2 minutes and 40 seconds with Bhairavee

My bookworm friend Bhairavee, who blogs at The Dramatic Soul, sometimes makes me feel a bit guilty for not having read in a while! She is a very intelligent girl who recently got into the college of her dreams and started a Masters in Computer Applications (MCA).

I’m a 21 year old girl from Mumbai, India. I’m a computer geek and an avid reader. I love to travel as well as cook.

Though it is a bit difficult for me at times, I like to make new friends, be it online or offline :D Also, I like to learn new languages (programming and foreign) and I can understand and communicate in 3-4 languages as of now (English, Hindi, Marathi and a bit of French and Sanskrit)!

Bhairavee reading a book
Bhairavee reading a book

What is your favourite beverage?

My favourite beverage would be always be tea.

What is one thing you dislike about where you live?

I hate the over-population and the uncleanly habits of people in India, especially in Mumbai.

If you had to go to another country tomorrow to give a talk on how to eat fried worms, which country would you go to? Would you demonstrate eating the fried worms?

I would probably go to some Asian country (not India, because I’m pretty sure no one would listen to me!). If those worms are well cooked and the dish is spicy, I may consider demonstrating! :D :D

What language – it can be a programming language! – are you looking to learn next?

Actually, rather than learning a new language, I am looking forward to perfect Java as well as French.

If One Direction were not humans, but animals, what would they be?


Your car has broken down, and you and a friend need to give it a little push to move it to the side of the road. It is really hard to push because something extremely heavy is in it. What is it?

Stacks of books (books can be very heavy :P) and some computer stuff.

You get the chance to ride an aircraft with someone who will skywrite anything you want. What do you write?

My name, Bhairavee!

What is your favourite mode of transportation?

Road transport. Specifically, I like travelling in a car.

Ice cream or apple pie?

Ice cream

Blueberries or raspberries?


Would you rather eat cornflakes and coffee, or eggs with chocolate spread?

Eggs with chocolate spread! :D

Would you rather get your finger trapped in a door, or your toe stuck in a vacuum cleaner?

I would prefer getting my finger trapped in a door because it happens so frequently with me that I have got used to it.

Someone gives you the horrible task of burning one of the books you own. Which one do you choose?

Um, I really hate damaging my books, but if I have to, it would be the book of a subject I hate the most. It would never be a novel :P

We all know 3.5-inch floppy disks are out of date. What would you do with a hundred floppy disks?

With a 100 floppy disks? I would make some coasters out of them and gift it to me friends. I will use some to make small notebooks, too.

Which author would you pay $5000 to meet?

Hands down, J.K.Rowling!

How would you like to earn that $5000 back: cooking a meal for two hundred people; drinking a litre of orange juice in one sitting; sleeping in a giant box of cooked pasta for one night?

As I do like to cook at times, I would prefer cooking a meal for 200 people.

If you had to make a really horrible dish for someone you dislike, would you put animal manure, needles or toothpaste?

I would go with needles, because at least that person would feel the needles while eating and maybe won’t be hurt to a very large extent.

It’s time for you to play a traditional prank on someone. Unfortunately, that someone is one of your friends. You have to put a bucket on top of a door so that it falls when your friend pushes the door open. Now, you actually have to choose animal manure, needles, or toothpaste to fill the bucket with. What do you choose?

That bucket would be filled with toothpaste! That friend of mine would hate me anyway!

What is your favourite food to cook? Can you write a recipe for it in less than fifty words?

My favourite dish to cook would probably be chicken masala. I think I can write the recipe for it in less than fifty words. :D

And last but not least, what is a book everyone should read right now?

As I am reading the Mediator series by Meg Cabot again and because I love the story and characters so much, I would definitely ask everyone to read it right now!

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I love Meg Cabots books especially the Mediator series! I read the first three books in the Mediator series and really loved the character of Suze. She seems so quirky and funny. I just wish my library had the rest. It’s kinda cool reading this interview of Bhairavee. I have been to The Dramatic Soul a few times and left a comment or two. It’s another way to get to know the authors behind a blog. I like it :)

Thanks Kirsten! You should really finish the whole series, because it get’s better after the 4th book!

Awesome, I really loved reading this. I think it’s wonderful you know so many languages and are continually wanting to learn more.

I will try not to get on your bad side. I don’t want needles in my food. xD