Fashion Friday: Layers

I think I may get a haircut soon. I haven’t cut my hair in over a year. It’s a bit uneven now, and it’s long enough to tuck behind my ear. I’m beginning to dislike that. I want to colour my hair as well, but I can’t seem to make up my mind. My options were ginger or dark purple, but after much thought, I’ve decided that I’ll do red. It won’t be for another few weeks (after I finish classes for the semester) and until after I get my haircut, but for my haircut I’m definitely just getting a trim and evening out my hair. I want to keep growing it long.

Fashion Friday this week courtesy of Wednesday’s cold but tolerable weather.

Layering up.

My hair is up in a bun. It’s more tolerable that way, because the wind just keeps blowing it everywhere. I actually did it up complete with hair net and scrunchie — which I got for fifty cents at a bargain store closing down sale. I raided the accessory aisle. ;)

I got my scarf from the market last August. It was the day I was seeing Hey Geronimo at my university and it was so cold. I wore a v-neck t-shirt and I had completely forgotten a scarf, so I bought a white one. I got white because I didn’t have many light coloured scarves.

I’m wearing my regular blazer jacket, which is usually what I wear to work. Under my jacket I am wearing a (rather thin) white long-sleeved top with a beige batwing sweater over it. I bought both from Cotton On. I really like their accessories, which are fantastic and stylish. Their clothing not so much — it is usually very thin and barely keeps you warm, not to mention it gets easily crumpled/crinkled. I only shop at their stores for basics, and not very often, because I don’t usually find anything affordable and worth the money.

I’m wearing a skirt I got a couple of weeks ago from a sale; it was about $10 and a rather small size. I guess I got lucky because it’s a pretty nice skirt and it just so happens that I’m pretty small, and the really small or really large sizes are the ones that are left over and get discounted.

Scarf, and bun.

I’m wearing my regular watch and padlock bracelet, and most of my rings are the same ones I wear daily. I got a couple of them from a small store called So Good. I think their jewellery is mostly made in Korea. A couple of the other rings I got from Diva in store when Kim and I went shopping a few weeks ago. They were called “midi rings” and designed to be worn near the knuckle but they were perfect for my smaller fingers because I have very skinny fingers. I mean to give them a coat of clear nail polish to stop them from discolouring; I just haven’t gotten around to that yet.

Tights, and rings.

I don’t remember where I got my tights from. I like the wavy pattern, though they’re really thin. The only problem with thin tights is that they’re more prone to getting caught on anything (by anything, I mean like “argh, I just had a tiny bit of peeled skin and there goes another pair!”) and don’t keep you warm. My friend Alyce suggested wearing layers of tights because it keeps you warm. I didn’t even think of that before she mentioned it. I’ve been wearing two layers lately.

I know a lot of people will ask where I got my mirror heart speech bubble sweater necklace. I bought it on Etsy about a year ago, and to this day it’s probably my favourite long-chained necklace. The seller also has their own website separate from Etsy, by the same username, at Kid Viskous. They do other laser-cut jewellery as well. I think mirror laser-cut jewellery have a reputation for being cheap-looking, primarily because they’re plastic, but I think a necklace makes a simple, bold statement. I’m not too fond of their use in rings or earrings.

Speaking of earrings though, I’m wearing my silicon post ones. I actually went and bought more than what I featured in my previous Fashion Friday post because I thought they’d have some more in the range. I did get some nice star ones. :)

I’ve also been trying to tolerate colder weather because I would survive better in England once I have a chance to go there. Might as well get used to it now! If only it snowed a little. Just a little.

Comments on this post

I love your rings! I had two rings I used to wear daily, but I lost one in the ocean :( Since then I’ve been on the hunt for replacement rings. I had looked on Etsy, but your shoutout to that Etsy shop might cause me to search again – you never know what you’ll find on that site!

I love this outfit! It is cheap and professional and elegant – something that is tough for me to do because I’m medium-sized. Also, I never knew that you could coat cheap jewelry with clear nail polish to keep it from oxidizing, so thanks for the tip!

As someone who grew up in snow, I will say that it’s just something that you just have to get used to. You can’t really prepare yourself for the cold, but humans who are not very young or very old are resilient and won’t succumb to it – after all, you can always retreat indoors to a warm cup of tea! That’s what people who live there do. There isn’t very much outdoor activity in the winter in cold, snowy places – lots more hiding inside than doing things outside. So if/when you live in England for a bit, do not worry about the cold!

I love the blazer style! The only time I’ve been to Cotton On was in HK and I loved it there! All your rings are super cute :)

I need to get a haircut, too….because honestly, my hair is really messed up. I’m never going to cut it by myself ever again.

I really love your jewelry, especially the fish-bone and guitar pick necklace. :)
I’d be happy to switch places with you. It’s really hot here and summer hasn’t even officially started yet. I love cold weather anyway.

Wow those tights are pretty! I love tights/fishnets!!!! I usually have long nails and have to becareful when putting the tights on -___-; I always tend to snag them ;o;

If the tights are cheap enough I might buy doubles!!!

Dark red has kind of been my go-to color whenever I feel like coloring my hair. I think I’m due for some coloring too. I hope you’ll post pics of your hair cut and color later!

I love your outfit! Like Stephanie said, I think it looks professional and elegant, yet not too dressy :) I like that the light colored scarf is a nice contrast against your blazer. I love your necklace charms too!