Fashion Friday: The Deepest Blues Are Black

This edition of FF was shot last week, so it doesn’t have my updated haircut. My hair doesn’t look all that different, I just had more layers cut into it.


Having my workplace move from a wharf to a high-rise corporate building sometimes has an effect on what I decide to wear, though we don’t have a strict dress code and I’ve worn rather bluntly “offensive” clothing to tick off the corporate workers on other levels of the same building. By offensive I just mean wearing really out-there prints and more or less dressing like a punk – something that I was familiar with many years ago. Well, this outfit unfortunately isn’t one of them.

I like this outfit more than I realised. It seems simple enough, but there are bits and bobs that stand out. The top, for starters, has a straight cut and a sharp collar, but the stitched pattern and the rhinestone dragonflies are a nice touch. My blazer is quite old, and it gets quite a bit of wear.


The skirt is a hand-made piece by my aunt, and has a bit of button and placket detail at the hip. She imitated the design from another skirt I had. Rather than wearing plain pantyhose, I opted for one with a pattern. My wedge-heel boots aren’t new; they have been featured in previous Fashion Friday editions because I love them a lot!


I’m wearing a ring from Lovisa. I love this ring because of its size and shape. It’s not a very big ring, so it fits on my ring finger, and I like that it fits there. I love the feather design and how it looks like it wraps around the finger. The sparkly navy beaded bracelet is from Hong Kong. I got the other beaded bracelets in a Fukubukuro bag in Japan. I didn’t like them at first, but they are good for layering and some of the darker colours match my outfit.

It may not be all that noticeable, but my earrings are a heart lock and a key (they are a mismatched pair) by Guess.


The title of this post is from the Foo Fighters song of the same name. Thanks Seb for taking these photos!

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The last photo in the post is absolutely one of my favourite shots — not just from Fashion Friday collection, but from all my photos. I’m quite happy the way it turned out, in particular the colours. :3

You know, I really liked the more formal FF outfit we shot near Darling Harbour, but I may prefer this one. In particular the skirt, and the three-button layered design which, still kinda formal I guess, but has that young and hip look to it. And the top is nice as well, with the dragonflies sparkling in the sunlight (there was one shot where they were really sparkling, a la Twilight, which didn’t make it thanks to me forgetting to remove the uv filter from my lens).

Yeah, one of my favourite outfits and the one I had most fun shooting! The location helped too (surprisingly!).

I love the outdoors pictures you took with this Fashion Friday. I also like the t-shirt/blouse you’re wearing.

I really like your accessories and the design of your skirt! So simple yet elegant! :)

I really love this look so much. It is kind of quirky professional which is awesome. I absolutely love that you have dressed to annoy some of the other people in corporate offices. That is brilliant. I can imagine some of them would take themselves very seriously. xD

Your Aunt is really awesome. :D

Love how you style yourself ;)
I love dark colors and I love black so much (I own too many black and white in my wardrobe). You look super classy~

I wanna see your punk-ish ootd though. Some people think “punk-ish” fashion instantly equals to wearing band shirts, I wonder about the accuracy in that. The other day I bought this green army coat/jacket and whenever I wore it with my skinny jeans and sneakers, some people ask if I’m into “pop punk rock-ish” fashion which makes me think, how does one actually conclude that? Though it’s true I love bands, heh.

I love your boots….and your top…and your blazer. I love blazers, they make you look sophisticated. Your top is definitely something I’d wear, the same for them boots. Oh, you’re so lucky to live in a four season country :( I can never wear boots here because of the tropical weather.

Hey Alice! I wouldn’t say band shirts are the only staple of a punk-inspired wardrobe. Bands who write and create pop music or folk music also have shirts (not just rock or punk rock). There are many other items, like your military jacket, or my boots, or a spiked cuff — that can give an outfit that punk edge.

I don’t see myself as a “punk” really, though in the past I would have identified as such. I used to wear a lot of studded jewellery and earrings, and a lot of my clothes were black with lots of patches and edgy decor. I had a half-mesh top with lots of silver buttons and I wore that with a denim skirt with a ripped hem. The general vision of the punk style differs from person to person, but it’s a style that was inspired by some bands. In the 70s, punk musicians wore certain kinds of clothing, which have carried on into what people consider “punk” today, but it was mainly seen as being different and individual.

People shouldn’t really judge personality on clothing — I listen to metal music but I wear nothing that really gives that away, which is why it is always surprising when people find out. I also love garage rock, and jazz, but what outfit do people associate with those genres of music? I would be very wrong in guessing my friends’ favourite genres based on what they wear. :P

I like to mix pretty & punk; in all honesty I think I look pretty gross decked out in punk gear. I look sort of childish, and I prefer to combine styles just to give things a subtle quirky edge instead. You might find some of my older outfits on Instagram, but I do have some of those kinds of outfits planned for future posts here. :)

Blue! my favourite colour! :D
You are looking too pretty in all the pics, as always. I liked the blazer, I’m thinking of buying one soon, just to add to my formals collection! XD

A blazer is a great idea! I wear mine for both formal and informal events. If you get a really simple one it can really improve an outfit without being too formal. :)

LOVE this too. I like what Kya said above about it being “quirky professional.” This outfit definitely suits you.

(I am catching up on posts, can you tell?)