep in thought”)

I think the outfit being subtly-colored works with this backdrop quite well! <3

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Pretty walls!

And lovely outfit as usual. Looks quite nice with the colorful background!

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I finally got a domain =O
Erm, however, I accidentally deleted my wp files so please bear through the mess as I fix all my links and re-do pages

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As always, you’re gorgeous, Georgie. I myself haven’t worn jeans in over a decade. I’m more of a khaki person.

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“What do you think of this outfit as a comeback? 😆”

UHHHH HELLO?! The first time that photo dropped online I was NOT READY OK? OK. Seriously I love this look and the background is gorgeous. Purple is my favourite colour 💜

I like how simple the outfit is – it lets you focus on the model (i.e. your beauty 😭) more! 💜 So excited to see FF back!

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