Fashion Friday: I guess that’s why they call it the blues

Close shot of me gazing away while leaning on the railing of a shopping mall level

Normally I would be a little weird about having so much blue in an outfit but I just did it anyway. Fashion is about experimentation…!

We took these photos in The Strand in Sydney. It’s a shopping mall that still has its heritage in the decor. It looks quite similar to the Queen Victoria Building where Seb helped me photograph an outfit way back. But they are different!

It was a pretty chilly day but I did not feel like wearing a coat. I wanted to wear brown shoes and I don’t have a brown coat, and my black one was in the wash. I decided to go for the blue jumper to match the jeans. I thought it might be too much, but I think the brown balances it.

Brown and blue go surprisingly well together. Or it might be that brown just tends to be a good accessory colour. I’m not sure. I only started liking brown recently! I had brown clothes before, but I never wore them because I didn’t like the colour (especially not on me). After getting my brown Fossil handbag last year (check out Seeing Squares) I became quite fond of the colour brown.

Side full body shot
Just blue and brown.
Me holding my fingers with my bag on my shoulder
Posing with my bag

I really wanted some cute brown shoes so I got this pair after browsing a sale at Myer. What I wanted was a short, cute ankle boot. You all know how much I love ankle boots! These ones have a subtle enough heel so that they are still considered “flat”, and give enough support to the feet. I did try on another pair that had a more pointed toe, and I liked them, but they only came in a tan colour which was lighter and had a more yellow undertone. That was not ideal – I wanted something to match my existing bag.

And then I got this bag in this outfit! It’s a leather tote from Whipping Post. I stumbled across the website back in 2012 and bought a wallet with a guitar pick pocket in it. I loved it because I played guitar a lot at the time. When my birthday was coming up I told Nick I wanted the bag so he paid for it. 😆 There were other colours, including black – which would have been my go-to… but I really wanted this one. It’s a pretty basic bag, but it’s sturdy and what I need. It fits my laptop! I had not had a shoulder bag that fit my laptop before, other than random tote bags from meetups or conferences.

Cropped photo of me sitting on a chair with my brown boots and brown tote bag on the floor
Brown brown brown!
Side shot of me facing the camera holding my bag strap on my shoulder
Posing by a door

I got this bag to fit two laptops and a camera on my trip to Perth. But I took the laptops out because I was more concerned about snapping one of the straps off because of the weight. Even though it all fit inside, haha.

We didn’t get a close-up photo, but I am actually wearing the same blue earrings that I wore in Longitude, two outfits ago. The one with the striped blue dress. ;)

Me walking in front of some glass storefronts
Crop tops in winter? Why not?!

The jumper is not very warm on its own, really. It’s the kind of woven material that is a little rigid. It is a fairly chunky knit, so when it’s windy, you can feel it through the jumper! I used it as a cover-up for a crop top. Yes, it’s winter, but I think crop tops are still allowed! Plus, there are long-sleeved ones out there. And crop tops don’t necessarily mean you are showing skin. Although I guess I was just a little bit here. 😜

I gotta admit that I am not sure how high necks look on me. I have mixed feelings about them, and after looking at a few photos of me in them, I am not sure if they are flattering. I mean, they always say short girls shouldn’t wear chokers because it cuts their silhouette in half. But rules were meant to be broken right…? That’s why I’m blue. 🔵 Da ba dee.

📷 All photography by Nick. ❤️

Me standing near the open dining area in the mall, with my sweater in my arms
Everyone is rugged up except me

Outfit details

Me leaning over the edge of a railing on the second floor
I forgot this mall had more than the ground level

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Sometimes I forget that Oz’s winter time is different here in the US. I remember going to Sydney in March. My aunt said it’s fall/autumn, so we brought some jackets for layering. As it turns out, it still felt like summertime! Hahaha!

P.S. I just realized why you remind me so much of someone! You look so much like my girl cousins (they’re sisters)! You could pass for my cousin, too!

YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH BLUE 💙Agreed – blue and brown look great together! 😄 I personally think that brown goes with everything – it’s sort of my black to me, to be honest. 😆

I really like this look – in the winter, I don’t like wearing a huge coat sometimes because I have to carry it everywhere so I do layer up like you have done here! I like that blue jumper, I have loads just like it that I rotate in the winter, it looks like similar material too – not too thick, but not too thin.

GAL THAT CROP TOP THOUGH. IT’S SUPER CUTE. I’m inlove 😍 I think high neck tops look great on you! I know what you mean though, I’m not entirely sure if they suit me either 🤷🏻‍♀️ In some photos I think they’re super flattering but in some photos I’m like “why dont I have a neck though” 😆 I don’t think you have that problem! I am quite short though 😅

i don’t usually like pairing brown and blue together because when i think of browns, i like to pair em with rusty colors like red and orange or other earth toned shades like olive green, khaki and creamy beige but daaaang, brown and blue look good on you! then again, i’ve always thought you look good in blue (i remember your lapis lazuli fashion friday and i still love that one)
also love your crop top btw~ i can never rock crop tops xD

I LOVE this outfit. It flows so well together. And, yes, you’re very correct, brown does go well with blue. You can match both with just about anything – as well as black and white, obvs.

Plus, it’s a perfect Winter outfit. I layer a lot in the winter as well, because you never know when mother nature is going to be bipolar and have 4 seasons in a day. You’re warm enough if it’s cold, but if it gets warm, you can always strip some layers off.

The past few years, I’ve been more open to wearing brown, especially in the autumn and winter. I think it can bring a warm, earthly look to an outfit :) I like how your brown bag and boots look against the cooler color of your blue outfit! Also, I really like your boots!

Aahh, you really good in that crop top! That’s such a cute style. I think you can pull off the high neck :) I personally don’t wear them because I don’t like the feel around my neck. I guess I never thought of how it’d look with my height, haha.

I really like that last photo, by the way!

I love this outfit! I’d probably wear blue on blue, but maybe a very dark blue with a mid or light blue, but this outfit definitely suits you. I think high necks look great on you! This cropped stride t-shirt definitely does.

Your FF posts are always #outfitinspo!

I love brown and blue together. If I’m wearing my denim jeans, then I usually pair them with brown brogues :)

LOVE this outfit, it looks so comfy.